Subject: An Offer You Can't Refuse - Start Your Fat Loss for Free


We've been seeing clients in our new Aphrodite Body Sculpting Salon for a month now and our clients' results are nothing short of amazing! 

One client lost 3 inches from her abdomen
after only two laser sessions !

Another client lost 2 inches from each upper arm and 2 inches from each thigh in six sessions!

Two chronically overweight men reported that they had definition in their bellies for the first time in their adult lives!

To say the least, we're startled !!

We are the only Zerona 6 laser north of San Francisco
and we're the only clinic in Northern California to combine
 the Zerona 6 Laser Fat Loss Laser with the Hydromassage unit. Each session combines 40 minutes of the Zerona 6 laser with
 40 minutes of deep relaxing hydromassage. The powerful motions of the hydromassage act to push the released fat out of the body.
 (We don't charge extra for the hydromassage!)

Folks emerge from their sessions with a big grin on their face !


As a loyal member of our list, we want you to experience first hand the benefits of the Zerona Fat Loss Laser. This offer is only being made to members of our list (and their friends and families) and expires at the end of October.

We call it the 1-2-1 program.

  Here's how it works, Your first session is free, you pay for sessions two and three, and the fourth session is free. It's that simple.

(If you complete all 6 sessions you end up paying only 50%)

Take this opportunity now to experience this fantastic technology. Discover that the Zerona program is right for you.

Call today to schedule your first free session.

707-527-7313 or 707-527-3884

This is a limited time offer. It expires October 31

Combine the Zerona Laser with Hydromassage!

Our Zerona Laser treatments now combine the Zerona Laser with the health benefits of hydromassage!
Our new Hydromassage 350 unit gives you a powerful relaxing massage while you enjoy the health benefits 
of the Zerona Fat Loss treatment. Melt into a state of bliss as you melt away your unwanted fat!! This powerful massage moves the fat out of your body as the Laser melts it. Imagine 40 minutes of bliss and 
relaxation as you lose inches!

Call now to sign up for your first free session !

707-527-7313 or 707-527-3884
Helen Thomas, 2635 Cleveland Ave Suite 2, 95403, Santa Rosa, Ca, United States
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