Subject: Medical Doctor Speaks on Life Vessel Benefits

I want to share with you a radio interview between Dr. Christine Horner, MD and 
Todd Strane, the President of the 
Life Vessel Corporation.

 This is the most complete exploration
 of the mechanisms and benefits of the 
Life Vessel experience. 

To access the interview click on the links below.

We've found that a few sessions in the Life Vessel can greatly reduce the effects of the stress we all experience daily and return us to that healthy vigorous feeling we all crave.

The Life Vessel takes us out of that harried feeling and restores that sense of calm that is our birth right.

We offer you a special price this month to return to the Life Vessel or to experience it for the first time.

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Schedule 4 sessions in the Life Vessel
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the 4th is FREE
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(good through 10-31-16)
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Freedom from stress
Freedom from anxiety
Freedom from ill-health
Freedom from fight or flight

Better Sleep
Improved Circulation


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