Subject: Transcript-Sunday 04-14-2013--Personal and Planetary Healing Session

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Personal and Planetary Healing Session

Sunday Morning Grid Healing



Host: Wynn Free

Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Rick Vornbrock

Edited by Terry Brown and Dave Masty

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  Good Morning everybody. This is April 14th (2013) and it is our Sunday Grid Healing Call. For those of you who are the call for the first time, this is like an energy train. It’s hard to describe exactly what it is and this whole call, our Sunday Call, has evolved over a period of a few years. It started out kind of as an experiment in connecting with the energies of higher dimensions.

We’ve all had the idea (those of you that are showing up and lots of people that don’t show up and that never even heard about us) that there’s something out there that we can’t see that wants to help us, that’s positive, that has great power, great love, and that many people have had some kind of experience with that ‘something’ out there. Historically, people might call that ‘God’; except that when it comes down to really figuring out ‘who God is’ or ‘what God is’ there’s a mystery.

We usually just accept it on faith and say, “Ok. I know this works but I don’t understand it.” i.e. maybe you have a prayer and you ask something inwardly and something magically transforms. Or maybe you have synchronicity where something comes into your life that looks like coincidence, but it was beyond coincidence. And you say, “How could that have happened?” Then it starts processing in your thinking; I use to have many, many of those occurrences happen for me.

I was in a constant dialogue with myself saying, “How could that happen?” because it was impossible. I remember saying, “Well, this must be God bringing something to me.” Now, it’s ok to use the word “God” because, if you say the word “God” and you ask for something with the right intent, you can get the same results.

But what’s happened in our group, in our experiences is that we have discovered a new way of understanding that principle that is commonly referred to as “God”. And now when I say we’ve learned this, I’m drawing conclusions, and you might not have come to these conclusions yet.

This is why it’s important to study our materials, because what we’re sharing is not just something to believe in, or “Here’s the way God works”, or a dogma, or a new religious system. The things we’re sharing are grounded in real experience in present time; many things that ‘couldn’t happen’ and many things that are validated in such very unusual ways that it’s hard to just discard them and say there’s nothing to it. There has to be something to it.

It starts off with ‘voices that talk to people’ and people that are able to tap-in, that have the unique ability to tap into other realms, other dimensions, other timelines and communicate with an intelligence that’s beyond their own intelligence and not from their own consciousness.

Either they’re really doing that (there has to be an explanation, where are these voices coming from?) or are these people crazy? In the ‘normal world’ many people would immediately not even look at it; they would discard it and say, “This person needs to see a therapist.” 

The thing about it is: what are these voices doing? They’re answering questions. So, now people are posing questions and this intelligence that’s speaking, a seeming intelligence, is answering questions that for most of us there would be no answer to. I couldn’t answer these questions. I mean, we’ve asked questions in our sessions like, “How did you create the Universe?”and this intelligence answers.

Question: “How do you work with us?” Answer: “We project Love Light into your realm from our dimension.” On these calls and when I do live talks, many people feel that energy in their room. And it’s an extraordinary thing; it’s an unusual feeling.

Now, some people feel that when they go to church. Some people feel that when they go to spiritual groups. But in most of those cases, they’re feeling the energy, but there’s not the opportunity to communicate with the intelligences that are apparently consciously choosing to project those energies. That’s what’s really unusual about these meetings, because we have ongoing conversations. 

We’re feeling the energies and we’re in conversations, dialogues, hearing messages from these Sources that say they’re projecting this energy. That’s pretty darn amazing to be in the middle of that experience. This has been going on for years and it’s been a developing on-going thing for me. It’s been a learning experience because I’ve never been trained to do this. I don’t even know where to read about it. And so it’s like learning by doing and seeing what works.

It’s not like a live session where we’re all in a room, where I can look at people, I can see the expressions on their faces, and I can even see the energy in the room; but  because you’re all invisible I can’t see you, but I most definitely can feel you.  Now, it took me a while to know what I was feeling was you. If you’re coming into this call it can take you a while to draw the conclusions that what you’re feeling is the way I’m describing it.

Everyone has free will to develop their own understanding in their own way for what happens here. There’s nothing to believe in, there’s nothing to belong to. We’re not selling things, we’re not selling the opportunity to come here; we do sell things, but these calls are offered freely in service to all of you and to our planet. We are really lucky because this is not only about me doing this; we have two people on the call who have had the experience of being the ‘mouth piece’ for these intelligences that we’re talking about. I don’t know if Daphne’s on the call, if she is, there are three people.

In looking back at it all, I was just in a little room with a tape recorder asking questions and getting this intelligence to answer those questions. I kept asking myself, “Can this be real? Are they who they say they are? What am I supposed to do with this? Will it make a difference for other people?” Because the scary part for me was that I would put it out and suddenly it would become some kind of cult, or everyone would have a lot of expectation from me and that I would be exalted. I didn’t want to be exalted, I wanted to be myself. It took me awhile to learn how to do it and just be me.

I think we‘ve all had to learn that, and Terry had to learn that, and Carla’s had to learn it, because it was scary; that when you put this out, if it is what we’re saying it is, then it’s a pretty phenomenal thing to be occurring in the world. It’s pretty amazing to be the focal point of the delivery system of this in to the world. And even though that’s true, that we’re the focal points for this, I’m still human. We’re all human. How are we going to deal with our human side when everyone thinks we’re someone special? You see, it’s a paradox.

So it’s very interesting because in the past month or so I’ve been traveling; I like to travel and I like to meet people. In the past I’ve traveled with Terry, and Terry had lots to do and we didn’t have enough money to do it together. I stayed in north Hollywood because someone who’s in our group had an apartment building that had empty apartments and he said, “You can stay in my unit.”

What I found was that when I was around people I always had amazing things to share and offer. Just being in their environment, I was perceptive; it wasn’t like I was on a pedestal, I was just like offering points of view from my perspective. I think I can say that one thing about myself is that I see things deeply. I see the patterns in things and I probably have had a lot of experience in this realm, and that for a good portion of my life, I saw things deeply. The way I dealt with that was that I wrote music and poems and put my perceptions out in that way.

When I started traveling around I started playing music for people. I realized that the whole thing about all my expression was that it was for people. It wasn’t for me becoming famous, it wasn’t for making money. Although, you could become famous and make money, the great joy was sharing on a human level; you’re feeling the energy and being able to say things that help people feel comfortable in being themselves.

I thought that, as the channel for the Ra material, I’d just let Carla share her experience; because I’m pretty sure that as it started to move out, people looked up to her, put her on a pedestal, and find out how she dealt with that and how she’s come around; this is like thirty-three years since her first Ra session.

She and I, we both have this penchant for being human. That makes us very good when we do things together because when we can be human, you can be human. We’re all human, we’re all stuck here in these bodies and we can have a joyous experience but we’re still in bodies. And Carla, do you want to share anything about that?

Carla:  I guess it ceased to be a problem for me about thirty years ago, because I realized that if people just knew me for a while, they would realize that I was human. All they would have to do is read Book V of the Ra material and they’d see me struggling with this and struggling with that, and I write about that.

It had been a problem around the turn of the century. In the house I had a whole bunch of people come at once that wanted to be part of L&L Research, and wanted to serve. They were very high minded and beautiful people and I was finding the pedestal there, and it was not necessary at all; it was in the way. So I made them watch the movie that I made in ’72 where I played a topless role in a cheap blonde wig and shoes that were too big for me and no blouse. And that pretty much did it.

The aviator’s sunglasses, the cheap wig, me wobbling off my feet acting poorly; I only had about two hours to practice this role. So that’s the only time that I ever really had to work on it. And it was quickly done, I just showed them the movie and after that, there couldn’t possibly be a pedestal for somebody who had done that movie.

I don’t know. I think that we show our humanity so quickly, so clearly, so obviously. Any length of time that you spend knowing the person you begin to see that the person has her faults. And then the challenge becomes, are you going to forgive that person for not being perfect? That’s not my problem; like I said I had stop worrying about it about thirty years ago.

And if any of you have a similar problem, I would say just write it off and remind people if you feel that they need to be reminded that you’re just a ‘bozo’. But for the most part, it becomes obvious so quickly that not much needs to be said. I mean we have to be humble, all of us, because we’re human. If we weren’t making mistakes and goofing up and learning, we wouldn’t be here. You know, this is a school; this is a place to learn. Earth is definitely a school for souls.

So you figure that one of the requirements for being here is that you’re going to be making mistakes. Otherwise, what would you have to learn? So you can feel good and the word here is ‘forgiveness’. Forgive yourself completely; anytime that you say you’re coming up short in your expectations. There’s nothing wrong with your expectations. Intend to do every bit of those expectations and more. But if you fall short, remember that most of what really is important is your intention.

And I’m not saying that that would be what would be important to, say, a corporate worker who is judging you. I’m saying that as a spiritual person, working in spirit, working on your ‘soul lock’. You are not in space/time. You are not in this illusion, you’re in a different illusion and the rules are different. Thoughts are things in time/space. And everything we do here on these programs is actually in time/space. Time doesn’t matter, age doesn’t matter. What matters about us is our essence and our intentions are a lot of that essential self, what we intend to do, what we want to do, what we hope to do, what we dream.

All of those things are so much more important than keeping some kind of little report card with gold stars on it; if we’ve done this or that perfectly. It’s not about being able to remember a certain number of things on the test. That’s not the kind of test that we’re working towards, we’re working towards a test where you have to know nothing. All you have to do is ‘be’. You have to be a person with an open heart; you have to want to help people; you have to want to serve. That’s going to make you pass in this particular test.

That’s the test for graduation in service to others. The test for service to self is obviously, if you manage to live your whole life serving only yourself, and none of us here is really trying for that one. The test that we’re trying for is, do you spend over half the time trying to serve others, or trying to serve the Creator in yourself by tuning yourself up to the best that you can be? That’s the kind of place this is really.

So what people think of you, that’s just junk. And you can pretty much toss it to one side and remember your intentions and re-affirm your intentions. Whatever they are, go back to them because those are the things that are the ‘real you’, not whether you’ve done perfectly on a given day. Just what you intend to do today.

Wynn:  One of the things I noticed, I think one of the biggest issues that many people have is a feeling of unworthiness; particularly depending on the kind of parents that you have. So often your parents made you feel not good enough. They didn’t know what they were doing and it’s not to judge them, and it’s ok to forgive them.

But to understand that if you were brought up with parents that made you feel not good enough, it’s something that you’re going to have to work on to release, because the feeling of ‘not good enough’ will just constantly be making you try to please people. And when you’re trying to please people, that is different than being of service. Now I want to clarify the difference, because sometimes when you hear the word being of service, you think, well I’m just going to be really nice and make everybody like me. And that’s part of the expression of trying to find the acceptance that you didn’t get with your parents.

I speak from my own experience on that because I didn’t get that acceptance from my father, in particular. In fact, no matter what I did it was never good enough. I remember when I was in high school, I had developed this protective mechanism in my body where my shoulders were tight and my whole upper body, my heart area, was very, very rigid.

I didn’t know this at the time, but when I look back on it, I can see that I was making all that area rigid to protect myself from my father, who probably was psychically attacking me, or totally not accepting me and making me not good enough. I was trying to be good enough inside myself without energy flowing into the world, it was just how I felt, so that’s how it was to be me.

And, you know, when you’re doing that, when that’s happening with you, it’s very hard to have love flow back and forth, because the area where love flows, which is your heart, your chest is all protected. I would feel like that was me; that’s who I was, and I would feel unworthy, unacceptable. I was unacceptable because I couldn’t flow energy from my chest.

I’m sharing this because I’m sure that somebody that’s listening now, may identify with that kind of issue. And it can seem insurmountable; it seemed insurmountable for me, even at a certain point when I happened to learn the karma that I had with my father. Somebody did a reading for me years and years ago, and I know the reading was correct; they explained to me that my father had killed me in another lifetime.

He poisoned me, and that because he had killed me, he was an option I had to come in and have a life. He owed me a life and there was some kind of karmic obligation, and so on the other side I chose to take that life. There was some reason to come into that environment in Philadelphia and take that life and he was available to be the host. It’s a really unusual way of looking at your parents.

One of the things that helped me release this thing with my father was asking myself (knowing all the suffering I had gone through because he was my father, knowing all of that and looking at all the things I have learned in this life and where I’m standing right now) if I had to remake that choice of taking that person to be the person who would give me life this lifetime, would I make that choice right now?

And the answer would be ‘absolutely’. Once I did that, once I re-chose my father, even in spite of all the difficulties, it really helped me forgive him and master this issue of lack of self-worth. When you feel unworthy, realize that that’s not who you really are; it’s an overlay, and very likely from your parents, and maybe from other lifetimes as well. As I came to understand this, my own feeling was that because there’s a certain amount of freewill choice when you choose parents, when you choose a parent who ends up really difficult for you, when you realize you made the choice at some point to let that person be your parent, it makes it a lot easier to accept all the difficulties.

 Terry, anything you want to share on all this that we’re talking about?

Terry:  Yes. My mother was very gifted; she was really a great artist and great architect. And she was very difficult though. She didn’t know quite how to handle everything that was going on in her life as she had taken on a great deal. I learned in growing up some of the things that were presented to me were extraordinarily difficult.

I learned, however, it’s like it’s in the getting together of all the information of my past track and what happened, it was like it was a perfect place for me to be, growing up with my mother that allowed me to learn lessons that I was… ---it was a perfect school for me to learn…--One of the biggest things I learned was to not feel that I was just automatically entitled to everything.

And it made me humble. I saw that it was a perfect place for me to grow up to learn those lessons, although it was really difficult. Once I forgave my mother for her being so difficult, all of a sudden all of the gifts that I wanted to achieve in being in this lifetime with her (all of the gifts like friendship) it all opened up and now I’m able to have those gifts and I’m able to forgive her totally, which eliminated all of the resentments that I had.

Now I’m able to acknowledge all of those tremendous gifts that she gave by virtue of my being around her. So, indeed, it is a school and it’s been very valuable; lessons that I will carry on. So I wouldn’t choose a different mother now either, I would have chosen her again.

Wynn:  You know what? This is an interesting topic and I don’t know if this is what we are going to be talking about. I bet you some of you are thinking this relates to me. Now this is where I really stick my foot into my mouth because I’ll say, “Does anyone want to share their own experience about this?” And then no one will come on and I’ll say, “Wrong topic.” But I’ll take the risk and see if any of you are thinking that this relates to you and want to share your connection with your parents or a feeling of unworthiness.

You know, one of the things when you’re dealing with unworthiness is when I say, “Ok. Why don’t you share something?” a little voice that goes on inside your head that says, “Nobody’s going to be interested in anything I have to say.” And you see, this is an opportunity to push through that voice and say something because it’s an exercise in pushing yourself over your unworthy feelings, and talking, and suddenly finding out that when you step in the middle of the room…--see we have a lot of energy here and there’s a lot of attention in your way.

What’s amazing is that when you walk into that energy, yes it’s fearful even for me. I do it pretty effortlessly now, but I know when I started doing these talks it was nowhere near as easy as it is now because, let’s face it, you’re going to talk publicly, everyone’s going to hear you. If you really look dumb, you going to think that, “Oh my God, I look dumb in front of hundreds of people and now they’re going to remember me.”

So the thing about it is that when you really step into the energy, you start talking and that energy comes to you. Then your experience ends up being a service to other people who are having similar experiences. Not only are you blessing them, you’re blessing yourself and you give yourself the experience that you really do have something to share. Suddenly, when you’re in that experience, you’re not feeling unworthy anymore. You see, it’s a way of stepping through your unworthiness, pushing your limits.

And on that note, let’s see if anyone has anything to say. I’ll try un-muting everybody. Hang on.

Sharon:  Hi, Wynn. This is Sharon.

Wynn:  So what would you like to share?

Sharon:  Well, I would like to share that a long time ago I learned that nothing is what you think it’s supposed to be. And somewhere along the way I realized that your children are your gift. We were programmed to believe that when you have children we are supposed to teach our children things, and that we’re supposed to make them into what we think they’re supposed to be for society. I don’t think it’s really like that.

You were having that conversation about how we receive the gift of having the parents that we had. I don’t think we put it that way but we all can, I think, admit that even though our parents gave us a lot of experiences to grow and to get through some of the most challenging things in our life, you don’t think to regret what we’ve been through because they made us who we are.

And I see that translating out because I have children. I don’t want to create that same feeling for my kids, although I don’t think I have a choice. I think no matter how I show up, they’re going to see it differently because they’re just different.

Wynn:  Well, thank you. Now that’s Sharon. Right? Let’s see if anyone else wants to share something, thank you.

Marsha:  Hello. This is Marsha from California. Hi. I just want to thank you for what you shared because it is so pertinent. One thing recently that I have been going through is seeing a pattern, not only with my parents, but with all my relationships through my life. And one of the things was somehow I felt very responsible for taking care of people instead of allowing them to find their way.

I realized that the problematic people are a catalyst, because they force you to say, “What am I doing? Why isn’t this working? What is this all about?” And so that is to me the gift, that they are your greatest teachers because you can’t let it go until you figure it out and forgive yourself and forgive them. Realize you had a part in that, that they may have been misguided in what they were doing to achieve a goal with you that you were incapable of doing for them.

So you really helped very much. I just want to thank you. You have a lot of insight into these things.

You have a lot of good things to say, so you’re not boring. And one other thing; I heard you on a radio program and I thought, oh my God this guy, he knows what he’s talking about. Because I’ve been in healing a long time, working with people all of my life. I started meditating after that, just on my own and I felt this presence of these two beings.

I call them the Emissaries from the Elohim or the Guides, I really don’t know who they are, but they’re really incredible. And so many things that were blocks to me they, they don’t erase things, they say, “Hey, look at this. That’s not true. That is not your truth. This is who you are. You are a child of the Infinite Source” or whatever, in that way.

So it’s been very helpful and I truly appreciate you and I’m so glad I heard you on the radio show so . . .

Wynn:  Which show did you me on?

Marsha:  Coast to Coast.

Wynn:  Coast to Coast. Send an email to George and tell him how we contributed to your life because that’ll help have him put me on again. Ok?

Marsha:  I already requested that he do that, because to me this is so vital for…    --there’s so much here and ‘let’s make up aliens’, ‘let’s make up all kinds of stuff’. “Oh my God, oh my God, where are they coming from? Who’s going to get me?” is so counter-productive, and your message was so clear. Yes, I will tell him.

Wynn:  Thank you; and that goes for anyone else. I think we changed, I won’t say we changed, but that’s like if I start saying that, it sounds like I’m doing it.

Marsha:  You know what? Clarity is needed. You show up, but a clarity is needed. In this culture if it comes from a man, and a white man gets the privilege, that’s the ‘privilege’, but you use it in a very service oriented way. So that’s wonderful. Because otherwise they say “It’s women, they do that stuff”; we don’t know. But it’s the clarity of how you present it. You know and you’re trusting something so keep doing it.

Wynn:  Thank you, thank you. I have to give credit; I give credit to Terry, to Carla, to Daphne, even though she’s not here. I’ve had such phenomenal teachers and pushed me beyond my wildest imagination of getting a grasp of the way the Universe works. Not just humanity works, not just ‘people stuff’ but the bigger Universe, and it’s so wonderful to be able to share that with all of you. And have so many people actually getting it.

Marsha:  And it’s wonderful that a man says that you can trust women. You can trust their gifts, you can trust them. You won’t get in trouble, don’t worry about it.

Wynn:  There’s an interesting thing about the dynamic between men and women today. Because a lot of women …-- obviously, historically women have been oppressed, they have been oppressed. And they have been held in boxes. The reason they’ve been oppressed is because, this is coming off the top of my head, this may not be the ultimate truth but the feminine power to receive is actually so…-- I don’t want to use the word “controlling”, but ‘fulfilling’ to a man.

And the nature of the receptive, it doesn’t mean every woman has to be receptive, because everyone has a different balance regardless of their body suit, whether they’re a man or a woman. Inside them there’s a different balance of negative and positive, feminine and masculine and as people become more enlightened they become more of both. They can step into a situation and exhibit the energy that’s most appropriate for that situation. They could be more assertive or more receptive.

Marsha:  And generative. Women really feel bad for men because they are oppressive. I mean that if you have to fight something so strongly, you’re in a pretty weak position.

Wynn:  Right.

Marsha:  You’re so terrified. And women are trying to assuage the fears of men, you know, and it hasn’t worked because they sacrifice themselves; so that’s what they’re here to fulfill and grow and…

Wynn:  Well, they try to ‘play the game’ by dominating the man so he can’t dominate them. And my realization is the feminine, the true feminine, the true receptive dominates without using the ‘yang’ force to dominate. It’s a different way of dominating . . .

Marsha:  --It’s to make things happen of themselves through . . .

Wynn:  --Yes, I don’t like to use the word ‘domination’. I always like to use the Grand Canyon and how the Colorado River. The water would represent the feminine and the rock, the canyon, would represent the masculine. The river won,  over time it cut and made the Grand Canyon. And that’s the power of the feminine to use the receptive to get its way through.

Marsha:  It generates. It receives and generates, it’s not passive. But that’s frightening too, because when you’re told you’re not allowed to do that, you know. I mean, I was male-identified till I was 40 because I was smart, and you learn a language, and totally unfulfilled, and miserable, and wanted to kill myself. Learning to be a female and through other women, powerful, powerful women that you wouldn’t even recognize because it never showed what they did. And it was love, it was truly love that changed it. And that’s all that’s going to change anything I think here.

Wynn:  You know, I would like to have one more person share. Someone who identifies with feeling unworthy and doesn’t feel worthy to say something and have them speak up and be courageous. Yes

Frances:  This is Frances from Concord, California.

Wynn:  Who is that?

Frances:  Frances in Concord, California.

Wynn:  Alright, Frances, good for you.

Frances:  Yes. I have known Wynn for seven years. It seems to be on the Sunday morning grid healings that, very often, Wynn will be speaking to me, whatever the subject matter is; today, being one of them.

But my story is that several years ago I took a workshop. And during the workshop I asked questions to try to resolve a situation, an ongoing situation in my life with my daughter and my son-in-law. I have known my son-in-law Scott for twenty-nine years. In the twenty-nine years he has changed from being one who could always make me laugh at the slightest thing, to becoming very mean and vengeful.

Through Wynn, and from Terry’s message, I have learned that Scott and my daughter Nancy and I had had a former life together and that it ended very badly with Scott possessing Nancy and killing me. And that now in the incarnation that we are going through, that my life is in danger; this is a message from Wynn. This was over four years ago and I took the information as another piece of the puzzle. But I did go ahead and continue to put myself in the situation.

And it did cost me my life; not in any way that I would ever imagine, but the continued stress cause me to develop Cerebral Palsy and a major massive heart attack, for which I have a short time to go on in this life, which is okay with me. But I find it quite interesting that even though the message was an answer to why everything was the way it was, it gave me at least some peace in knowing that it wasn’t just me that was causing the situation.

And now seemingly justly enough for Scott, his whole life is starting to disintegrate because of his actions that have motivated him throughout his life. So my prayer is that he will find the answer to whatever the deep hurt is within him that causes him to be so angry, to strike out, because he is so very, very loved.

I thank Wynn and Terry for giving me the message, just to give me some peace in what was causing me, and has caused me, a complete change in my life and my quality of life.

Wynn:  Thank you. Could we take a moment and just send a positive intention otherwise known as a prayer in your direction as a group?

Francis:  Thank you.

Wynn:  Let’s do that. Let’s just send Frances and ask our Sources to work with her and any kind of releases for her health that for highest good might happen for her. Take a moment of silence for that.


Wynn:  Let’s call in the Light and then we’ll have a message from Terry.

Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect every person on this line, every person on the replay and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. And right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those Sources that are positive, service to others operating in the Christed energies to join with us. We create a protected space that only the Positive has access to. And anything not of that nature must leave now. And we want to ask in particular that our planet be given time, if possible, to let this work proliferate, to let all Light work proliferate and protection from those things that would put us into havoc, particularly the North Korea situation. Thank you. I’m glad to be of service.

Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. This is the 14th of April, 2013. And we send, we impart love to each and every person that wishes to receive it.

We take a moment and we look at the world and we see that the world, many people in the world…-- which then creates an overriding consensus, nervousness, a feeling of being on edge, of not knowing, of not having enough information. And this is felt over a large portion of the West and the East. And we take a moment and we believe the words may be to “chill out”, to just take a moment and observe the nervousness, observe the tension.

Also, as you are doing this, realize that this tension adds at a subconscious level to your life, to the things that you are doing. Even if you aren’t following the news, there’s this overriding tension in the atmosphere. And we take a moment and we work with that tension, we follow it to its source and we work with the energies. We take a moment and work with the energies to help to dissolve the tension, the distortion that is added to people’s life by such tension in their vicinity.

So, realize that if things are difficult for you right now, it is being made more difficult by the adding-on of those tensions that are in the vicinity of the Earth, of part of the Earth, not all of the Earth, but a part of the Earth at this time. As we view this we deal with the tensions and we take them to the Higher Realms. And we, the words are…-- there are no words in the English language for what we do. We transmute them to the degree that they’re available to be transmuted.

And we put our frequency and our Love there, that to whatever degree individuals are open, they can receive it and help them in their own centering and in their own balance so they can handle whatever tensions are coming their way at this time. We take a moment of silence as we work with these energies and with individuals who are reaching and searching and asking. One of the things that we do is slow down the creation as it has been created of tensions so that it can be worked with and released.

We have no words for much of what we do. We have tried at times to convey the mathematical equations that are used in doing conversions, and these are the same conversions that are stair-stepped from the third density to the fourth density to the fifth, the sixth, seventh, eighth. And we simply bring these stair steps, these conversions, mathematical/geometrical conversions, into the sphere that for any energies that are available to be transmuted, and for people that are reaching for this, that these tensions can be eased.

We realize that there are dangers and we do not wish to transmute any real consensus of how one should protect oneself and operate with it successfully in the third density. So it is not a ‘sweetness and light’ transmutation. It is a ‘real time’ transmutation of what can be transmuted.

We love each and every one of you and you are a vital part of the raising of the consciousness of your realm and thus raising the consciousness into all of the higher realms. We are available for assistance directly for those of you that ask. It is hard to sense us at times as one’s focus in the third density plays upon the frequencies, the energies, the resonances within the third density and we are not within the third density, except for to be there at a very high frequency.

So if you find it hard to sense us, do not worry. We are there. And if you ask we will hear. We send our Love, we impart our Love to each and every one of you. And we will continue to transmit, to transmute energies where it can be done to the highest, most Loving. We are not taking control, we are only helping where it is asked for. And if anything does not resonate with you of what we have said, then disregard it as not being applicable to you at this time.

We leave but we do not leave.

Wynn:  Thank you very much. Thank you, Terry.


[Planet healing]


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