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A Game Changer for Covid

"Wonder product Ivermectin, is having dramatic healing effects with regard to Covid." Read all the links very carefully. All kinds of credible doctors reports endorsing this as well as the Indian government making it available to their population. I've been aware of this for awhile. I know how to get it very cheaply (Can you believe as low as $7.00 without a prescription.)

It's cheap enough to get some and keep it on hand just in case you or someone you care about needs it. If you wait until you need it, it may be hard to get as the word gets out or it may be taken off the market). I share this information as a research project on my part and not as a medical recommendation. Do your own study, see your doctor and draw your own conclusions.

This is an email I just received from a friend of mine in LA with all the research links which I'm forwarding to you here. Please forward and get the word out!:


"Wonder drug" Ivermectin prevents COVID-19

Dear friends, 

There is now proven effective an existing drug (that has been safely used for years for other conditions) that PREVENTS coronavirus.

Listen to at least the first short video (testimony before congress) of Dr. Pierre Kory.  

He treats "the sickest of the sick" and says if you take Ivermectin as a preventive, you WILL NOT GET COVID!!!

This is an existing drug -- there is no wait for it to be developed and tested for safety. Drug companies just need to scale up production.

Dr. Kory mentions 4 randomized controlled trials prove it works as a preventive, and he mentions a total of 30 studies (so far) proving effectiveness.

Here are a couple more interviews of Dr Pierre Kory on Ivermectin, and the FLCCC website.

In this one he compares Hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir and other drugs, and says Ivermectin is better.

Here is the website of the medical research team Dr. Pierre Kory is a part of:

Please share widely, 

and if you can reach out to your elected officials, 

Dr Kory asks you to implore them to get the FDA and CDC and Coronavirus Task Force to:

  • review their research paper on Ivermectin effectiveness for prevention and treatment of COVID-19

  • update FCA and CDC recommendations to include Ivermectin as a primary preventive and treatment protocol

  • get drug companies to quickly scale up production of Ivermectin

Here is the Physician's Desk Reference entry for Ivermectin.

Scroll down to "Drug Interactions" and check that you are not taking any of the listed drugs before treating with Ivermectin.

The only drug on the list that looks common to me is Warfarin, a blood thinner.

Important Addendum from Wynn;

Ivermecton had been prescribed for humans for years as a cure for parasites.

It is also used for animals for the same purpose and is available without a prescription on ebay and Amazon. If you go to the link on below, you can read the testimonials from almost 5000 people who used the animal product, many of whom who used this on themselves to get rid of parasites without any side effects.

A few years ago, I used this myself to help get rid of a case of parasites with no negative side effects. I took it twice a week at the recommended dosage which is based on body weight. The dosage is clearly indicated on the box.

This product is getting more publicity and it's best to get some now before the demand is overwhelming and it becomes hard to get. I purchased some on Ebay and the price has already gone up almost triple and they're still sold out. Amazon still has it at the low price.


The manufacturer is Durvet and lists all the pet supply stores that carry it, searchable by zip code.


Vitamin D and Vitamin C

Even Dr. Fauci recommends these:

Another article on C and D and more

Fox News Report

"Studies reveal nine out of 10 COVID-19 deaths could have been prevented if people had adequate Vitamin D levels"

Please do your own research googling these products. There's lots of additional confirmations online. Keep in mind, as the word gets out, they are going to be harder to get . They will be sold out and the price will go up.

FDA Disclaimer The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Blessings to all. Stay healthy! Stay out of fear! And have a happy New Year.

                                                   Wynn Free

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