Subject: Transcription--Wednesday Dec 8, 2010 Q/A Where did Nostradamus get his information?

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                       December 8, 2010

Question and Answers with the Ra'An


Wynn: This is Wednesday, December 8th with Wynn Free and this is our call where people submit questions and we ask our sources the answers to their questions. Some people ask questions and ask what should I do, tell me what to do. They don't usually answer questions in the way you would like them to because one of the lessons in this realm is discernment and if somebody told you what to do it would take away your lesson of discernment. These sources don't do that normally. If you ask a question like that, normally they will answer it in such a way that they tell you how to figure out what to do, what to look for. This is not giving up your power following an external source, this is learning how to become one with those energies, in other words, they are you, the whole universe is one energy so now you are connecting and becoming one with a higher energy than you are normally accustomed to in 3 D. So with that, I'm not going to talk anymore. I am going to call in the light and calling in the light is our little invocation for creating a group energy. Everything we do on this call are things we learned, not because they have told me to do this, but because I am a little experimental and I said, if I do this, what will happen and then I observe the results and as I see the results I get more confident and those of you who are listening for the first time, I am fairly confident now that we are doing what we're doing. But none the less, it's your job to gain your own experience and not just trick yourself into thinking this a mental process of hearing words and believing them, in fact, people, please don't believe anything. If it fits, it fits. Sometimes there may be a answer for a given person and it may apply to you and it may not so you have to test that to see.


(Wynn calls in the light)


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. This is Ra'An, December 8th, 2010 beaming in and out from Sedona Arizona, and we note the different time zones throughout the world and we greet each and every one of you. We are delighted and honored and to us is a really big event; the ability to be able to connect with individuals in the 3rd density. We can give blessings but we feel blessed by the connection with each and every one of you. Do you have questions tonight?


Wynn: Yes we do. Our first question is from Alicia. She addresses something I know a lot of people are thinking about. She says, with all the changes some people are preparing to move out of the country, grow their own food and live simply. Is this necessary? Now this is my comment, many people don't have that option even if they wanted to, they don't have the financial resources to do that. Then she goes on to say: although one being in the right place at the right time, if our hearts are open and we are in service to others.


Ra'An: Thank you. We note that 3rd dimensional thinking does take into account where is the best place, where is the optimal place to be for the optimum survival. We note that there are difficulties in various locations. The economic situation is making it difficult. When one in the 3rd density it is good to look at options for obtaining food. There are some very nice things that an individual can do anywhere that they are, to grow simple herbs in a sunny corner of house. They can put out a green house; a solar greenhouse in colder climates. There are difficulties with trying to find the best place, in that when one is in the 3rd density there are often difficulties that one can encounter, even unsuspected difficulties, in areas where they may seek to relocate. From our standpoint, we look at the individual as a beautiful beacon of light within him, herself, and we do not have sexes where we are located, as the individual, him or herself is really beyond the sex. Sex is what is delineated when the individual comes into the 3rd density, and some of the higher densities, also one can manifest sexual attributes. When one gets to the very highest of frequencies they leave that behind and there is the soul essence; the soul stream. When one can center oneself within the soul stream and can learn to know that one is worthy of being recognized; of being acknowledged, and move in their actions that they can be proud of, not that others are proud of them, but they themselves are proud of their actions, then they can build a track of confidence within themselves; trust within themselves feeling worthy and love for themselves. This will track with them wherever they are. This is something they can take with them. When one leaves the 3rd density, they can take their memories and they can take their own attributes and their own abilities, their own communicativeness, their own love, their own outreach. This is something they can take with them and this is a most secure way that one can build their own stuff towards the future. In this manner when one can be within themselves and learn to be confident within themselves, learn to like themselves, learn to like what they do and not do things that they dislike themselves for. When they can learn to move with communications so they can express themselves so they do not build up a past of anger. Sometimes this can track with them and they do not remember where the anger has come from. In this way we look at one as being an eternal being of love and these are the qualities one can develop to survive whatever density one is in. Those are our comments.


Wynn: Thank you.

Next question. This a long question and I am going to paraphrase it. This is from Walt who asks about Nostradamus and I would say that in the course of conversations with this source I have asked questions about this, not just about Nostradamus but about The Bible Code, and Edgar Cayce. There is a fairly consistent point of view that in most cases that predictions that were specific came from a lower source and when one is communication with a group soul energy that has the ability to project his love-light energy into this realm that one is in the space of creation rather than reactivity and that predictions were made from a place of reactivity, in other words, the word they often use is trajectory, in other words, that there are trajectories that go over thousands of years, based on, if things continue the way they are, these are the way things will enfold. People who are doing readings from a source looking at those trajectories or a source that was wanting to create a particular prophecy to occur, for example with Edgar Cayce, there is an indication in the book that his innundation prophecy, his pole shift prophecy, that New York would fall into the ocean, was not from his normal source but from a negative source that made these prophecies through Edgar Cayce and named themselves, and one reason they made those was to discredit Cayce down the road because they(the prophecies) did not show up and for certain people that was enough to discredit Cayce. When I studied Cayce thirty years ago there was also a source through Cayce that said these changes would happen gradually and I remembered noting the difference between these two prophecies. One that it would happen rapidly and one New York in a blink of an eye, Tokyo would go down and the Americas would split, so perhaps there was an intent of the being that made that prophecy to create that prophecy. There are many people who because of the prophecies of the Bible that they are actually a part of creation of those things to occur. So there are trajectories based on the way things now and then there is the potential to change things by bringing in sources of energy that are above the trajectory. That is what grace is, when somebody has a miracle, something happens outside of the trajectory and our sources can comment on that. Even Daphne has made some projections in the last two state of the planet messages about water on the East Coast and this or that and I was not certain whether to put them out because they didn't happen. They did not happen possibly because we put them in the light and changed them or possibly they were wrong information. So when we are talking to these sources we have to constantly re-evaluate ourselves, whose talking and what are they saying from Daphne or from Terry and that's part of discernment. To read the whole question from Walt, in the above tape the whole East Coast will be innudated with water in October/November and when I tried to confirm with Terry, she wasn't sure about the year. The Watergate coincides with Nostradamus and one for 218 was that what is high will plunge to the depths and what is low will be elevated and oceans will slosh. So in Nostradamus certain things have come about but the real question is, where did the prophecies of Nostradamus come from and how did that connect to our sources?


Ra'An: Thank you. Nostradamus is a friend and he has the ability to jump into the time lines and to see the visions from the time lines. They fall as bands through this consciousness and he is given the dates and he is given the visions for those dates. This is a scenario; a projection that he is given based upon the probable future but this does not necessarily come about. Just as one even in more mundane matters can have a sense that something is going to happen and then can take evasive action and avoid a possible disaster or a disheartening incident. On a more mundane level, one may look at individuals who have stopped at a green light with a sudden premonition that something is wrong, just to see a car speeding through a red in front of them and having been saved by their premonition. So an individual when they are given, such as Nostradamus with the sloshing of the oceans and the water coming ashore and some lands going down and other lands raising, this is a very strong premonition and it is something that individuals, such as our group on the grid healing can work to alleviate. It is a condensation of energy that is clustered around a specific time and there is a wave that is moving into the earth sphere which is unknown yet how it will affect the earth, but it can provide a impedance for further earth changes. Things can be changed, however this wave is generated by a coincidence of energies coming together from the center of the galaxy as the earth moves more in alignment with the center of the galaxy. It is a wave of boundless energy that moves through the arms of the galaxy. When the earth moves into that band then it will be jostled further and there can be earth changes precipitated. Now we are looking again at the trajectory that earth has in the motion of the galaxy and the change of positioning of the whole solar system. If one looks at it from the lower frequencies, one does not see the availability of possible changes because they do not take into account the whole picture. If one is going to make changes in a future situation, one needs to take into account the whole picture and one could look at it from the stand point of the higher frequencies encompassing all of the frequencies down, and look at it from the standpoint, not just from earth, but look at it from the galaxy as a whole. Then one could encompass all the factors that are generating the wave and then one has a greater chance of dampening the wave, looking at alternatives, seeing what could be done to lessen the jostling of earth as it comes more into alignment with the center of the galaxy. This is a little bit about how things can be changed. If one can encompass the whole of the picture they stand a much better chance to change the outcome and even though they have seen in visions that something is going to happen, once the changes are put into effect then the outcome can easily be changed. It depends upon which outcome one is looking at and it depends upon what factors are involved in the whole ball of wax, as one might say in earth terms.


Wynn: Thank you.

You know there are references to the idea like with the faith of a mustard seed one could a mountain, or ten people could save a city. Are we talking about the same idea? That the potential of the human is far greater than most people would believe they had and that they think they are at an effect rather than a cause, and as a human can expand their inter-dimensional connections they can become more at cause for positive transformation, as opposed to feeling like a victim, that's an effect. Can you confirm that?


Ra'An: Yes. When one looks at things from their own localized view then it is harder to change an outcome, even if one does have great faith. When one includes the higher forces and All That Is in their faith, then there's more chance that the outcome can be changed for a change in outcome it is necessary to encompass the whole picture and to look at all the causations within that picture and to see that all of the things within the picture can be changed. When one would be small as a say a rabbit and is looking from the viewpoint around them from such a small detail they miss great parts of the picture and it is harder to instigate changes when one is not encompassing all of the factors involved. It might be likened to trying to fix part of a car, where something is wrong with the drive mechanism and they can only see the motor and they miss the true cause of the difficulty with the car. One would have to analyze and take into the account all of the situation within the car to isolate out the cause of the break down.


Wynn: Thank you.

We are talking about planetary changes but this also works in changes for an individual, an individual human who might be sick and that through accessing the energy above their sickness they might be able to transform their own sickness or their own issues.


Ra'An: Yes, this is a similar situation.


Wynn: Thank you.

A question from Lorna from Canada. Thank you Lorna for the question. This is an interesting question. When was the first time that the energy of fear, anger, hatred, judgment and jealousy was manifested in the physical? What is the source of these energies and what happens on the physical level for these energies to be produced?


Ra'An: When one moves into the physical, they move into a condensed state of manifestation and in this condensed state, they experience a resistance to an output that they wish to make and this can be very frustrating and the individual may feel anger at not being able to express him or herself or to move in a certain direction, or to accomplish something, or the trip got canceled and they can't move forward. It takes into account that in the past over millions of lifetimes they have experienced frustrations and stops. Anger is a stop where the individual is stopped in some manner. Somebody did not acknowledge him. Somebody treated him wrongly and he didn't get acknowledged. Each individual wishes to shine and be acknowledged and to resonate at their desired frequency and suddenly they are not able to reach out or resonate into something they wish to resonate and it is actually is a physical back up of energy and it stops and they can't get it out and it's this backup of energy that creates the anger. It is the desire to break through: to get through, to move on, to accomplish something, to complete something, communicate something. If you take a look at anger it can be a series of communications. The anger is something that an individual wishes to get over, to move forward, to break through. In the 3rd density, in the lower densities, the individual, by manifesting in a body is restricted and the individual can no longer move by intention, they have to move the body. Thoughts are very fast and when they don't have a body they can accomplish things at a much faster rate, however they can accomplish them in the 3rd density. But in the physical when they attempt to put their thought into play in the 3rd density, they cannot put them in, in the same rate of speed as they can think them. It is a frustration to have to figure out how to use the body to manifest what one wishes to manifest. When one gets the hang of it, it can be a joy. When one learns to communicate one's frustration and when one learns how to give and take with power and operate in the 3rd density, it can be an art and a joy, and then one can dissipate one's anger and if one does not dissipate it then they become inside sort of an anger monster because you don't know what to with all that stoppage and that desire for communication and that desire to break through. So it's something that comes with the territory and one can learn artfully to communicate and how to express oneself and how to stand up for oneself and to learn patience to operate this slow body in the 3rd density.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have two more questions. One is from Vickie Bert and she has a circumstance with her mother. She is obviously in a state of anxiety and it has to do with her mother's depression due to her struggle with pancreatic cancer and her request for assistance to end her life. She is going to Kansas tomorrow to mediate a family situation about this decision. I think the question is implied, what can she do. How can she navigate through this situation in the most masterful way.


Ra'An: Thank you.

There are two situations here. One of them is your mothers situation and her reaction and her desire to handle her situation. The other is your ability to know how to handle your side of this. Of course you would like your mother to be healed and to be normal and be joyous again. Your situation needs to be sorted out from your situation. Your mother has free will and we do not wish to comment much on your mother's situation because it is not your mother who is asking but we can comment on your situation since you are asking. One of the ways to help is to know that your mother is an eternal being and that when an individual moves on; transitions, it is a transition often to a better state if an person is in pain. When your mother does transition, and of course there is sadness but it is good to send her love and God's speed so that she does not feel guilty about having to move on. It is something where you can work with your mother to give her support. You know that there are possibilities of a cure and that there are avenues open, however your mother is choosing her own path. The things that you know can be shared with your mother. If she does not go along with them, then that is her path and it is hard to bare to see that but you can think of it in more eternal terms wherein know that your mother is an eternal being and in the future will have good times again whether she choose something to be aided in this lifetime or in moving to a transitional lifetime where she would not have such problems. We are with you and we send you support and strength as this is a difficult situation for you, however your strength and support will transfer to your mother who will see this and she will know that she is supported and cared for and that you are caring for her concerns and respecting her ideas. Those are our thoughts.


Wynn: Thank you.

The final question for tonight is from Edna and I think this is a question that many of us have this question. Of course if you are on these calls and listening to our cosmologies, we have this idea that there are chakras in the body and they are energy centers and we are in physical 3D and some of us have had the experience of opening our chakras in some way, maybe on this line or maybe in a loving connection or maybe in your family and some of us have, particularly those who have come in from higher dimensions, have the memory of having chakras open and maybe feeling stuck in this lifetime. This is what Edna's question is about. She wishes to open her chakras. She says, I feel it is working because my intention is really high to do it and I am convinced that love and healing energy going through my body is increasing in intensity. She wants to open her chakras because she would be able to access some important abilities that she has carried from past lives. I would like to ask sources if what I am thinking is true. I want to access my abilities of healing and divine connection to the higher realms in a more intense way. She asks, will I be able to do that? Also, once I am in a meditative state and I am receiving energy I have been seeing a purple color but sometimes I see a white light that goes through very quick and this is beautiful but I cannot recognize what it is. It is like orbs of light that is so quick and impossible to see, however, it makes me feel good in my heart. What is that that light?


Ra'An: Thank you.

One of the ways that an individual in a good relationship can help to open the lower chakras is by having a good sexual experience with one's partner and this can help draw the energy down and open the lower chakras. The other chakras do carry the color of indigo and you are seeing some of that when you are concentrating on your upper chakras. Also when one connects to their crown chakra; to the higher forces one can experience light or see light. Do you have a further question on that?


Wynn: When one is starting to connect with the higher chakras and starts to feel the energy of the higher chakras and they have not figured out how to open the lower chakras, their ability to be of service is more difficult because in order to manifest in this density to be more effective, you have your lower chakras open you have more power and charisma so to speak, which gives people more access to your energies. Is what I am saying accurate?


Ra'An: We were talking in this case about Edna's abilities and so it would give her more abilities to access and communicate the energy of others by extending and developing all of the chakras both down and up and then once one develops the chakras going down, one can also connect and stabilize better with the center of the earth and connect up and connect with the center of the galaxy even through the crown chakra and further than that, connect better with the higher frequencies of the Elohim and with the Ra Group and then can pull in; broadcast better, and get synchronicities better and can have more insights into others' thoughts and orient better and support themselves better in the 3rd density.


Wynn: Thank you.

That was our last question and let me give you the opportunity to say goodbye to everyone and then we will end this call. Thank you.


Ra'An: We are feeling not only blessed but we are feeling blissful that we are able to so connect with each and every person on the line or each and every person who listens to the audio or reads the transcripts of this and our energy heart goes out to everyone and everyone can achieve a greater stability and support and through this way they do not need to feel discouraged whatever their situation is. As they are, how can they handle God, so to say. We love each and every one of you and look forward to working with you during the week or whenever you contact us.



Wynn: Thank you.

Thank you Terry, thank you Gjis and thank you Suzanne Hayes who has been doing the transcripts on these calls and thank all of you who are here helping to hold the energy and as I have learned just showing up on these calls is a great service and it is creating the connections that can create positive shifts both in lives and on the planet. So thank you all for listening on the replay lines and please join us either live or on the replays for our grid healings on Sunday where I would say we focus on the connection of energies and it's very powerful. So goodnight to everybody.







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