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Monday –
Wild Card!  Anything can happen…

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien


Wynn:   Hi everybody – it’s Monday night.  My name is Wynn Free.  It’s Monday, June 11th, 2012, and this is our Monday Night BBS Call.  I announced it as a Wild Card!; I said, “Let’s see what comes up and what we’re going to do.”  If you’re new to the calls: they’re always different but, they always have a theme.  It’s an unusual theme:  the theme is that there are intelligences in other dimensions that are making themselves known to this realm through the work we’re doing; and, I’m sure through other people’s work.  We’re doing it in an unusual way because it’s rather public; it’s rather seat-of-your-pants.  Although there’s an element of it which is sacred – we call it sacred – it’s also human.


One of the things I’ve learned is that the more human you can be the better repeater station you can be.  Although it’s exalted on one hand – and those people who are attending our calls regularly kind of understand what I mean – it’s also ordinary.  But [it’s] not ordinary in the sense that it happens all the time in this realm.  To give you an example:  I just came from the local coffee shop in Sedona where I live.  I was busy on my computer, and there was this young fellow and a lady.  I don’t think they knew each other; I think they started talking.  They were talking about Tesla; and, they were talking about all of this kind of far-out stuff.  I wasn’t going to say anything.  I said, “I have work to do.”  But then, I couldn’t resist it.  I knew they would be really interested.  So, I started talking and I said a little bit.  The woman was saying, “I’m getting goose-bumps!”  I could look and see: as soon as I start talking about this, I start connecting and they start coming in.


I know that happens for me, and I become very, very familiar with the feeling.  I’ve come even to the point where I’m confident in it.  Believe it or not, it can happen for you as well; but, you have to become really familiar with it.  And, you have to learn how to introduce it.  The problem is: if you introduce it in the wrong way, it doesn’t sound ordinary.  And, if it sounds too far-out, people go unconscious.


In my case, I think one of the most powerful ways – I didn’t know how to introduce this.  For a few years, I sat there and I said, “This is really important; I think it’s important.  I think they are who they say they are.  Where do you start?  Where do you start talking about it and getting people interested without sounding exalted; without sounding holier-than-thou?”  I think the idea is that you have to be more than you were to be worthy of doing it; you have to be very - I don’t even know the words.


We do these calls three times a week.  The thing about it is that this is a co-creation; these calls are a co-creation between us and them.  The idea is that there are other dimensions.  Of course, we can’t see them, so for many of us the first idea of other dimensions sounds like a science fiction story.  How do you know there are other dimensions?  How do you know?  How can you prove it?


I don’t know if you can prove it scientifically; although I find – they did make the point – that as you increased your speed of travel, that time moved at a different speed.  In other words – if there were a bunch of people getting in a spaceship traveling really fast, close to the speed of light (if that was possible) and they came back to Earth maybe they only aged five years or one year or a half year, or whatever.  Yet, the people on the planet would have been a lot older; it could have been fifty or a hundred years that went by.  It depends how fast they were traveling.


One of the things that I have come to understand is that different dimensions could be looked at as different time lines.  There are places where time moves at different speeds, and there are beings in those other speeds.  It goes up, because time is moving at this speed and there another place where time is moving faster and another place where time is moving faster yet.  In many cases, the beings and the intelligence on a given time line are not aware of the beings in another time line.  Although, sometimes we become aware of that; people who can see ghosts; people who are psychic, people who can do healing usually can do those things because they’re starting to access other time lines.


At the beginning of all the time lines, there is an intelligence.  It’s kind of a mystery down here: “Who is that intelligence?  What are they?  Are they real?”  People down here can decide to call that intelligence God; they can decide to call it the One Infinite Creator; they could call it love, or spirit, or whatever name we have. It’s like far, far away; it’s like talking about another country across the other side of the world.  Yet, when you’re talking about time lines it’s different than space-lines, with different spaces.  If there’s another country across the planet 10,000 miles away, that country is there and we are here.  There’s most definitely space that separates us, and never the two will meet.


But, when you’re talking about time lines: it is possible for a human to move into different time lines and it’s also possible for certain intelligences in other time lines to move into this time line.  There are certain people who have special abilities to be able to let those intelligences in other time lines speak through them.  We are lucky enough to have two of the most extraordinary people on the planet who have gifted us with their presence, and the communications from these higher time lines.  Of course, that’s Daphne and Terry.  On many of these calls, we have communications from those other time lines.


Here is the challenge for a human who is listening and getting exposed to this: Are they really who they say they are?  Are they really where they say they are?  What’s the advantage of hearing these communications to me?  There has to be some advantage – it could be a novelty but that wears out pretty quickly.  And yet, there are all these people who keep coming and listening our calls and listening to our replays.  I assume they’re getting some kind of benefit from it.  I know from the emails I get, some of them believe they’re feeling the energies, making the connections.  Occasionally, sometimes, somebody gets a message.  We’re setting a reference point here on these calls – and the other work we do and in the books that I write and the e-mailings we do, and in messageaday – to make a bridge from other time lines to here.  What’s the advantage?  I think there are probably two main advantages for a human to get this. 


One of them – maybe there are more than two, I don’t want to limit myself – I’ll start out with two.  One of them is:  We are humans and we are in this life.  We’re trying to figure it out:  “What’s it all about, Alfie?”  Why are we here?  What’s the meaning of it?  Where do we go when we die?  Where did we come from before we were born?  We are blinded to all those things.  Our human senses perceive the physical world, and we perceive and smell and see and taste things that are physical.  Yet, there is this idea that we are more than physical, and we exist in other realms but we don’t know it.  How do we know that?  We have this guidance from these sources, and they’re in other realms.  They are constantly explaining how it works and how we look to them.  That doesn’t mean you should believe them, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t believe them.  You should take it in and consider it and not only look at the wisdom of it, but look at the energies that you feel as part of the connection.


Recently, we did a couple of readings for a couple of people – I would keep them anonymous; I’ll even keep the details of the readings anonymous.  I don’t usually put out and talk too much about readings, but on the other hand I have watched people discover patterns that they would never had discovered if they didn’t get a reading.  What do I mean by patterns?


The idea is that we all have many lifetimes, and we keep coming back.  Every time we come back, it’s a blank slate on one hand.  It’s a blank slate because we don’t remember anything; we’re fresh in the world and we’re saying ,“What am I doing here?”  On the other hand, there’s an aspect to it which is not a blank slate, and that is that we carry patterns that we’ve established in other lifetimes.  Everybody has those patterns and they don’t know where they come from.  Mostly we assume that’s who we are.  When I was younger, that’s how I was: I said, “This is who I am.  I have these hang-ups, I have these talents…”  I didn’t know they were related to past lifetimes; how do you know that?  You need a little more evidence than just somebody saying it.  Then we discovered that people tend to look like their past lifetimes.  Occasionally, we have asked our sources – the one I put out to the public, but there are quite a few more – I asked Daphne (who is on the line):  Was Terry ever anybody famous?


Terry:  Terry’s on the line too.


Wynn:  Terry’s on the line too?  Okay – was Terry ever anybody famous?  They said to look up St. Catherine of Sienna, who was this woman who would go into the local church In Sienna, Italy.  She would channel; they would write down everything she said because they thought God was speaking to them through her.  St. Catherine’s “Dialogues with God” are part of Catholic history, recognized by the central body of the church.  They’re still being sold on Amazon.  When Terry looks at them, she says, “I need to do a little more editing!”  Last night, Terry was up all night and up this morning editing the stuff that comes through her.  When we go and look at it, we say, “Where did that come from?”  What are the chances that is just random?  I don’t think there's much chance that a voice that says they can see these things says, “Look up this person” and Terry happens to be the spitting image of that of that person.  If you’ve never looked at that, I have a page up on it:  Go take a look at the pictures.  It’s pretty compelling; it’s pretty convincing. 


I was talking to the fellow at Starbucks; we were talking about that.  He says “The Dalai Lama looks like all the other Dalai Lamas.  In some circumstances with the Dalai Lama and within families, even – people keep coming back and they come back to their sect, to their organization or to their family.  [It’s] one of the reasons I think there is such a drive for people to have children.  It’s an innate drive – it’s because when you have a child and you bring them up well; if you become wealthy and you put a lot of wealth into that family and leave a legacy, there’s a good chance at some point in the future, you’re going to end up back in that family as a grandson or a great grandson – whatever.  There’s a compelling subconscious desire to create a family for many people.  I won’t say for everybody – it wasn’t for me this lifetime.  But, for many people there’s a compelling desire to create a family unit because it creates a place for you to come back to.  If you make it very comfortable and if you make it abundant and wealthy, then you come back into a wealthy environment.  Of course, life is easier in this realm when there’s money.


On the other hand, life may be easier in this realm because there’s money, but you may be not having all the growth you could have if you’re brought up in a wealthy environment because you don’t have the challenges that force you to surface other elements of your being that – how do I say this?  You can just slide through life; you can slide, glide, coast – you can coast.  Ultimately that doesn’t necessarily make you happier.  It can; depends on you.  Everyone is different.  It doesn’t make you closer to God, necessarily, unless you have a family that’s close to God because then you’ll pick it up from your family.  But, if you don’t, you’ll still feel like a human, you won’t connect to higher realms, and you’ll have a comfortable life.  You’ll come back and you’ll have another comfortable life.  I’m sure there is every chance of randomness and probability that could be had as a result of these multiple incarnations. 


In my case, in this life time – I incarnated….  I reverse engineer this; I don’t remember this, but I’ve had so much compelling evidence that I’m sure it’s true.  I don’t want to tell all the stories to give the evidence, but I’ll tell you the end result.  I had a reading from somebody years ago, and they told me about a past life that I lived.  My father in this lifetime was a stranger, [in that lifetime], an innkeeper.  He poisoned me; he gave me hemlock.   The way it was told to me was that because he poisoned me, he created an energetic connection so that I had the option – I didn’t have to, but I had the option – to be born through him in this lifetime.  I reverse engineered that, and obviously I was born through him.  On some level on the other side, I had to have made the choice to have him as a father. Except: my childhood was a nightmare, because the way the subconscious energy was between him and myself was – from his point of view – “Here’s that guy I thought I got rid of and here he is, my son.  I totally reject him; what’s he doing here?”  My father rejected me all the time I was growing up.


There were some traumatic episodes – there was one episode where he actually stuffed food in my mouth that I didn’t want to eat   I went into a crying mode; ran upstairs, spit the food out.  It was like, on some level, we were re-enacting me being poisoned in that other lifetime.  It was things like this that really made me internalize that this idea of reincarnation is real.  Then, of course, Terry’s situation with St. Catherine – not only was that an indication that reincarnation was real because I already had that idea; but, that our sources were quite legitimate to be able to pull something like that out of the air.


They don’t do that just to make – how would I say it?  They don’t do it aggrandize Terry.  We’ve all had lifetimes where we might have been famous, and maybe our egos would like to hear that.  That’s not the reason they said it; they did it in Terry’s case – this is me saying this – I didn’t ask them why they said it.  I have a high sense of conviction that this is true:  They did it in Terry’s case, because Terry is very shy [and] very reserved.  She was very reluctant to be public and do this publicly.  The question is:  What if you’re making a mistake?  What if they’re not who they say they are?  What if there’s something negative there, and then you do it publicly, you can’t take it back?   Most people don’t do public channelings like this; at least where anyone can listen in.  But, that whole St. Catherine thing…  Why don’t you share – Terry’s on the line.  Terry, why don’t you share how that impacted you, to look at that and study it?


Terry:  Well, I remember a lot of my past lives, but it put a lot of stuff together for me because I remembered some of the incidents from the life of Catherine.  I don’t call her St. Catherine because she wasn’t a saint during her life; she was made a saint after her life.  So it was quite a surprise to me to take a look at that.  But, some of the incidents that I remember when I was a kid was very much like what St. Catherine went through when she was a kid – I started teaching Sunday school at fourteen.  It just kind of put more pieces of the puzzle together for me.


Wynn:  Did it give you more confidence in the work we were doing?


Terry:  Yes; but the confidence in the work has been gradually building since 1995.  I can see ghosts, and I can see spirits, and I can see angels.  So those things are all a background for putting the pieces together of the work we are doing.  It took me a couple of years of just working with the Elohim to be able to trust the source and recognize the soul signature of that group; and at least have some conversations like, they would say a word to me that I had no idea what the word meant.  Then, they would say, “Go look up the word when we’re finished.”  They would use the word, and spell it for me and I would keep saying, “It doesn’t sound like a real word.”  Then I’d look it up and it was a real word.


It did help things to fit in more with all the other things, the track record that we were putting together with channeling with the sources.


Wynn:  Great.  Thank you.  Daphne, are you on?


Daphne:  I’m here.  Hello.


Wynn:  You’re there.  I don’t want to talk about anything in your past without your permission, but there was that Egyptian lifetime that I think that’s kind of an interesting thing to talk about.  If you want to, I’ll talk about it; if you’re open to it.


Daphne:  You can certainly talk about your perceptions and I can share what I’m conscious of – sure.


Wynn:  We don’t remember those things; except for Terry.  Terry seems to be able to go back and look at them.  The way this all started with this Egyptian thing – I wanted to tell you, I have a four-hour workshop: “The Egyptian Connection”  where I put together huge amounts of pieces of the puzzles of history.  How the Ra group was working with this planet and what happened all through Egypt starting with David Wilcock, or Edgar Cayce, in his life as Ra-Ta.  Essentially, what had happened in Egypt was that the negative – what I’d call the negative – lower…  A really good definition of the negative is:  All those beings who have not tapped into the divine part of themselves, in this realm and in other realms, and are hungrily searching for energy down here.


We all need energy; it’s not that you shouldn’t need energy.  I didn’t used to understand that when I was younger; I thought one day when you get enlightened you just walk around like a glow worm and you’re with God and you don’t need anything.  But, it’s not true – at least not to my experience.  You’re in a human body and your body is an animal and your body has a nature.  If you don’t honor it in some way, it rebels.  It makes you sick, it gives you headaches.  Each of us has a nature that we have to learn about “To thine own self be true.”  The difference between the positive and the negative – let me just say this one thing – is that the negative wants energy, and they’re willing to abrogate the free will of everyone around them to get the energy.  The positive will not take anyone’s free will away.  That’s the big distinction.  That probably works through all the dimensions and through many of the negative realms from people in this realm and beings in other dimensions.



There’s this history that goes through Egypt where the former life of Edgar Cayce/David Wilcock in 10,000 B.C. was an Egyptian High Priest, and he was communicating with the Ra group.  The Ra group decided to make a great intervention at that time.  We’ve talked about it on these calls, where they actually projected bodies into this realm.  They were not born bodies; they were bodies of light, of – I don’t know how to even explain it because I don’t understand it.  They were visible; they were visible in this realm.  They were doing a lot of miraculous healing work.  According to both Edgar Cayce and Carla Rueckert, they built the pyramids by levitation.  According to Carla Rueckert, the negative priests – which means, again, those priests who were willing to wield the power over people - take free will away, use fear as a way of controlling things – those priests started to connect with negative on the other side.  They connected with the negative because their predisposition was to want power, and the negative will connect with you and use you and give you power if you commit to them – which would be in the Christian sense – that would be the devil’s bargain.  But the devil is not the devil:  it’s a bunch of guys in space ships, highly technological, and they have been influencing this planet.


So Egypt became under the auspices under the negative, starting with that intervention by the Ra group.  Through Carla Rueckert, the Ra group said, “We made a mistake by doing that.  We assumed a certain responsibility for bringing the negative into this realm, and giving them a portal.  So, we’ve been staying in your realm working closely with you trying to rectify that.”  All of Egypt, for thousands of years, was under the negative; all those Egyptian gods that we hear about were of the negative.  Children, young children would get initiated into the negative.  It was an entire country controlled by the negative.  There was one attempt to stop that from occurring.


According to Carla Rueckert – again, I use her because I learned a lot from studying her stuff, and it all dove-tailed into everything else I was learning.  Carla is my guest once a month on our Monday night calls, so if you’ve been listening regularly, you’ve gotten to know her.  Many of you may not have read her Ra material which is available for free on her website; you can download it –  This kind of history that I’m sharing with you, you will never, ever find anywhere.  It’s a mystery to the public, to the world, to the historians.  In any case, Carla Rueckert said there was an Egyptian Pharaoh that Ra was talking to, and made an attempt but it kind of failed – but, there was an attempt made.


His name was Akhunaton.  Akhunaton outlawed all the religious practices of the priests.  They were doing sacrifices, they were doing manipulations of the masses, they were creating fear that if people didn’t give them money that they would be cursed – that’s historic.  That part of it is historic; Akhunaton outlawed it.  Akhunaton’s wife was more famous than he was.  His wife was Nefertiti.  Some of you have seen the picture of Nefertiti.  When I was first with Daphne and she was channeling, I asked the question, “I know I exist in other dimensions; I have all kinds of synchronicities in my life.”  Synchronicities are one sign that you’re moving your energy through this dimension into other dimensions.  I said, “How do I connect with my own sources in other dimensions?  How do I do that?”  They said, “Write your dreams down.”


So, that night I put a pad by my bed.  I had studied this whole process because that’s how David Wilcock started out.  When I looked at the pad in the morning I found messages – verbal messages – like, “It’s the insanity of passion that makes things happen in the real world”; like “Through your dedication to love, serve and care the negativity goes away”; like “Communication from another dimension, just like Cayce – he slept to connect with this dimension.”  At first I said, “I must be making this up.”  My life was pretty crazy – writing the book about Wilcock, I’ve got Daphne channeling this voice that says they’re the Elohim and now I’m getting these dream messages.


If you haven’t read, “The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe want to Talk to You”, you can download it for free and it tells that whole story of how that started for me.  It’s important to read the story because it grounds the energy; it grounds the energy in a real way.  Every night I would get more of these sentences.  It sounded like the Ra group; I was getting all this wisdom, these wise looks at my life:  “You finally found the job you won’t get tired of” was one of them.  What else?  I can’t remember, but they’re in that book.


Finally, I went back to Daphne and we did a channeling and I said, “Can you explain those dream messages?  Where are they coming from?”  They answered and they said “Akhunaton.”  I knew who Akhunaton was, and I said “And Ra?”  Then, they said “Under the auspices of Ra.”  Then I said, “Did I know Akhunaton?”  They said, “You were his right hand man.”  I said, “What was my name?”  They’re very specific; they said “Amenhotep.”  I never heard the name Amenhotep in my life, but I started studying, googling, the word ‘Amenhotep.’  I found that was the name that Akhunaton had, and he changed his name.


Why did he change his name?  The lower god was called ‘Amen’: Amen-Ra.  The higher god was Aten-Ra; it was the moon god and the sun god.  The sun god was the radiator of light and the moon god was the receiver of light.  The contention was, the moon god was negative.  If you use the word Ra among certain Christian groups, they will think that’s a pagan god, because Amen-Ra was the pagan god of Egypt.  I kept saying, “Why did they tell me Akhunaton’s right hand man was named Amenhotep?  Why did they say that?  Why did he have a right hand man [with that name] , since that’s the name that he denied for himself?”   I pondered that for months.


In the meantime, I’m continually talking to Daphne.  Then, I found this book called “My Son Ikhnaton” which was a channeled book supposedly from Akhunaton’s mother.  I read it.  In the book, they were describing Nefertiti and I said ,“This sounds like Daphne; her personality sounds like Daphne.”  Then, I looked up the statue of Nefertiti – you know, there’s that famous statue.  I said, “That looks like Daphne.”  Daphne is very beautiful and Nefertiti was beautiful.  I started to think; my thought at the time was: “Did Akhunaton’s right hand man have an affair with Nefertiti?  Is that what happened?”  It took me a while to put all the pieces together.  Finally, the only answer that made sense was that I could have been Akhunaton and Daphne was Nefertiti.


You can listen to the Egyptian Connection; if you want to get it –  I sell that one – its $19.00; but, after this call I will put a discount code so if anyone wants to get it for $10 they can.  It’s a four-hour workshop.  It’s very intriguing and as part of it, two times a voice came through Daphne when we were in Ventura, California.  The voice said it was the soul fragment of Nefertiti.  That audio is on that workshop.  Nefertiti was talking about the connection with Akhunaton.  Actually, in that channeling – remember, don’t believe anything, you just have to put pieces together – she was kind of apologizing to me because, at a certain point, she got confused and started aligning (according to this book) with the priesthood that Akhunaton had fired.  There was this conflict going on, because on the surface it looked like Akhunaton was destroying the heritage and the traditions of Egypt which were all these gods that had been around for thousands of years.  Out of the blue, he’s saying “No, more worship.”  Eventually, he took his people, the people who were his followers, and built his own city 200 miles to the north of the capital of Egypt.


Now that I’ve said all that – Daphne?


Daphne:  Yes, I’m here.


Wynn:  Do you want to make any comments on the resonance of that to yourself; if you want to.


Daphne:  This is a tough subject, because – unlike Terry – I don’t have the conscious, lucid recall of past life connections.  However, there are some things that are very striking.  One is that, since I was about nine years old, I had an absolute obsession – it wasn’t a fascination – it was an obsession with things Egyptian.  So much so, that I had taken every single book out of the library that I could and read it.  I’m not an artist; I’m musical in this life, but I’m not visually artistic; I don’t draw.  Yet, I painstakingly drew the death mask of Tutankhamen.  If you follow the Egyptian legacy and you follow the story, you will find that Tutankhamen is the supposedly, at least according to some scholars, the son of Akhunaton – possibly Nefertiti’s son.  The verdict on that one I think is out.  There is some kind of a connection there.


In terms of just the feeling that I have for this – for example:  When Nefertiti's soul fragment came through, it was an agonizing time.  It was absolutely – it was extremely painful.  She was talking about her soul fragment literally being impaled, as if it were stuck; stuck either between dimensions, or it somehow was in a place in time and space where it could not move; it was frozen, it was immolated.  I myself, at that time in my life, was pretty much re-experiencing that kind of impalement.  The repercussions and the reverberations of that have lasted until the present day.


Meeting Wynn literally – it was like being struck by lightening.  It wasn’t the personhood so much, as I believe it was the kind of karmic, psychic patterning that was coming together.  We came together in the physical – met each other, talked – it triggered and catalyzed such a tremendous amount of information and energy that it literally destroyed the life that I had at that point.  I was married to a very successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur, I had a beautiful home on six acres in the mountains just north of Santa Cruz, California; I was a performing musician; I was recording albums and doing this kind of really creative, relatively happy-go-luck life.  We had land on the big island of Hawaii; we were planning to build an off-grid house.  I didn’t have any financial worries, and no real health concerns to speak of.


Literally overnight, everything that I knew – my marriage and my home, my instruments, my kitties, kitty-cats, my felines – everything I had grounded to, and anchored to, was ripped away from me.  It was extremely painful, extremely catalyzing.  Even now, it’s a very hard thing to – I’ve accepted it – yet, trying to ground in the physical world now is an ongoing, very challenging situation.


I take the reality of what’s happened here quite seriously.  I guess that’s what I can say about it at the moment.


Wynn:  When you hear the story of Akhunaton and Nefertiti and all of that stuff – when we talk about these things, there is absolutely no judgment from the past; every one has done things that have been self-centered, selfish, negative and even evil – all of us.  It’s okay; it’s good to be able to look at it and say, “I could have done that.”  There’s no judgment on it.  It’s the looking at it.  There are aspects of the energies that came in between us; that at first were a mystery. 


For example, if Nefertiti – I never asked this – I would guess that Nefertiti was channeling with Akhunaton and he got this idea of the Ra group and the Law of One and adopted his mission, because Nefertiti was a source that he trusted.  Then, Nefertiti got involved with thinking with her mind – looking at it and saying, “”He’s not doing what’s best for Egypt; he’s destroying the heritage of Egypt.  There’s all this stuff that Egypt is built on; all of these gods.”  She started hanging out with the priests, what’s called the Amen priesthood.


By the way, I’ll show you how big the Amen priesthood is – you ever heard the word ‘amen’?  That comes directly from Egypt: ‘amen’ from the Amen priesthood.  That doesn’t mean when people say it, it’s evil.   I never asked that question; I know it’s with the intent.  If you say something with reverence, it doesn’t necessarily attach to where it started from.  Nonetheless, it’s fascinating to look at.  What I have done is – the priesthood of Egypt are exactly the same energies on the other side that are impacting what we call the Illuminati, the secret societies of today that are trying to control our planet and enslave everybody.  It’s a real amazing thing to study that and experience the track of how the Ra group has been involved in this realm for thousands of  years in the real way; not just saying they’re here to help us but to see what they’ve done. 


Those of you who have been on our Monday night calls regularly know that about seven or eight months ago we started asking questions about this on Monday night.  We did a channeling.  One of the members of the Ra group who actually manifested a body in that period of David Wilcock’s time came forth and talked about it.  He was very reluctant; I’m not going to ask them to come do that again, because from their perspective, it was a mistake and it turned out negative because of the Egyptian priesthood.


It’s 6:57 and Don is not kicking us off the air – I called this a wild card tonight; I didn’t know we were going to talk about this.  I think it’s good to talk about it and look at it.  I think that – say for example, even in this lifetime – it’s like when Daphne was channeling and she brought all this forth – part of her was concerned, “What if this is negative?  What if this is dark?”  She was: “Why am I having such panic attacks and such pain if this work is positive?  How come I’m experiencing that?”  Does it make any more sense when you look at it in this light, Daphne?


Daphne:  Yes.  It seems like there are huge patterns repeating.  I did read some of these books that Wynn recommends or has mentioned tonight.  I do recommend them.  One of them is “My Son Ikhnaton.”  Who is the author of that one, Wynn?


Wynn:  Wait a second – I have that sitting here.  I’ll pick it up.  By the way, Akhunaton [Ikhnaton] was a poet.  He wrote all these poems to Nefertiti that are still in history.  Did you know that, Daphne?


Daphne:  Yes.


Wynn:  Ann Ree Colton.


Daphne:  So, there’s that one.  There is also “Born of the Sun” which is an interesting one, too.  Then, there’s another one – “Ikhnaton – the Extraterrestrial” – those three.  They’re very interesting sources of information.  I’ve read them, I’ve read through a couple of them more than once.  The experience for me wasn’t really reading a novel so much as it was reconciling pieces of information and things that seemed either overtly or subtly familiar.


In terms of my own life, yes – there was this overwhelming feeling that I was somehow being controlled; being controlled negatively.  Feeling trapped; feeling that I had been taken over, that I had been hi-jacked or held hostage.  To this day, I still fight with this.  It’s a very debilitating, at times, thing.  It feels like there’s a battle; there’s an ongoing spiritual battle happening here between the dimensions.


I guess that’s what I could say about it just off the cuff.


Wynn:  I’m going to recommend – as soon as we finish this call, I’m going to send an e-mailing of the Egyptian Connection with a discount of $9, so it’s only $10.  Also:  Did you ever read the book “Initiation”, Daphne?


Daphne:  Elizabeth Haitch. Yes, fifteen years ago or so.


Wynn:  I believe that book is out in a pdf.


Don:  Wynn, we’ve got a show out; I’ve got to let you go.


Wynn:  Okay, we’re going to hang up now.  Watch your emails and I’ll put that out.  I’m sorry, Don, I thought you would come on.


We’re going to close this call; thank you all for listening.  Thanks, Don, for not cutting us off; thank you Daphne for talking about all of this.


Daphne:  You’re very welcome.  I wish I had done a little bit more of my homework.


Wynn:  I want to get off because Don has to put his next show on.  Thank you, Don



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