Subject: Can't Figure Your Life Out? You Want to Talk to Dr. Helen About Your Ayurvedic Vedic Chart

Worried About Your Health?  Talk to Dr. Helen About Your Ayurveda Vedic Chart

Vedic Astrology is a component part of Ayurveda practiced in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Dr. Helen has trained in this science, known as "Jyotish" and has been giving chart readings for over 20 years.
"Ayurveda teaches that vedic chart reading every season helps one to develop a relationship with the the sun and moon and the planets influencing our home earth. Vedic astrology is SIDERAL system of astrology. It is not western astrology. It has its own unique ,complex system that gives us perspective on what’s happening in our lives and in our world. Ayurveda teaches to use vedic astrology as a remedy to develop a specialized knowledge to approach your life" 

                                             - Dr. Helen Thomas

Dr. Helen's Vedic  Readings 
  • Dr. Helen does readings on Wednesday Mornings 9:00 - Noon
  • All chart readings are done via Zoom.
  • All readings are recorded and sent to you within days
  • Prices are 1/2 hour - $95.00,1 hour- $175.00 
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Helen Thomas, 2635 Cleveland Ave Suite 2, 95403, Santa Rosa, Ca, United States
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