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Monday 7.22.2013
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Host: Wynn Free
Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Michael Snider
Edited by Terry L. Brown
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee

Wynn: This is July 22nd 2013 and we are just talking know those of us that are on...I guess the people on BBS (Radio) are hearing it (our conversations before the show begins) but they (BBS Radio), probably record their preamble stuff on BBS …and that usually, on the Replays (when you listen to a Replay broadcast) you don't get it (the pre-show conversations). So we were talking about how, when you start coming into these calls, when you first hear about it and you know... keep in mind, I don't know how this works.  I mean I am learning as I go, just as you are.  Where do you find a "Guide Book" to figure this out?  There isn't one really.  When you first start hearing the Elohim and you think: "Wow, this has got to be good"..."All my problems are going to disappear!"  And then shortly thereafter your problems probably get...worse!   Because all your "stuff" starts coming up!  And you know, the first thing that happens, once you get over the idea that: "Wow, the Elohim...I am going to be saved...the Ra Group, as we are all discovering-no matter how you play it- YOU HAVE TO SAVE YOURSELF!  And one of the parts of that process is-LETTING THINGS SURFACE!  Letting the GARBAGE SURFACE!  Letting those “PATTERNS OF PAST LIVES” that have been really horrible “SURFACE”.  Letting PAIN SURFACE!  And as it SURFACES...learning how to ACCEPT IT and PROCESS IT.   And let it FLOW THROUGH YOU and LET GO OF IT!  It's not necessarily a fast process.  I mean in terms of the Cosmos its fast, because most of us have had lots of lifetimes!  A hundred thousand years in this realm, maybe more.  Maybe millions of years-some of us!  And how crazy it is, every time you come in, you don't know a thing!  It is like starting over...except, all of this "STUFF" that is buried in your track.  And so when it starts to come up and SURFACE and you are suffering, or you are going through it, the best attitude is... to just LOOK AT IT and be GRATEFUL FOR IT!  "I am so glad this is coming up"..."I am so glad because I am going to work it through" (you might say to yourself).  And let it go through and release!  That is the fastest way to move through matter what it is.  If it is PAIN; SORROW; ANGER; HATRED; you is OK, those things can come up for us.   And if you are JUDGING are going to not like that "HATRED".  But don't JUDGE yourself...just don't "ACT" on it.


You know one of the things about Energy, is that...when you ACT on something; when you DO something; when you SAY UNKIND WORDS to someone; when you GO INTO RAGE and BLAME and when you do it in such a way that you "MANIFEST IT IN WORDS"- it is now in the World.   You put it out (in the World).  Somebody else has received it and you are creating KARMA!  You are creating feelings that someone else is holding that you are responsible for and that is NOT what you want to do.  SO DON'T PUT IT OUT!  I mean...I am not saying: "it is never appropriate to be ANGRY".  If somebody is encroaching on you; if somebody is moving into your space where they are violating your boundaries; ANGER is an appropriate response.  And that doesn't create KARMA when the person knows that they are doing that... usually.  Whether they do, or they don't, you still have the right and privilege and dominion over your own space.  So you CAN, push them away.  If ANGER is what pushes them's OK.  But that is not the kind of ANGER I am talking about.  Now..., that can be very conscious ANGER. It does not have to be like "you are holding it" (ANGER) and at some level the person knows what "they" are doing and they know "they" deserve that (ANGER) so... IT'S NOT BAD.  But (on the other hand) its for example: someone did something Karmically to you in another lifetime; and they just always make you ANGRY; and you don't know (that) is why... you are ANGRY.  When you start RAGING towards them; that is creating KARMIC PATTERNS.  And you know; a month later "you" may have cleared that pattern and (yet) "they" are still holding it. 


Some of you might note (I have noted this) is that: when you are meeting with someone- you hold their ENERGY in your consciousness with the ENERGY the way it was- when you separated.  So if you were yelling and screaming and that is the way you separated, two months later that is the ENERGY that is being held in the SPACE!  So, if you can...and you can't always do it... but if you find yourself in that kind of SPACE with someone...try to clear it before you separate!  Because otherwise, that ENERGY holds in the SPACE and it's in the UNIVERSE and it's impacting everyone.  It is impacting you, and the other person.  And if you do that with a few people... your life can become "very stuck".  So...CLEAR THINGS!   


You know one of the ways you can CLEAR THINGS is, you know, to..."catch yourself".   Even, if you did it?   Even, if you made a mistake?  Tell the person: "Listen, I am going through something...I don't want to deal with it out of this ANGRY SPACE, we will just come back to it later" and "I care about you" (if you can say it honestly).  Say: "I care about you"...and then move on.  So at least you left (that person) in some kind of- HARMONIOUS ENERGY, and not in an ANGRY ENERGY.  You know, watch what you say and what you do!  You can't help ANGER that is inside of can't!  Other people will feel doesn't mean they won't feel it (your ANGER). People feel the, you know, the errors (since they are) tuned into everybody-and so they will feel things that "you are not Karmically responsible (for)".  You can't even help it...and the only thing you can do is "judge yourself" or "accept it".  And if you "judge yourself" you are stuffing it are putting it back and saying "I can't deal with that"...and then, it never gets worked out.  So, the key to WORKING THINGS OUT: is to letting them SURFACE!  And if: you have people around you that can understand this process then let them know that; it can "SURFACE STUFF" around them (without them taking it personally)...then "that could be good".


So...this is totally off track.  I said we are going to go back to...the BIBLE...The Old Testament.  Really... we are going back to The Old Testament, and I can't tell you how fascinating this has been as I have been studying this for the past few weeks.  Just if you are listening tonight, and you want to know about last week, I will just give a quick synopsis: that is the topic was "The Old Testament Revisited".  But really, we went back prior to The Old Testament, and there is a lot of evidence.  And when I've asked questions about it to our SOURCES...they have concurred that this is the way it was: you know we have talked about the Elohim coming into this realm; taking bodies, and when they have bodies, they got stuck here.  They couldn't get back out easily, if at all, and they had a, “certain superiority”, to the indigenous beings here.  Because they were Elohim...but, they may not have been talking to the Elohim.  That is pretty unusual in this realm to have the kind of rapport that we have had with the Elohim.   And that  they, knew they (the Elohim) had power.  They knew they were advanced.  And they (these Elohim), you know, in terms of DNA-their DNA was above indigenous people-the APES.  There weren't indigenous people...and the episode we are talking about...(and apparently this episode happened more than once)...there were some ANNUNAKI  gold miners that came and landed a Space Ship in Africa to mine gold, and the ANNUNAKI were derivatives of the Elohim.  And there were two brothers and they decided that their bodies-ANNUNAKI bodies- were not that good at any labor (or else they were lazy I don't know) but they decided they were going to create a HYBRID between their genetics and the APES.  They figured they (the ANNUNAKI) could get a really strong being to do this manual labor.  So...they created HYBRIDS and the first run of the HYBRIDS couldn't reproduce.  They didn't want them to procreate.  So they had to keep making new HYBRIDS and they were being gestated in the women.  And the women were not that happy about having to have babies all the time and so one of the brothers, (and there was a conflict about this between the two brothers) one of the brothers was absolutely against allowing the HYBRIDS to procreate and the other one wanted them to (procreate).  And so...these two brothers were Enlil and Enki.   Enki is the one that wanted the HYBRIDS to procreate and so he did it.  He kind of did it secretly and thus was the beginning of what some of you have heard "The Missing Link".  How did Humans get connected with APES?  They couldn't find the "transition".   Actually as I was studying this they found (I read this last week) they found bodies in Africa!  Skeletons of what would be these HYBRIDS and settled what is: "The Missing Link". 


So now the Humans were developing and we (they) were slaves but they were fairly smart!  I mean they were...the ANNUNAKI were smart they had...they were not just dumb...they were fairly sharp!  And..., they kind of resented after awhile- being slaves.  And the ANNUNAKI were trying to control them.  And the ANNUNAKI were very advanced; they could control weather patterns.  In fact, some of you ...I've read and I think it might be true that: there are forces that are controlling a lot of weather on our planet now.  Some people say that some of the earthquakes were triggered artificially.  And that the ANNUNAKI could do this kind of stuff and so they would impress these Humans with their powers.  And they say:"We are going to have a rain storm" and it would rain!  And so the Humans would think they were GOD... or Gods and they would worship them.  And this is the way the ANNUNAKI tried to control them and this was how our original idea of GOD came about, through these ANNUNAKI who were actually presenting themselves that way, to create "fear" in the Humans, so they would cooperate.  And it worked for a while, and then the Humans started running away, and they started making cities.


One city, one country  Sumeria which is considered the oldest city that we have records for, and there are all these Tablets in Sumeria, that people have been translating, that they (researchers) put together some of this information.  A guy named Zecharia Sitchin is probably the most famous person who uncovered this.  And as HUMANS were developing, these guys (ANNUNAKI) were still there and still presenting themselves as Gods.  A So there were these different cities in Sumeria.  They would have different of the ANNUNAKI would be the God of that city ruling over it.  And so, Enlil still was into controlling or doing away with Humans and Enki was trying to preserve them and actually make them "full blooded, aware, conscious beings" who were connected to the UNIVERSE. 


So when we look at The Old Testament many of know there are a lot of the different names for GOD in The Old Testament.  I will list a few: Elohim was one; Yahweh was one; Jehovah was one and then of course when you go into Egypt there were...all the Gods.  And all of those Gods were real and they were these ANNUNAKI who were taking the role of Gods and walking around... apparently they were walking around the cities but they also had Space Ships and they could fly!  And this was the origins of all the myths of The Old Testament!


The Enlil contingency...Enlil was the guy who wanted to "do away" with Humans.  If you start reading about it on the Internet, because there is a lot on it, you'll find a lot of agreement that: Sodom and Gomorrah (which was where a city disappeared in a flash and they said: "don't look back", if you recall) Sodom and Gomorrah was a nuclear weapon going off in those cities.  And Yahweh... who... is talking about "Fearing" being "God Fearing"...the whole idea of "God Fearing" came from that period of time...and yeah..."Sacrifice".  And you know, these guys all were "creating rain", and you know, impressing people with all their powers and it was easy to get people to be their "follower's". That is how The Old Testament was developing, and sometimes they would be fighting with each other!  Like in the story of Jezebel: there was one of the God forms called "Baal" and then there was "Yahweh".  They would fight for control and recognition of the people to see "who was the strongest God"?   And this is what our Judeo-Christian background is based on. 


So now...this is all going on and you have these "Group Souls" up there and you know...they are not really having much room to intervene.  Although in one instance in a question I asked (it was in-The Creator God Book) they said: one of their interventions was with "Solomon" and that; "Solomon could connect with them".  And the way they (our channeled SOURCES) described it is: "they could bring a Light down on the people".   When I read that, I didn't understand what that meant?  But since we have been doing these calls, I can "feel" how that works!  Because I think many of you are having that experience...and if you are new to the Call...if you keep coming in?  Just keep paying attention!  Because,   there is an "ENERGY", around this work that we do and it's NOT FROM ME!  I show up, and you know, I learned...I started to notice a pattern (I guess in 2004-2005 was the beginning of it) that I would show up and the "ENERGY" would change somewhere and there would be this "Tremendous ENERGY" in the room... on the phone Call!  I started to think: "Was that- them?" They (the Elohim and Ra SOURCES) told me it was when I asked them.  They kept happening and as many of you know, "It" (the ENERGY you can feel), happens on these Conference Calls.  Particularly on our Sunday Call.  So if you have never listened to a Sunday Call...we emphasize bringing that "ENERGY" in.  My idea, from observation, is that they (the SOURCES) are in the background.  They pay real attention to us, all the time, on these Calls.  They will come in, in a way that can-expand us. They can-clear ENERGIES-out of our body and help us with requests or intentions that cause things to happen!  But they are not GOD in the traditional sense. 


I would imagine from their point of view it's rather frustrating...because when the UNIVERSE was started everything had FREE WILL. (the UNIVERSE) was developing, and as it developed, the FREE WILL aspect of things caused certain beings to want to control others.  To exploit others, to make money off of others.  And this realm started to lose their connection that "they were part of all that is".   And most of you know: it is very easy in this realm to feel; alienated; isolated; disconnected.  The amazing thing of these Calls is that ENERGY comes in and suddenly that feeling starts to SHIFT!, and you don't feel so separate.  Even now as we're talking we have all of you on this Call that are listening and you are not even in a room.  You can't see each other and yet there is an "ambience"...of a connection that starts to develop; that is developed; that has developed now amongst  people that been coming into the Calls and they feel the ENERGY...THE CONNECTION!  So when they get to meet each other, if it is in the "best way", they start to recognize who someone really is... immediately, because that is what happens on these Calls.  Who people really are SURFACES...comes to SURFACE! 


So...there were a number did a session with Terry (Brown) during the week and I asked some questions that were in my mind because...the complexity of the Humans on this planet is more complex than just this one incident that happened in Africa.  The Enlil-Enki - incident.  There are other what they call ROOT RACES that came in from different planets and I am trying to remember...I am just going to see if I can look it up on the Internet...I remember Edgar Cayce talked about ROOT RACES.  In fact, Edgar Cayce, prophesied: "a new FIFTH ROOT RACE would emerge" and this new discovery...oh well...I am not going to try and read this.   But none the less, if there was a FIFTH ROOT RACE, that would mean there would have been FOUR ROOT RACES.  Or four different times that there have been...situations where Extraterrestrials were here on the Earth and they did something to create...I don't know...we don't know the answers but I would certainly imagine the Chinese are of a RACE.  The Asians are of a RACE.  And we might...last week I didn't...I kept talking...we didn't ask any questions.   Tonight we might bring them in and ask some questions through Terry (Brown) about this.  And, I suspect, that China would have been a ROOT RACE.  Who else would have been...we would ask?  I am wondering where the Scandinavians came from because they're definitely a unique breed.  And, well, we'll see...maybe they will tell us!  We don't really know if they're going to tell us or not.   But many of us on this line that are attracted to this work, probably come from this seeding of the ANNUNAKI and The Old Testament-New Testament- lineages of evolution that occurred. 


When I asked a question about this, they said that I was there in that period, and I might have been an ANNUNAKI, at that time.  I don't know...they wouldn't tell me if I was anyone prominent, and I am glad because I didn't want to know but ...probably Daphne was there!  And whatever we are doing now- might have started back then, but even this kind of information, if I am curious?  They don't answer me.  I keep reading it, and reading it, and reading it, and if I can "nail" it, sometimes they will tell me.  They will say "Yes that is it".  You know, it is like: sometimes it is not good to know.  It's not good.  Sometimes it's Ok to know and sometimes it's not good.  Usually:  if you have a resonance?   If you read this stuff and you hear it and you are fascinated by it, there is a good chance "you" had something to do with it!  Usually any part of history that you are extremely curious about; that you have a passion for learning about; usually "you were there".  Whether it is Greece, or whether it's Egypt, or whether it's Sumeria, or whether it was Jerusalem (whether) it was Jesus.  The interesting thing about this Sumerian epic, that we are talking about...that there is a huge today's Email, if you are interested, if this all resonates and you want to go further-there is a University in London or in England that had a big project of translating these Sumerian Tablets.  They posted their translations.  To me it's totally fascinating, because there's Proverbs; there's Poems.  These are not "Cave Men", Ok!  Usually when you think of theses precursors to HUMANS you think of "Cave Men".  Now there were "Cave Men"; there were "Neanderthal Men"; that was a whole other story!  This is a particular ROOT RACE that stems from that area (Sumeria) that we-all here-are very likely connected with.  Not necessarily positive, but likely.  That is one of the reasons we are attracted.  Whether we were one of the early HYBRIDS and whether we wanted to be ANNUNAKI...I don't know. 


One of the things on the Enki line-because Enki wanted to evolve the Humans-the way the story goes is: is that he was encouraging sex and intimate relationships with the women.  That was a way of...sharing ENERGY that would help open the DNA of the women.  You know we talked about this earlier.  It is the ENERGY that we are in, you know, on these Calls when you feel this ENERGY coming in on the Calls-that is an ENERGY that is helping you open your Chakras and open your DNA strands.  It is teaching you "how to do that".  Not me, but the ENERGY!  And intimacy, when somebody that is more evolved, has an intimate connection with somebody that is less evolved there is an exchange of ENERGY helps open the ENERGIES of the person who is less evolved-in the right circumstance.  You know this is not something to say, "I am more evolved lets have sex".  You know, there has to be "care, love, service", everything for it to work!  But the know in The Old of the lines in The Old Testament was: "the Sons of GOD mated with the Daughters of Man".  This was exactly what it was talking about.  


So I took a couple of things here, out of these SUMERIAN translations (from the University of Oxford," ETCSL subcorpus-translations: 1.1.1 "Enki and Nihursaga").  I thought I would read a couple of them.  You can see if they resonate.  I found it fascinating and maybe some of you might.  It might trigger- you…into more study of this period.  And remember...Enki was the ANNUNAKI who was into "evolving" the Humans.   And this was something about Enki: "Here are the cities and you are the ones to whom they are allotted, pure is Dilmun Land, pure is Sumer, and you are the ones to who it is allotted.  Pure is Dilmun Land, pure is Dilmun Land.  Virginal is Dilmun Land.  Virginal is Dilman Land.  Pristine is Dilmun Land" (now I think they are talking about...these are cities,Dilmun is a city).  "Pure are the cities" and "you are the ones to who they are allotted" (so... if I (Wynn) was trying to see what that meant, it sounds like they were building cities for these Humans). "He laid her down all alone in Dilmun and the place where Enki had laid down with his spouse (Ninsikila), that place was still virginal, that place was still pristine...he laid her down all alone in Dilmun and that place..." (they repeat themselves (said Wynn) I am  not going to repeat it).  "In Dilmun (from the translation once again) the raven was not yet cawing, the partridge not cackling. The lion did not slay, the wolf was not carrying off lambs, the dog had not been taught to make kids curl up, the pig had not learned that grain was to be eaten.  When a widow has spread malt on the roof the birds did not yet eat that malt up there, the pigeon then did not tuck the head under its wing.  No eye-diseases said there: I am the eye disease.  No headaches said there: I am the headache.  No old women belonging to it said there: I am an old woman.  No old man belonging to it said there: I am an old man.  No maiden in her unwashed the city.  No man dredging a river said there: it is getting dark.  No herald made the rounds in his border district.  No singer sang an elulam there.  No wailings were wailed in the city’s outskirts there.  Ninsikila said to her father Enki: you have given a city-what does your giving avail me?  You have given a city Dilmun.  You have given a city.  What does your city avail me?  You have given a city that has no river quay (a wharf of stone to load & unload cargo).  You have given a city.  What does your city avail me?  A city that has no fields, glebe or furrow"!  (It sounds like she (Ninsikila) is saying: "what are you giving all this stuff to all of the city for"?)  Enki answered Ninsikila: "when Utu steps up into heaven fresh waters shall run out of the ground for you from the standing vessels on Ezens shore, from Nannas radiant high temple, from the mouth of the waters running under the ground.  May the waters rise up from it into your great basins.  May your cities drink water aplenty from them.  May Dilmun drink water aplenty from them.  May your pools of salt water become pools of fresh water.  May your city become an emporium on the quay from the land.  May Dilmun become an emporium on the quay from the land.  May the land of Tukris hand over to you gold from Harali, lapis lazulli (a blue gem-stone) and may the land of Meluha hold precious desirable carnelian mes of Megan wood and the best abba wood into large ships for you.  May the land of Marhasi yield you precious stones,topazes.  In the land of ...." 


It sounds like he's (Enki) is telling his daughter all the great things about this city, and that obviously she is his daughter, so on some level, she is going to probably one day, be a Goddess in this City or a God of this City.


"Enki cried out (translation continues) by the lives breathe of heaven I adjure you (whatever that means) lie down for me in the marsh.  Lie down for me in the marsh that would be joyous! Enki distributed his semen destined for Damgalnuna, he poured semen into Ninhursaga's womb and she conceived the semen in the womb, the semen of Enki".  I guess that's their way of talking about sex.  It is probably better than they way they do it now.  "But her one month was one day, and her two months was two days, and her three months was three days, and her eight months were eight days, and her nine months were nine days, but in the month of womanhood like fine oil, like fine oil, like oil of abundance, Nintur, mother of the country, like fine oil, gave birth to Ninnisig.  In turn Ninnisig went out to the river bank.  Enki was able to see up there from in the marsh, he was able to see up there, he was.  He said to his minister Isimud: Is this nice youngster not to be kissed?  His minister answered him: Is this nice youngster not to be kissed?  My master will sail, let me navigate.  He will sail, let me navigate".  


Well you are getting the idea...these guys are fairly uninhibited in the way the write and the way they talk about things and even a little...poetic.  Here is...I will just read a couple lines here...remember Enki was...I don't think I mentioned this, I said it last week...Enki would have been the God who spoke to Noah!  That as the "deluge" was coming on, Enki was preparing Noah, and in these records, to take samples of DNA from animals; from plants, and of course some Humans, so if people died-there would be DNA to continue.


This is something called:  "A Man and His God"(from the Univ. of Oxford, ETCSL translation:t.5.2.4 )"A person should steadfastly proclaim the exaltedness his God.  The young man should devoutly praise the words of his God; the people living in the righteous land should unravel them like a thread.  May the Balag singer assuage the spirit of disfavor and friend.  May it sooth their hearts, bring forth...,utter...,and measure out...Let his mouth shaping a lament soothe the heart of his god, for a man without a god does not obtain food". remember, they were God.  They were presenting themselves as God, and I don't know about you, but I can feel the Energy of this being the precursor to The Old Testament.  Ok...this is it!  They are trying to "control" people and they are the Gods!  


Here are some proverbs that they had...sayings: "Who can compete with righteousness? It creates life"; "If wickedness exerts itself, how will Uta succeed";"We should not cut the throat of that which already has it's throat cut"; "We should not say to __(?)__ (I don't know who she is or he) let me live, do not make me pass through the gate"; "What has submitted will exhibit resistance"; "What has been destroyed belongs to a god, no one is able to take it away"; "Though I still have bread left over, I will eat your bread, will this endear a man to the household of a friend". "My things, change things".   Ok...that is enough...we'll see.


It is 6:46 PM and we have got about...ten minutes and "Terry...are you there"?    "Hello Terry"


Terry: Yes, can you hear me?


Wynn: So, are you ready? (a few minor communication problems are resolved)   Ok, that works...

"Father mother GOD, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect Terry, myself, everyone on this line, and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and be dispersed and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of Energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the Galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the Outer Energy Fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the Center of the Earth, and right now we invoke a Group Energy Connection-while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our Souls and we invite those Sources that are Positive-Service to Others-honoring the Law Of One to join with us and we create a protected Space where only the Positive has access to it and anything not of that nature Must, Leave, Now!   And do we have our Sources present?


Terry: Yes (Terry channeling) We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator...this is Ra-an...and ,we are pleased to be with you.  This is....July 22nd, there a problem with the mic?


Wynn: No, no, no everything is fine.  Ok, I was just going to ask...before I formulate any questions, is there anything you want to comment about this period we are talking about?


Terry: (Terry Channeling Ra-an) Thank you!  We see that this is a formative period from which past periods have been ameliorated out of-have come out of-and we see that there is great interest in this period, to know what was...track was laid down, out of which some of the problems that exist in Earth today are still manifest.  As the interest in this area of time was formative for a base platform on which the future came about...the Races that developed- came about.  Not all of the Races on Earth today stemmed from these areas in Sumeria.  Not all of the Races and all of the people.  There were seedings on top of this in Africa, in the mid-part of Africa at various times.  There were other areas of Earth which had their own separate development.  It is track which has become obscured do to Earth changes; do to the obscuring of history of written history; by records being destroyed; by the great changes of war that obliterated some of the history.  The use of nuclear weapons which some are not aware have been used before this period of time but had been a weapon of choice of the Annunaki, and in the distant memory held within the Earth, held within the grids.  There is memory held within the box.  There is memory of nuclear weapons being used in the Pakistan/India border; in the Mid-East.  Do you have questions?


Wynn: One question is: There is something called the Alexandria Library where a lot of secret records were kept and books were kept, which was apparently held in high regard by people of the time and then it was burned down...did that Library have the history of what we are talking about?


Terry: (Terry channeling Ra-an) The Library had a lot of the history.  It was brought there when it was realized that Atlantis was in danger.  The records were brought there as it was felt that Egypt being more- center would not undergo so severe Earth changes and the records were set out there in scrolls in cuneiform and other languages, and there was a big translation project to get them all into the Sanskrit type record.


Wynn: We know that there were other Root Races, for example, the Chinese.  Were the Annunaki involved in the other Root Races or were there similar escapades from other planetary populations who came here and created...I don't know if they did hybriding, or if they just did their own there anything to share about that?


Terry: (Terry channeling Ra-an) There were Outposts that were set up in the Chinese area.  Much like Columbus discovering America, it was a place where souls, as their planet was going under, could go and start a new life.  Could get a whole new look, and there was instrumentation, science that was brought with the Space Ships and there was more than one group and they worked together with the Annunaki much like there are different Airlines that travel to different places to China Airlines.  Like Swiss Airlines.  And these groups worked simultaneously although China was earlier and they brought provisions for the people at the Outposts.  There was the Chinese.  There were the Africans.  There was an African settlement that was separate from...we look further...was separate from the Annunaki seeding in South Africa.  There was then after the Annunaki seeding and the progression of the seeding through more of Africa there was the Syrian connection that attempted to help and be connected and give support to the group in the Mid of Africa.  There was the Scandinavian group.  There was the...we look...we speak slowly as we are looking at the history.  There was the group in South America where the Airfields were elegant and they were connected with Space Ships going and coming.


Wynn: You know...we are running out of time.  If people email me and they are interested maybe one Saturday we will do, a two or three, hour session learning about the history of our planet.  Learning of these groups would be a good thing to get on a record probably because we are accessing stuff that probably is really hard to find out!  And, thank you so much for being here!... it is 6:59...BBS (Radio) is about to cut us off...and thank you everyone that's listening and let me know if you found this topic interesting and we can explore it further.  And on that note I am going to open up the are un- muted.


Callers: (a progression of grateful callers) saying: Thank you Wynn! Thank you Terry! Thank you everyone!  Have a wonderful couple days! We'll talk again on Wednesday! We love you all!  Bye now! Etc., etc.


Wynn: Thank you for "holding the Energy"....Letting us bring this through! Thank you everybody!

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