Subject: Get Free of Your Allergies With NAET and the New Laser !!!

Yes, Spring, that most delicious of seasons, is here at last after a long, cold, wet and dark winter.

With Spring comes the allergy season - runny noses, dry and burning eyes.

Here in lovely Sonoma County we are experiencing one of the worst allergy seasons ever. Many of my patients are coming in with all the classic symptoms of airborne allergies. Even my husband is complaining of itchy
eyes and sinus congestion.

Actually, Dr. Craig is a great example of our success in treating allergies here in my clinic. Up until about twenty years ago, Craig suffered from severe allergies every spring - swollen and weepy eyes, headaches, clogged
ears, sneezing. In fact, his eyes would swell up so much our kids used to call him "Mr. Magoo."

Fortunately, about that time I discovered Dr. Devi Nambruipad and her allergy elimination technique - Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET).

NAET is a simple and powerful way of desensitizing the body to specific allergens. It utilizes muscle testing and a specific form of needle-less acupuncture to achieve desensitization.

We have successfully treated thousands of patients for allergies to a variety of substances - from pollens and grasses to chemicals, molds and foods.

Again, my husband is a great example. Since we treated him for all the grasses, pollens and trees back in 1994, he has been almost symptom free.

It is truly amazing. Ever since Dr. Devi taught us the technique, I have used it in some form on just about
every patient. NAET is an integral part of my practice and integrates well with Ayurveda and Chiropractic to treat the "whole person."
.........and then along came the laser.....
Last year we introduced in the clinic the Erchonia FX 635 Low Level Laser. This amazing technology is very useful in healing inflamed tissue, such as in fractures, and soft tissue injuries like sprains and strains, tendonitis, sciatica and low back pain.

I began to notice that my allergy patients who were simultaneously treated with the laser got "better quicker and faster". This is because the laser heals all inflamed tissue. And there's plenty of inflamed tissue in allergic reactions.  There's even a specific frequency setting for the tissues involved in allergic reactions.

That's why I now recommend treating allergies with a combination of NAET and the Cold Laser for optimal results. If you or a loved one is suffering from allergies, I invite you to call today.

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About Our Laser
The Erchonia FX635 is the latest in laser technology. This state of the art cold/low level laser, houses 3 laser diodes each set with fluctuating dual frequencies, creating 6 alternating healing pulses of laser therapy that simultaneously rotate automatically around the inflamed area. This creates a dynamic three dimensional laser application to the injured target tissue enhancing
healing efficacy.
This is the same laser that the Golden
State Warriors use! Dr. Helen Thomas recommends combining The Cold Laser and NAET treatments for optimum results. 

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