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This class will teach you the common rules for administration & preparation of herbs. When you should and shouldn’t use an herb: indications and contraindications.

Class starts Sept 14

Hi everybody,
I am offering a new SRJC class called Ayurvedic Herbs: How to Use Them. Sign up (click here) for my  6 week course beginning September 14, 2015  

In the class, I will teach specifically about Ayurvedic Herbs, how to identify them and use them in your daily life. Topics to be covered will include:
  • The relationship of specific herbs to the Five Elements of Ayurveda 
  • The relationship of herbs to the three basic Gunas (mental states)
  • The relationship of herbs to the basic Doshas (body types)
  • The identification and use of specific herbs
  • The preparation of herbs and their administration for specific conditions
  • The use of herbs when taking western pharmaceutical drugs. 
  • UPASHAY: When working with herbs, it is important to keep in mind the concept of UPASHAY...which means therapeutic index. This “therapeutic index” comes through the choice process. As you deal with symptoms, administering the herbs, and tracking your results, you will learn this technique.

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