Subject: Transcript-Wednesday 01-23-2013 Q&A Call--Why Do We Have Emotions?

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Why Do We Have Emotions?


Wednesday  1.23.2013

Host: Wynn Free

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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee




Wynn:   This is January 23rd, 2013; we have Wynn Free and Terry Brown in Sedona, Arizona and Daphne Karandanis in Half Moon Bay, California and we have all of you on the line. Thank you all so much for showing up and supporting this work, just by showing up.


Some of you will get this; this is my observation; just by showing up and keeping showing up, something shifts for many people. What happens is there is a lot of the world that’s falling apart right now; people are running around like chickens without heads. We are attempting and probably somewhat succeeding, at being a point of reference in this crazy world, and helping to anchor timelines. Let’s see if you can understand this.


Anchoring timelines from higher dimensions into this dimension, one of the first things you notice, many people notice on these calls, is the time seems to go really fast. That’s one of the indications that you’re participating in anchoring the time line, because the time goes fast. As you keep coming into this call, that fast-moving time starts to bleed-through into your life. It’s not the call per se that’s causing that experience, it’s the integration on the call of your conscious mind with—the word is hard to find, the right word; whatever word I say, until you feel it, until you get it—it’s a new idea.


The idea is that you are a multidimensional being. You extend into multiple timelines, so potentially you can do that. Once you take an incarnation on Earth, you get contracted by the veil here. These higher aspects of yourself get hidden; they get occluded and this looks like all there is. When you start to access other timelines, you’re learning a new way of being. So it can take a while for that to anchor.


You know historically, if you were studying under someone, they had something called initiations. In truth, what initiation is, is giving somebody a reference point for a higher timeline. After a period of time they learn to anchor that. So the first step is to feel the energy; to feel what it feels like. Then, slowly integrate it; you can’t push the river, although for some people it happens really fast.


This has been my learning experience, too; my learning experience in talking to the Sources;  my learning experience talking to our guys in other dimensions; my learning experience, mostly to learn how this process works with other people. Initially, it just seemed like I had a lot of great information that was coming through Daphne and Terry. I said, “Wow, this is information I don’t think anyone has ever heard before”, and we started putting the information out.


They say now that the information, even when you listen to their audios, when you read their transcripts, on some level their energy is in the words. As you engross yourself, immerse yourself, in this, if you choose to, you can have a constant reiteration of these higher frequencies. Hopefully, that will turn into a life-changing, life-expanding experience.


It takes a while; it doesn’t happen right away. Sometimes people that are really smart look at it and say “I want it now, I want it now, I want it now” and that will actually push it away, by making those kind of demands. You got to cooperate with your own process. You’ll see it’s like a slow but steady movement; it’s just a matter of sticking with it.


Now one of the things is that sometimes when you start doing this, for some people, things get worse before they get better because one of the things about moving into higher timelines is that most of us have blocks somewhere in our energy field. When you come across a block and you start to bring in energies from the higher realms, then where you are blocked starts to release itself and when it starts to release itself, there can be uncomfortable feelings like anger, like hurt, like dizziness.


So this is a huge. I call it an experiment, because it is an experiment; it’s your experiment. Part of it is that in watching this, I have convinced myself that what I told you is true. You have to convince yourself that it’s true by having your own experience; when you have your own experience you can validate it inside of yourself. It’s not based on me, Daphne or Terry; it’s not even based on the Elohim. You just get it, and it’s an intuitive getting it. Suddenly pieces start coming together. That happens when it does; it’s happened for lots of people on the line.


We have some great questions tonight, thanks to all of you who are asking questions. This is one of those nights we have more questions than I can possibly touch on. I try to pick the questions; just so you know, I try to pick the questions that will impact the most people.


Sometimes people ask personal questions, but they’re the kinds of things that lots of people go through and so I ask those kinds of questions. Sometimes somebody is urgently in need of something; they’re in grief. I try to ask those questions. Sometimes people are at a stuck-point and their stuck-point is a stuck-point that lots of people have and I try to ask those questions.


Some people ask questions out of curiosity about how things work. Although those can be good questions, sometimes I don’t answer them, or I put them at the bottom of the pile, because they’re just mental questions. It’s unlikely, I’m not saying impossible, that the answer to them will change somebody’s life. It will just satisfy their curiosity.


My goal is to put things here that you can use to change your life and change the lives of the people around you. I’m assuming that everyone that comes to these calls and who is picking up the premises of what we’re doing, wants to make a greater connection with the higher realms, wants to let go of their lower, negative habits.


This is an opportunity, not only to have the experience, but to get to learn how it all works, so that you become wiser, as well as having more energy. When you become wiser, you’re starting to learn how to share things with other people.


On that note, I am going to call in the Light, which is invoking a group energy amongst all of us present. When I do this, pay close attention to the field around you, or to the sensations around your body; you may notice a shift. What we’re doing is that our expanded being, the parts of us in other dimensions, is connecting with each other and allowing a cushion, a space for our ‘Higher Friends’ to come in and join us.


Let me just make sure: Terry, you’re there, right? Hello, Terry.


Terry:  I’m here; yes, I’m here.


Wynn:  Oh, good and Daphne, you’re there, right?


Daphne:  I am here Wynn, yes.


Wynn:  Yes, okay. I say this – and I can’t say this enough – we are so extremely lucky to have Terry and Daphne cooperating and participating and sacrificing and being our bridges to the verbal communications of these higher dimensions of these Sources who identify themselves as group souls. Now, if there’s a question comes in that I can answer, kind of as a dummy human from my levels, I may just answer it really quickly. Other questions I can’t answer.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person on this line. And any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted, dispersed for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now we invoke a group energy connection, while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us. We create a protected space that only the Positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


Our first question: I’ll ask this one to Terry, to our Sources as they speak through Terry:


“Is it possible to regenerate a part of the body? If so, would it be possible by science or by spirit?”


That is from Miriam.


Ra’An:  Thank you. We greet you all in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator and are delighted to be with you and to enter into this communication in the Earth realm. We take a look and we see that if one were to regenerate a body part, that it would take a combination of spirit and a combination of science in that there would need to be genetics and impulses, information impulses, to the area that would need to be coordinated with the spirit and to be coordinated with the mind of the individual and with the subconscious, autonomic nervous system of the individual.


Right now in many areas, the way that the body-form has been developed, there are not those specific impulses that would tell the part to regenerate. There are parts of the body that do regenerate and do have this impulse system set up. There is a way to by-pass the actual, physical, autonomic impulses which would take into account a pool of energies that would send special signals to the body to trigger the regenerative qualities of areas that did not ordinarily have these regenerative qualities; for instance to grow a third set of teeth or to re-grow an arm that had been cut off. During the cutting-off process there is a sealing, or in the healing process the area seals off the pulse, which stops it from further growth. If one were to re-grow the area, then one would need to trigger it soon after the appendage was cut off.


That is why, that if an arm is re-attached, it needs to be within a certain period of time, before the death of the nerve endings and the connector-sites that could re-connect and re-combine. However, if it is done within a short period of time the flow can be re-established as the flow is still within the astral plane of the individual and can use this to jump-start the connection.


So there are areas within the body which do regenerate; however, there are other areas within the body that would need the extra triggering mechanism and extra information to start the regeneration and re-growth process of those areas.


Wynn:  Thank you. I’m going to pose this question to our Sources through Daphne. If she feels that she can’t answer it without prejudice, I’ll pass it over to Terry. This is from Vaughn in Burbank. Vaughn’s question is:


“Can our Sources talk about the Trinity and explain what it is, especially if they can in non-Christian terms. The idea of the Holy Ghost has always tripped me up and recently I have begun thinking of the Holy Ghost as thoughts of God. Could this have any merit?”


I turn it over to Daphne.


Daphne:  Wynn.


Wynn:  I’m here.


Daphne:  Yes. One moment, we’ll tune. Ommmmmmmmmmmm.


Ra’An (Daphne):  We greet you in the Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is Ra’An. You have spoken about the conceptualization of that which you term ‘Trinity’, the Trinitarian Consciousness, also referred to as the Christ Consciousness, the Christ Light. From our perspective, the inter-dimensional perspective, the Trinity acts as a bridge, as a gateway, as the resolution and harmonization of that which you deem dialectic or polarity.


Trinity is not ‘either-or’; Trinity is ‘both-and’. It is resolution of apparently conflicting opposites, through a phase modification, through a frequency amplification; thus moving perspective from the horizontal plane to the vertical plane. The horizontal plane, the experiential plane of life in a physicalized experience, moved to life from the vector of the spiritualized experience, necessitates a certain shifting of vantage points, a certain shifting of propensities, a certain architecting of those references inside of the body-mind-spirit complex, whereby associations which would cause strife are ameliorated. It is for example, a simple, shall we say, resolution dialectic.


If, on the physical plane, you have two opposing forces heading at each other full force, from a one-eighty degree opposition; intense pressures and ultimately ruptures result. Physically, you can see this architected in your ‘Ring of Fire’. The plate tectonics push against each other and create mountains and create fractures.


In the physicalized experience, such opposing pressures ultimately bring into birth, bring into being, that which is no longer of the same vibration or of the same altitude; it is of a higher vibration. In this case, two opposing plates bring into formation mountain ridges.

In a physicalized body experience, two opposing forces bring into manifestation either strife, tension and an ultimate demise of the old way and an upwelling of the new.


This is our answer.


Wynn:  Thank you. I’m going to ask Terry an addendum to that.


There was an answer, as I recall, where we asked something about that. It was indicated that it was an energy construct that the Ra group had been involved in creating. As I’ve come to understand that the inter-dimensional, positive Sources are creating bridges, portals, all kinds of things, in other realms so that energy can continue to flow seamlessly into this realm. At the same time, there are negative forces that are creating stop-gaps, dams to capture energy and to prevent it from flowing back into Source.


Of course, we don’t see any of this. In one of the answers to a question there was some kind of indication that the Ra group was involved in the creating of ‘energy bridges’ that were connected to Christianity that became known as the Holy Spirit. Can we have any confirmation or elucidation of this particular idea?


Ra’An: (Terry):  Yes. In the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost there is, within the Ra group, the creation of an energy-bridge, a Christ-consciousness, that is close-in to the human population so that they can tap into this. They can experience the love and the all-expansiveness and the energies of the Christ Consciousness. The Son is the individual Jesus as he experienced life in the third density. And the Father is the All That Is, the God, over-watching and loving all of the creation.


These operate together and make a whole wherein, when one is tuned in to these, one can experience the benefits, the joy, the love and the feeling of home and of being a part of the wonderful growth experience available to one in their life.


Wynn:  And that energy bridge was particularly anchored—I’m just asking this—particularly anchored in the one known as Jesus?


Ra’An (Terry):  Yes, and it can become anchored in each and every person who is able to experience the frequencies and tune into it and can have the ethics presence, to be able to partake of these Service-To-Others energies.


Wynn:  Thank you. I just want to make a comment. This is something I’ve heard a long time ago; I know it’s true. That is: dishonesty forfeits Divine intervention, so if you are striving to make connections with the Higher Realms, you have to keep yourself impeccably honest, with yourself and with other people.


I have a question here from Margie and I’m going to take this one since it’s addressed to me.


“Why do you refer to the Elohim in the singular? I understand they are plural. So, when you say ‘Was the Elohim talking to me?’ it annoys me.” She works for some church and they always referred to the Elohim as plural.


You know what? The Universe is One Being and we’re all subdivisions. As I’ve come to understand it, the voices that we’re hearing talking to us are made up many entities that are acting in cooperation and coming into Oneness. So it appears as one voice. So, it’s like sometimes I say, ‘you guys’, but really the illusion is that it’s One Voice; but it is and it isn’t.


Maybe Daphne can put some further understanding on that?


Council of Ra’An (Daphne): One moment please. Ommmmmmmmmmm.


We greet you in the Light of the One Infinite Creator. This is the Council of Ra’An. We speak of human vernacular; we speak of parlance. In terms of angelic, in terms of messenger, we see the Elohim both, as you would say, ‘wave’ and ‘particle’; both as ‘group’ and as ‘singularity’. It is a perceptual faculty of the 3D experience that one can see both ‘the plural’ and ‘the singular’ in congruence.


From our perspective, it matters not whether one sees one as singular or plural, when in fact both are true and as such, there is both wave and particle and both are true.


We would ask you to necessitate that which is within yourself and find resonance. If you find more hopefulness, more joy in the expression of the Divine Essence in the singular, then by all means use that association. If you find more resonance in that which would be the plural, then by all means, use that association.


The various affinity of parlance, of the language, is particularized to each individual and each individual is asked to speak to the interior Sources of Self, from a place of the heart and a place of what feels resonant and what feels correct; for ultimately all is Divine.


The ‘I am’, the Spoken Word, the Logos, is the proto-form of making the celestial bridge into the heaven realms. The heaven realms co-exist with the physical realm. As intention and thought is articulated into the physical space and one brings oneself forward in the asking, in the reaching, in the striving into the other worldly space, an anchoring of Light, of proto-form, of intent, is set forth and precipitation, physicalization of that which one requests and the desiring comes into functionality and into physicality.


This is part of what you are learning as celestial architects grounded in  a 3D, tangible, physical body matter. Yes, you are in the process of upgrading your ‘Light quotients’. Yes, you are in the process of upgrading the particular frameworks of your DNA. What is required at this point is practice and ultimate mastery of those abilities inherent in each and every person to articulate; i.e. to focus various frequencies of design and desire and passion and bring those forth into a unique expression, which is of that individual in its most highly articulated, unique designed form.


You are asked to be all that you can be in your prototypical architectural Over Soul. Your Over Soul is experiencing its myriad parts in a coordinated effort, an orchestrated effort inter-dimensionally and through various timelines, coalescing into a singularity at this moment in the time and space.


We say this is a ‘mouthful’ and in a simple answer: It matters not how you address your spiritual desires; it matters that you do choose words and resonances which attune for you and which bring the most joy and most passion.


Thus it was said, “Speak to your Lord and know He is with you.”


Wynn:  Thank you. Next, Merrill sent me a whole bunch of questions. I’m going to ask one of them and I’ll ask it through Terry:


“Why do we have emotions and what are they, from your perspective?”


Ra’An: (Terry):  Thank you. Emotions are a way of accessing the world. It is a way of letting your own self know when there is something that needs to be addressed. When there is some situation like a First Alert system, within your life, to let you know that there is something afoot; something that is needed. The emotions can help direct you to what is needed.


For instance if one feels afraid, then it is a sign that one needs to address that fear and to find out if there is something in the surroundings that needs to be corrected for the sustenance of life to go on. Or, it can take all kinds of complexity; that if a person is afraid, and it might be a chronic fear, based upon news in the media or based upon some situation that one does not know how to handle or have any control over handling it.


When one has unexpressed resentments, it is a sign that there is something at the base of it; an unexpressed communication that hasn’t been able to get across; an expansion that the individual could move into, however there is a blockage somewhere.


So people can use the emotions to direct their attention to find out more about it, to observe it, to see what is at the root of it. It can be a great directional symbol or set of symbols, to help one fine-tune their life and to operate by, when one can move up through the negative emotions and get into the positive emotions, then it is a sign that one is on the right track. They can experience joy and cheerfulness and exude the elixir of living with the rewards of having the life fulfilled for and with them and by them.


Emotions are a very important tool that one can use in the assessment of their own life and see what they can bring to themselves, what needs to be addressed; if they are sad and lonely, that something can be addressed in that area and needs to be addressed, to bring fulfillment. It could be a symbol or a sign that there is something built-in to their own soul-housing in the area of a belief system that is preventing them from accessing their full potential and their full joy.


Wynn:  Thank you. For Daphne:


Ann in Maine had a dear friend who is in San Francisco who did missionary work. He died and he never told her he was terminally ill. She says “Can you help?” I think she’s trying to relieve herself of the incompletion and why her friend didn’t reach for her. Let’s see if anything comes forth from our Sources through Daphne.


Daphne:  One moment please. Ommmmmmmmmmmmm.


Council of Ra’An (Daphne): Shanti, Shanti, Shanti: We greet you in the Love and the Light of The One Infinite Creator. We speak to you this evening and address this query; this is the Council of Ra’An. You speak of the unresolved issues of personal connections and of personal feelings of closeness as you would address them upon your plane.


The individuated expressions of whether to “burden another with one’s demise”; these are highly individuated. In the particular instance which we are addressing and which we are looking at, we see a soul who was independent in nature; who felt that by holding certain issues, holding certain vulnerabilities, holding certain dependencies, energetically speaking, emotionally speaking, psychologically speaking, close to the chest, he would thus spare his companions and those with whom he shared an emotional bond, a certain heaviness. He did not wish to encumber.


We sense from our perspective this was done out of respect; this was done out of compassion. This was done out of a sense of not wishing to burden another, not out of the sense of uncaring or mistrust. It is a particularized expression of this consciousness and of this entity; it was a free-will choice.


In terms of bringing resolution, of bringing a Divine design into a higher accordance with what is felt to be helpful in the heart arena, one can ask for stabilization and containment of those energies which one feels to be burdened with, which one feels to be saddened with. One can offer these; offer them up to the place of clarity, to the place of what we have described before in previous sessions as the witnessing self.


If one is able to bring one’s sense of sadness, one’s sense of love, one’s sense of dependency, one’s sense of regrets, if one can bring these to a place of offering these to be taken and literally transmuted by the higher God-Source, one avails oneself of healing modalities of an interdimensional nature, which can alter the understanding and the experiences of the person undergoing such uncomfortable emotions.


We would counsel this individual to offer up what it is she is feeling and to await a kind of Divine-designed presentiment of hope. Having hope alleviates the feelings of frustration. Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you. We have a question from Gary which I’m not going to ask; he’s asking about the significance of the inaugural celebration of Barack Obama. Gary, that kind of a question is a loaded time-bomb. When we go into politics or when we go into religion sometimes we touch on that in a positive way, but sometimes people want to know: “Tell me the details about this or that or the other thing in religion”.


It may vary and be different from the way the text is written for that religion. People are relying on that text and depending on it; it’s not important that they know the specifics, if it’s working for them. So, it’s not something in the best interests, the highest good, to go into those kinds of questions.


It’s the same thing with politics: Some people think Barack Obama is terrible; there should be a Republic. Some people think that he is not doing what he said he would. Some people think he’s controlled by other people and some people think he’s a Light-worker. It’s not up for us to try to tell you, to try to figure that out. You can do it yourself and do enough searching on the internet. People that have high passion about politics would then lose their connection with the rest of our work, because we said something that wasn’t ‘politically correct’. So it’s not worth it.


Let me see here. Jabriyega in Nigeria asked:


“Why does a soul that accomplished great feats and earth-shaking ventures come back to the third density?”


Those of you that listened to Philip Dick, and that thing I read on Philip Dick: It’s because if souls did not come back into this realm, who were high, wise and could hold the Light, this realm would fall back into the negative even more-so than it is. The only thing that is holding this realm above the waterline is all of those souls that have come into it to be of service.


It’s a tremendous sacrifice because once a soul graduates this realm and doesn’t have the requirement to come back and they do come back, sometimes they get stuck in many, many lifetimes going through it again. If you heard about that Terry-Saint Catherine thing, she’s had loads of lifetimes where people were killing her, her head cut off, etc. It becomes tragic, because you lose even the memory that it all works that way.


We’re constantly re-creating ourselves. When a soul comes in that does great feats and earth-shaking ventures, oftentimes it’s because they found themselves at the right time and the right place and they measured up; they came forth. But, if they didn’t find themselves in the right time and the right place, if they didn’t have the synchronicities, then they could have just been another ordinary person, even a sub-ordinary person. That’s the way that I see that it works.


Carla is not going to be here tonight, those of you that were waiting for her. We’ve been doing something really extraordinary for people hanging on the line after our regular call is over. This is not on BBS; it’s only on our phone calls. You have to listen to it to experience it. One Monday I’ll bring Carla in and we’ll talk about it in more detail, because we only have about a minute left.


I want to thank everybody; I want to thank Gary; I want to thank Gijs. I want to thank our Sources and I thank all of you for showing up and holding the space for us to do this and bring this incredible knowledge and wisdom and understanding of how the realms work into this realm. We wouldn’t be doing it if you weren’t showing up.


Special thanks again to Daphne and Terry.



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