Subject: Transcript- Monday 03-26-2012, BBS Call-- “It's the Simple Things” with guest Carla Rueckert

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“It's the Simple Things” with guest Carla Rueckert

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by clrm


Wynn:  Welcome everybody! This is the Wynn Free/Terry Brown and, tonight, Carla Rueckert Monday Night Conference Call.  Normally it’s Wynn and Terry, and once a month, we are honored to have our special guest, Carla Rueckert.  Do we have the conference line on?


Carla:  Hello everybody.


Wynn:  We are live on the air!  This is our Monday Night Conference Call. Everyone on the conference line, anyone, have anything they want to say before we mute you? Carla and Terry are on the line.


Carla:  Hello everybody! It’s just so good to be with you and feel your energy.


Terry:  Hello everybody from me also.


Gijs:  Welcome to you, Carla, and Terry.  Wynn, I want you to know we also have a special guest, Carlo, with us. You met on the show.


Wynn:  Carla!


Carla:  Hi Wynn.  Long time!


Wynn:  What show did I meet you at?


Carla:  I recently met you at the show in Palomar at the Big Windmill in Carlsbad, California.[1]


Wynn:  That was a long time ago.


Carla:  It was a while back.


Wynn:  They just had another one in Carlsbad.  I said, “I wish I was there.”  We’re in Arizona now, so it’s harder to go that far.  Thank you so much for coming. Have you paid any attention to our work, the stuff we’re doing?


Carla:  I’ve been very disconnected for a while. I’m kind of doing the hermit thing both here and on the island of Hawaii since the last time I saw you, so I’ve not really kept in touch.


Wynn:  Every Monday night we do this Conference Call.  Each one is different.  Our normal Monday nights – each one is a special thing so it’s never quite normal – oftentimes we do a live channeling session.  We ask questions and Terry answers the questions. We pick a topic.  Once a month, Carla Rueckert is our guest.


For those of you who are tuning in and listening who are not aware of Carla, Carla was one of the people to whom I would give credit for inspiring me at the very beginning of the time I started writing the book about David Wilcock.  She is a channel –using the word channel to mean a person who brings through messages from other realms.  She’s quite extraordinary, quite different from most other people that do that.  She’s most well-known for something called The Ra Material, which she did in 1981 [through 1984.  This was the first time this Ra group had picked someone to speak through in a very long time.  They were willing to talk through Carla because they believed in her high intent and her groups’ high intent to keep this at a very high level.


In short, [the Ra group] identified themselves as a group soul that was made up of people that graduated; of beings, entities, that graduated the physical universe of the third density, and then acted as helpers and guides for those planetary populations still stuck in 3D, like us.  Throughout history they have done different interventions that usually ended up in some big transformation at this level.  Carla was their current emissary. She still is, without going into long explanations.


If any of that sounds intriguing to any of you, Carla has a website – – she has a community –  She’s got ongoing support, not so different from the way we provide ongoing support, different because she does it in her way.  Many people around the world have been greatly inspired, enlightened and influenced by the materials she’s brought through.  Many of her books are available on her website for free.  If you’ve never checked it out, there are probably thousands of transmissions that are transcribed up there.


Carla:  Close to two thousand.


Wynn:  Close to two thousand, plus a bunch of books – The Channeling Handbook, The Ra Material books – what else?  Secrets of the UFO – is that up there?


Carla:  It’s up there. You can order the coloring book we did for children.  That’s there.  It’s a nice round of things.  For instance, I think we may be one of the few metaphysical groups that I know who has anything for children.  In this case, somebody brought a child to a channeling session and the child asked a question of Hatonn. The answer [Hatonn gave to that child was perfect for making a coloring book.


We have a lady that draws cartoons for government textbooks that was a member of our meditation group and she was glad to help us out. [Our coloring book] is called What is Love.


Wynn:  We’re recording this; we do that because we mail these all out and we have maybe a thousand people who are getting these recordings.  I still have Alzheimer’s so my producer always has to tell me, “Wynn, turn the tape recorder on.”  Having Alzheimer’s, it’s called – some people call it “Ascension Alzheimer’s”.  As you get more into spirit, it’s pretty easy to forget things down here.


Did you ever notice that, when people are getting really old and they know their time is getting short, they start worrying much less about the physical universe and they just seem spaced out, non-threatening.  They’re not competitive and they’re easy to be around.  They can’t remember things, because part of their energy is already in other realms.  To do this job, the job we do, part of our energy has to be in other realms.  It’s an interesting phenomenon, because as you start moving into other realms all the things that I want to accomplish - I’m still in an accomplishment stage – there isn’t that angst about it.  You just do it because you feel, “This will help people.  We should do this.  This is going to be of service.”  I’m not doing it because I need to be at the top of some recognition heap, like, “Everybody lookin’ at me!  Look at this.”  It doesn’t matter anymore. I just do it.


Sometimes when you’re at the place of looking at the things you want to accomplish, accomplishment in 3D looks like recognition.  Accomplishment in 4D and 5D looks like service.  That’s the really big thing to integrate, that little fact right there.  When you can do accomplishment out of service, you know you have come to a new plateau.


Carla, is there anything you want to say?  I always have to talk at the beginning, because as soon as I turn it over to Carla, I can just kind of relax for about a half hour.  Then, I have to tell her, “Be quiet! Let Terry say something.”  Carla doesn’t do that because she’s attached to attention. If she was attached to attention she would be getting mad at me for saying that.  She just starts talking and she gets into a flow.  One thing leads to the next to the next and I can feel the energy.  I always learn things from her, so it’s always great to have her on the program.


Moving on…


The topic tonight that I announced, Carla is “The Simple Things.”  I’m making sure I get this out before I let you talk.  We try to be on topic. 


When we start getting into all this esoteric knowledge, all this grand understanding of how the universe works – I used to be this way some years ago – we start to think we are in a special, elite group.  The whole thing is not about being elite. Nonetheless, it’s human nature to say, “Nobody around me knows this.”  We look at the people around us and we can’t talk to them about all this sophisticated stuff, we start to think we’re better than they are. Yet it’s those very people around us that are giving us our opportunity to be of service.  It’s an interesting thing.


Terry and I did a reading for someone recently.  I’m not going to say her name, and I’m not going to say anything that will give her away.  There was a really great principle that came across in that reading.  This person had a partner and she felt that the partner didn’t understand any of this esoteric stuff.  She felt separated from him.  They were wondering, “Should we stay together or leave?”  I thought the counsel for this was profound. She was supposed to learn how to love this person as he was and make him feel safe and make him feel secure, that she wasn’t going to leave him at any moment.  Through doing that, the nature of the relationship would shift.  Her mate felt really insecure because his wife was into all this esoteric stuff that he didn’t understand.  It was very profound; a very profound answer.  It’s one that I can certainly relate to at different times in my life.


When I took that very pose where I felt superior to other people because of things I knew – advanced wisdom, advanced esoteric knowledge –they didn’t know that.  It was not about them having to know that for me to feel connected to them.  I find just because somebody knows all of that stuff it doesn’t mean I feel more connected to them.  Even right now, both of us having the same viewpoints of the universe is not what makes me feel connected to somebody, although it can help in working out a personal issue. You can have some interesting discussions about it.  But that’s not the same as feeling compassion.


On that note, I’m turning it over to Carla and letting her take the stage.  Go ahead, Carla.


Carla:  All right, Wynn – thanks.


Gijs:  Wynn, do you want to mute the lines? 


Wynn: Yes.


Carla:  I think Wynn has such a good point in that it is the big things that make the news but it is the little things that count. In a relationship, in real life - in life the size that we all live it – it’s the person that turns back to give a nod or a smile, that remembers to pray for you when you’re sick instead of just giving a passing thought to it.  There are so many ways that indicate how you feel with reference to the world.  Obviously, the Law of One material and The Confederation material in general is going to tell you that you’re here to serve.  You’re here to serve the Creator in everyone that you see and in every situation that you meet.


People can interpret that in two ways, and that’s why there are two polarities.  People can interpret that by meaning that we’re here to serve people by influencing them with all of our wonderful wisdom and power – and that’s called the service-to-self polarity.  So, we whip everybody into line, punish them if they don’t agree with us and reward them if they do.  We have a universe that is as controlled as possible and we’re doing the very best we can to make a beautiful world in which everybody will be happy according to the way that we think that they should be happy.


The other way, of course, is to view the world as a very powerful and sacred thing and yourself as a servant – and, that is the service-to-others approach.  You can take that exact desire to serve the Creator in everyone into such a vast array of attitudes that it helps to be able to break it down and to [ask yourself,] “Is this for me, or is it for the other guy?


Wynn:  Carla, I want to insert a point.  Don’t lose your track.


Using that terminology of service to self and service to others, it can easily turn something into a doctrine.  I watch people walking around, like, “You’re the devil”; “You’re service to others”.  There is another way of looking at that distinction which I wanted to share which may help some people see it in a slightly different way.  I’ll say it and you can contest what I’m saying.


Everybody needs attention.  When you’re in this realm, attention is one of the most wonderful things that you get.  It’s the way in which you get attention that has a great deal of bearing on [whether you are polarized] service to self or service to others.  Service to self would mean, “Look at me, always look at me.”  When somebody is looking at you; when you’re espousing great wisdom or great pontifications””, you’re getting energy.  Anyone who is standing in front of an audience, whether they’re negative or positive, if they’re working it correctly it’s getting energy from that group. Anyone who has a following is getting energy from their group.


The thing about it is, when there’s no co-creative energy, the energy doesn’t sustain just because somebody is paying attention to you.  It sustains for just so long, and then you have to go look for someone else, and then look for someone else.  It starts to become really negative because you have to manipulate people and enslave them to try to squeeze more energy out of them.  You keep doing this: getting energy, energy, energy – but it’s a never-ending kind of funnel of needing energy, in its worst case.  That’s where you get all these terrible sacrifices and rituals – all done to get energy.


As you move just through the other side of that – because we all need energy – it becomes co-creative.  You’re not just taking the position of, “Let me get energy from you.  Give me energy.  I am smarter than you.  I am your teacher.”  You move into the space where the energy goes back and forth and no one knows what’s going to happen next, in which case the energy doesn’t die.  You don’t have to keep looking for new people.  You always find ways to keep the co-creation going.  Now you can have committed relationships.


You notice on these calls, this is ‘seat of the pants’ – it’s co-creative. Whatever we’re doing, whether it’s me and Terry or me and Carla, we’re bouncing energy back and forth between us. We could probably go for five hours and not run out.  That’s because the service-to-others aspect has the advantage of not running out of energy, whereas the service-to-self [aspect] runs out of energy and always is acquisitive. [It is] always trying to acquire more energy and always trying to be the top dog, getting everything focused on them.


Did you ever go to a group and have somebody that totally dominated the conversation?  It gets boring so fast when you have to sit through it, because they will not let go. They don’t even know they are dominating.  They think they are God’s gift for sharing things with people.  That’s one way that I have come to look at service to self/service to others. It’s not a matter of, “I’m one of the good guys: I’m service-to -others.  He’s one of the bad guys; he’s service-to-self.”  The reason the person is service-to-self is because they never had that experience of co-creativity with someone.  I won’t say that’s absolutely true. Maybe they have and they said, “I’d rather do it this way.”


The Ra group says you can go to a very high level being service-to-self, but at a certain point, if you don’t switch you’re stuck.  You can’t go any higher. You’re at the pinnacle of all the power over this realm. You enslave everybody. You’re manipulating people. You’re predicting everything that’s going to happen.  You’re creating patterns that other people fall into and you’re stuck.  It gets boring because you’re creating all the outcomes.  Until we move into the place where you don’t know what’s going to happen next – I don’t know if that’s exactly the right way to say it - When we move into the place where there’s co-creation and we give people the space to be themselves and they’re not afraid of you and they can be themselves and you can be yourself, the energy moves to a new level.  That’s where the Law of One comes in.


Did that make sense? Back to you, Carla. 


Carla:  Yes – that made perfect sense.  What do you think, Terry?


Terry:  I totally agree with what you said.


Carla:  I do too, Wynn.  The heart of it is that you release, within yourself, the attachment to how people see you or to how you see yourself.  If you see yourself as a person who is service-to-others then it doesn’t harm you to say, “I am a servant.”  I start out each day praying to be a servant in my Father’s house and really, truly mean that – “May I please address every circumstance in the highest and best way.  May I not be caught by circumstances so that I lose my perspective and my compassion and my judgment?”  It really helps to have that determination.


When you are of service to others; when you are wanting to love rather than be loved as St. Francis put it[2] – to be a support to others rather than be supported; to console rather than be consoled – [to do] all those beautiful things that you hope to do for other people, it takes a good deal of substantial, what my mother used to call “bottom.”  It takes a lot of soundness, groundedness, to stay humble and to stay genuinely in that place where you know for sure that things are coming through you, not from you, [and that] you are well-cast in your role as servant. Your job is to get your mind and your heart empty so that you can receive what the Creator is giving you so that you can create the most beautiful possible day or best day or food if it’s something that you’re cooking, or the most beautifully painted bathroom or whatever it is that you are doing.  If you’re empty like that then you are free to be taken by the highest and best of energies and to create the most helpful and the best feeling vibration to live in.


 Just think [how it would be] if all the people that you knew were really interested in creating that kind of atmosphere, even on a tiny scale.  It [boggles] the mind as to how beautiful an experience it would make for everybody.  That’s the basic thing about the little things counting: what do you have but little things, really?  If you don’t make those little things count, what does count?  It’s really important to honor your days; to pick out things that make days special.


Wynn:  The thought that occurred to me is – when you say things I hear contrary things in my mind; I’m just going to say my contrary things.  The idea of humility I think can be interpreted or misinterpreted by some people.  I misinterpreted it for a period of time.  I remember:


When I was younger, I used to look at Mohammed Ali and I said, “What an ego trip that guy is on!  I’m the greatest!”  They’d never accuse Mohammed Ali of being humble.  On the highest level, I don’t think he said those things out of the sense of ego.  I think he was on a Divine Mission.


Carla:  He was a performer.


Wynn:  He was a performer, right.  And, he was on a mission, either consciously or unconsciously, to be a hero for black people.  He succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, and he used that ability of this bravado in order to get the right attention so he could do that.  Underneath it, he is a humble person.


When you use the word ‘humble’ and you try to apply that to people, it’s very much a trick to figure out, “Are they really they doing that out of service or are they doing that out of ego?”  That’s why Jesus said, “Judge not lest ye shall be judged.”[3]  You don’t have to worry about it. You just have to worry about yourself and figure out what you’re supposed to do and evaluate yourself.  Otherwise, even making the distinction between service to self and service to others, it pulls at you. It can easily tempt you to move into a judgmental thing, like, “This person is this, this person is that, this person is this; this person is a reptilian!”


On the simple things, I know myself, I’ve learned this:  there are days where I feel funky.  There are days where I look like a criminal.  I’ve learned to understand it. It’s kind of like I’m washing up all these old lifetimes, and on various days they show up.  I look in the mirror and I say, “Uh oh, that’s one of those patterns coming up.  I have to shift myself.” 


One of the things that I’ve learned as a way to shift myself is through the simplest acts of kindness, like calling up somebody that I haven’t talked to in a long time and saying “I just thought I’d check in.  How are you doing?”  We start a conversation and five minutes into the conversation, all those patterns that were rising up in me go away. 


Yet, it’s so easy to forget how to do those things.  If you don’t do them - if I don’t shift myself,  I could look like a criminal for the entire day.  In fact, I’d better not go out today. They might arrest me if they look at me.


In a sense, you’re doing those things for other people but you’re also doing them for yourself, because the energy always comes back. And it shifts you.  You have to learn to ride the energy of transformation that keeps you in a state of flow and keeps you in a state of movement. For me, if I don’t keep that kind of motion up, then I just withdraw.  I go into old patterns.  I need to do that, I have too much energy.  The energy backs up on me if I don’t find a way to release it.


Carla, I bet you never look like a criminal, do you?


Carla:  Very few women as small as I look like a criminal. The summer I turned 19 I was let into the State Fair for under 10.  I am so innocent, although I can be devious,  I’m pretty much of a straight arrow. 


I suppose that humility can be taken in that way of false humility. True humility is that emptying out that makes you ready to receive. I don’t really know any other way to be the servant of the Most High other than to empty the self and prepare for whatever I’m going to feel.  Admittedly, this is all on the inner.  If you’re telling somebody with whom you’re riding down to the office that you’re doing all this dramatic cleansing and emptying of self so that you can do the Creator’s work in your cubicle, they’re going to look at you and say, “My – you’re taking yourself seriously, aren’t you?” 


And, all I can say is, “Yes I am.  This is what I volunteered for.”


Wynn:  I know somebody out there is listening to this and they’re saying, “All right, Carla, I agree. But how do I empty myself?  I wake up. I’m guilty. I feel shame.  I hate everybody today; I read the newspaper and I feel like hell.  You telling me I’m supposed to empty myself?”  You gotta tell me what you do to empty yourself.” 


I told you, one of the things I do is, I jump into the middle of the fray and I’ll call somebody or I’ll do something even when I feel unworthy to do something.  Once I jump and I become [in sync]with that person I start moving into a center point,[4] a neutrality, and I’m listening to them and I’m caring.  That moves me and I’m kind of like empty.


I’m talking on this show and I’m empty.  I’m not really talking. I’m just sitting here in neutral and listening carefully and suddenly the words pop up.  Maybe you’re empty all the time?


Carla:  No, I’m not.  As a matter of fact, I have as much grit in the system as anybody else. And when you discover those times where you’ve gotten jammed up on your own grit and you have to let go, I think it’s a choice point.  It’s an opportunity for you to make a choice between doing something that would be easy but will not solve anything and doing something that will be a solution.  Sometimes [the solution] is to offer an apology, to make things right in some way.  For a lot of things in life there are two rights and no wrongs, and it doesn’t hurt you at all to support the other person and not be right.  I think not being right is one of the hardest things for a person to do if he wants to stay empty.  If he wants to stay empty, he has to let go of being right.


Wynn:  I have found with apologies, at those times when somebody really has done something to me, that they have really hurt themselves. I didn’t really do it.  They just triggered themselves.  I was fairly innocent, but yet they’re really hurt.  There is a part of me that doesn’t want to apologize, because I’m right.  What I’ve learned is that you don’t have to apologize for your action, but you can apologize to the person [by saying], “I’m sorry what I did hurt you.”  You can be totally honest that way, yet you don’t have to act like you did something wrong.  Oftentimes, people use that kind of energy to try to make you feel guilty.  You don’t have to. 


If you’re apologizing out of guilt, it’s not very good.  You’re not going to get anywhere with it.  You can always apologize for hurting someone or doing something inadvertently.  If somebody had a negative reaction, you can apologize and usually that will switch the energy around.


Carla:  Right.  I don’t think you need to be a doormat in order to be humble.


Wynn:  I think a lot of people think that.  When you say service-to-others, and then you say humble, people start thinking that I’m going to spend the day walking old ladies across the street and I’m going to give some money to a charity.  Being service-to- others can have a warrior aspect to it. It doesn’t mean being a doormat, or small.  It can have a war[like aspect] to it; it can give passion to it.  It depends upon your own personal attributes and your way of expression.  You have a natural way of expressing. And then you don’t do it because you think it’s too much.  That works against the whole thing.


Terry, are you going to say anything?


Terry:  Let’s see if I can put it into words. A lot of times, people like the feeling of love and they want to be totally loving and they don’t understand why they can’t just be totally loving. Then all of these things come up and jump up and are like blockages in the way of being totally loving.


I think that [in that] part of that is within their own selves, at some point, they felt like they were right and nobody would listen, nobody would give them any credit and then they just had to shut up.  I think communication is a big thing. People could start to alter their lives by writing down each day where there was a big change in their life.  Like, where they weren’t allowed to say something or do something that they felt was very, very important – perhaps in their childhood – and they kind of hold that to themselves.  It creates a blockage towards reaching out, and they then think everybody is going to be that way towards them like their parents were.  If they try to be totally loving and they still have these belief systems that were instilled in them when they were a child that it’s going to create conflict.


I think communication or genuineness and sitting down and writing down where the major changes in one’s life are, and what was going on at that time and just writing down your own point of view and how you were right at that time, then, eventually, you can let go of having to be right because you’ve expressed it. 


There’s also a little bit of angst that came about when one isn’t able to do what they feel is right.


Those are my comments.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Carla:  There is a technique that you can use. My husband is very good at it.  He used to teach it. You create a drama [out of] one of the situations Terry was talking about, and one of the roles is played by the self.  The other role is the person they had the trouble with, that they had the miscommunication with. For this Neuro-Linguistic Programming, you get out in front of the group. It’s all very done in a very intense group therapy atmosphere. But you don’t play yourself necessarily.  You might play the boss or the mom or whatever.  But, whoever plays what roles, you re-enact that role and this time you do the things you did not know how to do when you were a child. And you successfully – if the therapy is successful – defend yourself.  That is supposed to be a tremendously healing thing.


Wynn:  I think one of the greatest services that a person can do for another person is to be a little wise. You have to be able to look at this from afar in order to know what you’re doing.  Otherwise, you probably won’t do it.  We always like being around cheery, uplifted, joyful people – we all do.  It takes less energy.


There are times when somebody is going through a Dark Night of the Soul.  You have to identify [whether they are having a Dark Night of the Soul, or [whether] they’re just an energy sucker.  When you hook into somebody who is going through really heavy, negative stuff – oftentimes, they’ll latch onto you and they’ll just keep draining your energy and it doesn’t go anywhere.  They don’t change, and they use you as a constant distraction because they’re in so much pain.


There is a point where someone is actually attempting to take responsibility for their stuff and their stuff starts coming up and it doesn’t look pretty.  Most people back off from that because it’s so hard.  If you find somebody like that in your life and you can hold [love] for them when they’re going through it, you can help them reach the other side of it. You have done a huge service for the universe because now you’ve been responsible for holding [love] so someone could have the courage to go through all that garbage that’s coming up and get to the other side of it. 


Once they’re on the other side, there are huge amounts of gratitude that get exchanged, because on some level they know you did that for them.  Then they learn how to do that for other people because it was done for them.  It’s one way to make a huge shift and change in your life, and in other people’s lives.


I know there have been times where I’ve done that for people and I see how it works.  I know that there are people who have done that for me and I see how it works.  It’s not an easy thing, when you’re going through stuff like that, to [find] someone who can hold [love] for you, unless you’re lucky enough to be married to a very compassionate person. Then they’ll understand.  The thing is, when you’re [suffering], you don’t look good.  When you don’t look good, people turn away from you.  It’s very special when someone does not turn away from you when you don’t look good, and holds [the love]  for you until you heal.


Do you know the experience I’m talking about, Carla?


Carla:  Yeah, sure.  You speak about it very well, Wynn.


Wynn:  Thank you.  I’ve been there and done that.


Carla:  Yes.  I think we all have.  I know that you can be that place for other people; that lap that people can crawl into, that smile that people can snuggle into.


I get letters from all over the world all the time from people I’ve never met.  I got a beautiful little dangly thing – it looks like the kind of thing you hang over the rearview mirror in your car - and she made it herself. She is a Buddhist nun in the far reaches of India. She wanted to thank us for having the materials online where she could read them for free.  It’s just like that all the time. There’s a bottomless well of gratitude right out on the waters?? It’s amazing.  It doesn’t come in ten-fold; it comes in a hundred-fold or a thousand-fold.  I’m not saying this financially; I’m saying this in terms of the deep bottom of your heart.  You can’t believe how warm it can grow because of the thank-yous that people will give you. And really all you were doing was trying to serve.  That’s a crap-shoot. You never know whether you were able to serve or not; you’re just hoping that you can.


Wynn:  Sometimes when you do that gratitude comes back.  Sometimes, you fail.


Carla:  You don’t fail; I call it getting a blessing.[5] Those who are poorer because they are the children of God are [receiving] the benedictions; you get a benediction sometimes.  You get to be those that are accursed for the spirit’s sake. So, when I get somebody that does me that way, I say, “Oh thank you.” 


You can drive people crazy [doing that].  I don’t have anybody in my life right now, but I used to.  I’d thank him.  He’d tell me how rotten I was and I’d thank him.  He’d say,  “Why are you thanking me?”  And I’d reply, “Blessed are those that curse you.”


Wynn:  I just got an email last week from somebody that I’ve known for years who decided I was evil.  This was somebody who was going through really hard times. She’s probably going to listen to this so I’m not going to say her name.  She was going through a very hard time for years.  Somehow I gave her my phone number and she would call me every other day and oftentimes, she would complain about everybody and everyone with whom she was coming in contact.  I kept telling her, “You’re not supposed to judge people. Go through your experiences and just dismiss them.”  Everyone was cursing her.  I knew eventually it would be my turn and it got to be my turn.  It was okay.  It’s just how it works.


I think officially we need to end the show now.  Since we can go a little longer, if you guys have the time, Carla and Terry, we could open up the lines and see if people have anything they want to share on the topics we’ve been talking about, or anything they want to ask anybody.  Would you guys like that?  Is that okay?


Carla:  I can do that for a certain amount of time; I have to leave by about 9:30 for sure.


Wynn:  Maybe for another ten minutes or something.


Carla:  Like a half hour would be okay.


Wynn:  A half hour!  If you’re listening on the radio you can phone in on the BBS lines which are on their home page:  I don’t know what their phone numbers are.  We have a conference call going on and I can unmute the conference call.


(Wynn presses buttons to unmute the callers.)


Wynn: Everyone is [now] unmuted. Would anyone like to share, ask a question on the topics we’re talking about tonight or even another topic?


(There is a pause where silence ensues.)


Gijs:  They’re all shy.


Wynn:  Gijs, come up with a good question.


Gijs:  What I keep telling my children is to treat others the way you want to be treated.


Wynn:  Okay.  Who said that?  Jesus said “Love your neighbor as yourself.”[6]  Didn’t he say that Carla?


Carla:  The Bible says that and most world religions have that precise sentiment:  The Golden Rule.  It’s the basis of so much.


Wynn:  Anyone else have something they want to share?


Nimoway:  I guess I would put forth the idea that if we’re just simple then we just try and be the best that we can in all ways and not try to get real mental – either puff ourselves up or put ourselves down and sort of take the consequences sometimes.  Things seem to be flowing and sometimes things don’t go over so well.  To me, it’s a centering to stay simple and not get too mental on it, just do the best you can.  Like you said, do not be so judgmental. But if you find yourself there just kind of cool it down.  It’s kind of like overdoing it on the understanding and on the intellectualizing about it.  I still feel motivated to be that kind of person.


I guess that’s all I have to say, if that makes any sense here.


Wynn:  I think, if anyone is interested, that here is a technique; something you can do.  That is:  when you wake up in the morning, say, “God, give me opportunities today.  I will not miss any opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life by uplifting someone.  If I don’t get any opportunities thrown at me, I’ll make some up.”  Think of things that you wouldn’t have normally done and that you go out of your way to do that will change the vibration, the joy, the happiness of someone else.  Do that every day for a week.  I’d be willing to bet you will feel different at the end of the week. 


Do it deliberately; don’t be passive.  Say ,“I will not miss an opportunity.”  I built that into my system and it’s like when I go out into the world, all these things come to me where I have something to contribute.  I don’t have to look for it.  Some days I’m scared to go out of the house because I have all this stuff to do and one of those things will pop out at me.  I’ll share with you.


I like to go and sit in coffee shops.  I have this tiny little RV and it’s like. right now, I went and parked it in a parking lot.  I love being in this RV. The world is around me and I’m contained in this little beautiful energy bubble.  I don’t know why I brought that out but it’s my unique way of getting away from everything.  Sometimes, if you’re in a house, the energy [is challenging], especially if you’re with other people. I know this isn’t true too much with Terry.  But occasionally  I like being in my own space.  This is something that I’ve had for a lot of my life – it’s very weird.


One of the things that are in my background is being a singer/songwriter. But truthfully the singer/songwriter part of me goes back to being a troubadour.  Troubadours can’t have a home. They have to travel around.  They go into a city and they suddenly create a circumstance where they have a home and then they move to the next city.  It’s limited. I used to do that in this lifetime.


I was so bad at having a home that even when I had a home and I had to make phone calls, instead of calling somebody from my home I’d go to a telephone booth. This is crazy!  I used to watch this when I was younger and I couldn’t figure it out but I accepted it. I understand it now.  I could connect with somebody from a telephone booth better than from my home.


The reason was, even though I had a home, I didn’t know how to make it a home because I had this troubadour part of me that identified with having a home as being uncreative, being trapped.  When I was on the road, all these amazing things would happen.  I used to go to telephone booths to make phone calls.  I’ve never heard anyone say that before in their life; that was my own unique [eccentricity].


Carla:  I would just say odd experience.


Wynn:  Odd experience.  Right.  I knew it was true and I allowed myself to do it.  I didn’t try to think I needed a shrink because I needed to make phone calls from phone booths.


Thank you, Nimoway, for sharing.  Anyone else want to say anything?


I’m going to make a challenge to all of you who are listening and not talking.  Instead of thinking, “I don’t have anything important to say; I’m not worthy to speak,” or anything like that,  I want somebody to say, “I have something to say,” and just start rambling and let yourself talk without knowing what you’re going to say next.  Who has the courage to do that?


Steve:  I sort of like what Nimoway said, like try to be simple kind of guy.  [By the way,] I can get off [my headset].  I purchased the headset on Amazon.


Wynn:  Steve has a bad headset so he’s always muffled.  I always know when he’s on his headset.


Steve:  I didn’t order the new one.


Wynn:  Anything else you’d like to say, Steve?


Steve:  I thought [what Nimoway said] was very poetic and very endearing; I really liked it.  You must be a very sweet, nice person, Nimoway.


Wynn:  What city are you in, Nimoway?


Nimoway:  Phoenix.


Wynn:  If you and Steve were in the same city I would send you over to Starbucks where Steve hangs out in Los Angeles.


Anyone else want to say anything?


Tracy:  I do, Wynn.  This is Tracy in West Virginia.


Everything you said today, everything Carla said – has really hit home to me. something that I found [ in their words is that] the most promising way to actually relate to people or change people and change the world is simply be kind to them and listen to them and to not judge them.  I, like you, go out of my way every day to take people that I see that nobody is doing this with and just spend a little bit of time with them.  I ask for those experiences and they do come to me just like they do you.


Seriously, it’s a small, it’s a little tiny thing but it makes such a huge difference in people’s lives. You can look at these people a few days later and you can see that suddenly they don’t feel as badly about themselves or their experiences or whatever they’re going through.  It doesn’t take that much time to give somebody a little attention, a little bit of recognition, a little bit of your own [reassurance] that whatever you’re feeling is okay.  Don’t judge yourself so hard.  It’s little but it’s big.


Wynn:  That’s right.  Thank you so much for sharing and affirming what we’re saying.


Let’s just suppose that you’re God’s representative down here and all those people you run into aren’t meeting many people who are God’s representatives.  They’re meeting people who are part of God but not consciously caring in the way that you’re able to care.  The little slightest kindness and the little slightest wisdom that comes through you spontaneously can change that person for the rest of their life.


I know there were people who did this for me when I was younger; they didn’t even know they said it but they went out of their way to say it for one reason or another.  I thought about it for months.  Each of us has the ability to do that.


When you start doing that; when you really assume that responsibility of being spirit’s representative down here, you catch the attention of spirit.  People want to know, “How do I connect with the higher realms?”  Start doing that and you can’t help but connect with the higher realms.  They start paying attention to you.


Tracy:  One of the things that I’ve found [is] that there are so many people that feel shame.  I am an ordained minister, and I counsel a lot of people, mostly sexually, honestly.  It’s just amazing how many people have these horrible feelings about themselves. And you don’t have to change that person to enhance that person.  All you have to do is show that person that it’s okay to be who they are or to have the experience or the thoughts that they think.  They are different and the world is different.


Wynn:  You said sex, right?


Tracy:  Yes, sexually.  I do a lot of sexual counseling.


Wynn:  Sex is one of those things that people have been conditioned to feel bad about.  I’ve read this, and I think it’s true, that in olden times, thousands of years ago, the reason sex had so many prohibitions in it is because sex is something that empowers somebody.  Those beings in this realm that wanted to control others didn’t want people empowered.  [Even today] they tell them, “Don’t have sex.” They have a bunch of people that aren’t feeling empowered and they’re easy to control.  That’s how I think all the prohibitions of sex have come about; through religion, through everything else.  It’s one of those areas!


I don’t think you’re supposed to be promiscuous. I think you have to be very discerning about who you partner with.  But, I don’t think sex is bad.  In general, it’s better to make a mistake and move on than not do anything.


That’s true of anything in life, whether you’re trying to make money, or you’re trying to find love.  If you don’t do anything, you’re stuck.  If you make mistakes, you’re learning and you’re increasing your discernment and you’re increasing the possibilities of success.


A lot of people are afraid of making a mistake.  What if I get the wrong person?  Just don’t get somebody that has a disease, that’s all.  Don’t get somebody that’s going to stalk you, or want to hurt you if it doesn’t work out.  Other than that, [just] get somebody who is strong enough, and you are strong enough, so that if it doesn’t work out, you can go back to where you were.  You always have the place where you were.


Sex is a hot topic; one day we’ll have a juicy Monday night with Carla talking about sex.


Carla:  That’s certainly a wide and broad topic.  You can talk about sex all the way from sexual addiction to sacred sexuality.  Any of those levels are wonderful to talk about.


Wynn:  Again, it’s something that you have to experience without judging yourself.  I think it was Shakespeare, what did he say?  “To thine own self be true”[7] This is one of those areas where you can’t make a one-size-fits-all rule.  Everyone has to figure out [this for themselves].


Carla:  There is no one-size-fits-all sexuality.  The thing of it is, there is a one-size-fits-all love.  You have to lean on the love and then be creative about the physical details.


Wynn:  I’ll bet Carla has some juicy things to share! We’ll get a lot of listeners if I put that up.


Carla:  69-year-old Rueckert is about to explode [with stories] here.  That’d just really make our day.


Wynn:  Anyone else have something they want to share?


Gijs:  Yes – that I believe sex is the greatest God-given exercise.  Alleluia.


Carla:  Amen.  Not that we use it well, but it has that potential.


Wynn:  Anyone else?  Is there anyone on the line that feels really guilty and ashamed about sex that wants to admit it?


Caller:  No.


Carla:  Feeling good about sex.  Sorry!


Wynn:  Anyone on the line besides Gijs who is having a great sex life who wants to admit it?


Anyone want to say anything before we sign this show off?


Carla:  God bless everybody.


Wynn:  Thank you all who are listening.


You know I said earlier, that Carla and I can go on and on because it’s co-creative and that we bounce off of each other?  It took me a while to get into the space where I could totally be myself around Carla because she intimidated me.  It was like, “I’ve got the great Carla Rueckert on the line and I’d better not screw up.”  But that’s part of growing together, trusting each other.


When you are dealing in lower level stuff, oftentimes, if you express any kind of weakness, everyone jumps on you.  Even I have done that with people here and there, where they’re getting vulnerable and expressing their weakness. I’ve done [it] with Terry, I confess.  I said, “Yes, you’re always like that.”  It’s not a good thing to do because then you shut down the energy. 


It’s great on these calls where we can be totally ourselves, totally vulnerable. [We can0 talk about our own processes.  Our processes are your processes.  Learning how we process the day is a way that you can learn how to process your day in your own way.  If you find your own successful ways of processing your day, we can all learn from you.  Life is a creation.  We’re all in the middle of the creation.  We’re all learning how to play bigger parts in the creations.  You guys inspire me; Carla inspires me; Terry inspires me.  That’s why it can go on and on like this and the energy doesn’t die.


It’s not because we’re all such interesting people, even though we probably are.  It’s because we have the courage to co-create with each other.  I can say anything, Carla can say anything, and Terry can say anything.  It is the co-creative energy that goes on and on and on that changes our worlds.  Learning how to co-create with your own life with the people around you, and realize that you’re co-creating not only with the people around you; we’re co-creating with the creator.  We’re co-creating with God; every one of us in this realm is playing that part.


You’re not here to disempower yourself.  As that famous quote by Marianne Williamson[8] – I read that, I said “I understand that” – that said each of us can step up to the plate and be the light we are, but we’re afraid to, all of us, [including me.  I] learned that as you do that, it’s one of the ways you get more joy, more fun.


I’m talking too long and I’m blowing my climax in what I’m saying.  Now I’m being honest, because I said I could see myself doing it.  If I take another step, I’m going to do it, so I’m just going to tell everybody I’m doing it.  That is being in the moment; following the track.  Saying, “It’s okay.”  I can’t even remember what I said now.


Carla:  I think you were trying to move into a moment where you could show how ineffable everything was and the trouble with that is:  when you get close to showing that, you run out of words.


It really is ineffable,[9] but it’s real.


Wynn:  Was the word ‘ineffable’ that you were using?


Carla:  Yes.


Wynn:  Carla has a really good vocabulary; she used to be a librarian, right?


Carla:  I still am.  One is always a librarian.


Wynn:  Did you know Terry was a librarian?


Carla:  Yes.  It is the best of all possible professions.


Wynn:  I’m around people who have better vocabularies than me.


Carla:  It’s just a matter of how much you like to read.


Wynn:  What does ineffable mean?  I’ll bet there are a bunch of people who didn’t know what that meant.


Carla:  Ineffable means you can’t really pin it down with words, or describe it.  Indescribable, I suppose, could work.  It’s very hard to capture an essence, let’s put it that way.  Once you move into essence, it’s very hard to talk about it.


Wynn:  Sometimes you move into essence and the words keep floating above essence, or just below it.  It’s like that moment of space where I always say that the interdimensional energies are in spaces.  When I start talking, I just find myself having this incredible space between my words rushing in.  I go to that moment where if I stop talking now, we’re all going to go into a state of meditation and everyone is going to be together in that meditation.  Dancing around that space is a really interesting place.  I used to write songs and poems, and that what I always tried to reach for in that.


Carla:  Wynn, I didn’t tell you!  I have something to tell you.  I’ve been doing my poems and I understand from the archive website webmaster that they will be up soon, up on site [and available in print.].


Wynn:  On your site?


Carla:  Yes.  I’m not saying my poems are particularly good, but I did finally edit them.


Wynn:  That’s wonderful.  That’s one of my projects.


Carla:  It’s one of those things you never, ever do, normally. After five decades of them I finally sat down. I really can’t write at this point.  I’m on pain medication. I’m not that sharp. And I want to make sure that I get everything when I’m actually writing. 


I’m doing things that I actually can do well, even with pain medication and not feeling well.  I just finished the poems.  It feels so good to have something positive done, not that I think my poems are so hot.


When you talk about metaphysical subjects, then there is always a possibility that you might be talking about something that somebody wants to think about.  Even though my poems aren’t all that good, they might be a resource.  I’m glad to be putting them online, just in case one of them might help somebody.


Wynn:  Right.  On one of my mailings occasionally I put one of my old poems up and always I get an email back from someone who realizes that I really am human and that I really did go through a lot of experience in life and that I did have pain.  It helps connect with the rest of my work.  All this channeling stuff can get so exalted in other people’s minds that they don’t realize it came from a human.


Carla:  I have a section called “Love Poetry”. I put all the poetry I had written specifically for a guy in that section, and of course that’s where [one reader] went first.  [This] one person read through and he said “I didn’t realize that you had such horrible experiences in love.”  It’s not that I had [nothing but] horrible experiences in love; it’s that I [only] wrote about the bad ones.  He couldn’t imagine that I would have a difficult time.  [It’s] sure, if you’re going through real life, you’re going through real disturbances and real disappointments and real catalysts.


Wynn:  [As] a singer/songwriter, when I was younger, I used to adjust my life to go through things so I could write more songs.  It was like having a stable relationship was like having a home.  Once you had a stable relationship, there was nothing to write about.  You had to be moving in and out of relationships to get the inspiration.  When you met me, Carla, it was when I first met Daphne.  I was in that space.


Carla:  You were living in your van and selling sunglasses.


Wynn:  And writing poems.


Carla:  Yes.  Good poems.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Then, I stopped wanting to put my poems out. When I was younger, writing poems and songs, I thought no one ever understand me.  I had this depth and I never could express who I really was to anybody. So I started writing songs and poems.  Then, everybody used to think, “Yes.  I am going through that too.”  It really encouraged me to be an artist, because suddenly people were understanding me.  Or, I was waking up the part of me that’s them.


Terry, you’re not saying enough you know.


Terry:  Yes.  I know.


Wynn:  Should I push you to say something or should I just let you be quiet?  You can have a choice.  Go ahead.


Terry:  I’m enjoying listening to people, so I’ll just be quiet some more.


Wynn:  Alright.  You see, we can go on and on.  I said I was going to do ten minutes and now we’ve done thirty minutes and Carla doesn’t want to leave.


Carla:  Carla is going to have to leave at the thirty, which is now.


Wynn:  It’s the thirty right now, Carla.


Carla:  I’ll give you all my love, Wynn.  Thank you so much for having me on.  Thank you Terry – it’s so much fun to be with you.  Thank you everybody, I’ve really enjoyed it.


I’ll see you next time, guys.


Gijs:  Thank you Carla.  I love you.


Wynn:  Thank all of you for helping to support the energies on our conference line.  I’ll see you Wednesday.


Gijs:  Thank you Wynn and Terry and BBS.  Good night and love to everybody.


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[1]               The Carlsbad-by-the-Sea Resort, 850 Palomar Airport Road, Carlsbad, California, 92008.

[2]               A phrase from the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi: “O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love.”


[3]               From The Holy Bible, Matthew 7:1-5, “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.”



[4]               This is much like T. S. Eliot’s sentiment in the poem titled “Burnt Norton” the first of the Four Quartets: “At the still point of the turning world, neither flesh nor fleshless,

                Neither from nor towards, at the still point, there the dance is.”

[5]               This is a reference to the Beatitudes, especially verses 11 and 12 of The Holy Bible, Matthew 5: “Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.”

[6]               Thee Holy Bible, Mark 12: 30-21: “And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.”

[7]               This quotation is from Hamlet Act 1, scene 3, lines 78–82. Polonius says to Laertes, “This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”

[8]           Here is a sample quotation: You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure about you. We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us.” You can look further into her work at She is author of many books of spiritual truth and activism.


[9] defines the word thusly: “Too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words: ‘ineffable beauty’; too sacred to be uttered.”


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