Subject: False Alarm - Office Closed Today and Saturday

Fire Update - Still Closed

Although the power is back on, we discovered when we went to the office this morning that the air quality in our part of town is just too unhealthy. So we made the decision to remain closed today and tomorrow (Friday and Saturday).

We plan to see regular patients starting next Wednesday and Life Vessel, laser and Zerona patients on Monday and Tuesday.

Thanks for your patience during this most trying time.

 Because this is such a stressful situation, we are extending our Life Vessel special through the end of this month, October 31.

Be well, be safe, stay out of harm's way, help each other.

Do you ever feel jangled, frazzled, or jostled by life, and tight or tense in your body? Are you suffering from an upset stomach or insomnia?

Living in this world can be extraordinarily stressful. Hurricanes, earthquakes, the increasingly bizarre political climate and economic uncertainty all impact negatively our mental and physical well being.

The key to releasing and healing from this chronic stress is to relax your body. Fortunately, we have a great solution - the Life Vessel. The Life Vessel allows us to achieve deep relaxation and to be able to do it on a regular basis. Regular relaxation has far-reaching physical and mental health benefits. It brings you to a calm strong place that is the embodied foundation of resilience.
In these times of great stress, we want to make 
it easier for you to experience the healing benefits
 of deep relaxation. 

Schedule 4 sessions in the Life Vessel
When you purchase 3 Life Vessel sessions, 
the 4th is FREE
That's 25% off the regular price!!
(Must be purchased by 10-31-17 - Use Any Time)

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As one of Dr. Craig's teachers, Dr. Rick Hanson, Ph.D,, has written:

"Most people these days feel pretty stressed. Plus often worried or angry about one thing or another, such as finances, their job, the health of a family member, or a relationship on the rocks.

When you get stressed or upset, your body tenses up to fight, flee, or freeze. That's Mother Nature's way, and it kept our ancestors alive to pass on their genes.

But today - when people can live 70 or 80 years or more, and when quality of life (not mere survival) is a priority - we pay a high price for daily tension. It leads to health problems like heart disease, poor digestion, backaches and headaches, and hormonal ups and downs. And to psychological problems, including anxiety, irritability, and depression.

The number one way to reduce tension is through relaxation. In fact, studies by Herbert Benson and others have shown that relaxing routinely actually improves the expression of genes that help control the fight-or-flight stress response; somehow the effects of soothing and calming your body sift all the way down to affect tiny atomic units within your molecules of DNA: amazing!

Besides its benefits for physical and mental health, relaxation of course feels great. Just recall how nice it feels to soak in a tub, curl up in bed, or plop on the couch after the dishes are done and the kids put to bed.

Whether you're stuck in traffic, wading through emails, having a tough conversation, worried about your bills, or frustrated at how little support you get, being able to relax your body at will, even a little bit, is a critically important inner skill."


It's hard to believe it's only been three short years since we brought the amazing Life Vessel technology to Santa Rosa. Since then, hundreds of people like you have enjoyed the healing benefits of deep relaxation.

Including .......
  • Stress Reduction
  • Better Sleep
  • Higher Energy Levels
  • Stronger Cognitive Abilities
  • Enhanced Immune System
  • Increased Oxygen Level to the Cells
  • Increased Blood Circulation
To Celebrate Our Anniversary,
Please Accept Our Gift To You

Schedule 4 sessions in the Life Vessel
When you purchase 3 Life Vessel sessions, 
the 4th is FREE
That's 25% off the regular price!!
(Must be purchased by 10-31-17 - Use Any Time)

Call Us at (707) 527-7313
How does the Life Vessel work? What exactly does It do?

Using the healing modalities of sound, light and vibration, the Life Vessel takes the person from the chronic state of "Fight or Flight" we are all trapped in to the peaceful state of"Rest and Repair."  This is where healing occurs. Read on ...
Burst Into Fall
Get Ready for the Stress of Winter
Schedule 4 sessions in the Life Vessel
When you purchase 3 Life Vessel sessions, 
the 4th is FREE
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