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What does ‘the highest good of all concerned’ actually mean?’
Is 432Hz a better frequency for ‘A’ than 440?
Why is there so much ‘evil’ on this planet?
Is the Earth really a prison planet?”
What can we do to change the possible manifestation of a negative outcome?

Ra’An Explains the Meaning of ‘The Highest Good of All Concerned’

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Host: Wynn Free
Channeled by Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  Hey everybody, this is Wynn Free. This is April 3, 2013; we got through April Fool’s Day okay! I am in Los Angeles and we have both Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis on the line tonight. This is the call where we ask questions.


I just want to mention; last night I did something that was really exciting. I gave a talk in Los Angeles for a group of younger people. It was exciting, because I see them all the time, of course, all those people with crazy hair and wild eyes.


I know that they’re Wanderers; that they’re here from other dimensions, but most of them don’t know it. Last night we had kind of a synchronicity where I was introduced to this pixyish young lady who designs jewelry, very creative wild-colored jewelry, probably for a kind of special market, but it had an Elohim look to it; it was all rainbow colors and pink.


She and a friend invited a bunch of people to her friend’s living room and I gave a talk. It was really fun; it was kind of like we hit the ground running. She’s on the call tonight. I’ll embarrass her because she’s shy. Taryn would you like to say hello to everybody?


Taryn:  Hi!


Terry:  Hi, Taryn.


Wynn:  Anything else you’d like to say now that you’re on the spot?


Taryn:  It was awesome, unbelievable. We all feel very good about it.


Wynn:  How old were the people there, would you say?


Taryn:  I would say ranging from like 29 probably to about 39.


Wynn:  I remember the days when 39 seemed old, do you remember that? You do remember that? Anybody remember Jack Benny? If you remember Jack Benny, you’re really old. Who remembers Jack Benny?


Roger:  Rochester.


Caller:  I do.


Wynn:  Every year Jack Benny would celebrate his 39th birthday.


Taryn, tell everybody what your website is; no one can order any of your jewelry on your website, but tell them what it is.


Taryn:  I’m working on the boutique right now; there are two websites. One is and one is


Wynn:  Do you think you look like a little fairy?


Taryn:  Do I think that?


Wynn:  Yes.


Taryn:  Yes. It’s the style that I’m going after for myself.


Wynn:  Go check out Taryn’s website and you can see what a little fairy looks like who makes wild jewelry that you can’t buy on her website.


Taryn:  We’re working on it.


Wynn:  Do you see the opportunity in this? I just announced it and everybody is going to go look you up.


Taryn:  I‘m going to be working on it right now. By the next phone call the products will be up and available for purchase.


Wynn:  The next time we have a call?


Taryn:  Yes, I think so.


Wynn:  Maybe you can design a special piece of jewelry for members of our group.


Taryn:  I would love to; I’d be honored.


Wynn:  So then when people say, “What is that?” you’ll say, “That’s Intelligent Infinity.”


Taryn:  I love the idea.


Wynn:  When I think of jewelry, I think of metallic stuffs. This is not metallic. What’s the material your stuff is made of?


Taryn:  It’s a combination of all different kinds of fabric, leather, semi-precious stones, plastic, metal; it’s like a little bit of everything.


Wynn:  How do you get the inspiration when you’re designing a piece?


Taryn:  Honestly, I think I’m pulling it from some other realm. I have no idea, but I don’t know; maybe inside my heart, I’m not sure.


Wynn:  Well, we’re really honored to have you on the line today.


Taryn:  Thank you; I’m honored to be here. I’m very excited.


Wynn:  Okay, great. I don’t want to play favorites. Are there any other jewelry designers out there that want to give a website? Here’s your chance, especially if you don’t sell your stuff we couldn’t even be considered commercial making a recommendation.


We did about a two hour session. It was really interesting because it was almost like the energy hit the ground running, even though the people didn’t even know why they were there. It was interesting; Taryn’s friend just called people up and said, “You gotta come hear this guy” and they did. They didn’t know what to expect, what I was going to talk about.


We’re going to ask some questions tonight.


Are you not ready, Terry and Daphne? Can we go?


Terry:  Right.


Wynn:  Okay.


Wynn:  Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person on this line. Any negativity be taken to the highest realm of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


We have some questions tonight. I didn’t write down who this was from, but the question is a good one:


What does ‘the highest good of all concerned’ actually mean?


Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator; we are with you this April 3, 2013. We are delighted to be with you and to answer your questions and we say that if we bring through anything that does not make sense or resonate with you, let it go as it is not applicable then to you at this time.


We see that you have asked a question; “What does the highest good of all concerned” mean? There is an overarching, over-all good that is not material; it does not mean material wealth; it does not deal so much with the processes of the third density as it deals with what is good for an individual soul. An individual soul may be living in a body in the third density and may be having great difficulty. And the body may have defects or it may have malnutrition or it may not be functioning correctly and the individual and people may ask also, that there be a healing.


Now we know that there is life continuing when one transitions from their body, they transition to a new chapter in their life, sometimes going through some different stages to get there. So if an individual, for their own highest good, is in the mode of transference and then would pick up a brand new start, a wonderful brand new life, yet to continue with a body that was not functioning correctly was not be allowing the person to have fulfillment on their path, then the highest good would be for this person to transition.


So all of the factors are considered when something is asked for in the highest good of all concerned. Sometimes the individual is asking for something that is not in the highest good of all concerned and therefore we do not lend our support to it, but we take a look at what is for the highest good which may involve a transitioning of the body for someone that is sick. Or it might involve the healing of that person on the other hand. We take all things into consideration. [The person’s own desires are paramount.]


In the questions that are asked and put in the Light for healing, sometimes you’ll notice that the thing that is asked for we lend ourselves behind and it comes to pass. Sometimes we, in considering the highest good of all concerned, are unable to lend ourselves to support that.


The Gulf of Mexico is one: when the oil spill happened we were asked to shut off the oil spill and to clean up the Gulf. We worked to help bring that about; however, in considering the good of all, we had to take into consideration the oil and the oil was under tremendous pressure and all of this had to be taken under consideration.


Therefore we were unable to turn off the spill right then, because we are considering all things; considering the pressure that the oil was under; considering that the oil had a consciousness and it needed to move, based upon the situation and circumstances at that time.


Concerning other things, such as Hurricane Gustav, it was for the highest good to bring the level of that hurricane down and the hurricane, having a consciousness, was able to take part in the bringing of its level down. So everything is considered. Sometimes there are things, that when we look at them, there are factors that are unknown that we can see, but we see that there are factors not known to the people involved. We also take those into consideration.


So, we take into consideration what is the highest good for the person; what brings that person the most spiritual growth; what are the lessons that that person is seeking to work through? And if we made everything good and easy then we see, many times, they would not learn the lessons that are in front of them to learn and that they are seeking to learn.


We hope that answer helps.


Wynn:  That was wonderful. I have a question that came to mind: that when you’re helping, when you do decide to help, do you go through all the matrices and re-arrange? I have the idea that this is the way it works, but I’ve never asked the question directly. Do you go through all the matrices and then re-arrange the matrices so that becomes a change in something in the physical?


Ra’An:  We do, with the consent of each matrix involved. And if the matrix is lending itself to a change, then we can make the change.


Wynn:  So it’s a co-operative effort like kind a domino effect, where you start a domino but it has to go through all the levels with the consent of each level?


Ra’An:  It is a co-creation of levels.


Wynn:  Yes; thank you. Okay, next question.


Daphne, are you there?


Daphne:  I am here, Wynn.


Wynn:  I’m glad you’re here, because we have this complicated question. I thought it would be a good one for you. It’s from Pauline and it has to do with sound healing. She came across the 432Hz frequency. Is that the frequency, Terry that people say is the frequency of love? I’m asking Terry the human.


Terry:  I’m coming out of channeling mode; I don’t know.


Wynn:  I’m sorry; let’s just leave it without any further clarification:


“Musical instruments from Egypt and Ancient Greece were predominantly tuned to 432Hz. The current international standard pitch is set at ‘A’, 440Hz. There are some discussions on the internet that 440Hz creates disharmonies. Some musicians, especially guitar players, are now tuning their musical instruments back to ‘A’ at 432Hz. I also came across some YouTube videos of how to change the pitch of mp3 files of songs to go from 440 to 432.


“This is very time-consuming, and I’m not sure if there’s anything to this in relating to our spiritual evolution. I was wondering if our Sources could clarify anything on this idea of 432Hz being a better frequency for ‘A’ than 440.”


I’ll address that to our Sources through Daphne.


Daphne:  We’d like to attune, thank you, one moment.


Ra’An:  Auuuuuuuuuum. We greet you in the Love and the Light of The One Infinite Creator; this is Ra’An. The question is a question about frequency, there has been a question about frequency attenuation. In the modern day, a ‘44’ -…[loss of sound] …this has …[loss of sound]…- positing.


The overall question—excuse us; there is much interference in this space. Auuuuuuuuuuum… [loss of sound] --of the 528 …[loss of sound]…


…We are sorry; we cannot continue. There has been a frequency abridgement; there has been a frequency gap. …[loss of sound]… continue.


Wynn:  Okay. Is it this particular question or is it the frequencies on the line at the moment?


Daphne:  The frequencies on the line.


Wynn:  Okay. Terry, can our Sources continue through you?


Terry:  Okay.


Ra’An:  Give us a moment.


We see that the world, in the changing of the frequencies, have gotten used to the new notes being in the changed melodic vibration. We see that previously the notes reached the human frequencies and touched the heart-strings. The notes as they are now are more in disharmony with an individual’s body’s frequencies, so they do not touch the heart-strings and vibrate with the body whole as they did previous to the change.


The work that you are doing can be tested to work with a song with string instruments and to play the song at the current frequencies and then to re-adjust the tuning and play the song at the earlier settings for the frequencies and test it out for your own self, to play before a small group and then to play it again with the other settings and to put out two recordings and to have a survey of which touches a person more, which brings a deeper response from the individuals hearing the song.


This is not to say that the settings from the past were the most ideal that could be made. Therefore, you may wish to do a third song with another setting using yourself as an analyst to see how you can tune your instruments to something that reaches you and your sensitive friends to the deepest core.


Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you. Next question: this is from Diane in Detroit; I think this is a question a lot of people are asking:


“Why is there so much ‘evil’ on this planet? It appears the good people cannot compete with the evil ones.”


Ra’An:  Thank you. There is an effort to control the populace and there was, in the late 1900’s, a move to change the way the populace is controlled. This moves the control from inner searching and self-work to an era of creating, you might say, terror; upset; unsafe environment; economic problems that send the individual into a figuring out of how to be safe.


The world is made to appear more dangerous than it naturally is and it is used as a means of control. The control is spread through the media, through the TV and the radio and the news and the newspapers. If you eliminate the threats that are exaggerated, then you will bring the world to a better denominator of how one can live in the world and address the threats and set them aside and address within one’s own life the good; address the safety one can make one to another.


Set up, perhaps, groups; as your group is doing with the Team Shift. Write your own history and work with others to co-create to bring a more safe-sounding environment to the individuals around you. It will become easier and within the little groups that you start, the love and safety and feeling of safety can begin to grow and communication between each other can begin to flow and one can focus on the love and the safety and the good things that are happening and can set the threats aside.


This is not to say that evil does not exist; for it does and this is fomented to make other people afraid, by the media. It becomes self-fulfilling to some degree, because the mood can be catching.


This is a big subject and we hope this has opened up the subject and shed Light on it.


Wynn:  Thank you very much. Next question: I guess we’re following in this vein here of questions tonight. I’ve heard this said before:


“Is the Earth really a prison planet?”


This is Wynn; that’s all the question was, but it’s been said that other planets, other star systems, had put their souls on Earth when they didn’t graduate, when they didn’t fit on their particular location. People have called this a prison-planet for that reason. Is that true?


Ra’An:  Earth has been an area that souls were brought to and released in the hope that they would learn to get along; different types of races were brought here and it was hoped that they would learn to get along. There were also misfits that were brought here.


The kernel of it started millions of years ago when Earth was chosen by the Galactic Federation to have what on the surface appeared like a rehabilitation of criminals. So criminals were collected and brought to Earth; only they were not rehabilitated. They were put to work on a project to develop a dark plan; a plan to cut population down.


This idea still holds and hangs in the society today; the idea of cutting population back. It is a hold-over from millions of years ago when it was actually tried, and criminals were used. The whole project failed.


But within the Earth’s sphere, the ideas of that time some are still dramatizing and of the criminals that were brought to Earth, some of them are still here reincarnating; therefore, Earth has been eliminated from the general trade routes of the flying saucers. However, that does not mean the flying saucers cannot come here, but it is not generally made known.


In some planets, they have open visitation by flying saucers on trade routes that bring individuals to trade goods and to sight-see and to vacation. Earth has been  pulled off this route for millions of years. Part of the reason was that there is a warring element within the Earth population. It is not deemed safe to come to Earth. Therefore Earth and the peoples of Earth have set a limit on visitation and have set themselves into an isolation that some people call the prison planet.


We hope that answer helps.


Wynn:  Thank you. In this same vein of questioning, we’ve heard that Earth had a quarantine; that planetary spaceships were not allowed to break that quarantine. Some people have said as a result of this December 21, 2012 shift that everyone was talking about, that quarantine was lifted. Is that true?


Ra’An:  The quarantine has not been lifted; however, spaceships are being seen more and more in the skies of Earth and individuals within government are finding it harder and harder to deny their existence. This does not mean that there is an open door policy and a disclosure available to people that can allow spaceships to openly visit.


Wynn:  Thank you. John asked a question concerning the threats by North Korea of a nuclear weapon. We know that we don’t want to make a prophecy about anything because prophecies can actually create what they’re prophesying because they go into the consciousness.


But, the best part of his question is:


“What can we do to change the possible manifestation of a negative outcome in this particular scenario?”


Ra’An: The question of what can be done has many complexities.


First of all, you have the individual; one that’s listening to this call, what can you, personally, do? The answer to this would be to live an ethical life, to be ethical with the people around you, to create a little area within your own sphere of love and safety. Little areas of love and safety, as more of them gather, can add together and make a big area of love and safety.


We see the fomenting of emotions in the area of North Korea and we see the anger that the individuals have. We see that they do not consider that America has been fair in the history, and they are vehemently expressing that; when an individual or country is not able to express themselves, to come out, to be part of things, to grow and flourish, there can be deep resentments because at the heart of it they really do want to be a part of everything.


They would deny this, but at the heart that gives it such a back-lash, is the passion that they have of wishing to be part of everything, which has reversed itself into a hatred: a hatred fueled by the fact that they are not part of everything and do not have the things that they need for their own survival. Give us a moment.


What could be done on a national level is something that is beyond most of the people on the call, although they could, in the calling in of the Light, ask for help with this. The country could be kind to other countries, could treat other countries fairly, could, in their policies of interaction with Iran and with Iraq and Pakistan, begin to put ethics into their governing.


When we look at that we see how difficult that would be. There are ties within the governing to the secret projects that they have going on, that they for various reasons are unwilling and to some degree, based upon their connection with other connections, they feel unable to give up, that which would need to be given up to become totally ethical.


Therefore, in answer to your question we have one final statement and that is to know that you, within your own self, can be centered, can be ethical, can live a life of up-standing-ness and can work toward your own growth on your own path to bring creativity in through your sphere. Know that here is an opportunity for this and the stronger you make this, the better you are able to come through anything that may be thrown at you by another, even by another country.


Be strong within your own self and with your friends, in love. Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Alright, we’re going to end this session now, and I thank Terry so much and I thank Daphne for showing up tonight. I hope that in the future we’ll figure out how her lines got blocked and she can participate.


Ra’An:  Thank you. We have one thing to say, and that is that the frequencies affecting and interacting with the telephone lines in her area are very strong, and were bringing interference with the transmission. What was to come through her was very beautiful and we see that there is an electrical phenomena going on along the San Andreas and in the fault lines that is at this time interfering with telephone reception and transmissions. We take a look at it so that we hopefully may defuse some of it.


Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you for that clarification. I should ask the question: does that mean L.A. might be in for an earthquake?


Ra’An:  There is earthquake energy; at this time, electrical phenomena. We do not predict anything, but we see changes in the electrical grid right at this time. And by not predicting anything, we do not on the inverse, not predict. We do not comment. Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you. On that note, on this Saturday morning, Carla and I are doing another session for The Law of One Made Simple series. So much, thank you for all those people who are volunteering to make this possible: Gijs, who introduces people, says hello; Valerie, Pauline, Susan, all the people doing transcriptions; Gary, Bogdan and anyone who I have forgotten or left out, thank you so much. This is only happening because of all those people.


On that note, we will un-mute everybody.


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