Subject: Wed Aug 18 Q/A Transcription Is sex spiritual?

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Thanks go to Suzanne Hayes for transcribing




                    Wednesday, August 18th 2010 




This is Wednesday, August 18th and today we have some questions to ask that have been submitted by people.

In doing these calls, my point of view in many cases it's not important to understand things in your mind but there are circumstances where it is important to understand things in our minds. For example many of us who are attracted to this kind of work have had many lifetimes where we established tracks for ourselves and who we are today, on one hand, is part of our unique individuality, as expressed through spirit, coming up through all the realms to into our bodies. All these little conglomerations of things that happened to us in our past lives that still are in our matrix. It's like when you first get a computer it's really fast and you open programs and it's really fast and then you load all your programs in it and after a while it slows down and sometimes it even gets so sluggish it even turns itself off. We have a question we are bringing up tonight which deals with that.

On that note I am going to call in the light.


(Wynn calls in the light)


We turn it over right now to our sources to introduce themselves and we will proceed quickly with your questions.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. We are happy to be with each and every one of you and also with each and every light worker who does not even know about this work that is asking and longing for solutions to a better life within the third density. We take a moment and offer our consciousness manifestation to each and every one of you who are listening and who will listen later to the replay line or will read the transcript and we give special thanks to the transcriber Suzanne. Do you have questions.


Wynn: Yes thanks to Suzanne. We have other people who have volunteered to transcribe our Monday sessions and we have a lot of things that could be transcribed so if anyone is interested send me an email because we have a good system now for doing it.

Ok, now questions.

Our first question has to do with past lives and somebody who is on our line today actually does work with people in helping people clear that; clear past lives. I don't know how she does that whether its hypnotic regression or whatever and her question is: Do you need to have past life negativity cleared to ascend this realm this time around?


Ra'An: There are more than one way to clear past life negativity. There is a way of feeling past life negativity, whether one knows it's past life negativity or just views it as being in this lifetime as being negative but something bugs them. When something bugs somebody then there are two, and they are sensing the one thing and there is an opposition to that one thing. Now that places them and puts it in a pattern within their own life and within their own framework and this can keep them from graduating this realm as they have a view things from inside a box and it limits their view outside the box. They tend to throw energy at the unwanted side of the pattern and they then fix energy in a stalemate and they then seek every possible way to work through it.

If one has access to the memory of the incident; the trauma, then that can release them from the box and it can make their opposition and pattern and opposition to the pattern, make sense and then they can let go of the opposition and just let the trauma erase. If one starts out knowing the nature of the trauma one can do oneself a favor, and make things easier if they simply do not oppose it but let it flow on through them. Then they do not set up this opposition; this pattern and opposition to the pattern routine, which then fixes it in time and then keeps it from dissipating. If one simply sees this pattern they don't like and lets it go on through them; lets it burn off without opposing the burn off. They try to stop the energy in it's tracks without letting the energy run through so they fix it in time. If they could just let it burn off and let it run through and on out and not oppose it. One of the mistakes individuals make is thinking because an idea appears in one's head, then they have to somehow honor it or pay attention to it and they can, if they develop the technique just note it, like noting a sandwich, or noting something around them and then just letting it go on through. This is hard as sometimes the pattern is not one's own and they are misowning it and they then keep feeling it and it is hard to let it go through and one does not want the pattern to take one over so they fight it. So it takes developing strength of one's own centering; one's own character to be able to stand and let the winds flow around them and off. Eventually if one does not fight it and observes it and sees what one can see, they will get more information about it and eventually it will dissipate. So when one is locked in a box of patterns and opposition to the patterns, then one tends to be paralyzed and fixed and one will have a harder time moving through from this realm into the higher realms and if they do move into the higher realms they will want to go back to the lower realms and fix this thing. Those are our comments.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have a question about lucid dreaming. This is from Gary in Encinitis. It is considered by many Shaman cultures to be as real as the world of our everyday life. Are these practitioners of lucid dreaming actually entering worlds as real as this one where the dream is not shifting and scattered like our normal dreams and do actions in these lucid dreams have consequences in our waking realities? Is lucid dreaming a good thing to induce and and if it is, is there a recommended way to do that?


Ra'An: Lucid dreaming can be very valuable as we gave a talk on Monday about dreaming and we recommend going and listening to that as it mentions the different types of dreams. Lucid dreaming being sometimes moving into other realms and visiting them, can then allow the individual to bring back data which can be used in the individual's own realm in earth time. They may bring back information on inventions, ideas that are available in other realms. They may be visiting other realms where they have friends. They may go in their dreams and visit other people they have known. They may visit the internal structures in the process of manifestation and bring back data which are very real about future events which are in the nature of being put together at the time and they may have one energy finger cast into the creation of the realm where they can then bring back data and keep them oriented in their own life in connection with the intricate workings of the manifest realm wherein they can help themselves keep centered and in tune.


Wynn: Thank you.

A question came to my mind. When we use the term lucid dreaming, there are probably a lot of dreams that come under that category, is that true?


Ra'An: We generally think of lucid dreaming as very vivid dreams which has a tie into some other area which is manifesting in a different location or time or space to make the dream more vivid as it is experienced.


Wynn: Next question. This is from Flow. I had the idea that people who graduated to the 4th density would just stay here on earth but in reading the Ra material I learned that those who graduate have to go through a death process. What will happen to all those dead bodies that are left on earth?

My mind says the same thing that always happens, they just return to the dirt of the earth. She wants to know what will happen to all the children?


Ra'An: The individuals that are lining up ready for graduation do not all leave their bodies all at the same and the children that are within the group will find other parents or other groups with which they can be part and they will be able to be raised. Many of the children that are coming in now are more advanced and are able to handle the changes that are going within the Logos at this time. We are coming into a time when the energies are so high they have the ability to negotiate the codes of coming and going easier whereas some of the other souls have not been able to reincarnate due to the higher energy that is being experienced at this time and many of the individuals who are on earth at this time are unable to negotiate the higher energies and are destabilizing within that and therefore many of the individuals are going into the mental institutions at this time. Many of the individuals are more aware than others that are not going into the mental institutions also so it is a kind of mixture.

It is the children who are coming in at this time are able to negotiate the changes in frequency better than others so you have the Indigo and Crystal children and our love and energy hearts go out to them as they are able to stay in tune with the higher energies due to their their nature.


Wynn: Thank you.

This is a question from Diane who is on the line.

Diane was addressing that when you start to lift your vibrations, the very fact that you are doing that it causes negative stuff to surface quicker and her question is about that. She has a friend in LA and whenever she raises her vibration things then turn bad for her and I get that too and even more so from my sixteen old. She told me that every time she raises her faith and believes that All There Is, things go very bad for her. So she is fearful to believe and when everything seems to be going very well for me, there is something that backlashes. I was wondering if the Group could talk more about that. Exactly how can we stop all that from happening; instructions we can understand in terms of minimizing the backlash.

Now this is Wynn saying, if this is possible that what you are experiencing as backlash just might be the processing of your old patterns and if you try to avoid it you miss the processing. That is my thought and turn it over for their comments because this is really important topic.


Ra'An: Thank you.

We spoke earlier about someone who has a pattern and then was fighting the pattern and had negative coming in. When we take a look at different areas of life they have a negative, for instance, there is creativity and on the other side there is destruction. When one attempts to experience only the positive and then tends to shut down and lock out the negative, then the negative can come in very strongly as a result of being locked out can come in with force. When one is moving into a spacial expansion they can be there with both the positive and the negative without fighting the negative, then let the negative flow on through and the negative cannot backlash. When one fixes upon a negative flow one sets oneself to the frequency of the negative the once they have fixed to the frequency of the negative they have opened up a portal so the negative can come on in. So if one tries to be positive without seeing the negative they are only viewing one side of life as there is love and hate as there is life and there is death. Death by the way is a transition. It is not total death for the individual inhabiting the body, although the body will change form and dissipate. When one is able to stand in the center of their own self and generate their own truth and their own life, then the negative will go around him and he will be participating with the life and will not have just attached himself to a positive flow willy-nilly but will have mastered his third chakra as to where and when to control and experience and exist within his own matrix, within his own framework, and we include her in that too.

We include all of you with us. We, on the other side, have not a gender but we have aspects of both genders.


Wynn: Thank you.

I have better ask this one question from Gary in Redondo Beach because I know people have tuned in because I said I was going to ask this. What is the spiritual meaning of the sexual experience?


Ra'An: Thank you.

We see the sexual experience as a opening of two souls to each other; a sharing, a wanting, a loving, an ability to share and to experience give and take in the love arena. There has been times in past history when sexual experience have been taken and misused and some of the individuals within the third density carry scars from the misuse of sex. Looking deeper into the area of sex, even the misuse of sex contains within it the desire for oneness; a desire for finding the other half of one's own self. An individual attempting to misuse sex still has that drive, however has lost the use of discretion and lost the use of sharing and simply trying to take as is service to self rather than service to others. With the fullest sexual experience there is giving and taking and satisfaction for all and therefore the building of harmony and an opening of the soul experience within the third density to all of life and provides a growth experience which bleeds over into a spiritual experience.


Wynn: Thank you.

We will take the last couple of minutes and we have been doing this for the past sessions and for those who are sensitive to allow the energies of our sources to descend on you and you can feel them. If you are new and you want to visualize this, we are actually communicating with energies and they are group energies, they are not an individual consciousness. Those energies have the ability to move through all the different dimensions and show up here in their terminology as love-light. If you happen to be someone who can see auras you might feel the energies change or see the auras shift in the room. There is a lady who comes into the calls and she says whenever I do this she happens to be psychic and intuitive and she sees all this pink glow in her room.

If you feel a sense of trust for what we are doing, because they do not violate your free will, you can take this moment and say, I am open to experience these energies. If you do experience this or even if you don't, you can ask them for help in your matrix, for help in healing, or even in the clearing of old patterns and help in being connected and feeling loving and loving them back, it's a two way street. So we will just take a moment and just feel that.


Ra'An: You may see us a light pink. You may feel energy within the framework of your mind. You may feel love within the framework of you body and we are here and it is a sacred moment when we can connect. We hear your prayers and are there for connection. We are so ethereal that it is hard to experience us in the third dimension. We are with you.

Thank you.

On that note we will bring this call to a close just about on time. If anyone is on the line who has not subscribed to Message-A-Day I highly recommend it. It keeps you in the loop. It gets you notices of our calls and one of the reasons we do three calls a week is because I know that when people start experiencing these energies they need support, they need support to go through the dark night of their soul. We are doing a Sunday conference call at 10 am called a grid healing until about 12 and its always our most popular call. We focus on feeling the energies on that call and not so much on information.

Goodnight and thank you.