Subject: Transcript-Wed 03-16-2011- No Q/A Focus on Japan and other potentials

Thanks to Suzanne Hayes for transcribing.


                                                                        Ra'An- March 16, 2011



This is Wednesday, March 16. My name is Wynn Free and we're in Sedona and my friend Terry is here in Sedona. Many many people on these calls, even on the replays have reported they could feel the energy on the call. Of course, when we first started doing conference calls we didn't actually talk to them live, that was a little scary but as we kept building the energy, we experimented doing that so that now talking to them on this call is quite familiar and many people have tuned in to hear these communications. I should say that the Elohim, although that word has been used as the word for God in the old testament and in the Mormon Church. We've had lots of chances to discuss with them how they really are, and they don't see themselves as God. They say in past history they have been interpreted that way but they would explain themselves as a group of energies of consciousnesses which existed before there was a physical universe and they were pure energy and through their experimentation they ended up making the beginnings of a physical universe and then they gave free will to this physical universe so that it could evolve on it's own without being slaves of the Creator. It got screwed up because people vied for power and possessions in this realm and they been trying to unscrew it up. They have made many attempts to fix it but in many times they aren't even welcome.


I have decided tonight to put the questions on the back burner because our planet is going through crucial periods right now and we on this call have learned how to bring energy into this realm and the idea is that if we can bring energy into this realm from the higher dimensions, we have the potential; the possibility to shift certain events from happening that would have happened otherwise if no one was bringing this energy in. It's kind of akin to praying but I don't like the word pray because it turns them into God. If you would like to think of them that way, they don't mind because the complexity of being a group soul does not work for some people. I do think that's who they are and that is how it operates. They don't care what you call them or how you think of them but if you ask something for the highest good of all concerned, something that doesn't take away someone else's free will even if that someone else might be negative.


Terry, are you there?


Terry: Yes I'm here.


Wynn: Terry happens to be the one who has the talent to bring their voices and their communication into this realm. We will just take a moment of silence, there is an energy that rushes into the silence. Many of you can feel this energy. Now I am going to do this invocation to the light and bring their energies in and then we are going to talk about how to do this healing session.


(Wynn calls in the light)


So we have arranged this evening as a planetary healing session, especially focused around Japan but also focused around any other pending areas where there could be any kind of seismic disturbance or any other kind of disturbance and see if we can shift those things. So I turn it over to our Sources as they speak through Terry.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator and we include all of planet earth in our greeting for any individual, plant, animal, rock, any section of planet earth who are open, or in various degrees of open to feel our energy to sense our energy and to allow healing energy, and that includes everyone on the line, to allow healing energy to move into yourself and into your families and into the family of man. We center upon Japan and we see the Japanese racing to put through a power line to the stricken area to get the nuclear plant electricity so it can begin to reverse the situation there. We give that a minute. We give support to each and every individual who is working heroically to get the situation under control. We give particular support to those who are working in the plant and to those individuals who are putting in the power line and working to establish new cooling systems. We send love and light to each individual who is struggling in the area of Japan, without water, without food. We know that this great people do not even have a word for 'looting'. We take a moment to send love-light to each man, woman and child that they might find some solace and support. We send love-light to the rescue workers and the people that are struggling to bring life back to normal and bring electricity and bring food and water to individuals and to rebuild in safe areas.

We take a moment and view the radioactivity that has been released and we see it as points of energy, where the particulate matter is coming from the plant, moving into the air where it is moving south and it is moving east and we feel the energy of that particulate matter burning in each little molecule. We take a minute and we review and we see that each particulate matter has a time-line; a time-line for burning and we ask that the time-line of the particles be shortened in their own free will as courtesy and we are still speaking slowly as we are addressing the particles. We again readdress the issues and the people and the individuals again for safety for all those in the 3rd density. The time-lines are short. The life spans are relatively short. The movement and transition and the heart; the flame, the core, the soul burns and transitions and simply changes to new opportunities and new growth, new experience, new life, beginning anew and so the situation is temporal, is short and passes and is moved through and life is reestablished. Do you have questions?


Wynn: What is the best way to ask for help in the circumstance of the change that our planet is going through?


Ra'An: Help can be asked for, not only in words, but in desires and in yearnings and seeking, in prayer, in reaching out and putting one's desires on the table asking for when one asks, one puts it into the equation of universal language and that can then move in fruition and fulfilling all that desire, that prayer, that hope, that profound asking. We see that individuals beyond their fears are asking for help for Japan. They are asking in conjunction with the people of Japan that have been affected, for assistance and help to pour in. To each and every individuals that has been so affected and we give accolades and bravery hero medals, accolades to the workers of the nuclear plant who are seeking to bring the situation under control. To the people who are laying in the electrical line, to the individuals who are in search and rescue, the helicopter pilots who are flying over, to the dogs who are working in search and rescue. To the nurses, to the hospitals, and to the individuals in their own communities who are cleaning up. That is our answer.


Wynn: You know we had the question from Dee tonight and it's a good question. We had a lot of people who passed over in Japan, who died. What are the circumstances where we can assist from down here, the positive trajectory of those people who have passed?


Ra'An: By asking this question, we the Elohim Group and to a lesser extent, the Ra Group can extend love-light and give some solace to these individuals. Many of them do not realize that they have transitioned over and they are still seeking to resolve the situation that happened to them. There is this huge crying forth from individuals who have not accepted the transition in the area of Japan as there always is when a large number of people have suddenly transitioned. We are contacting them as a group as we are speaking. There is assistance being offered from the area of heaven, however there is a barrier to many of these people because their focus in on the resolving of the situation that led to their transition as they are unable to led it go without a satisfactory solution, which to them, is to not have had it happen. They are grappling with the reality of what has happened. As we look at these individuals as a group of thousands we can maintain focus and let them know that their situation is understood and their prayers are heard and we know that they wish to keep on in the same mode as they had been. We indicate that the quickest way for them to keep on in the same mode is to take a detour. We have a moment of silence for the ones who can grasp that to give them the concept, as they speak Japanese. The angels of heaven are standing by for anyone who wishes to take the detour which is the only road. The reality of what has happened is too hard for these individuals to bear and so they keep grappling with it. We indicate to these individuals their yearnings are understood; their yearnings are grasped, their desire to make it home, their desire to see their families, we get it. Perhaps this is the biggest thing that we can do is to let them know we get their yearning, we get their prayer, we are hearing them and they are loved and their families have not abandoned them. Their families are still there with the love as before but there are different modes of suspension at this time and many of them, as we speak, are moving with the concepts as we speak in concepts. We give it time to indicate we get it, we get how important it is to them; their families, how important their life has been and there is a detour wherein their life is not continued in the same way, but can be put back together in the transitionary state. That is our message to these people and they are on their own free will and we feel many of them have heard us. That is our answer.


Wynn: Could you share how they hear you, in other words they don't have ears anymore. Do they hear you as a voice, do they feel you as an energy coming into their space. Could you explain that a bit?


Ra'An: We are coming in on the same frequency that they are calling out and yearning for and asking and coming in on that frequency which is open at this time for the majority of them and this is a frequency wherein they are yearning and asking and begging by coming in on this frequency and providing the concept that they have been heard, their frequencies of telepathy beyond words, they are putting out the concept and we are comprehending their concept and we are sending energy back to them of the same frequency, letting them know at the frequency they are at that they have been heard.


Wynn: I get that it's important that we ask you for this help. Could you explain why that is so important? Could you have chosen to do this without us asking or were you choosing anyway to do it? How is our asking, enhancing the process?


Ra'An: You are funneling the energy. You are focusing the energy. You are putting the spotlight and helping intensify the asking of people who are already asking and by magnification and directing this to us, you are putting our attention upon this area. Would we have done it without you? By your asking, you have intensified the force and directed the force, much like a searchlight spotting an area that energy can then be directed to. As we have looked at the disaster we have looked from the high frequencies where we are and heaven has looked from the frequencies where they are but the emphasis has been so strong of these people, that for many, they have not been able to refocus their attention away from the disaster that happened to them. By the individuals on the line grounding the energy and directing our energy specifically to this group as a whole, speaking to the disaster victims as a whole, we have clarified the issue for, and softened the issue; the hardness with which they are hanging on to 3rd density and the unwillingness of which they are to accept their transition. We have been able to look at this group as a whole and to soften their hardness of position. Many have transitioned over and through the channels of the help of the angels, the ordinary channels have been able to move into the hub and realm but the one's with great intention to resolve their passing by not having passed have created a very hard thing since this is their choice to move individuals as it is their free choice to be able to grapple with their problems within the 3rd density and not be able to move forward. In other words, we have been helping, we have been listening to the prayers, we have been there for support and the angels have been there. Many of the people have heard but many have not and by focusing with this group in this manner in this healing meditation, we have been able to address some of the more hard core hangers on to the 3rd density realm to attempt to keep on with their life as it was and not change. We have been able to break through to several thousand of them and give them hope that there is another route than butting their heads up against something that doesn't exist anymore.


Wynn: You know if people when they are alive were trained on what to expect to experience when they pass, when they pass, would they be able to remember this training and be able to utilize it?


Ra'An: Yes this would help as individuals could then could cut the ridges off their belief systems that prevent them from passing in a graceful, efficient and beautiful way.


Wynn: Thank you.

Can we send energy to some of the other circumstances in Japan like the nuclear power plants that are leaking and perhaps worse than that?


Ra'An: We have already done that in this call as we have sent love-light to and support to the workers and we have sent the light and support to the people who are putting in the power line, when once established, begin to be able to revive methods to cool the power plants. We have also addressed the particulate matter released into the atmosphere.


Wynn: Thank you.

Is there any other crucial area right now that we could send our energy to. The New Madrid fault, the Atlantic Ridge, anywhere in the world we could focus on to perhaps minimize something like this in the future?


Ra'An: Give us a moment. These areas are areas of weakness within the crust of the earth where there will be movement and activity. We suggest particularly, that individuals on this call are near this fault and we suggest monitoring activity on this fault and we send silent prayers to this fault and the the Mid- Atlantic Ridge fault and the Pacific fault off the coast of Oregon. We send love-light to the earth. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you.

Let us all take just a minute of silence to anchor all those energies and then we will bring this call to a close.

Ok. I want to thank our Sources for being here and working with us and trusting us in this circumstance that we are in. For those of you who are listening to this and like the feeling of this energy, I will mention our program Team Shift which is four or five people who are meeting on the telephone at different times of the day and it is a daily call for those four or five or six people or however many, calling in the light and holding the space for transformation. Not only are you doing a great service for the earth but also for yourself because tapping into these energies, the more often that you do it the more balanced you are in this realm. If that sounds of interest to you then go to and there is a little thing to fill out and say the time you would like to do it. You don't have to be on every day, you could be on three or four times a week. Just be on regularly. It's a great way to do all this and to also to connect with a group of highly intended people who are doing the same thing because many people when they start to access this kind of energy they feel alienated and find challenges without anyone to talk to. So I thank you all for being here and we will see you next time. For those of you who have questions we will take them next time.







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