Subject: Life Vessel Now Open on Weekends

Weekend Appointments Are Now Available for the Life Vessel - Saturday and Sunday 12-4
December brings rain, cold and reduced daytime hours. As our holiday gift to you we've added an extra bonus to our life vessel specials. Purchase any of our life vessel packages below and receive a free pulse diagnosis session with Dr. Helen.
We are in the middle of our first winter storm right now - rain, wind, cold , damp. Have you noticed that your summer body is struggling to lkeep up with the changes? Ayurveda offers simple things to do to thrive during the months. Regular Pulse examinations give the Ayurvedic doctor indications to keep you in your best health. Take advantage of our package gift to have your pulse read and get seasonal reccomendations.
Do you ever feel jangled, frazzled, or jostled by life, and tight or tense in your body? Are you suffering from an upset stomach or insomnia?

Living in this world can be extraordinarily stressful. Hurricanes, earthquakes, the increasingly bizarre political climate and economic uncertainty all impact negatively our mental and physical well being.

The key to releasing and healing from this chronic stress is to relax your body. Fortunately, we have a great solution - the Life Vessel. The Life Vessel allows us to achieve deep relaxation and to be able to do it on a regular basis. Regular relaxation has far-reaching physical and mental health benefits. It brings you to a calm strong place that is the embodied foundation of resilience.
In these times of great stress, we want to make 
it easier for you to experience the healing benefits of the Life Vessel

Including .......

Stress Reduction
Better Sleep
Higher Energy Levels
Stronger Cognitive Abilities
Enhanced Immune System
Increased Oxygen Level to the Cells
Increased Blood Circulation

In these days of Holiday and
 winter weather, please accept 
our gift to you

Save $99 - 4 Life Vessels - $297 (Regularly $396)
Save $295 - 8 Life Vessels $497 (Regularly $792)
Save $491 - 12 Live Vessels $697 (Reg. $1188)

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Special Bonus Session with Dr.Helen!
Choose any of the above offers and receive a free Pulse Diagnosis with Dr. Helen ($78 value)


Choose any of the above offers and receive Dr. Helen's online 10 hour video course "Ayurveda Made Easy"
Learn Ayurveda from the comfort of your home or office. ($497 value)

(To watch an introductory video, CLICK HERE )

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 Must be purchased by 12-31-19 (can be used any time in 2020)
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