Subject: Ayurveda and Stress

The Fundamental Practices of Ayurveda that Help Relieve Stress and the Life Vessel

13 Time Tested Daily Practices For A Balanced Body That Thrives.
Nervous System Resiliency. Digestive System Power Immune Invincibility
Vitality, Longevity, Spiritual And Mental Health.

1. General Lifestyle Recommendations
2. Diet And Eating Habits 
3. Exercise 
4. Oil Massage (Abhyanga).
5. How to Do Self-Massage 
6. Dry Massage (Garshana)
7. Nasal-Passage Lubrication (Nasaya)
8. Breathing Practices (Pranayama)
9. Alternate-Nostril Breathing 
10. Meditation How to Meditate 
11. Mindfulness. Yoga 
12. Healing Ayurvedic Foods/Herbs & Spices
13. The Life Vessel

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