Subject: Transcript-Wednesday Q&A Call 9-19-2012--How Will We Know if We are Graduating to the Fourth Dimension?

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How Will We Know if We are Graduating
to the Fourth Dimension?



Wednesday – 9/19/2012
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn:  Hey everybody; this is Wynn Free. We’re hitting the ground running today. It’s 6:02; we have a bunch of people listening on BBS; hi, BBS people. We have a bunch of people listening on our conference line; let them just say hello to the world. Conference line people, say hello to the world!


Callers:  Hello.


Wynn:  Everyone on the telephone line just said hello to you. Everyone who is listening on the internet, we’re not going to hear you, so you have to think hello. I want you to think hello and send love back to all of us here with voices. Ready? 1-2-3.


Terry: There were a whole bunch of people who thought it right after you said it: “Think hello.” A whole bunch of people thought it right then. Everything turned pink and light around me. This is Terry.


Wynn: You could feel it, right?


Terry: Yes.


Wynn: I could feel it; I don’t see the pink though, but I could feel the energy.


Let me just see if the guys on the phone line can feel it. This is an experiment; I don’t know what I’m doing. I didn’t get the right job training, so I have to check it out.  Everybody on the phone line, could you feel energy when they said hello?


Callers: Many, many affirmatives


There are only a few possibilities here, that we all felt it, #1; that we’re a bunch of wackos, #2; that everyone said “Yes” to please me #3; or what’s the fourth possibility?


That’s enough possibilities. Terry is pretty good because she saw pink. Usually, she’s better than me in certain ways.


Terry:  It’s like the pink; it’s like they’re connecting up with our call.


Wynn: They’re making the link-ups.


If you’re somebody who is listening on the line for the first time, what we’re doing here is impossible. So, if your mind is telling you “What are those guys doing?” I’d like to suggest: Don’t try to understand it; I’ll try to put it in words. If you’ve read my book, I hope, and you’ve read the story of how I was talking to this voice that said they created the physical Universe. I asked them many, many questions, how this works, how that works.


One of the things they said was, “How do you interface with this realm?” They said they project Love-Light into it. I didn’t quite know what that meant, except now I do. On these conference calls they say—we’re talking about invisible guys—so you have to draw your own conclusions; you have to test this but I can just tell you what they say.


They say they’re monitoring us; they say when you’re on this call, if you’re open to it, they will do their best to contact you. People ask me “How do they contact me?” It’s different for everybody. It just has to do with energy.


When you’re dealing with the Elohim and the Ra group, you’re not dealing with an alien being that sits down next to you that has an astral body that says ‘hello’.  You’re dealing with a huge Source of energy at the center of the Universe. It might be as if they were the sun; but they’re not the sun and they’re radiating out. Most of us have our shutters down. Most of us have lived most of our lives with our shutters down.


On these calls, they are coming in. It can be subtle or it can be profound. It can be like you feel an upliftment of energy; just as simple as that. You feel connected.  Your feelings of loneliness or alienation seem to go away. Some people end up seeing pink lights and saying “I was visited and I was on the ceiling and I went into other dimensions.”


I am just a guy showing up; you guys are emailing me and telling me how this works for you and I’m learning as I go. We’ve had enough experience that I actually believe that they are showing up; they are sensing us. They do not violate your free will, so if you are on the line and you feel like “I don’t want anyone looking at me”, then they won’t look at you. They won’t pay any attention. You have to say “It’s okay to visit me” and then expect that they might and look for little shifts.


If you really want to get the experience full blast, you need to come into our Sunday morning grid healing, because the whole call is emphasized on feeling the energy.  This call’s emphasis is asking questions and getting answers and trying to understand some of the questions that so many of you have. For many of you, this is an all-new way of looking at the Universe. It was for me. The first time you’re exposed to it, you say “Wow!” Then it takes a while to assimilate it and integrate it. That’s the reason we do this Wednesday call; to help everybody integrate it.


If you submitted a question and I don’t mention it tonight, I don’t ask your question; please submit it again if it’s important to you. I have to prioritize the questions and some of the ones I won’t ask; I’ll mention them and I’ll say why I’m not asking it, so you all learn a little  bit.


I’ll just say this, because a lot of people ask this kind of question and I’d like to address it, then I won’t have to answer it later. That is: They want to act as if our Sources are experts and they want our Sources to clarify everything from their expert point of view.


In other words, “What happened when Jesus did this?” and “What happened when Ezekiel did that?” And “What should I do? Should I move to Philadelphia or to Atlantic City?” (Those were two of my home-based cities when I was younger) and, “How do I connect with them?”


Let me just say this communication that we’re doing has a certain level of mystery to it. Over and over again I have said this and I can’t say it enough that if somebody’s talking to you and they say they’re the Elohim, how do you know they’re the Elohim?  How do you know they are who they say they are?


The way the negative works is, it comes forth and it’ll say anything to get your attention and then it’ll trick you. How do I know I’m not being tricked? How do I know I’m not tricking you? I don’t think I am, because I think Jesus had one of the best criteria: By your works you shall be known.


We’re not wanting you to believe anything; we don’t want to be experts. We don’t want to clarify the Old Testament or the New Testament. The more you do stuff like that, the more we tempt ourselves to be experts and you tempt yourself to give up your power.


This is a co-creative interchange; you’re not supposed to give up your power. I know sometimes you feel helpless and you wish somebody would tell you what do. In some ways, that’s how this realm got screwed up; because there are people who will step forward and tell you what to do, so you don’t have to feel helpless. You know what happens after they tell you what to do? You’re a slave. Now somebody is telling you what to do.


The work we’re doing is not about creating slavery; it’s creating wisdom, sharing wisdom. It’s creating support; it’s creating energy transference that helps you keep your heart open. And, it creates community, because we keep showing up and you keep showing up. Those are the things that I think are important and important to share. So, when somebody asks a question that would ask me to have them give up their power, I might read the question and tell you I’m not going to ask it, so you can understand what kind of question that is.


When I was writing the book about David Wilcock, “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce”, they said that both Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock had negative Sources at different times. Edgar Cayce’s famous devastation prophecy, where everything was going to blow up, was all from negative sources.


What happens is: You guys send me emails. “What do you think of so-and-so’s prophecy? What do you think?” You’re making me an expert. If it comes forth that there is something I’m supposed to tell you in those areas, it will not be because I asked that kind of question in a public venue. It will be I will ask it privately; I will ask it to Daphne separately and to Terry separately.


I will look for confirming things on the internet and then I’ll tell you “Here’s what I got on this particular thing.” You have to decide; I won’t even give you my research.  Luckily, I have a couple, maybe even a third or fourth person, to double-check really significant things.


When you ask transient questions—transients are things are things of the moment—you tempt a negative source. Carla Rueckert said that. She says “The way you never get a negative source is to limit yourself to questions that are true over tens of thousands of years that relate to Universal Truth. That’s the safest way.”


Those of you that think you want to channel and you want this kind of headache of worrying about whether somebody is deceiving you if you’re putting something out into the world, if you can trust it—if you ever get a voice, use it for your own evolution; let it answer your questions personally, for a long period of time. Make sure it feels loving and make sure it feels wise. Don’t ever rush to share it with anyone else because that immediately is a great opening for a negative source. Why?


Because most of us feel unworthy and when you do something special like channeling and everyone suddenly gives you lots of kudos for doing it, you seem to think you’re somebody special because you’re doing it. It seems to fix your unworthiness; it’s not, really.


So it tempts a negative source, because it has the wrong intent behind it. There has to be totally selfless service; there has to be walking your walk, if you’re making certain statements. There has to be no underlying thinking that you’re going to make money doing it. It doesn’t mean you can’t make money but if your focus is a business, you’ll get a negative source.


Don’t rush to want to channel. It took me three years at least and Terry the same  and, Daphne’s still working on it, to make sure that we don’t think anything negative is coming through. Even in spite of all that, I tell you guys to draw your own conclusions.


Is there anything you want to say?  Terry, are you on?


Terry:  I’m here, yes.


Yes. It took me a long time to have a, would you say ‘repertoire’ [‘repartee’]? Is that like a conversation with them? And to make sure that their answers made sense. They came through with a lot of wisdom and a lot of love. Over time I got to trust them.


Wynn: Even with that, we’re still vigilant; I’m still vigilant. I look for things. I haven’t put this out; I’ll say this because some of you are still waiting. We had a “You got Questions We got Answers” marathon on September 1st, 2012.  It went for five hours and both Terry and Daphne were answering questions.


By the way, Daphne’s on a hiatus. She has not disappeared. She’ll be back I’m sure; I think. For those of you who are wondering, she’s temporarily on retreat. We did five hours and I felt really good about it except at a couple of points.


There was one particular point where I asked a question about “How long do we have to shift the planet?” They said “Ninety days” and I said, “That’s not very much time.”  Everyone kind of panicked.


Later, I asked that to Terry and they said, through Terry, that the manner in which I asked the question was, what’s the word? I remember this word half the time; ‘temporal’, of the moment. That kind of question brings in a negative source and they didn’t really give a lot of support to that answer, through Terry.


Terry:  It doesn’t have to bring in a negative source, but it can.


Wynn:  It can, yes.


I’ve been weighing it and I don’t really want to put that out because the response of people was fear. That’s not a positive response, no matter what we’re saying. In general I think that if you can say at any moment “I’m ready to leave this realm”, then, all those questions and answers don’t matter. You’re afraid of dying; you’re afraid of your loved ones dying.


I’ve kind of convinced myself after all these years of talking to them, that you don’t really die. You just transition and you move into another realm. Terry tells me about how all these beings meet in the astral, etc.


In any case, you can see how tricky that is.  When you guys ask me questions, so many of you say “Tell me this” and you want specifics. We’re not going to get it.


Do I see Daphne on the line?  Hello Daphne; do I see you? Are you unmuted?


Daphne:  Yes, you see me.


Wynn:  I’m saying hello; say hello to everybody. Everybody misses you.


Daphne:  I miss everyone too; hello, hello.


Wynn:  I’m not going to ask you any questions tonight. You’re just going to listen, correct?


Daphne:  Yes. I’m just here as part of the team.


Wynn:  Alright. It’s so nice to hear your little angelic voice.


Gijs:  Daphne, I think I can speak for everyone. We love you very much. Thank you so much for being here.


Daphne:  You’re very welcome Gijs. Thank you. I really appreciate that.


Wynn:  Gijs is such a mush-ball, isn’t he?


Daphne:  It’s that wonderful Dutch accent.


Wynn:  Right.  I’m going to mute you. That way you can make all kinds of background noises.  You are muted.


We’re going to call in the Light. Are you ready, Terry?


Terry:  Yes.


Wynn:  When we call in the Light, this is an invocation; it’s a reaching for a higher level of truth using our group intentions. It’s moving to connect with this energy of oneness, this energy that David Wilcock calls The Source Field. There are many names for it and we’re all part of that energy. We usually feel separated. When we bring in these messages, we want to not feel separated. We want to feel connected; we want to feel connected to our Sources. That’s what creates the safety net, where we can ask these questions in such a public way.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect everyone on this line, myself, Terry, Daphne. We ask that any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


Do we have our Sources present?


Ra’An:  Yes. This is Ra’An. We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator.  Today is September 19th, 2012, planet earth and a merging of the two timelines: our time line from the tenth dimension and Ra’s timeline from the fifth and seventh dimensions and the third density timeline.


We see that each of these densities move at a different time-speed, so that when an individual focuses from that particular timeline, the time moves differently, so that the time in your third density to us in the tenth density, is moving extremely slowly.


There are many energies to keep in synch in the third density and this is the reason for the slowness. It is as if one, instead of thinking in lightening speed and being able to affect an image and being able to move the image around, is more having a thought and then, has to get all of the material Universe in the third density around them that is influential upon their space, has to get it all into synch.


That’s one of the reasons it is so difficult to be in the third density, because you have this difference in speed between you, as a being whose home is in the higher realms and your accoutrements, by which we mean you body and your environment, the air around you, the social complex around you. But more even, just the physical things around you, that need to get in motion for something to be accomplished.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes, we do.


This is from Adam Fletcher; he is in New Hampshire:


“Hello everyone; this is Adam. I grew up in an extremely Christian Baptist family. It never completely set right with me. I felt as if what I was taught wasn’t the whole story. About two and a half or three years ago, I came across the Book of Ra. I guess he means The Law of One, Carla Rueckert and it completely changed my life and outlook on things.”


By the way, that book is available on the internet all over the place for free. Just look up Law of One, Carla Rueckert, her Law of One.


“In the past year or so I have been working hard on astral projection and being able to connect with my higher self. Subconsciously, it happens at times and I’m able to feel the Love Light and feel that I’m in touch with my higher self. But I struggle consciously to be able to do this. I have noticed that because of my Baptist upbringing, I have constant fear in the back of my head that says all of this wrong and I will go to hell for believing in this. At my core, I know that it is not true and that all of this makes more sense than the Christian faith ever did, to me. But it’s a constant nagging. So could you offer insight as to what I can do to subside this fear?”


One last thing: “Wynn, I was the last caller to speak to you on Coast to Coast and told you that I’ve come to believe everything that you had talked about and asked you what the next step was. When we got off the phone I thought my question had not been answered. But, within a day I realized that you had answered my question; that only I could decide what my next step was. You suggested that I find fellowship of like-minded people. Your conference calls and website are just that.


Thank you, thank you; I appreciate you for all that you’re doing.”


So the question is:  He has this nagging fear, because of his Christian background, that he’s guilty and that he might go to hell. How can he deal with that? Thank you.


Ra’An:  Thank you. You need more information; you need more connection. We see in the Christian background the, we search for the word, the constituents that go to make up the makings, that go to make up what the individual can use for guidance. 


In the religion, there are many things that guide you and guide your family and guide society into something that has been proven workable. So one should not criticize or find fault with that. It is something that is occurring, is in use and should be honored with the free will of the people involved and to look at it and see what it consists of.


What are the tenets of the belief? What are the mores? What are the recommended ways of behavior? Many of the recommended ways of behavior have proven very valuable for the survival over time of more than one generation.


When you look outside of that for more connection, for more give-and-take with the universal principles, you can learn to fit the background in without making it wrong, or without making what you are finding out wrong; you can simply review it all.


When you see something that eases your life and fits in ethically and connects you in a greater, more expansive way and also includes the body of knowledge that is acknowledging its existence and how it has been useful, without taking sides.


You can begin to develop in a rounded-out way and you will develop your own sense of balance and your own look at how the history, the tenants, the beliefs have helped individuals to support themselves in their daily life and to give them entrance into community and to provide a group of people to ally with. From that, without criticism, one can then begin to expand out without feeling wrong.


If you go like a sure-footed person, barefoot in walking on the ground and feeling the ground beneath your feet and getting your balance and feeling sure-footed, so that then the things that you learn can expand you, from the base that you have come from and you can still honor the good points and the benefits that the religion has given to your family and your grandparents in the past.


Thank you.


Wynn: Thank you.


This is a question from Ray in Henderson, Nevada and I think I will make a stab at answering this. When I can answer it helps hold the energy a little easier for Terry.


“When two people meet for the first time and there is a chemistry connection, is this the soul feeling this, or is it just biological first and then the soul makes the connection later?”


From all of my understanding, it’s always different, every meeting of anyone.  There’s no one size fits all. When two people meet, there are automatic astrological connections. I would say astrological might be lower than soul. You know; does their Venus connect to their Mars, or what is their astrological thing, because that makes something.


Then, there is their past life history. If you meet someone that you had a past life history with, you could have an immediate vibrational connection; feel comfortable with them or uncomfortable, depending on what happened in the past.


So all of those things are happening simultaneously and it’s going to be different for everybody. If somebody had a past life connection, it may not hit them until after a while.


There’s somebody who is probably listening to the call right now, that we had some email exchange. They responded really, really strongly when they would hear my words. When they would listen they really connected with this, apparently like nothing they had ever connected with in their life. They were emailing me about it.


In the course of our emails, they sent me their picture. I made the connection that they looked exactly like someone I had associated with in a previous lifetime. I was sure that it was the case. There were other instances, but I didn’t recognize that. In fact, they kind of recognized it intuitively, because of the way they responded to me.


That’s an example where I think the connection was far above astrology and it was on a soul-level thing. But in many other cases, most other cases, people would meet at a lower level and develop their lower levels of connection and the other stuff would come in.  For example, I’ve known Terry for 35 years and I’m as surprised as you are at what comes through her.


Let me go to another question here.


Ra’An:  We would like to comment further on the question on the table.


Wynn:  Okay.


Ra’An:  We would like to say that also there are genetic similarities between some people, which would make it easier for one to connect with the other. There are the ways of the culture in which the person has been raised. So that when an Italian in America might meet another Italian and they have both been raised in Italy, they could feel a very strong connection at being in each other’s vicinity, just because it is so good to meet somebody from one’s home country.


Those are two more things to consider.


Wynn:  Thank you; thanks for clarifying that.


This is a question from Debbie Hiner. I’m going to answer it for a couple of words:


She asks:  “How will we know if we are one of the ones that get to graduate into the fourth dimension?”


First of all, just by asking that question and trying to give yourself a yes or no, you’re totally programming yourself that way. A better question would be: “What do I have to do to graduate?”


I would believe that everyone listening to these calls is getting enough information that, if they apply it, they will graduate this realm. We still have a number of years. Both Daphne and Terry were saying at one point—and this could change too; it depends on how many people hold the energy here—for quite some time, they were saying that 2017 was a demarcation line and that this Work, the Work we’re doing, was going to create opportunities for people, where other opportunities may close down.


You are on a trajectory; everyone listening here is changing, growing. You may not be in the place where you could graduate right at this moment—and you may be, next week, or the week after.


The way they say it is ultimately, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter, because here we are now, coming into this lifetime, all of us obviously in this lifetime. We’ve gone through many lifetimes. We’ve gone through a situation where we don’t remember things. We keep coming back and we don’t remember things and we keep coming back.


We don’t remember things and we keep coming back, back and forth; and here we are. We don’t remember how it’s been in this realm, even though for many of us it’s been a very long time. I think we lose track of time in-between lifetimes and we go into a different timeline.


If you don’t graduate, you’ll just be around until the next chance comes around. I would say the more you worry about it, the more you’re putting obstacles against you. For every person, the qualities are going to be different. But, let me pose the question. I think that question is probably on many people’s minds:


“How will we know?” I’ll just pose it the way they wrote it: “How will we know if we are one of the ones that get to graduate to the fourth dimension?”


Ra’An:  Thank you. This is a question of anticipating the future and we would like to point out that everything occurs in the now; everything is created and re-created and re-created in the now, although it may not seem like that, because it seems like time is continuous. All of the experience, everything that happens, is created and re-created and re-created in the now.


So, when one asks a question about something in the future, then they need to take a look at how things seem to be headed. Things can be changed. One can have a sense; it brings up several aspects of this. One can have a sense that something is going to happen. It can be very, very strong, like, a certainty; this is going to happen and they know it. It’s a premonition. Generally, they’re right and when they get it, it happens.


But we would like to point out one experience, which in Terry’s past is an example of how the future can be changed. That was: She was running a boarding house for people that were not making very much money. In the boarding house there were people partitioned off, to have living spaces for them, in the basement.


As Terry went through her day, planting a garden and cleaning the house and buying food for people, she began to get a sense of a fire occurring in the basement. She went through a lot of agony about it. It’s like: How could she be thinking things like that, this fire in the basement. She could just see the flames and she could see that not everybody down there would make it out. She just fought the pictures, fought the pictures.


Finally, she went downstairs to the basement and she looked around. Someone, an artist living down there, had stacked turpentine three gallons deep in a semi-circle around the furnace.


Portland, Oregon is kind of a cold climate, so the furnace was on in the winter.  Turpentine is very flammable. So Terry moved all the turpentine away from the furnace and all of the pictures totally went away. There were no more pictures of fire. Terry spoke to the artist and said, “Never, ever, ever put turpentine near the furnace.”  The pictures just went away and never came back.


When there is a future event, there is a timeline wherein the factors involved in an event begin to take form, begin to manifest in the creation of that area and one can begin to see that outcome.


For instance, another event was before the tsunami in the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific, many people had dreams or premonitions that something was going to happen. As the conditions began to take hold, began to come more into formation where the tsunami or the earthquakes would happen and the tsunami would be; then it bled into the consciousness of people as a future event.


Premonition is one thing; that if a person sees or has premonition, there is a way that they can see if it’s something that they can have control of and they can do something about if it’s local.


Or, if they don’t have control over it, if it gets very vivid and very strong in their consciousness, they could leave the area, go to high ground. For instance, some of the animals in the South Pacific before the tsunami could feel it coming and sense it coming and went to high ground. So there is a sense of something coming about.


When you apply it to your own self, you can begin to have a sense of what your future may be, what you are working toward and if it is something more intangible, you can put a picture within your space of how you want the outcome to be, even though the outcome may be very different than what the trajectory that things are moving on.


For instance, if things seem economically like they’re going downhill, then you can project for your own self local conditions, that will allow you to have the vision that you will escape that downward movement in the economy.


When you look at your future and whether you will graduate the realm, then right in present time you have a lot of things to work on. Take a look at your own self. Are you going to be within your own matrix, within your own consciousness, able to hold the energy of love without being jealous and without being egotistical and without demanding everything go your way?


Take a look at how you, your own self, can begin to work with yourself to see your patterns and how you can begin to move into a more fulfilling space. When we say that, “more fulfilling space”, it is not to put a rule or anything like that, where you attempt to stifle your own self, because true love and true give-and-take is very spontaneous and very fast.


So we see taking a look at yourself and seeing if you have blocks and working on how you can get through those blocks, not how you can stuff unwanted emotions away, or how you can force yourself to act loving because true love is spontaneous. It works with all the chakra systems.


With the chakra systems working in a clock-wise direction, your cells working a clock-wise direction; that is one of the reasons that nutrition is so important and your basis for how your body supports you is very important. When you eat, for instance, genetically modified foods, they tend to encourage your cells to move in a counter clock-wise direction and then your body does not support you as you would best fulfill yourself to have it support you.


Those are some of our comments.


Wynn: We are almost out of time. I’ll read a question. I’m just going to point out; it’s not the kind of question that’s good. It’s from Crystal:


“Will my financial condition expand in order to start a new product line in my business?”


If you look at the way she’s asking it, she’s giving up her power. I’m using you as example; forgive me. No one knows who you are.


Its like, you’re the creator. It doesn’t happen outside of you. If you remember the image of the bicycle and how the Elohim compared themselves to a bicycle where you pedal, then, it goes through a gear-shift and it goes to the rear wheel.


If you start pedaling and you pedal in the right way, you’ll get a lot of extra energy. You’ll have more synchronicities. You have to learn to pedal; it doesn’t just happen by magic. Then when it does happen, you say “Geez, that was magic.” So, it does happen by magic; but, you have to pedal and learn how to pedal.


It’s 6:53; we’ve got about three minutes. I’m sorry; we had so many good questions tonight. Please ask them again next week.


We have a question here from Melina. It’s a good question:


“Can you help me remember why I chose to be born to a mother who blames me for her deafness?” She doesn’t explain why her mother blames her, but maybe we could ask a more general question.


Many of us chose to be born, assuming we chose to be born and picked our parents.  Yet, we had parents that created great difficulties for us. Could you share why we made those choices?


Ra’An: Thank you.


Sometimes, as in your case, you are working out a past life situation with your mother. Your mother, in this life, gave up a lot to bear you. Nutrition went to you and it was hard on her body. To go through some of the things that your mother went through was very hard upon her, and putting money towards raising you and sacrificing some of the things that she did, to give you life and to give you existence and to support you, was hard.


We suggest that you, in looking at your mother, remember back and see what she said about that; write down anything you can remember of what she said about that. See if anything she had told you about that makes sense to her position, that you had something to do with her deafness.


If something that she said does not totally make sense, then write it down anyway and see if you can develop a pattern about it. Something also that she is not looking at that she is blaming you for, but it is a wrong target, because you were not responsible for that. She had you within her own free will.


This view that your mother has, and maybe it will shift as we are looking at it or as you look at it, let your mother have it. See if you can get beyond it in your own view; in reviewing things that you remember that she said and ways that she was around the house, complainings that she made about other people, to also see that it was not only you that she blames for certain things but she blames others around her, too. She has felt, to some degree, like what she has given has created a problem for her own body. See if you can, within your own mind, find out more information from your memory. Seek to put the pattern that your mother has together and forgive her for that.


One of the things in this lifetime is to learn forgiveness and how to be centered within yourself, without having to take on something that someone else has blamed you for, but to hold your own center and your own position. Then, to give them, separately, their own position and treat it like a fact of life, not something you like, but a fact of life.


See how you can work with it in your own consciousness to let it go. Once you let it go, it will make it easier for her to let it go. Although we see there is an aspect of your mother that holds on to certain things, to anchor her own self in making another wrong and herself right.


Wynn:  We’re going to have to close off; we’re at the end of the hour. Now that we’re on BBS, on the radio, we have to keep our calls confined.


I thank everybody for being here; I thank everybody on the lines. I thank everyone on the replay lines. These replays are available of all of our calls on the internet; I do send them out: is one of the places.


We’ll see you all later. Thank you Terry and thank you our Sources.


Ra’An:  We send each and every one of you [love light], we give you [love-light], we see Love-Light around you.



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