Subject: Wed Aug 25 Q/A Transcription Astral Projection, Intention, Wanderers among us

Many thanks to Suzanne Hayes for transcribing.



            Wednesday, August 25th 2010 with the Ra'An



This is Wednesday, August 25th. This is Wynn Free and this our Wednesday conference call. I greet all of you who are on the line and all of you who are on the replay.

This is our call where we ask questions of our sources right on the line. When you submit questions I reserve the right to pick the questions I think are most relevant and sometimes to reformat the questions and excuse me if I do that but there are a lot of reasons to do that when people ask questions. What you will notice if you have been listening to our sources is that they don't usually if ever, tell you what to do. One way to identify a positive source is they don't tell you what to do. They might give you guidelines, they might show you how to figure it out, but if they told you what to do there are a lot of reasons why that doesn't work. First of all one of the things you are supposed to learn in this realm is discernment which means you have to learn how to evaluate things for yourself. Secondly, It's not so much what you do lots of times, but the consciousness you carry to what you do, so if somebody told you to do something, you still have to make it work, to carry it off, and if you don't, you would say, they gave me bad information and you wouldn't trust them anymore. Part of this journey into all these experiences of listening to them is learning to connect with them. The amazing thing is that they are an energy just like you are an energy, but they just don't have bodies. They are a huge energy and it is hard to understand just how it feels to be them, and I have asked many times and they do try to answer but from a human perspective they don't have the words and the vocabulary but they do talk through other people not just Daphne and Terry but there are other people who channel the same sources. They do not identify themselves by the same name, in fact one of the reasons that's true because on the human level people can get competitive with each other and get jealous of each other and their goal is to get their energy connected to this realm not cause a bunch of people fight over who has the real Elohim coming through.

Now we are going to evoke them officially right now.


(Wynn calls in the light)


We await the identification of our sources to answer our questions.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. This is Ra'An, August 25th 2010 and we are focused through Terry Brown in Sedona, Arizona and Wynn Free also in Sedona and are connected with each and every person who listens to this call or in the future listens to this call in a download or reads a transcript of this call. Our signature energies are carried within these recorded and transcribed statements. We are delighted to be with each and every one of you and make this connection as it is not often that we can connect with individuals in this dense 3rd density that earth is in. We await your questions.


Wynn: This is a question from Dee in Ohio and she is wondering about astral projection, is it real and also is it safe. Should one strive to astrally project and if one does, can they get involved with negative sources when they are out of their body?


Ra'An: Thank you for your question. Astral travel is a reality and when one leaves their body in their astral body and moves to a remote location from the body then they need to keep a tether upon their body. If they lose their tether they may not find their way back to their body. A tether is a connection between bodies. An individual may have a tether to their child or to a co worker or a group of co workers at the office where they are very connected to the other. When one leaves their body they keep this tether; this attention, some of their attention on their body so they know the way back. When one leaves their body they may run into negative circumstances, for instance, one example of running into a negative circumstance is moving off planet into outer space in the astral body and then in outer space running into a lost soul that got lost in outer space and suddenly makes the connection with one and is frantic to get back to some civilization and the individual may latch onto one. Another example of how one can get into trouble is when one is traveling in the astral body one may have the idea that they are immune to physical influences because they do not have their body there but under some circumstances they may be impacted if they are in the way of a physical situation such as a boat coming at a high speed and the individual in the astral body feels, I don't have my body so I don't have to worry about getting hit or it hurting my body, however even in an astral body an individual has anchor points and has a matrix and if this matrix is hit by too great an impact it can disorient the individual and the individual may have a hard time getting his matrix back into traveling shape and have a hard time, it might break the tether. So when one takes the step of astral travel one should keep these precautions in mind and should have his body in a safe location that he can keep his tether with the body and so have the GPS coordinates for getting back to his body.


Wynn: Thank you. Tell me, is there a spiritual benefit to astral traveling or is it just a curiosity benefit?


Ra'An: It is one of the talents and abilities of the soul within the astral body to travel and it is a good ability to maintain as the means of travel are different then when one has a physical body because gravity does not grab the astral body as hard and one can float above the earth or can intend oneself to other locations and can move out of their body to a remote location and view, actually physically view with their astral perceptions the location which they have traveled to and can bring back information. It is like the development of a natural ability and then when a person has this 'on' and if they have this ability for astral travel it does not impact them so great as if they feel that they are totally grounded within the earth plane and can only walk somewhere, but they have also have the secondary ability which is also the primary ability of the individual to move seamlessly from location to location instantaneously practically and it is a very good ability to have which helps an individual when they are in a transitional stage moving from one body to another body or to their astral body to another situation they can have more control over their body. They then can have more control over their transition.


Wynn: Thank you.

Now we have a question and this is one of those questions which I don't think I should ask and I'll tell you what it is. I will let them answer but I don't expect they will answer the question. I have said this before. The whole complexity of religion and spirituality and who has participated and who is negative and who is positive and how things have gotten corrupted is a huge topic. There are people who are using religious terms or or religious focuses and as far as I can understand it mostly has to do with your intent but I think there is more to it that that. So what I'm going to do is rewrite the question so it's more general and that is, I'll read the question and they can comment on the question however they like and then I'm going put is what I think is the bigger question.


Having been raised Catholic I have been taught that praying to Mary was sort of a hotline to God. Could you comment on the role of Mary and if our prayers are heard by her. Now that's the question they don't want to answer. Now just suppose there was something wrong with Mary and all these people out there are praying to Mary and then I turn myself into a controversial person and an enemy of people who love Mary if my answers does not fit their pictures, so here is how I am going to ask the question.


Throughout history there are a number of people who have represented divine consciousness; deities, different names for God. Elohim, Yahweh and Adonai is one I believe, someone asked a question about that . Some of them are negative and some are positive. When someone prays how important is the name that they use as opposed to the intent of their prayer. That is how I am going to ask that question.


Ra'An: Thank you. The intent is what will bring your answer to your prayer, the intent; the longing, for it is the intent and the longing and as long as it is for the higher good of all concerned, then this is what will bring in your answer. It is not the dependent upon the name you are praying to. It is the soul heartfelt desire for the answer to the prayer when it is for the highest good.


Wynn: Thank you. Now if a person finds a person they identify with, that they feel a lot of love for and they use them for a focus is that ok? Lets just say it might be someone who has a mixed polarity but the person who is praying doesn't have a mixed polarity in their approach.


Ra'An: If an individual is praying to an entity of mixed polarity and the prayer starts and ends with that entity and the intent and the longing and the desire is not all pervasive, but is channeled directly into an entity of mixed polarity then that mixture can add in to the prayer and can skew the prayer. For instance, if one is praying to the priest for his intercession in the situation, a mixture of the priests intent or if it's another entity that they are praying to that has negativity or impure intent could be added in by adding an entity into the mixture one can bring in mixed results.


Wynn: So it might be better to just bypass the entity and just go Father God, Source or something like that?


Ra'An: The purity of the intent and the desire at the result is for the highest good are qualifying factors and to place this without trying to limit it through a specific individual or entity will bring more pure results.


Wynn: Interestingly enough our next question, this is just coincidence, almost sounds descriptive but not by me. This is a question from Regina and she asks. What is the best course of action when you see that a person is speaking words of light and love but are teaching and guiding others in service to self, creating self abundance and focusing on what is best for the self. We do not wish such a person ill but are distressed that others are being misled. Can you help us with a positive course of action to take in this kind of situation?


Ra'An: Individuals can be drawn to such a teacher by their own orientation to service to self. Nature; life in the 3rd density, although it may take a lifetime or more than one lifetime to sort out what is the best course of action for oneself based on whether they are moving towards service to self or service to others. The balance is the best course of action. How does one work with a group. It depends upon your connection with the group that is being taught. One can bring forth specific examples of the results of the teaching and can watch in the lives of those who are following this individual and in private conversations can discuss the different ramifications of following such a path. One, when they follow a path of not judging but of observing, then can still allow free will and can bring forth teachings of a higher natures which the individuals who are ready to move on can recognize and then move on.


Wynn: Thank you.

This is from Zoyie. Does a Wanderer come into this plane with a personal growth objective as well as service to others?

Let me just tell people what a Wanderer is if you don't know. This was a term introduced by Carla Ruckert in her Ra Channelings in 1981 through '83. If you look at the scenario you have this huge group soul which has identified itself as the name Ra and it's attempting to help our realm. They do this through dream messages, by being energetic friends with you, they have done this by many of the historical spiritual movements in our past. Many of the Ra group chose to take a body again to come into this realm to increase their level of service except according the channelings of Carla Ruckert ninety percent of those who come into this realm get lost and they get swept up in reincarnation again so they might have to spend lots and lots of lifetimes back in this realm. They apparently know this is the risk they take by coming in here. So many people who are attracted to the work we are doing they would probably come under the category of Wanderer because this is explaining some of those inner most questions about why am I here, I don't fit in very well. Wanderers tend to be alienated, they tend to be attracted to spiritual things, they sometimes can be sensitive and get new age diseases like fibromyalgia, they get bored easily often times with regular things, they need to find something that uses their energy. I have gotten pretty good at noticing Wanderers but keep in mind it's not a title that is self exalting because they don't know they are Wanderers but when you walk into a supermarket and you see that really angelic woman who is smiling at all her customers and lifting their spirits, or the artist who has found a way to use their art or music to reach people or the ambulance driver or the teacher who makes their students feel loved. I would venture to say or many of them are Wanderers and they have found a way to do their job down here and then you find those people who didn't find a way to do their job and some of then end up homeless, some of them end up doing drugs and some of them end up having so much energy that they can't release it so they lose their connection and then they fall into the maelstrom of this realm and they get caught up in reincarnation patterns. If you are a Wanderer and you wonder what you are supposed to do, those are good examples to think of, and if one of those resonates it might help you identify. You don't have to be overtly spiritual or be talking about 2012 or you don't even have to me metaphysical and you don't even have to believe in God. Your presence just has to be used to uplift people. So on that note I will ask the question. Does a Wanderer come into this plane with personal growth objective as well as service to others?


Ra'An: Many of the individuals who come into the 3rd density have personal growth goals or service to others goal and many have the idea that they can expand their awareness of All That Is and can experience more growth by moving into 3rd density than they could in the higher densities. The 3rd density has duality and requires one to go through many tests to determine one's own mettle and stay focused and stay centered and stay loving and be able to communicate and be able to have their own identity while still practicing give and take and love. It is a very good teaching round for individuals to maintain their own level of integrity and to have a sense of self and yet be able to live in a service to others practice. Many individuals when they come into the realm do have this GSP system; this compass of what they wish to achieve and when they get here into the 3rd density it is confusing as they take on many aspects of the veil and of a life that is not their own, however they are interfacing in the 3rd density where the surroundings and many aspects of their life are adopted and they need to learn how to control their own destiny within the parameters of the 3rd density. They need to develop a resistance to being willy-nilly shoved around by circumstances and by other people's thought patterns in consensus reality and in the media. It is a very good training ground and many in the higher realms are looking for the experience of how to further develop themselves and take this step of coming into the 3rd density.


Wynn: Thank you.

I know the Elohim. Are they a part of God? All we all God? Is everything I ever thought wrong and surprisingly I feel that I know you all. Help me I am confused.


Ra'An: All That Is could be considered God. We do not consider ourselves God, however we have been considered, the Elohim as the creator gods. It is difficult because we do not have bodies. It is difficult to describe. We are an energy and are a group of many energies working together which have a repertoire of what someone in the 3rd density would consider miracles and the ability to perform miracles under the right circumstances when the longing and the desire enters the agreement towards the outcome. Since we have particular miracle ability which we do not necessarily consider miracles as they are sound logic systems, scientific one might even say, although they are of a different scientific nature than that of the 3rd density realm. Because we have these, you might say, tools within our medicine box, some individuals consider us God as these are not understood within the 3rd density. All That Is is what we would consider to be God; the One Being from whom all have sprung.


Wynn: Thank you. Wonderful answer

Last question. Actually this is one I will have to rewrite and it's from a lady named Andrea who went through euthanizing her dog recently but she did it when the dog started hurting herself and she knew when it was time. Her dog was very close to her and she has been very guilty about whether she did the right thing with her dog when her patience was really tested. Can you give her some guidance through this? I left out one part of her question and she asked could Ra or the Elohim channel Mo, and I'm not going to ask that but I do think you could share something with her that would make her feel better about her decision.


Ra'An: Mo is a little bit confounded by this transition as sometimes animals are by a transition in that Mo wishes to carry on as before and does not understand the change that has moved through him. Mo feels a little hurt by the distance now between the master and the dog. Mo is sad for Mo wished to carry on this wonderful close connection and did not understand the transition. This is part of life experience. Individuals and animals go through in transition phase. We send Mo love light and let Mo know there are more wonderful experiences ahead. It is one lesson in transition that is hard to move through but Mo will be carried through the transition by Mo's desire to play and experience life again and we send that flame; that picture, that hologram of a dog playing with a rag or jerking it or having this interplay with another, that the dog may move past this transition and eventually will again play happily within another life and will have this as an experience through which it passed and moved into a broader, better life. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you.

Any comment on the guilt the lady feels about not treated her dog correctly or making that decision.


Ra'An: At this point to send love and light to Mo and release the guilt from yourself and the guilt is holding Mo back and so let Mo know you wish the best for Mo and you are sorry for this and you love Mo and as we are saying these words we are also contacting Mo and letting Mo know.


Wynn: Thank you very much and I think that is probably very good advice for anyone who loses someone to not feel guilt and to send the love and light.

Ok, we are going to close this session. Do you have any final comments for us?


Ra'An: We are delighted to be with each and every one of you and we send love light to the Gulf of Mexico and all the creatures within the Gulf of Mexico and all the fishermen and to all the worried wives around the shore who are restaurant owners or wives of fishermen and we send love light to them all that they may move through their dilemmas and move into a better life. We send love light to the waters and all the animals in the Gulf of Mexico. We send love light to Pakistan and all of the individuals those that are fighting the floods in that area and have lost their homes. We send love light to all of the people of the world and we give thanks for the things; the life giving things that the individuals do have and we are honored to be with you.


Wynn: Thank you. On a closing note I know many of you say how can I be of service and one way which is really easy, in front of your nose is to think carefully of the people you know and invite them to our call. They don't have to have the whole cosmonology, they don't have to know anything more than that it's good energy and a lots of wisdom shared and just let them decide if they like it without over talking it. We have three calls and think of the call that someone would resonate with the most and invite them.

Thank you all so much for being here. Thank you Terry and thank you to our Sources for honoring us with your presence and Sunday we have a grid healing of ten in the morning. If you enjoy the feeling of this call then you will really like the grid healing.

It is dedicated to creating a space with energetic connection directly, not so much with bringing through information. On that note wishing you all a good evening and a good week until the next time we meet.