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Wednesday – 10/24/2012

You’ve Got Questions We’ve Got Answers
Host: Wynn Free

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Channeled by Terry Brown

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn We just started; this is October 24th, 2012.  This is our Wednesday night call: You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers.


Wynn:  I was kind of confessing that in order to do this job, you have to be spaced-out.  Then, it’s hard to be professional, because spaced-out people have a hard time being professional.  Terry actually did bite the bullet for a number of years and worked for a legal office.  Am I right, Terry?


Terry:  That’s right.  For thirty years.


Wynn:  How did you pull that off?


Terry:  I used a different part of my brain.


Wynn:  You did?


We’ve got a lot of great questions tonight.  Let me just see if anything came in.  We probably have more questions that we can handle.


As you guys know – at least I’m starting to feel a little better – we have been terribly under the flu now for quite some time, since we got back from Los Angeles.  I might make a notice that we’re in Sedona.  We booked the Sedona Creative Life Center for three hours on Saturday, November 4th [2012] to do a presentation.  If you’re in this area, you can put it on your calendar.  I’m sure it’s going to be very exciting.


I’m looking at some of the questions.  “Will our sources be able to tell us who our next President will be?”


If they could, I wouldn’t want them to.  Do you guys realize – who would want to be able – you think it would be great to know everything in the future.  But, it wouldn’t be great.  If you could know everything in the future, if the future was totally mapped out, then why bother being alive?  You might as well read a book, and it would be the book of the future.  The thing that makes life an adventure that there are always these little factors that come in that are totally unpredictable.


For example, I would say I’m kind of a wild card.  Why am I a wild card?  Because what we’re doing changes the future.  One day I called up the producer at Coast to Coast.  She happened to be in a good mood and talked to me for two hours.  [She] said “This guy is interesting.”  Suddenly, I was on Coast to Coast.  I’d be willing to bet that because I was on Coast to Coast, not only are many of you here right now, but there are certain future events that will probably happen slightly differently – maybe majorly differently, I don’t know – because of the consciousness of all the people that are holding space because I was on Coast to Coast.  That was like a little random fluke that could change lots of stuff.  Life is filled with those kinds of flukes.


If you are going to try to predict the future based on the way everything is right now, you could never – those kinds of flukes are outside of prediction in my opinion.  There are things that happen as a result of synchronicity in the moment.  You could always take it as it is right now, and say “If energy was going to be as it is right now this is what is going to happen in the future”; except: it doesn’t take into consideration the flukes.  I want you guys to know that every one of you who is listening to these calls who is getting it, guess what?  You’re a fluke-creator.  You’re going to create flukes by holding this energy.  If enough people are creating flukes, our whole planet will change.  I don’t know if that’s possible; that’s probably asking too much.  Maybe not too much for a hundred years, and if we had a hundred years maybe we could aim at that.  Nonetheless, you can change your city, your can change your relationships; you can change your family.


Did you guys read some of the emails that I sent out today?  People keep coming into our calls and having amazing things happen.  Why is it some people have amazing things happen and some people don’t?  And, some people get bored because we’re all different; we all have different potentials.  Probably the people that have amazing things happen – that’s a good question – I don’t even know if I should answer that.  I think I should ask that tonight; if not tonight, some other time.


I know one thing is that there are many people who are already from other dimensions who got stuck here.  Things don’t fit very well, and our calls tend to wake them up.  They are really fast because they’re already from another dimensions, they got stuck here.  They’re bored; nothing fits.  They get it quickly and they have an epiphany quickly and something happens quickly.  Others of you are carrying karmic patterns; you need help in releasing your patterns.  When you do – in fact, we’re going to have a question about that tonight – when you do, things can start happening quickly.


This is our evening where you all submit questions and I ask them.  Our sources answer them through Terry.  As most of you know, on all of our calls, there are two modes of communication happening.  One is through the telephone and the internet, so when I open my mouth you hear words.  The other one is in the spaces, where our sources are paying very close attention; they say they are.  Of course, I can’t prove it, but I can feel the energy.  They’re paying close attention to us; they’re paying close attention to you, personally.  Can you believe that?  You are being noticed.


But, they won’t violate your free will.  Some people say “I hope they don’t know this about me, or “I hope they don’t know that about me.”  If you think that, they won’t pay attention to you.  They will know it, but they don’t judge you; they don’t care.  The deal is, when they start paying attention to you, it starts feeling like energy is coming into your auric field.  You suddenly feel this uplifted energy, and you start to feel balanced inside.  The depressions of the day start to melt away.  That’s when it starts - for some people – for me, that’s what it feels like when I start to connect.  It’s different for different people.  But, that’s a pretty good feeling.  It’s only being more of who you are; that’s who you really are.  Everyone in this realm has gotten lost and lost the feeling of who they are because this realm is designed to trap you.  So you have to be kind of clever to untrap yourself.


I think we’ve made it kind of easy, because it seems as if, just by showing up on these calls, over time you can start this process of untrapping yourself.


Now I’m going to shut up, because Terry was late already.  We got about thirty-five minutes.  We’ve got a bunch of good questions here.  You’re ready, Terry – yes?


Terry:  Okay.


Wynn:  Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect Terry, myself and everyone present.  Any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now, we invoke a group energy connection amongst all those present while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.  We invite those sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us.  We create a protected space that only the positive has access to.  Anything not of that nature must leave now.


Are our sources ready for questions?


Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the one infinite Creator.  This is the 24th of October, 2012 – we orient ourselves for just a minute.  We make connection with each and every person non-linearly; not over the telephone line, not over the radio but just directly in your space for those that wish to be contacted.


We are profoundly grateful for this opportunity to serve.  Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes.  This is from Bogdan; it’s kind of a funny question.  Actually, it has ramifications to it.  His question was:


Is there any benefit having Law of One books or Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce books in the same room where one spends a lot of time, for example:  the bedroom?


Bogdan is – by the way, when you get your emails Bogdan helps us send all our emails out – he lives in Sweden and he works in a candy factory.  Every day he comes home and he’s helping build our websites.  We’ve never met him; he’s just the greatest guy.


The question is:  Is there benefit in having Law of One books or Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce books in the same room where one spends a lot of time?  Maybe we could extend that question to the idea of having ritualistic objects: altars, crosses – whatever people may use in the way of symbolizing a connection to the higher realms.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  First of all, we handle the question as it is stated.  The answer is yes.  It brings into the room those frequencies which are connected with the sources of the writing.  We are reminded by the comment of one woman who put The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce book by the bed and noticed the aura around it, and noticed the change of vibration in her room.


Similarly, if you have writings that are of a lower resonance; of a difficult negative source – they will bring the vibration of that negative source into the area.  If you have negative writings, we suggest you isolate them out and do not keep them in your bedroom.


When you then expand the question into objects such as crosses, then it is depending upon the connection of that cross with the meaning that is attached to it from the church or the source that has backed the cross or the object.


So, the answer is: vibrations are brought in by objects or by writings.  You may further expand your knowledge of this by the Japanese researcher who wrote “Love” on a bottle of water and then froze the water.  The crystals were beautiful.  He wrote “Hate” on the bottle of water and froze the water; the crystals were chaotic.  This is an example – a broader example – of how words, how objects, how books and writings carry and produce frequencies in their environment that change the environment.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Cynthia Izzo asks:  How does one know if they have bad karma attached to them from a previous life, and how can one get rid of it?


Ra’An:  Thank you.  Being that everything is in the now, everything is riding with you in the now.  Bringing bad karma and the patterns of it that it produces the results of it are there.  When you have results that you do not like, then take a look at what happened just before that and see if there was a trigger; there was something that dumped you into a pattern.  We think of many - you might call them circuits - that the mind can carry.


For instance, one such pattern might be - we are not connecting this pattern with you, so do not take this to be your pattern – one such pattern might be: my legs are not long enough and beautiful enough.  Then, when the individual comes across a trigger, a picture of a girl with long legs/beautiful legs, then it would dump her into her pattern:  my legs are not long enough, they’re not beautiful enough.  Then, it would trigger a whole thought process which was like circuitry, like a tune playing over and over, words playing back over and over:  “I’ll never look good enough” might be one thing in part of the pattern.


If you find yourself thinking with circuitry, with words that really don’t even fit the situation at hand but side-track you into another mode of thought then take a look just before and see what the trigger is.  Start to make a record of the triggers and these tunes that play over and over and the same words come up.  There never seems to be progress concerning that issue.  That would be one example of a pattern that kept coming up.


An individual can have a lock-down pattern where in a certain situation they always react a certain way.  Then, they can meet another person who has a complimentary pattern, and they can feel at home and they can lock in person-to-person, pattern-to-pattern and can begin to act out the patterns together.  They may take this as a sign the person is the right person; however, this may eventually – by patterns running mindlessly back and forth without any resolution – may stay within the framework of the problem and not move into resolution.


We hope this sheds a little bit of light on it.  Is there anything further in that question that you wish to talk about, Wynn?


Wynn:  There’s an interesting thing that I’ve noted, that time is an illusion.  When you talk about a previous lifetime, you’re actually mocking up an illusion.  It would be as if you’ve been driving your car for a very long time and all your water hoses have gotten a little ratty, you can say,“Uh oh, my water hoses are ratty.’  They’re reincarnated water hoses and you have to go back in the past lifetime when they first got put on but in fact, you don’t.  You just have to change in the present; everything is in the present.  All your tracks from your past life are in your present.  Its good identify what’s there; it’s good to identify that you need new water hoses.  But, you don’t have to go back to when the car was manufactured – or any time – to try to change the hoses.


It’s like if you can take actions in the present time that are in a higher time track than your past lifetime, you’ll automatically shift the pattern.  Somebody asked this question in Team Shift which I am going to bring up.  The question has to do with “How do you do things to shift patterns like that?  What is an action that lifts the patterns from past lifetimes?”


I was talking to my friend Jillian today.  Jillian was one of my partners when I was younger who – she and I would travel around the country together playing music – and we had all these miracles and synchronicities.  Then, I did that myself, but it didn’t stick.  I went back to having a lot of rough times and difficult times.  I was suggesting to her that the reason that all that stuff was happening was because we were living very close to chaos.  In other words, we would ramble around – we would be driving around in our VW bus – and we didn’t know where we were going to end up next.  It was all very spontaneous.  Because of that, we had moved into another time track and things happened magically.


Could we have stayed in that track?  Oftentimes, I tried to.  I tried being on the road, but I couldn’t ground things from that track.  I had to learn how to ground things into this realm as well as hold the track of chaos, because chaos – believe it or not, in my experience – is about as high as you can get.  Chaos is before anything got started.  So, everything can be re-created from chaos.  It goes through all the time tracks and then it comes down as a miracle down here.


Ra’An:  We have a comment before you go to the next question; we have a comment about how to change patterns.


Wynn:  Somebody sent that to us?


Ra’An:  No; we have a comment.


Wynn:  From our sources?  Okay, go ahead.


Ra’An:  Yes.  When somebody has a pattern, it is because they have a certain belief.  The belief is a firm, fixed idea that they have that does not change.  Whenever they run into something that triggers that belief, then *whammo* there is that belief acting in their life.  The way to change the pattern is to change the belief.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Next question is from Don Hanson in Superior, Wisconsin.  He’s on the line tonight; hi, Don.


This kind of connects with the first one, actually – it’s interesting.  They’re different angles of the same question:


Many teachings I have read will reference the benefit of living in the now; that is to say, removing the clutter of past memories and the dream world of future imaginings where most of us spend most of our time.  Can you speak about the power of living now and also provide some direction on how to achieve and maintain that awareness?  Thank you.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  The now is made up of instances.  When we look from our timeline to your timeline, we can create much more in a short period of time than you can in your realm.  Thought and its fulfillment is more rapid in our timeline.  In your timeline, it has to get all of the factors in alignment before the fulfillment of the idea happens.  The closer you can get to the timeline of us – the Elohim – the faster your ideas can transform into reality.  So, ‘now’ in our timeline is a faster happening than in your timeline because everything needs to come into alignment.


It is true – when you look into the future you may spend many hours worrying about finances and many hours worrying about individual happenings or possibilities.  If you can move into the now and eliminate extraneous thoughts, you will have much more power towards creating a result by being in the now.


When you dream of the past – the girl that you may have loved and lost (we only give that as an example; we are not pointing to anything personal) – then, there is much time spent trying to work out something based upon the things that are not in the now.  One can no longer work with those factors, although they try and try, or dream about it.  So, bringing everything into the focus of now can help speed up one’s life and can enable one to move faster toward their own goals and be more efficient in getting there.


Wynn:  Is that the answer?


Ra’An:  Yes, that’s the answer.  Can you still hear me?


Wynn:  I hear you, yes.  I just want to be sure we’re finished.


It’s interesting that we’re having a lot of questions tonight about time.  I think one of the reasons is that because time is speeding up.  Some of you are noticing it; some of you are noticing it a little bit and are looking at how to catch that wave of time speeding up.


There was an interesting comment made by our sources on the grid healing on Sunday I think two weeks ago.  Ron and a bunch of our people on Team Shift formulated a question about that.  I’ll read it:


During our Sunday grid healing session, we were told that it is possible for us to get more done within our timeline here in third density by moving into your source timeline and borrowing energy, because in your timeline things move faster.  Our Team Shift forum group asks if you can give us specific guidelines on how we can do this?  How can we borrow energy from your timeline to get more done here and now?  Then, there’s a little reference to the exact quote from that call:


“For those that can sense us and tune into us, we provide a model that one can then use in the future.  The speeding up of time can be useful, even in your daily activities when you have to get more done than seems possible within a short period of time.  You can move into our timeline – then, because in our timelines thing move faster – it is possible within your timeline - borrowing energy from our timeline - to get more done within your timeline.”


I’ll turn it over; is that clear?  Is the question clear?


Ra’An:  Yes.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Thank you, Ron – and, thanks for putting things together to come up with such a good question.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  When you move into our timeline, there is a different phenomena occurring.  It is the phenomena of there being more time.  You – in your timeline, when you move into our timeline – can feel that there is actually more time available.  If you view both timelines together, your timeline can seem very, very slow in connection to our timeline.


We see it is as a sense, a sensing of time when you feel connection with us, with our realm then you – in the connection – also can feel the speeding up of events, of possibility of events.  So, when you are in your timeline and you wish to experience what this is like when you’re truly connected with our frequency, you can begin to sense there is more time between seconds.  Terry experiences it in the beginning of the call when she is thinking minute-by-minute that the call is starting, and she needs to move into the trance state that she’s connecting with our timeline.  Suddenly, there is an awful lot of time available before the invocation is finished.  It is a sense, an ability, one can gather by the experience of being in our timeline and being in your timeline and experiencing the difference.


Does that help?


Wynn:  It helps; I understand it.  I don’t know if other people [do]; I find that moving into other timelines is something that I’ve learned bit by bit.  It’s a very subtle thing; it’s not like a technique.  There are different things that I can do where suddenly things start moving faster.  I can start a project – a creative project.  At the beginning of it, I can feel all this resistance; I even put if off.  As soon as I get in the middle of it, it’s like I can be with it for hours and hours.  At the end I’ve actually completed something and it looks like it took forever to complete it and it didn’t.  It happened pretty quickly.  I got in the middle of the project and it started to flow.


You may find that there are projects that you can get into that pull you into other timelines.  It’s always an act of motion for me that makes things move; it’s not static.  It’s not like I’m thinking “I want to be in another timeline right now.  I want time to move faster.”  Its like: it doesn’t happen.  There’s always an action that’s connected with the time moving faster.


Even coming into these calls it’s like I can come into them and think “It’s going to be a two-hour grid healing.  What am I going to do for two hours?  People are going to get bored.”  Then, I get in the middle of it; and suddenly we’re flying!  Time is moving.  You have to find out how that works for you.


Ra’An:  Yes.  There is also something that you may have noticed in your life, like when you are talking with another individual and it’s very exciting it seems like time just flies by.  So, there are instances within your own life where it seems like a whole lot of things happened in a short time, but yet it was a longer time.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Tom Swan asks a question – Tom, I’m not going to answer your question, but I’ll mention it.  I’ll answer in the way that…  “Please ask the source how accurate is the Bible?  How accurate are the Gnostic Gospels?”  Thank you.


I make it a particular policy not to validate or invalidate other spiritual teachers, other spiritual works through our sources.  There’s no value in doing it.  The bottom line about the Bible is: if you read it and there are certain things that jump out and make you take notice and make you feel better and make you feel connected to spirit – you’re on the right track.


If there are things you don’t understand, than create fear – like, we had a talk on the Book of Revelations –then maybe those are not the same things.  The Bible has got many pieces of many sources in it and it’s been edited.  There’s lots of truth in it and lots of stuff that’s been edited – you have to figure that out.  There are a lot of people that have written loads and loads of material on the internet if you go look it up.


This was a good one – I didn’t write the person’s name who asked it, but she said:


What should our focus be in the next few months?


Of course, right now we are in the middle of a dimensional shift; we’re in the middle of a lot of changes.  We’re in the middle of a lot of energy.  If someone wakes up everyday, what should their focus be?  What’s their best focus?


Ra’An:  Thank you.  We say that, day by day, your best focus is what brings you personal excitement, what you have passion about, what you wish to enjoy your time with.  If you can work that into your job, if you can work that into what brings you energy back or money back, then that will be ideal.


That is our answer: to focus on what you are excited about focusing about, because this has something to do with your purpose - your purpose in being here.


Wynn:  Thank you.  I think that it’s interesting – I saw a video of another channel who said that exact same thing.  He said “Follow your excitement.  Every moment look at what the most exciting decision you could make is and follow that.  That will bring you into your highest timeline; joy moves you into it.”


Sometimes, following your excitement can be simple.  It can be taking a walk in the woods.  It can be making love with your partner.  It could be …


Ra’An:  Reading a book.


Wynn:  Reading a book sitting in a coffee shop.  Taking a little vacation – just, everyday look at your options and pick the one of highest excitement and you’re going to end up in your fastest timeline automatically.


We have a great question from Roger Mack in Toronto; we’re not going to ask it.  He asks about intention manifesting reality.  We have Jenny asking about her mother again.  Jenny, please ask next week; I’m going to ask that one time, it’s just that you’re one of those lucky people that have had the opportunity to ask thirty questions because you were here before we were so busy.  I’d really like to give all the new people chances to ask their questions.


We have here – otherwise, I think we’ve asked a good part of the questions today.


Ra’An:  The one question on intention:  When one focuses and has very high intention they can attract the synchronicities they need to propel them forward because their intention carries the vibration of what they wish to bring in.  Therefore, they notice in their environment those things – their environment puts in front of them similar vibrations so they can then expand and move further into their goal and into their own growth.


Wynn:  Thank you.  I wanted to – it’s 6:56; we’ve got about a minute and half before we have to leave BBS.


Gijs:  May I do a request, Wynn?


Wynn:  Gijs, I wanted to do a quick silent healing for people.


Gijs:  I kind of want to ask for that; then, if we all can for a little bit focus on Terry and her wellbeing; send her a lot of love.


Wynn:  We’ll include that in our silent request.  We have a healing list –  I suggest that everyone go there once a day for a few minutes, put their hands in front of the screen, send loving energy to all those people who are going through hard times.  Put yourself on that list if you’re one of them.  You can just go to your place on the list.  We’ve been sending out how to get on that listen in our emails.  I’ll send it again if you can’t figure it out.  All you have to do is fill out a form and automatically you’re posted on that list.


Right now, take a moment.  We have a beautiful group energy amongst us.  Let’s let that energy come in though the top of our heads.  Make pretend that our sources can read your thoughts, that there’s telepathic and that you can send something up to them and they’ll hear you as long as you’re willing to open up that way.  It’s a free will.  Ask for what you need help in for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will – ask.  Let’s ask that Terry gets better.


It’s 6:58.  On that note, I’m going to thank everybody who is listening on BBS; thank everyone who is listening on our conference calls, thank all our volunteers – unmute everybody.  We’ll see a lot of you on Sunday, and I really thank you – we thank you, for ourselves, for our sources – for being part of this (I call it) a Grand Experiment in this realm on uplifting and connecting with these higher vibrations.


So many of you are sending me emails that it’s working for are convincing me that it’s worthwhile that we spend our times doing this.  Thank you so much.


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