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Yesterday (Actually last Sunday)
This is a replay of last Sunday's call. The main topic is "The Ra Group and Christ Consciousness". FYI, the Christ Consciousness is not just related to Jesus, although he was one who anchored this consciousness in this realm. The Ra Group at one point in their track had 3d bodies on Venus and 20% of the population on Venus graduated 3d and teamed together in higher dimensions for the purpose of helping beings, still stuck in 3d to graduate.

On Venus, there was another group soul helping the population on Venus  to graduate and the Christ consciousness was involved with this as well, 500,000 years ago. It is a fascinating story and it's on this call. 

You need to take 2 hours of good attention listening to the replay if you expect to have the experience of connecting with their energy. Everyone experiences this connection a bit differently. Most common is to feel more expanded in yourself.  It's an awesome experience and I'm convinced it can speed up your evolution in this realm to make this connection. They tell us that we have the energy of the Christ Consciousness on our calls.

Here's the link to the audio
Listen to this when you can give your full concentration. They start coming in energetically inbeteen my words, and finally we  have a conversation with them. 

Today - In honor of Mother's Day, we're going to have a talk on what happens when a Soul joins with a fetus and becomes a new being in this realm!

It's broadcast live on BBS Radio as well as on a telephone conference call -- 712 432 0075. pin 940658#. Get on the healing list, HERE.

You can listen to the replay HERE.

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