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Wednesday – 05/09/2012

How are Solar Flares going to Impact Humanity?

Host:  Wynn Free

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O’Brien


Wynn:  Hi everybody; this is Wednesday, May 9th, 2012.  Greetings to everybody who is on the line, and greetings to everyone who is on the replay lines.  My name is Wynn Free with my co-host Terry Brown and my co-co-host Ra’An.  We have questions tonight that you have all submitted.  As most of you know, we are working with – I call them ‘sources’ – that identify themselves as group souls who are in other dimensions.  One of them says they created the universe and one of them is graduates of the physical realm.  We can’t validate that’s true but we can validate the wisdom with which they answer our questions.


Tonight we have those questions that have been submitted by those of you who are paying attention.  If you’ve never submitted a question and you’re listening in, please do.  Even if it sounds stupid to you, even if you think it’s trivial or not important – it is.  Do you know why?  Because you’re worthy; you’re worthy enough to have your question answered.  The way they answer questions if you’ve noticed on these calls – this is not a psychic hotline – they really don’t tell you what to do; usually they don’t.  They don’t make your decisions for you, they don’t dis-empower you.  They have a way of addressing your questions in a way that you can look at things from a higher perspective and maybe have better tools in your own consciousness to address your own questions directly.  They’ll attempt to give you those tools and tell you, “Here’s how to approach that.”  Sometimes we ask questions about various phenomena that are going on the planet; sometimes we ask questions about personal issues that someone is going through.  Sometimes people submit questions about how the universe works.  It’s really valuable; it’s a great opportunity that we’re extending for you to ask these questions.


I want to share that if you’re listening to this call, I have a feeling that we’re going to have a lot of attention focused on us in not too long, and when that happens there will be a lot more people on the call which means I’m going to be able to answer a percentage of the questions that people ask.  Please take advantage before that happens and get your questions in.  By asking your question, there is the opportunity to create a resonance with these sources and make an energetic connection with them which is probably the most valuable outcome of being on these calls.  If that’s intriguing to you, be sure and come to our Sunday call because we focus on the energies on the Sunday call.  The energies are always present on these calls, but it’s the focus so it’s stronger.  A lot of people come to our Sunday call and they find that they came in depressed and they felt oppressed/depressed, and at the end of the call there was a shift inside themselves.  Their energy shifted.  That can happen on any of our calls but in particular our Sunday call because it focuses on bringing the energy in that has the most possible outcome for that.


You can get the schedule for all of our calls.  I know some of you have complained, “How come Wynn sends these notices out at the last minute?”  That’s a good question.  I think one of the reasons is, I’m so busy, as soon as I send the notice out I start getting into the energy of the call.  I keep my energy clear by sending it out at the last minute; I’m not thinking about it.  Plus, on our Wednesday call for example, we have all the questions.


You can get the schedule; that way you can anticipate the calls at  Then, you can put it on your own schedule and anticipate them instead of waiting for my messages and wondering why I didn’t send it out sooner.


Anything you want to say as a human, Terry?


Terry:  Just I love everybody.  Welcome.


Wynn:  Great.  We’re going to do the calling in of the light.  The calling in of the light is a group intention to expand our holograms.  It’s not just words; it’s not just a ritual.  If you go with the words, you might feel the energy shift.  When the energy shifts, we create – this is what I think happens; you have to decide because it’s all in invisible realms.  We create a hologram, or an expanded energy field; some of us can experience that expansion  where we are.  We make it easier for our sources to connect with us, because there’s a veil around this planet.  That veil causes us to be contracted.  By expanding through the veil, we make ourselves visible.  It’s far easier to do this kind of expansion in a group than individually.  It’s more powerful.  Jesus said, “When two or more are gathered” and it’s that kind of idea.  We’re not a traditional Christian organization by any means, there’s a lot of truth that came through Jesus that the outcome of our work is not so different from what Jesus said, “Love your brother as yourself.”  There’s a connection.  If you study our work you’ll start to see and understand the connection.  It’s not necessary to know, to understand that.  What’s most important is to scrutinize our intent – Terry’s and mine – scrutinize the value of the information that’s coming through our sources, the wisdom of the information, and the total allowance of free will.  There’s nothing to suck you in here; there’s no hidden agendas.  It just is what it is.  We hope you'll donate money occasionally so we can afford to keep going.  Otherwise, a huge amount of the stuff we do there is no charge for.  We thank all of you who are here supporting us energetically and those of you who have made contributions financially.  We’re going to start:


Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the higher realms and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the energy fields of the planets, through the outer energy fields of earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.  We invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


I turn it over to our sources to give their introduction speaking through Terry Brown.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator.  This is the 9th of May 2012.  We are non-linearly connecting with each one on the line who wishes to be connected with, or each person who listens to the replay or reads a transcript.  We are honored to be in this position.  It means so much to us that we can’t even put it in words; the connection, the precious, treasured connection with the individuals in the earth plane.  We also are welcoming to our call the dolphins and the whales that tune into our frequencies and are similar to the Elohim frequencies.  They provide a stabilization for earth.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  This is question from John; I’ll leave his last name off but Terry knows who it is.  John asks:


Am I being a hypochondriac or do I have serious medical problems that should be looked at?


Ra'An:  Thank you John, for your question.  You, in your daily life, notice energy that is not optimum and you wish to have the height of energy that you have had at various times in your past.  You are comparing this to optimum physical condition.  We see there are ways to fine-tune your condition and to bring more energy into your system.


We suggest that in the area of your daily life that you take a look at how many liquids that you consume in a day, and that you make available to yourself more water as this one thing alone will help give you more energy and help to take toxins out of your body.  Another thing is the toxins that are in your body due to the work that you do and the air that you breathe at times.  We take a look at other aspects of your body where toxins are coming into your system. 


We suggest that you are not a hypochondriac; we suggest that you are experiencing the doldrums of the lack of energy in your mitochondria – the channel is not familiar with this word.  It is the area within the cell that makes the electrical charge fire within the cell.  It needs to be increased in your cells of your body to increase your electrical potential within your body which is what will bring you into a heightened state of energy.


We suggest that as you look at these areas compared to where you once felt and compared to where you feel now, then to figure out how to fine-tune things to get you back to the high energy state that you wish to be in and feel so good in.  We suggest that there are tests that can be done to check your toxicity in your body.  You can get the telephone number of someone that can do those tests reasonably for you by checking with Wynn Free.


We send you love and we send you appreciation for the work that you do for people.  That is our answer.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Question from Sarah in Evanston, Illinois:


What talents should I try to bring forward to become more positive, creative, happy?  I feel like I’m stuck in my life.  Is moving to a different location wise, or an option for me and my family?  She didn’t say this, but I’m going to say:


She’s obviously thinking:  Would moving create a shift?  Or, another question is:  How can be right where I am now and cause a transformation to occur?


Ra’An:  Thank you.  Give us a moment.


We see that when you were little, you had the joy in connecting with others; when you were small.  We see that this talent of connection in the area of performing, in the area of performing for others could bring out this joy or getting together in gatherings where you could show your talents to others.  Others would really appreciate that.  Something could be developed along this line in performing before others:  storytelling, perhaps singing or other performing.  Give us a moment.


It is also a matter of finding others that have like interests to your interests, some people that are interested in reading, learning, in the area where you are.  There are some people like this that have similar interests to your interests.  You can find who these people are when you go to the store - keep your ears open. You can look on the internet and find what groups are available in your area.  You can read the papers and see what groups are available.  Connection with people is the key; connection with people that you can express your passionate interests to and they can express their passionate interests to you.


We do not see that you need to move to find these things, as development starts within your own self, to love yourself, and to know within yourself you are a worthwhile person.  Once you can fulfill that need within yourself, then there is a second need that you cannot fulfill within yourself and that is connection with other people.  It is fulfilled when other people of like mind get together with you on the phone or in person or on the internet.  You can get to express your viewpoints.  There are groups on the internet, also, that you can connect up with that are not only in your area, but across the world to find individuals that are of like mind to you.


We see your joy and your passion, and it can be released and can be acknowledged.  You can contribute much.  That’s our answer.


Wynn:  Thank you.  I’ll also mention, there’s something called which has listings of meetings all over the place.  Anyone can start a meeting; people meet at restaurants and cover different topics.  You can check 'meet up' in your city; everyone might find this valuable: 'meet up' in the city you’re in or cities near you and see if there is a meeting going on that matches your view, or consider starting a meeting.  They’ll announce it every week and people will start showing up.


Next question is from Michelle Sanders who asks:


Do you have any suggestions on bringing up crystal children, any guidance?  Do they know how they are in this realm and what will be their purpose as an adult?


She is the mother of a speech-delayed six-year old.  Obviously, she feels her child is a crystal child.  Thank you.


Ra’An:  Thank you.


Several things come to mind.  One of them is communication and to experience the joy of having such a child even though the child is speech-delayed, there are awarenesses going on within the child.  The child is formulating positions and his reaction to the world; how the child may interact.  It is biding time in how to interact, and it is taking stock of the lay of the land.


You can be very friendly and provide a very good space for this child that the child may then begin to speak and may feel confident that the road forward is laid out and is there.  The other thing is to make sure that there is very good nutrition, that the food is digested well, that there are probiotics available for the digestion tract, that there is an alkalinity within the body, that the brain is getting enough nutrients.  One of the nutrients the brain requires is omega oil, so we suggest making sure that the child gets enough omega oil.


It is also something where you may connect up with the child, see if you can provide stories, and see if you can get the child to laugh to see what brings that child joy.


Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you.  We have two people who have questions about two areas where there has been quite a bit of publicity that could cause disasters for the planet according to the publicity.  So I wanted to ask questions about both of those.


One of them has to do with solar flares; how deeply, if at all, will the earth be affected by these solar flares?  Some of the publicity is saying there is the potential for solar flares to knock out the grids, to knock out cell phones, to knock out electricity.  Of course, if the solar flare is large enough, it might knock out people to the point where they burn up.


What are the possibilities of solar flares and the possible outcomes?  Is it something we should be putting in our grid healing on Sundays?


Ra’An:  Thank you for your question.  Yes, it is something to put in your grid healing on Sunday.  We take a look at the connection between the sun and the earth, as the solar flares have been more directed towards earth in the recent months.  We are going into a higher solar flare cycle, as they are coming to the solar maximum.  We take a look at this; we suggest as you put it into the grid healing, that you pay attention to the connection between the sun and the earth, as at times, the earth has a very hard time and gets into some trouble when there is intense bombing and defoliation of an area.  The earth then being part of the solar system, part of the energy matrix of the sun, signals the sun that it is needing help - it is asking for help.  The sun then can send solar flares as an aid to earth and to help stabilize earth  because there is an energy that goes with the solar flares.


It has been said that there is a possibility of the solar flares wiping out the grid system; however, we do not see that as a probability.  We do not see that, but there could be some damage to satellites, and there could be some damage to local areas of the hard-wiring on the earth as the Carrington event placed a large overload upon the wires for telegraph transmission during a solar flare cycle.


However, we do not see this as being a strong probability that this will wipe out the grid system itself.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Next question is about Fukoshima, the nuclear disaster that happened as a result of the tsunami in Japan.  There has been a lot of internet stuff going around that reactor four, if it had a failing, if there was an earthquake - could put our planet in an extinction possibility with radiation.  We do know, to some extent or another, there has been radiation from Fukoshima that has been emitted that is impacting things.  Can we have a look at the impact of that as it really is, and again, what are the abilities of the higher forces to mediate here with the radiation that could be emitted from Fukoshima?


Ra’An:  Thank you.  There has been some mitigation already in the Fukoshima incident.  We take a look further here, as the individuals are working at that plant to shore up the building in the event of more earthquakes which are happening fairly often in that area as the area seeks to balance and adjust itself after the large earthquake it sustained.


We look broadly at the area, and we see that there are other dangers that have not been reported on.  We see in the area of the Columbia River, we see radioactivity along the Columbia River being released from the nuclear facility near there. 


The individuals who run these plants look at things in the manner of how they are taught.  There is a broader picture that should be looked at.  That is, if one is going to use nuclear facilities, how to detoxify them.  They do not have the technology on your planet yet; however, if one would be able to restore the electrons that have been stripped away from the nuclear material, to put them back into stasis, then this would be a good industry providing jobs.  It would bring a whole new look at the nuclear industry.


We see that it is not only Fukoshima that is bringing damage and a trail across the Pacific and in the Pacific, and into the west coast of the U.S.  We see that Fukoshima stands as a sample or a template that one can then look at other nuclear facilities across the world.  If there were to be earth changes that would bring tsunamis or actual earth changes into an area where the nuclear plant (is)– and we do not only consider Fukoshima; we consider other nuclear plants – then there is no provision for, and no way for shutting them down if they have been so destroyed by an earth change.


The earth is moving into an area of a potential magnetic pole shift, which then increases the earth change potential.  It would do the world well to make a very good stop of not only Fukoshima, but all nuclear plants everywhere, to either bring the technology under control or to close them down.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Question:


What is the up-side potential for the sources we’re communicating with to remedy a nuclear disaster?  For example, if half the people on the planet were asking for help, is it possible that something like that could be mediated, could be fixed, could be molecularly restructured?  That answer is going to go for many things; what is the upside potential?


Ra’An:  We have great potential towards remedying different things that may happen; however, we realize the responsibility of man - that man needs to be responsible for man’s environment.  If we would simply remedy everything, it would be like a parent that is constantly fixing everything for the child.  The child then does not learn by the child’s mistakes or how to be responsible for his/her own environment.  So it is an individual, incident by incident thing that we look at for the highest good of all and for the number of people that are asking.


Wynn:  Thank you.  So it’s unusual that we have this relationship with you on our Sunday call where we ask and that it certainly would be a great benefit to get more people on that call – yes?


Ra’An:  Yes, it would.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Next question – I’m trying to prioritize the questions here. 


Josephate asks for his wife Galinda for her right shoulder, arm, gastro-intestinal  acid-reflux and miracles of healing; also for our love relationship to get stronger.  We live in Los Angeles.  I’ll just leave that as a request.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  We suggest that the alkalinity of the body of the wife could be made more alkaline and there could be more probiotics in her digestive system and a greater ability of the body to make hydrochloric acid to help digest the food.  This would make a good change that would then also reflect into the relationship, as when one is undergoing difficulties it is harder to pull the attention away from the pain and to put them out into the happy environment.  We suggest getting in touch with Dr. Marshall’s office in Santa Monica; you can call and ask for information on how to bring the body more alkaline at 310-320-1132.


Wynn:  Thank you.  We have somebody in our group that does healing and counseling on bringing the body more alkaline.  Maybe we’ll have them do a session one day to share with other people on how to do that.


This is from Jere in Finland who had an accident.  He hurt his back working out.  Something is out of place; it’s really difficult to move.  It happened about a week ago.  It’s hurting constantly.  He doesn’t have the funds to go treat it; he’s starting to worry because it hasn’t gotten better.


He just asks for healing on that, any suggestions – he’d love to get back on his feet again.  Also, extending this all those who are in pain or facing disease in their body temples no matter what the cause, for the highest good.


Thank you.  That’s Jere in Finland.


Ra’An:  Thank you, Jere.  We see that there is a bone that is out of place and we see that the muscles are out of place and pulling in the wrong direction.  We take a look at that; we will work with that.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Pauline Cheung, and she asks:


Is there a set time a person is supposed to pass on?  For example, if a dying individual has indicated they wish to live/remain in the body should we always respect that?  What if, in the case, where the physical body if almost completely depleted and may no longer play host?  As a person with the gift of energy medicine – I think she’s talking about herself there, she does healing – is helping to extend an individual’s life for a little while for the highest good?  What if this is a family member or a very close friend?  What if your own judgment/feeling says “No,” should we still help if the individual is just afraid of the transition?


What are your comments in helping calm them down?  Thank you.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  It is an individual matter, as an individual generally prepares themselves as the body get depleted of nutrients, as the body gets ill, then the individual begins to withdraw from the body and begins to prepare inwardly for the transition.  Many people get ill and therefore, they do not wish to survive; however, some individuals hang tenaciously onto life.  One should work with their wishes and not try to second-judge their wishes as they may have something they may wish to stay and to accomplish.  It is perhaps hard to interface exactly, and to know the best thing to do, but to rely on their expressed intentions, and also to review their body reactions.  It is when a body gets ready to pass on there is a shutting down that goes within the body, and it can be, in many cases, predicted based upon the shutting down, day by day, of the body, how long the individual may live.  However, there have been many miraculous turn-arounds, so do not discount that either.


Wynn:  Thank you.  I think it's 7:02 and we’ll bring this session to a close. There are certain people who asked questions tonight that I didn’t ask.  Remember that I’m giving priority on questions to:

1.    People who never asked a question before;

2.    People with a personal urgencies – health and healing – that may get helped in the circumstance;

3.    Items of relevance that are concerning us all, like Fukoshima and solar flares.


If you keep submitting your question, it will eventually come up unless I email you and I tell you it’s not a good question.


On that note, do we have any closing comments?


Ra’An:  We send love to your sphere, to the light workers, to each and every person on the call, each and every person who is reaching to connect with us, and we hear your prayers.  Adonai.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Thank you everyone who is volunteering, thank you Terry, thank all of you who are here supporting us. I hope you’ll come through on Sunday and maybe start telling your friends to show up on Sunday.  We have some new videos that I think will help introduce this to other people watch your emails and I will be sending them out.


Good night to everybody.


Gijs:  Thank you Wynn and Terry, thank you Ra'An.  Love to everybody.


Terry:  Love to everybody, too.


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