Subject: Autumn Season is Coming...Daily Oil Massage Recommended

Daily Oil Massage 
for the coming Autumn Season

1. Heat ½ cup of cured oil (sesame for vata, sunflower for pitta, mustard seed for kapha) slightly to above body temperature. Start by massaging the head vigorously with the open part of the hand. Spend proportionately more time on the head.

2. Apply oil gently with the open part of the hand to your face and outer part of you ears.

3. Massage both the front and back of the neck, and the upper part of the spine. Continue to use your open hand in a rubbing type motion.

4. Next, massage your arms. The proper motion is back and forth, over your long bones, and circular over your joints. Massage both arms, including the hands and fingers.

5. Now apply oil to the chest and abdomen. A very gentle circular motion should be used over your heart. Over the abdomen a gentle circular motion should also be used.

6. Massage the back and spine. There will be some areas which you may have difficulty reaching.

7. Massage the legs. As with the arms, use a back and forth motion over the long bones and a circular one over the joints.

8. Lastly massage the bottom of the feet vigorously with an open palm. The feet are considered especially important, and more time should be spent here.
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