Subject: Ayurveda Astrology examines the relationship between astrological imbalances and dis-ease conditions.

Medical Astrology Can provide health answers that blood test and scans don't address. Learn more about this unique form of understanding dis-ease factors in your Medical Astrology chart reading session.

Dear Members of my Ayurvedic Community,

 My special AyurvedicAstrology reading can give you insights on your symptoms and treatments according to planetary influences and your doshas. Using a zoom consultation you are able to see your chart and get an in depth reading that is recorded so that you can understand your body mind spirit imbalances and how to restore balance.

Have you experienced nervous indigestion, loss of appetite, or acid reflux?

 Or other serious symptoms?

Have you had blood test and scans that are "normal" and no one has an idea of why you are suffering and does not have answers.

 Ayurveda Astrology is an out of box perspective to help you use the ancient Ayurvedic science and the planetary influences that explain your symptoms and recommend whole plant food remedies and common kitchen recipes to to help you restore your body to balance.

An Ayurvedic Astrology reading can help you immediately start soothing your identified symptoms by having a specific detox program as per your planetary influences and dosha imbalances. .

Ayurvedic Astrology identifies digestive disorders and dosha explanation

Half Hour 95.00

learn about dis-ease facors in Ayurvedic Astrology

Ayurvedic Astrology can explain Immune weakness through planetary influences and Doshic Remedies

One hour reading 195.00

Learn About Doshas and Planets

  1. Planets and doshas can give insight to tough weight gain and weight loss symptoms

Learn about your Astrology Types and how it affects your health as the planets transit through your chart

Dr. Helen's Medical Astrology Readings

  • Dr. Helen does readings on Wednesday mornings from 9:00 to Noon

  • All readings are done via Zoom

  • All readings are recorded and sent to you within days

  • Prices are 30 minutes - $95.00, 1 hour - $175.00

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