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We're having a drawing every month for a six treatment package ($1200 value) of the Zerona Laser Hydromassage combination treatments. 

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As our gift to you for signing up with us, we have a special offer. We call it the 1-2-1 program.


Here's how it works, Your first session is free, you pay for sessions two and three, and the fourth session is free. It's that simple.

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Combine the Zerona Laser with Hydromassage!

Our Zerona Laser treatments now combine the Zerona Laser with the health benefits of hydromassage!
Our new Hydromassage 350 unit gives you a powerful relaxing massage while you enjoy the health benefits 
of the Zerona Fat Loss treatment. Melt into a state of bliss as you melt away your unwanted fat!! This powerful massage moves the fat out of your body as the Laser melts it. Imagine 40 minutes of bliss and 
relaxation as you lose inches!

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