Subject: Learn From 7 Ayurveda Experts

Dear Friend

I have been invited to be a principal presenter at the World Ayurveda
Health And Lifestyle Summit from July 22-28. (Starting this Wednesday!)

This will be in the form of a LIVE webinar, which means you will be able to
watch from the comfort of your own home on your own computer.

Best of all, its totally FREE!!

To sign up, click this link.

The World Ayurveda Summit presents 7 experts in Ayurveda from Family
Health, to Beauty, Meditation and Food, from Women’s Health to Digestion
and to Professional Opportunities in Ayurveda

Each day one of us will be live online, both video and audio, at 5 pm PST.
We will talk for approximately 45 minutes and then open it up to questions
from the audience.

Did I say it is FREE?

To sign up, click this link.

I will be presenting on Sunday July 27 at 5 pm PST. My topic will be
“Ayurveda and Women’s Health.”

I am so excited to be a part of the World Ayurveda Summit.

You must sign up early, as space is limited.

Sign up NOW by clicking this link.

I am looking forward to this great learning adventure.

In Health and love,

Dr. Helen Thomas