Subject: How Are Your Fight or Flight Symptoms Today?

Wisdom From the Life Vessel
On a level from 1 to 10, what is your level of fight or flight symptoms today?

If its more than three or four, you are probably experiencing some significant anxiety or worry. Maybe your muscles are tight or you have a headache. Maybe you just don't feel well.

According to Stanford University professor Robert M. Sapolsky, Ph.D in his landmark work "Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers", modern man suffers from stressors unknown to our ancestors and other animals, such as

• Overwork
• Financial stresses
• Deadlines
• Traffic
• Conflicts at work
• Family Conflicts
• Overwork
• Pollution and exposure to toxins
• Noise pollution
• Lack of adequate sleep

Exposure to constant and chronic stress 
makes us sick and can lead to disease.

According to Dr. Sapolosky and others, modern humans tend to get stuck in "fight or flight" and are prone to develop certain symptoms including:
  • Inhibited and altered digestion
  • Inhibited and decreased immunity
  • Shifts in cognitive and sensory skills
  • Increased fatigue
  • Decreased energy for normal life activities
  • Increased likelihood of developing chronic disease
Sound Familiar? We can help!
The Life Vessel works by combining light (infrared and visible) and
sound frequencies, that together, resonate to replicate the body’s
natural frequency. This non-invasive treatment provides for the
relaxation tendencies of the body to be enhanced through such
facets as detoxification, stress reduction, and autonomic balance.
At this point of mindful relaxation and balance is where the
efficiency of the body is maximized to assist with dysfunction and
preventative wellness.

The Life Vessel takes the body out of the state of  "Flight or Flight" and into the state of "Rest and Repair," giving the body needed rest and the opportunity to repair itself.

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