Subject: Medicare May Pay for Part of Your Treatment


We have recently become certified as a non-participating provider under the
Medicare system. If you qualify, Medicare will now reimburse you for part
of your care in our office - the chiropractic adjustment you receive during
your regular office visit..

PLEASE NOTE: If you have your Medicare with Kaiser, you can not get
reimbursed for any of our care.

Medicare only covers the cost of chiropractic adjustments designed to help
correct vertebral subluxation.

An examination is necessary to identify the presence of vertebral
subluxation . Medicare requires this but Medicare does not pay for the cost
of the exam or any needed X-rays.

Here’s how it works:

Medicare does not pay for

Examinations or X-rays.
Ayurvedic examinations
NAET Allergy treatments
Ayurvedic herbs
Life Vessel sessions
Chiropractic adjustments which are considered “maintenance”

Because we are a “non-participating provider” we do not take assignment
of your Medicare benefits. You will continue to pay the regular fees in our
office. We will then bill Medicare for the amounts they allow. Medicare
will then reimburse you 80% up to the dollar limits they have set.
(Medicare also has a yearly deductible for all your medical care). If you
have supplemental insurance, it may assume some or all of your 20%

To get started, talk to the front desk today or call us at 707-527-7313.

In Health,

Dr. Helen Thomas