Subject: Congratulations on Completing the Class

Dear precious students,

Congratulations on completing my
very first online course:

Ayurveda Made Easy
I hope you found it both educational and practical. And that you enjoyed it as much as I did preparing it.

We are very close to completing our "packaging" of this course for distribution to the public. It will take the form of a membership site with this course as the center piece.

As a participant in our first course, you will be receiving a complimentary membership in the new site. You will get access to all of the course materials in one convenient place, including "clean" versions of every lecture, audio versions and written transcripts of every class as well as other information about Ayurveda, upcoming classes and special offers.

We hope to have our special bonus 
interview with Dr. Pendse completed
 and sent to you shortly.

I have a favor to ask of you.

I would love to get feedback from you about
 your experience with the course and the material. Please hit the reply button on
 this email and let me know:
  • Was the material useful to you? In what specific ways?
  • Was the course content presented in a easy to understand fashion? If not, what specific ways might it be improved?
  • How have you found the materials useful in your daily life?
  • What other courses would you like me to develop?
Thank you so much. I'll be talking to you soon.

Dr. Helen Thomas

Helen Thomas, 2635 Cleveland Ave Suite 2, 95403, Santa Rosa, Ca, United States
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