Subject: Transcription-- Wed 12-1-10 What about homosexuality?

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                   The Ra'An for December 1, 2010



This is Wednesday, December 1st and happy after Thanksgiving, this is Wynn Free and this is the question and answer questions that you folks have submitted. It because of all of you who have learned to hold this energy more steadily, those of you who get on the call and you are right here, so we can almost not have to call in the light but it's good practice to do it anyway.


(Wynn calls in the light)


We invite those sources that are positive and service to others, who honor the Law of One to join with us to create a safe space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature but leave now. We will wait for our sources to introduce themselves and we will ask our questions for tonight.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. We are with you this December 1, 2010 on planet earth. This is Ra'An and we are a part of the Elohim and part of the Ra Group and we have collected ourselves together to manifest in the third density and be available to each and every one of you, or anyone, who wishes to share the energy and rise to a higher frequency and incorporate within their framework or their reference, if they wish, a broader range of frequency that can provide clarity and assistance within the third density realm. We are very interested in one of your questions concerning homosexuality. We are a different breed of energy in that we do not have sexual expression through the orifices such as you do in the third density, however we do have sharing of interchanges of energy and intense love and appreciation and there are some aspects of sexuality in that but of the higher vibrations. So when we look at the experiences of an individual within the third density, we see, that not only in the reincarnational pattern of one individual entity do they have experiences as one sexuality but they also have experiences as lifetimes with the opposite sexual body and in this way, they get experiences in what it is like to live with both exchanges. Some individuals when they move into the third density they have lifetime after lifetime in one mode like the male mode or the female mode. There is some drawing forward of the individual to choose the type of body they need for the experience they need to gain in that lifetime. When one is drawn to another of the same sex it can be for different reasons. One can be seeking of a fulfillment from a past life partner that has been poured into a body, this lifetime of the same sex, and it can be an old familiar pattern with an individual who is greatly loved. Another is, when one has become more comfortable with one's sex and has experienced within their past lifetimes the being of say, a female, and then born into as a male, they may then, having many lifetimes of experience as a female and they are used to that type of relationship and so they choose another one of the same sex. If male, they may have a female orientation and wish to express that and then choose one of the same sex. We are non-judgmental on this. We do see that in the realm it can provide problems in living of the lifetime based upon the acceptance in society in the group that they are with. It can have a detrimental effect if the parents or the siblings or the society does not go along with it but provides adverse reactions and can make it very difficult. We look at this as a growth process an individual may go through and it may provide conflicts that the individual then has to work towards; conflicts which they would not have had if they had a heterosexual relationship. What is the exact question?


Wynn: You kind of answered three of the questions. The first one was is homosexuality a product of nature or nurture and what about sin and does it make a difference in one's spiritual development?


Ra'An: It can be difficult at times and can then create strength in the individual as they learn how to cope and deal with these situations and in future lifetimes they may have an easier times in handling adverse situations and they may in future lifetimes become more loving and accepting as having experienced a good homosexual relationship as well as if they did experience a good heterosexual relationship. It can provide growth in either situation.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have a question from Michelle. She says she has recently discovered that after letting go that my soul is male while my body is female which understandably is having a big impact on how I live. I need to embrace this fully to be whole and I'm not sure if that makes me gay or if I just need to meet the opposite of me; a man with a female soul. I am very confused about my identity. Why did my soul need to choose this experience?


Ra'An: You moved into this lifetime with experiences from past lifetimes which you had not fully completed so you have different completions which you are seeking to complete. You can choose not by decided it's going to be this way or that way, but you can just see what comes up in yourself and just observe it. When you are attracted by another person observe yourself and see what type of connection it is. Is it a fulfilling connection? Is it based upon a need that has been unfulfilled? Now when it comes to needs an individual has within him/herself, the need to self accept and love themselves and this is not something that another can give to you, it is something that needs to come within yourself; the love of yourself, by yourself, for yourself. If you are looking for that love without giving it to yourself, by looking for it from another, then all the love another might give you won't resonate with you because you are not putting there within yourself. This is one thing, to know that you are worthwhile and you are a beautiful being, and you are worthy of love and to find little things to reward yourself to know that you are loved. Then a person has a need for a relationship and communication with another in the third density. Now this need can be filled by another and it could be in either sex. Perhaps with the social setting that you live in, it might be more fulfilling in agreement based upon the relationship with others outside of the relationship, however it does not have to be that. Attention can be given on finding the person, not based upon sex, as much as based upon that particular person that you find that can help you fulfill the need you have for a relationship. Observing yourself and seeing how fulfilled you feel around different individuals can help be a guide, then later on, one may move into the family mode, where other individuals are within the family and that can fulfill another need that a person has for a family relationship. We have given you some guidelines here to take a look at and we are not trying to set your future course for you as you are the captain of your soul. We merely tried to give you some guidelines and you may ask further questions later. Are there other questions?


Wynn: I would just like to ask a question that might be helpful and that is, if someone has a predisposition to have a gay experience, they may have in their subconscious a certain amount of guilt and shame because of the mores they have been brought up with. That's probably less so now because so many people are expressing that way and they are grouped together. But if somebody is having that as an issue, in other words they have the actual inclination for this kind of expression but yet they have within them a certain amount of guilt and shame and maybe either unworthy feelings because they shouldn't feel that way. How could they deal with that?


Ra'An: One of the things that can happen because of the taboos on this is the individual may be seeking to break out of this constricting relationship interacting with society and they may see that even breaking the taboos as sexually exciting. When one moves into this one can break it down and see exactly what is going on there by observation. One has a desire to be free and to express themselves freely and then there is this taboo, and then there is the excitement of breaking the taboo which can lead to bad results as it is never good to establish a solid relationship based on the excitement of breaking a taboo, so one can honestly take it apart and look at each aspect of it and see that if they are really trying to build a relationship based on true love and based upon giving and receiving rather than based on doing something that is considered wrong by society and breaking out of their bonds by breaking through the taboo. This may then not be a solid base for building a relationship that would be satisfying and truly resonate within themselves and feel worthwhile and loved.


Wynn: Thank you.

One more question, adding to this. What is Spirit's point of view is there an prejudice towards having one partner, having multiple partners, or having no partners, pleasuring oneself. Could you explain that from the point view of Spirit. If a particular thing is better or is that an individual choice?


Ra'An: We look at it from the standpoint of how the individual, himself or herself resonates with this and how fulfilling and how much a relationship will bring them back into balance. Certainly a relationship with one partner that is satisfying and can be build and can be, as you said earlier, the energy can get better and better. That is something a person can build on and can resonate with and can grow with. If one has no partner it depends upon the individual because if they are lonely and are unfilled, a relationship is something that can fill a need only by having someone else there, and if they need that, then it would be good for them to find that so they can have this fulfilling expression. With the partner one can really build. Now with multiple relationships that can be a phase one is going through or the phase can be an expression of power, of ownership, of possession, which then the individual may leave individuals in their wake who feel used or are generally benefited by this or hurt by this, however within the realm of the third density, individuals by going through difficulties develop strength of character that then, as they go into future lives, they learn by past lessons what not to do. So an individual who is victim of such a lifestyle may then move into, in their present life, or in their future life a situation where they would not go for such a violation of their own desire. Unless you have two individuals who are in agreement and sort of know the rules here that each has set up for themselves, then they may play off each other and grow by the relationship. We hope this answer helps.


Wynn: Thank you. That was a very good answer.

The last question on this topic is a personal topic. They were wondering about having a connection with a person and I loved them and the person disappeared and they had a great sense of loss. The last part of the question is say, why does it seem that most gifted and compassionate people get cancer and other diseases?


Ra'An: Sometimes when an individual gets cancer it is because they have not been truly honest, that they are trying so hard to be beautiful and loving and caring and they hold any violation or resentment back because they dare not wish to express it and they do not wish to hurt other people and have not learned how to release it. Sometimes it is for another reason, in that they have not learned how to properly care for their own nutrition. They may be eating things like aspertaime to sweeten food which can create toxic situations in the body, toxic build up in the liver and the body does not know what to do with it and can get cancer. Sometimes they are not drinking enough liquids or water to flush the system. There are different reasons but there may be a stoppage of the flow of energy through the individual and it is quite a trick sometimes within the third density to avoid situations that can produce cancer. Another one is the breathing of air within an area of Los Angeles which has a lot of soot in the air some of the time. There can be substances from chemtrails that inhibit the flow of liquids and the flow of energy through a body. There can be pesticides used, there can be genetically modified foods wherein pesticides are built into the corn or into the soy plant itself so that the pests won't eat it, however the individuals who eat that food end up taking the pesticides in and it cuts back the system; it dumbs down the system. We hope that provides some light on this.


Wynn: Ok. Another question from Gary from Redondo Beach is: does repressed anger be one of the causes of cancer?


Ra'An: Definitely. Repressed anger can be one of the causes of cancer. Let us take a look at that. As a person gets angry they have a choice. They can express their anger, blow it off and hopefully move through it, or they can express it sparsely and have residuals in their system or they can hold it in because they do not wish to upset the apple cart. When they hold it in there is even greater danger of cancer. It tenses up the whole digestive system. The whole digestive system can stop working for the time being and the meal one has just eaten can suddenly turn sour as the whole chemical situation in the body changes and the body puts out different chemicals that trigger the body to feel anger and it is not compatible with the digestion of food and the colon clamps up and does not want to flow. Anger is a stop. It is a non flow and things don't move through one as one holds this injustice or this grudge or this disagreement and doesn't feel that they can express it, or if they can express it they can begin to move through it. The problem is people hold it back so long that it would be so explosive to express because there it is and it has become a big issue. Those are a little bit of the reasons that an individual who is an angry individual may have more of a tendency for the body to get cancer.


Wynn: Thank you.

Obviously we are running low on time and we explored this subject in depth and we have a lot of good questions tonight and we're not going to get to all of them.


Wynn: This is from Jerry and she asks: can you tell me what is fear and how can I rid myself of it. Lately I have fears of my son's safety and of being attacked in my own home. Where does it come from and how can I live in joy rather than fear. Jerry if you are on the line press *6 and where do you live?


Jerry: I live in Chicago. I am grappling with this because I don't want to have any negative affect on my children when I fear for them and for myself I don't want to carry any fears. I don't know if they are from past lifetimes. I just want to clear myself of these fears and I have been working on it for a long time and they are still here.


Ra'An. Thank you. We send you love and thank you for your question. We look at the more difficult times that the third density, that the planet earth is moving into with the economic situation, and based on the trajectory of how it has done, we anticipate that it will get more difficult. There is some overlap of the fears of the community moving through your own space and you duplicating that. When one's environment has within it, even though it is unspoken and unseen, but yet in the thoughts of other people in the community, these ideas waft through one's own situation, one's own mind and so it is not only a matter of you clearing you, but it is a matter of the community, where the community has fears and it becomes a consensus that one can look at when one is having the fears. One can get sensitive to it so they can see if the fear is something that is wafting through the community. Is it something that is been publicized on the news, maybe not even being in Chicago, but some problem someone or some family has had in even another part of the country that is broadcast all over the news. When something is broadcast over the news, it just isn't broadcast over that particular time and place that the broadcast is, they pick it up. They hear the broadcast and then they rebroadcast it in the silence of their mind and that can be picked up too. Another thing to consider is a fear a real fear? Because if a fear is connected with a real danger than someone may want to look at that and they may want to buckle down the windows or whatever they need to do and then once they do that, they fortify their house to see if then the fear stops. Because sometimes fear is telling someone there is a danger there and if the danger is eliminated then the fear will simply go away. So it's not a matter of just poo-pooing any fear that one may have and saying, oh, I'm going to clear it. It's a matter of observing it and seeing if it's a fear that is giving some warning that you need to buckle down and take some precautions or is it just something that has been triggered from the past. It may be both, even. Observation is something you can take a look at there. But fear can be both bad and good as if it is a warning or signal or symptom of something that needs to be corrected and then you correct it then that fear will go away. However if it is something that has been triggered from the past, then in order to make that good away, you would need to look back and to simply observe when and how it came in and what where the triggers and see if this is a real situation or not a real situation but something wafting in from your path. Those are our comments.


Wynn: Thank you very much and thank you Jerry for coming on and asking that.

It's 8:22 and we have been going for an hour and 22 minutes now and we have questions from Dennis from Marilyn from Christine, from Donita and Rhea, from David, Roland, Lauri, and others, so we are sorry we didn't get to all your questions but we will make some of your questions priorities for next week. I thank you all for being here and some of you were noticing the energies on the line when we do this and according to our questions to our sources not only are they an intelligence speaking through Terry, but they are a group soul that can project love-light into this realm and that some of you are feeling this energy. They say they are paying attention to those of you on the line and by coming into these calls you can start to feel that energy that can help you re-balance and heal things within yourself whether you ask a question or not. I thank Gjis for being here so consistently and saying hello to everyone in the beginning and creating a protected space, that makes it easier for us to do this channeling in such a public way. Of course I thank Terry for being here and being so dedicated to this and I thank Daphne for being the initiator for these communications and in some ways to great sacrifice to herself. Every Sunday we do what I call a grid healing and if you are feeling energies and want to focus on what they means, it's called a planetary and personal healing session and it's a very great way to get back in balance, particularly our Sunday call but all the calls. So on that note I will say goodnight to everybody and we will see you next time. Blessings and keep a positive spirit.






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