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Sunday Call 07.07.2013
Hosted by: Wynn Free
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Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
Edited by: Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn: It’s 10:08 a.m. and this is July 7, 2013, Wynn and Terry in Rochester, New York and Carla in Kentucky and Gijs in Magalia, California. This is our Sunday grid healing call. In case you’re wondering what we’re doing in Rochester, New York [if you hadn’t gotten – I think I mentioned it] but Terry’s brother had passed away last week and the funeral was yesterday. No, Friday, the funeral was on Friday.

So I told Terry I’d fly back with her and keep her company while she goes to the funeral. Of course this is her hometown; this is where she was brought up in. Terry doesn’t usually talk about her upbringing and since she’s not on the line [to], she can just kick me, but she’s not on the line to correct me. Terry, can I talk about your upbringing?

Terry: Yes [in background].

Wynn: She said okay. Terry – now I can say anything, right? You can kick me if you don’t like what I’m saying, right? Okay. I’ll let you know if she kicks me.

Terry’s mother was a very artistic type. Now some of you don’t know this but Terry is an artistic type and when she was younger she was painting and she is an awesome painter. She says she has a memory of being some famous guy’s assistant or student. Who was that, Terry? Rembrandt, and in fact there was some Rembrandt painting that she painted, she says, that Rembrandt put his actual signature on. Oh, you put his signature on it. Uh oh Terry, that’s going to ruin your reputation. [Laughter] That was another lifetime, okay? [Laughter] She remembers that.

So, you know I met Terry’s brother and he was a very ornery guy and slightly crazy. One time he came to visit her and he was in the car and he took over the steering wheel and wouldn’t let go of it. He just has this obsessive personality and kind of lived the latter part of his life in a home. A rehabilitation home or I don’t know if they’d call it rehabilitation because I don’t think they were planning on rehabilitating him.

Then when Terry’s mother was alive … now Terry’s mother was a really interesting person, she was a painter, she was an architect [not licensed] but she did all these historic buildings in Rochester. About a year ago, Terry found out her mother was written up in this book [maybe less than a year ago] on the fifty … what was the book Terry? The First Fifty Women Architects in San Francisco; now actually her mother went to school in Berkeley.

Back here in – actually it’s not Rochester – it’s ten miles from Rochester, it’s called Spencerport. Here in Spencerport there is an historical society and they’re all making a fuss about Terry’s mother because she had been involved in all these buildings here in Rochester that are historical, that are old. So she lived in a town, lived in a town called Spencerport and we went to the funeral.

Now Richard was basically – took care of his mother. Or actually drove his mother around, did the errands and was kind of his mother’s right hand person in terms of just getting the mundane tasks done, until he ended up in this home. Terry’s mother [who I think she passed about five years ago or six, seven years ago] and Richard were all buried in the same plot or in the same spot in the cemetery, not in the same plot.

So we went to the funeral and there were probably five people there including Terry and myself. Is that right Terry – five, anybody else? One of the people was a lady named Spencer whose husband was part of the founding of the town, it’s called Spencerport, and the other woman was from the historical society. Oh no, there were four people. There was Terry’s childhood friend and anybody else? Is that it? The head of the funeral home - and so some of them were paying respects to Richard because of his mother, because of what he did.

But I would say the most interesting part of the funeral was when everybody left and Terry said, ‘could we stay a little bit?’ So we sat down and then for the next fifteen minutes Terry was talking to Richard who apparently was hanging out over the casket and hanging out near his body. In fact, Terry wanted to go back a second time to talk to him. It was the challenge of – she was trying to release Richard and Richard was still, wanting to go back and help his mother at the house that he grew up in.

So there’s never a dull moment here and we’re still here in Spencerport and Terry is going to visit a couple more of her friends before we go back. Carla, did you ever have connection with deceased people?

Carla: No, I never did.

Wynn: You never did. Well …

Carla: Sorry ______

Wynn: That’s okay; I think that’s a unique talent in and of its self. I mean, I have been amazed at some of the things … see, I’ve known Terry for a long time. Years ago I used to think she was a nut-case, I shouldn’t say that but I did. I couldn’t believe some of the stuff she was talking about. Because she had this sight into other realms and she would talk about it as if it was just there and my logical/intellectual side couldn’t believe it was true.

Even on some of these phone calls that we’ve done, I mean, if you go back and look at the track of them – there are times when on our Wednesday call somebody in South Dakota had talked about their land or their house being haunted. And Terry is channeling and she starts talking to a bunch of Indians about them with the Elohim, and I mean the story is that they were - I think they died on that land or something and they were hanging out on it and that they agreed to leave.

Well, I think one of the things that I’ve noticed about all this stuff about deceased people is when you die, you don’t know that you can move around. You don’t know that you can leave. You’re stuck in a position very often times.

Carla: Well if it happens suddenly. This is Carla, if it happens suddenly, you don’t know and especially if there is an emotion. I don’t want to change the subject but I have a heck of a story on that so let me know when you’d like me to tell it because I also ran into some Indians on land that we had and had to work it out.

Wynn: You mean dead ones or live ones?

Carla: Dead ones, dead ones a long time ago.

Wynn: Dead ones a long time ago.

Carla: But there was an-energy to the land that was driving the people that were living there crazy and they were having visions and they knew that I channeled, I mean I’ve been doing it for a long time and they said, please help. You want me to go on or do you want to go on with what you were saying? Anyway, it’s an interesting story.

Wynn: You’re not off-topic. You see, I think these are very interesting things to talk about …

Carla: Okay.

Wynn: ‘and very few people really can talk about it [Laughter] with any sense of understanding.

Carla: Okay, this is true, I went -

Wynn: Everyone’s going to die so, you know, these kinds of memories of how it feels and what happens might be helpful.

Carla: Alright, so I went down to Avalon. It was our land and oh how I loved that land. We just sold it, just finished selling it. We tried to start a farm there and it’s too expensive, we couldn’t do it, long story short. So we had to give up on it, didn’t have enough money to keep it going. [Mournful sigh] It’s a beautiful thing but somebody else appreciates it and we’re glad to give it into good hands.

But at any rate, it needed clearing badly, so I went down there and I rested there for awhile and I became aware that there were some people there that wanted to talk to me. So I opened up and I discovered that a small group of Indians had camped – they were moving west, they had been kicked out. This was during that 19th century time when the people were very aggressive settlers, American settlers, shoving the Indians out and taking over. It was also the time of the Civil War and there was a lot of unrest because of people trying to come home and people not wanting the war to end and it was very difficult.

At any rate, there were two groups of people having difficulties. One was a small group of Indians and they were just innocently parked there for a little while, on their way west, and doggone if a group of white people didn’t simply slaughter them. Slaughtered them where they lay and didn’t even bury them. And the other problem (which I had to sort or sort this out but the other problem) was that one brother that lived on this land had fought for the Confederacy. The other one had fought for the United States. So, blue against the gray as happened so often in Kentucky.

It has totally split up so many families because of these disagreements and they got into a horrible argument and one of them shot the other. So that guy was dead and then both of them died because they had both gotten shot and one had died quick and one had died slow. But the energy of all of this was there so I said, “Look, hang on, I’m coming back.” So I got my prayer book that had a funeral service and I got everything I could find from what I was guessing was what brand of Indians they were.

I thought they were probably of the seven tribes that made up Cherokee, Seneca and so forth so I found those beliefs. I found someone that had written about them and so every place that there was a place to put in readings, instead of from the bible, I read from this guy’s writings and of course it was very spiritual because Indians have an extremely spiritually based outlook on life. So it was a beautiful funeral service and I told everybody, “Now this is for all of you.” And I sang some hymns, I went through the funeral service, I went through the burial service, I spent a lot of time with them and I put a lot of energy into it.

My husband Jim who was able to go along with me and believe me where most people, as you say Wynn, just think you’re loony. But you know, he went along with it and so I had his help like a good battery was powering me up and after the funeral service, the land was clear. They needed burial, they needed closure and then they could go on. So it was such a blessing to be able to help them out. Did Terry have that kind of luck where she was able to help them move on?

Wynn: She did. Terry, are you on the line yet? She was just getting on the line. I wanted her to – since we’re talking about her so much …

Gijs: She’s here now.

Wynn: Terry, are you there?

Terry: Can you hear me?

Wynn: Oh, we hear you. Okay, so we’re talking about Indians and I started talking about that time you had that clearing situation in South Dakota and Carla was talking about a time that she succeeded in doing that for someone and why don’t you complete the story of what happened in South Dakota?

Terry: There were a lot of hauntings going on at the houses and there were a lot of people that were very scared and some of the people were thinking of moving or had started moving out of the area because of all of the scary things that were happening in their houses. So Jean was on the line and Jean’s very perceptive and she brought up the question of could we clear it?

So we called in the Elohim and this very tall Indian named Blue Feather appeared and he was very, very angry. He said that the white people had taken over the area and driven the Indians out or killed the Indians and that the ones that were left didn’t have bodies but they wanted to drive out the white people and they were totally committed to driving out the white people and doing away with the white people and so they could have their land back.

The Elohim were there and were listening to what the Indian was saying and he said that he didn’t really want to be … ‘have anything to do with us or the Elohim and that he was afraid that the Elohim wanted to change his mind. The Elohim were very compassionate with him and they said that they didn’t want to change him and they weren’t there to change him but they were very concerned that he was working so hard and he was under so much stress and he’d undergone so many hard things that they wanted to give him a moment of rest.

They were very concerned about him and so then they brought down a beam of Light that was wider than him and it was just this beautiful beam of Light next to him and it was larger than him. It was from quite a few feet across and they said that he deserved, after all of this frustration and trouble and work, that he deserved a moment of rest. They asked him to step into the Light and he refused, he said he didn’t want to and so they said that this beam would give him a moment of rest and it wouldn’t hurt him.

So he decided to stick his hand in it and see what happens, so he stuck his hand in it and nothing happened so then he stepped into it and then he started to smile and then he started to laugh. He was just began like – just really tickled and really like a moment of joy came across his face and then in this joy it transmuted him to the higher realms and he ah, the followers … what Jean said happened after  that was that the Indians that were haunting the place all disappeared.

There was this little girl that Jean had been acquainted with and so the little girl [who] had always said the Indians, used to come and visit so Jean asked her well, have any of the Indians come to visit and she said “Oh no, they stopped coming.” So it cleared the area of this, the Indian curse which was really interesting because they went right to the heart of the issue that the Indians were having and helped the Indians.

Wynn: Now you know one of the things that’s really interesting about this is, from my hearing the story again, and hearing Carla’s story, is the fact that these things stay in kind of a locked position for years, hundreds of years, maybe even thousands of years, they don’t change. Everything kind of stays frozen until someone makes a request and then someone – it seems a little unfair in a certain way, I mean but it feels like the situation can’t change until someone down here takes a look at it and asks someone up there, can you help? What do you think about that Terry?


Terry: I think that that speeds things up when somebody makes a request and then higher groups can come in and help. But I think that Earth changes are one of the things that naturally make those kinds of things change - I think that if the person’s stuck in a body and the body hasn’t decayed yet then if the body eventually decays I think this loosens the hold of the person on the body and then the person, the being can move on. So there are some natural things that help to change situations.

Carla: I think the reason that our energy is necessary is that they are here. Their personality shadow is here. It’s not all of them because when you die that personality that you were drifts away. Personality is just what you brought with you in your suitcase. It’s not all of your true attributes. But it can stay until someone on this realm, whether it’s in the astral plane or in the physical plane adds energy to it.

For instance, I remember in one of my readings about 911, Qu’o was telling us about how they had – the Manahada Indians of New York that were native to that little island there that turned into Manhattan was named after them. On the astral plane, they were there and they rounded up a lot of people that didn’t realize they were dead, had no idea. They were just wandering around looking for the stairs, looking for something and having no sense of time or place just wandering.

They got them there and they made a campfire on the 35th floor and [Laughter] they were telling stories until these people sort of came to themselves and realized it was time to move on. So the kindnesses of somebody in this realm, either ascended masters that have decided to stick around like those Indians or people like Terry or I that have a kind heart and understand that people need closure and are grateful to somebody that gives them, you know, the information so they can do that.

It’s just a matter of kindness to find out the story, you know, instead of being scared, ‘Oh my God, there are ghosts there,’ you say okay, well let’s find out what’s going on and you get an impression. You might not get everything about the story but you get enough of an impression that you know how to help them clear, how to help them find closure, whether it’s the way Terry did it or whether it’s the way I did it with the reading of a funeral service and a burial service, so …

Wynn: It’s probably why funerals are actually very important because …

Carla: Very important, yes, it’s a closure and it helps a lot of times - the people are there at their own funeral. They stick around and they want to see the funeral. They want to see who came, you know [Laughter] and they want to see how it goes and it is closure for them: ‘Oh yeah, I really must be dead, my gosh I’m having the funeral.’ So that helps them a lot and so they’re able to go on. It also helps those who are behind because it’s closure for us.

It’s a way for us to participate and a lot of people just … “Oh my God this is so stupid you know you spend so much money, it’s not worth it.” Well it really is worth it. I’m not saying it’s worth it to buy a heavenly dream casket that’s costs $7,000 dollars but it’s worth it to have the funeral, to have the memorial service, to have everybody tell good stories about you and laugh and remember you and bless you on your way. Just have that moment with you, that precious moment before people go on with their lives and you go on with your adventure elsewhere.

I think it’s good to know this because you don’t have to be scared about dying. Stories like this really add into that. You don’t have to be scared, it’s a process as natural as birth and you know, you ride in on your horse which is your electrical body and you insert yourself into the physical body along the spine. From the base of the spine right up to the top of the head and you have that connection with the spine and then when the body becomes unviable and you no longer can use it then you remove your electrical body from the physical body again and you ride off.

You don’t lose a thing in death any more than you’ve lost it coming-in your life. You just simply move on and go on to other new adventures. All throughout, I’ve heard over and over again, you’re protected in the arms of The Infinite Creator. There’s no way that Creator is going to let you slip away or have a bad experience, you’re safe. You’re always perfectly safe. The angels – there are angels that are right there; their job is to make sure that everything goes well.

Wynn: When you say electrical body, that’s really the soul, correct, or another way of saying the soul?

Carla: Well, you can say soul; I like the name spirit, although spirit is more vague. I like being vague because I don’t think we really understand precisely what the makeup of the spirit or soul is. I think the words are roughly interchangeable because we really don’t know but I think that you carry with you – like I said, you carry what you’re going to bring into this incarnation. Like you pack your suitcase with all the personality traits that you’ve decided will help you with your incarnational lessons.

Maybe you’ve decided you want to learn to love others without expectation of return. Maybe you’ve decided that you want to work on patience or you’ve decided, “Well, I’m too wise, I’d like to open my heart more.” So you put these traits in and you choose relationships, you arrange/make contracts with lots of people. Say, “Well I’m going to run into you in this life” and if it’s the right time and it works out then let’s do this together. So you make contracts with lots of people and it’s very redundant.

If you miss one person that you should have had a relationship with, don’t worry you’re going to run into another one and another one. It’s very redundant but you’re safe. You’re going to find one of these intended relationships and you’ll start running with that one because it’s irresistible. [Laughter] Eventually you’re going to have to do it but there are all these things that you choose from your complete self. So while you’re bringing your complete self into this lifetime you’re not bringing it in on the conscious level. Your traits don’t exhaust your entire being.

There are just those few things that you brought with you because they were going to help you serve - they were going to help you learn your lessons. So you brought with you a lot of things that you will only get in touch with if you decide to do some form of seeking the silence. Now you can call it meditation. I like the term seeking the silence because really whether you seek the silence by going into nature or by meditating or praying or keeping a journal and contemplating, there are all different kinds of ways to seek the silence.

But that’s the place, the silence, where all the true information comes. That’s where you get the most important information you’ll ever get because that’s where your consciousness can bloom. That’s where the you that is more than your personality, more than the you that’s conscious can bloom and can communicate with your waking consciousness. So, you know, spending time in the silence is very, very helpful.

Wynn: You know Carla, it’s amazing you brought that up because before we started the call this morning, I was doing like a little, I guess you call it tuning/ meditation just laying there and what was coming up in my mind was, on this call I wanted to talk about discipline and journaling and meditation and things that people can do to anchor the energies for themselves.

You know, it’s easy to come to this call, for some of you, and you pickup on the energies of the call and you feel things shift/move, depressions leave - I know that happens for a lot of people and the thing about it is, that the goal is to anchor those things in your life. You know there’s another thought, I don’t know if I heard this from somebody but, either you’re creating your life or you’re being created on.

And if you are not actively creating in some way, shape or form … It doesn’t have to be a big deal, it can be creating in terms of meditating, creating in terms of calling your old relatives and saying hello, but doing a volitional action that keeps energy in motion. Because if the energy is not in motion, it stays still and if it stays still other energies that are in motion will act upon your still energy and will take it over. And, in most cases, it’s got a service-to-self aspect to it because this realm is filled with energies that are looking for still energies.

When I say still, I don’t mean like you know, that’s kind of not the best word to use because still can also sound like spiritual stillness. I’m talking about unfocused energy. Energy that’s hanging out, that’s not contained. That is just there and you watch TV and “boom,” your energy’s contained by the energy on the TV or the newspaper or the what-everyone-thinks-is-true. So that’s one of the things that happen in this realm that’s so difficult, is that people, instead of creating their life, they are kind of sliding through and other things take them over and they don’t realize it.

[Transcriber note: Very important point … now witnessing this first hand.]

That can happen for lifetime after lifetime after lifetime where you keep just being at the affect of other forces that create you or, create not really who you really are but create how you feel, what you think in that lifetime.

Carla: That’s so true and Ra says, at one point when Don’s asking about “Well, what can I do to take hold and begin to accomplish things with my life, to shape it?” And Ra says, “Well, the prerequisite of mental work is the ability to retain silence itself at a steady state. The mind must be open like a door; the key is silence.” So it goes on to talk about the various things that you do to discipline your mind.

The first discipline being to find what you like and what you don’t like and then to balance it. It talked a lot about balancing. But to balance and to see that the mind contains all things and so you have to discover just completeness within yourself. And the second mental discipline is the acceptance of that completeness. So you can’t pick and choose among attributes because that’s the way you build the roles that you choose that cause blockage.

If you choose that, “Oh, okay, I am this role that I’m playing, this is me,” then you keep yourself from being who you most fundamentally are. And then the third discipline is realizing that everybody else out there contains completeness. So it’s good to be able to understand each person in a balanced way. If you see that that person is impatient, you have to be able to see from a soul-level, to see “Well, he has impatience and patience” and you can trust that he has both. Then you’re dealing with that person at the level at which is truth.

So the truth of yourself is that you contain everything and the truth of others is that they contain everything. So then you simply accept – you accept yourself, you accept other people for containing it all and that gives you complete free choice as to how you want to build you; how you want to build your life. But the key to beginning these contemplations is silence. I love that, because it doesn’t say, “Oh you must meditate.” It doesn’t say, “Oh, you must pray.” It says, “Become silent, stop taking part of the buzz.”

You know, turn off the TV, turn off the computer game; turn off the phone calls that just say, “Well, I’m going to the grocery. Well, I’ve decided I’m going to get some pizza sauce, what kind do you get?” You know those little calls that take up the time and are fun. But if you want silence, you know, just turn that off awhile. Or go for a walk in nature and let your mind drift and let things rise and fall without following them. That’s another way of silence. There are all kinds of ways of silence. The classic ones are sung but there are other non-classic ones that work just as well.

Wynn: You know, people say … I know some people that try to be silent and their mind is just chatting away. “I’ve got to do this - I’ve got to do that.” You know, if you find yourself in that space, it’s okay, it doesn’t mean you’re not succeeding. It means …

Carla: Just don’t follow it. You know, accept, “Oh, I’m thinking about that, okay and let it slip and fall. Let it go away, don’t follow it.”

Wynn: Just observe everything and let it go. Just observe it and even if you’re observing it a month later, keep up the process because the more you observe yourself, the part of you that’s observing has separated itself from the part of you that’s trapped. You follow that? It’s like part of all of us is trapped. Part of all of us has become conditioned by the matrix, by the realities that are trying to create us and it’s, okay. It’s like you can’t fight your way out of that.

The first step is to recognize that that’s true. The second step is to keep observing yourself so that you can make mental notations of how you are trapped. See the traps and this is where journaling is good, to write it down because that really anchors it. It grounds it and helps you remember and the more you do that the more you start moving through things. And to be patient and realize that this most definitely works but it may not work like right now.

Carla: It’s a process.

Wynn: It may take a month … ‘a process.

Carla: It’s really a process. One of the greatest things that you’ll find is that the biggest trap is judgment. When you’re trapped in judgment of somebody, you’re locked into you’re playing a role, that person’s playing a role and no matter how true it may seem, it’s not true of the person at the soul. It’s trapping you and so if you want to fight your way free of that, you forgive. That stops the wheels of karma. You now are free. Forgiveness frees you like nothing else and you can shake off the judgment. It certainly may still be true that that person has done this and it wasn’t a wise choice and you can see that. “Okay that was really stupid, that was inappropriate,” you can see that. It doesn’t matter how true that is, you just have to forgive it and move on.

Because in doing so, you free yourself from being locked into a lower vibration relationship. You’ve chosen, in forgiveness, to have a much higher vibration relationship and the more you can keep to that, the freer that you are to choose your own way, to be the boss of you. [Laughter]

Wynn: You know there was a great quote that I sent out today. I don’t know, you probably don’t read the quotes but when I sent out the notice for Sunday I usually pick a topic and put some quotes in and I had one of those quotes that I just kept looking at and said this is good and it had to do with ‘if you’re going to put somebody in their place, make sure you pick them up first.’ Did you get that?

Carla: Got that.

Wynn: Got it, yeah and this is something I’ve learned. That’s like, for example, we know there’s a lot of negative in the world. We know that there’s a lot of conditioning in the world, we know that it exists and we talk about it a little bit on these calls peripherally - we don’t focus on it and the reason is that we’re all still lifting each other up.

It’s good to know about negative stuff from the point of view of discernment. Discernment’s very important and that it’s a deep topic to figure out how to discern the negative in this realm because it’s so well hidden. Believing me is not discernment. Believing Carla is not discernment. Believing the Elohim is not discernment. Because you’re still allowing someone else to make the decision for you and it is so important to make those decisions for yourself.

Because [in] the critical time for a decision you may not have anyone to ask who you can trust, at that moment. And what if the person you trust happens to make a mistake? So therefore, the key of learning discernment in this realm, learning to see things as they are – and I would image that that carries through into other realms as well … because I’m sure or I suspect, I’ll ask Carla and Terry this one, I suspect on the other side, not every being is positive, that there are dark beings there that would pull you in a certain direction that would end up being considered negative.

How are you going to recognize a dark being? See, the problem is when you’re in a desperate state it’s very hard to have good discernment because you’re kind of desperate. And desperateness makes you grasp for things that could ultimately be much worse than the desperateness you were feeling. But you can’t see it. But Terry had two situations, or there have been two situations with Terry on our calls where I’ve observed her dealing with someone who was on the other side.

One of them was with John Sanborn, her dear friend who was kind of this obstinate guy but very loving in his own way and very bossy also. He and I kind of got along like cats and dogs even though I kind of liked him and that when he died we had a whole, I think two calls on this in our archives. Look up Sanborn in the, S a n b o r n. These were two really great calls where Terry had gone up to the hospital. He had a car accident and he was passing and what happened, Terry?

Terry: I was hoping that he would recover but his body was shutting down so the hospital told me that there was no way that he was going to survive unless for some miracle and if he did survive, that things would be very tough for him because all of his ribs were out of place and broken on one side from the car accident and his body was shutting down.

So I stayed overnight in the hospital and just stayed with him and his daughter came during the days. He stopped breathing and after he stopped breathing, I had noticed an angel coming and the angel was really kind of stocky and larger than John. John was over 6 feet. The angel was even taller and very stocky like a sumo wrestler and the angel’s physique was, I think, grounding for John because he was so stable and stocky. So after he stopped breathing, Jane, John’s daughter said, “Do you see the angels?” and I said, “Yes.”

So I turned to John, who was out of his body now and I said, “Let the angels show you where the entrance to the tunnel of light is.” And I said, “Don’t give the angels any trouble,” because I needed some humor there and I thought John needed that. [Laughter] So John allowed the angel to guide him into the entrance to the tunnel of light and I was so scared John would back out or something and I went in after him. The tunnel of light was a circular … a light and it was like a circular tunnel and the light was circling. I mean, there were rings of light, one after another all the way up and it was like a circulating intensity that was diffusing any problems or any stuck tensions that the being that was going through the tunnel of light had.

It’s like translation of the person’s frequency in the third density and getting them to higher densities, increasing the frequency of light as the person went up the tunnel. And John turned around – I said to John, I said, “Go find Robert Frost.” Because Robert Frost was a dear friend of John’s and John really missed him. He used to go up to Frost’s cabin and John used to write poetry and so I said, “Go find Robert Frost” and John turned around and said, “Come with me.”

I said you need to go first and check things out but John said, again he said, “Come with me,” and I said, no he needed to go first and check things out, I said that again. He said, “Will you be alright here?” I said, “Yeah, I’ll be alright” and he didn’t really believe me and so he said, “You sure you’re going to be alright here?” and I said, “Yes” and Jane said, “Go find the poetry corner” because John was really a great writer.

I said again, “Go find Robert Frost” and so John turned around and started forward and went real fast and then I turned around and got out of the tunnel of light because it was starting to diffuse my energy from the third density.

Three days later there was like an opening and I could see John in the heavenly realm sitting at a table and there was another fellow, Ed Vincent that had died a few years before – he was a dear friend of John’s and mine – and he was sitting at the table and I could see Renee Duke – who was a dear friend of John’s and mine – sitting at the table.

John had always had this immense fondness for Renee and for her five sons, in his life and she was sitting there, too and John was so excited and he was just telling them about this, how he got here. So John picked up – he just continued his life over there with his friends. He came back then again to visit in a few weeks and he was wearing the most beautiful sweater. It was like a forest green stripe around the chest and then it was a lighter kind of greenish-gray above and below the stripe and he’d never owned a sweater like that and he came back and he gave me a big hug and he said, “Well we almost made it this lifetime.”

So I would get impressions – he loved to read and that there was some library over there that he was just devouring information and he just really was having a good time over there and people were working with him and diffusing any problems that he had in his life. I felt like that’s how things should go really, that there is the other realm that people can go to and get debriefed.

Carla: …It’s called the healing of the incarnation. And they’re very careful to keep that up until you’re all healed up from this experience.

Terry: Yes.

Wynn: But I think you have to choose that, right, on some level?

Carla: You’re put there after the level at which you’re simply with the people with whom you want to be. There’s that and that goes on as long as you want and then when you’re ready to move on, then you go into the healing of the incarnation. And after that, then you get to start choosing the incarnation, you know, onward. Like if its 4th density and you’ve graduated you get to start planning from a much more, you know, happy and encouraging bunch of choices on the menu of what you could do next.

Because there’s a lot more information in 4th density, a lot more things that you could choose to do and there are teachers for anything you want to learn. But it’s a simple process; it’s the same for everybody and there’s no limit to the amount of time. Or perceived time that you can spend according to those of Ra. You take it at your own speed. If you want to spend a lot of time with your mom and your dad and Jesus, you will and when you’re finally ready to move on, then you’ll go into the healing of the incarnation.

And there are always angels around, like Terry said, you know there was an angel there waiting to guide him through that tunnel of light; and within that tunnel of light were the steps of light, where it kept getting more and more dense. The light kept getting more and more-bright and so he was able to choose just how much light he wanted to have from now on and if that light was 4th density light then he just graduated and if it was still in 3rd density then he was going to have more 3rd density experience, you know.

No detriment, no agony, no angst, no nothing. Just ‘okay, this is the way it is’ and you know, now let’s go on to the next. It’s so lovely that there’s no necessity for fear and I’ve never felt that it was something to emphasize because of the fact that you turn people committing suicide just to get there, you know, “God, this life is so hard, I think I’d like to get to that.” [Laughter]

But it’s so much more important that we just chew the heck out of this life and get all the good out of it because it’s hard to get into 3rd density at the end of the realm - you know, there were like hundreds and hundreds of people that were fighting for the opportunity of this one body and we won because we had seniority by vibration. Our vibration was higher. There was more of a chance that we would be able to serve and so …

Wynn: You know, one of the things that I have read many times is that one of the reasons that having a body is so desirable is because that in this realm you can advance spiritually, faster than any place else.

Carla: Much faster.

Wynn: And I can intuit how that’s true because in this realm, so many frequencies are available, so fast, and so many people that hold different frequencies are available and that if you pick and choose the right things you get to the express train back to God. [Laughter] And you can’t do that in the other realms.

Carla: Well, the reason you can’t do it, according to Ra, is really simple. When you get out of this incarnation, in-between incarnations, you know everything. You know the truth of everything. You understand how it all works. There are no questions in your mind, so you could live a life in that state but there’s no challenge there and therefore it doesn’t go very deep. It’s not very interesting. But you get into this very heavy illusion and you have to move by faith. Faith is the only thing that works. You don’t know things, for sure, you have to intuit. You have to go with what you feel is right. You discriminate. You use your insight and it’s a very personal journey that you’re going through and you’ve described it so often well, Wynn.

But working by faith alone, you make your choices and you get on that express train because you have faith. Because that you say ‘I believe this to be true’ and this is who I am and so this is what I’m going to do. So it’s hard and you work hard for it and therefore it goes so deep and you’ve earned it, you know? That goes much deeper and when the changes are so much more rapid because you’ve earned them.

They’re not just exercises in right living and you know the right. You already know all the right answers. You know you could look in the back of the book. This is not a test where you can look in the back of the book; this is all on your own. And when you do well here, your accomplishment goes so much deeper and so much more of a change occurs within your totality of personality that you came in here with.

Wynn: I’d like to insert here that if you’re one of those people that are having a really difficult, tough life, please take this to heart because there’s something there that you’re supposed to unfold. There’s something there and keep looking for it ‘til you find it because that will change the outward circumstances. But you have to find that thing and maybe you came into this life to find it. And, I think there are things that you have to take a body for, to get the experience to move through, and if you’ve taken a body, that’s probably true for you.

Don’t begrudge the fact that you’re in a body, figure it out. We’re giving so many, so many tools on these calls and on our archives and the work we’re doing. But you can take these tools, but what good is a screwdriver if it never hits the screw, right? [Laughter] So, what a good image, right? [Laughter] You’ve got to take these tools and find the screws and tighten them up, so to speak, or loosen them up or hit the nail, whatever.

It’s like these are tools (these are not answers) they are tools that you have to apply. You know what, I want to go on and do our visualization and anything either Carla or Terry want to say before I do that?

Carla: Well, I think I’ve chewed my time up pretty well, Wynn. I just thank you for letting me get all of that stuff told because it was good stuff.

Wynn: Well, you know what, this is one of those calls where I think you and Terry shared some really important things and it was good for me to just provoke the topic, and thank you for sharing that. I think this is an extremely important topic because everyone in 3D is concerned about dying, on some level.

There’s some aspect of us, even when we hear it over and over again, that’s attached to this flesh ‘n bone suit that we’re wearing and we don’t want to let go of it. And I don’t think you can hear enough from people that speak from experience, how things actually work when your body disappears; when you drop your body. So I thank you both for sharing. Anything you want to say, Terry?

Terry: It’s such an important topic and there’s so much needed – to know – people just don’t know enough and so I appreciate the time that I’m able to share this with you.

Wynn: And I think the idea of praying for people that are dead, that have passed, that you know – I mean, what I get is that in many instances they can hear you. You know my sister died and that was a year ago or something. And you know they told her husband – I asked a question on behalf of her husband who was going through a lot of grief and they told him that she was hanging around him. Which I’m sure is the case quite often when people have had a very close proximity relationship for a long time.

Carla: Oh yes, that’s so true.

Wynn: And they told Larry to keep talking to Joanne - out loud all the time because she could hear him. She was very frustrated because there she was hanging out in his space and he thought she was gone and yet she was right there watching him, feeling very lonely and estranged and that, if he spoke to her it would help her. That was the guidance, and I’m sure that guidance is true for many of you who have close ones that are still in the astral.

I think, when you move through the astral, then you go beyond that and you no longer can hear somebody, you’re above that level. But the astral is very close to this level and people can hang out there for a long time before they move to the next place. It’s interesting the Mormons have this whole thing where they keep logs of all the dead and pray for them. I don’t know if it’s still connected energetically. Did you know about that Carla?

Carla: Yes, and it just happens to be true that it works just fine, and I think that when there’s love involved, even if the person has gone on and is having a wonderful experience there is still that tendril that touches back into the person, the beloved one, and when that person talks, that person is heard. Because the other one wants to hear you and so there is a connection that never goes away, no matter where the other person goes, that connection is still there. Of course, once you, yourself come close to moving into the other realm, that person is coming to meet you and rejoicing.

Wynn: As Terry was mentioning, one of the halfway houses is meeting up with all your old friends and family, in the other side. Which perhaps is what Christianity calls heaven, I don’t know. But let’s move on and thank you both very much for sharing your experiences in these areas.

* * * * * * *

So we’re going to realize that we are masters of our consciousness, whatever we project on, we’re there. Whoever we project on, we’re there. We don’t violate free will. We don’t go where we’re not wanted. But there are a lot of people that want you and that you want in a very free-will loving space. We’re all connected; we’re all manifestations of the one original energy, The One Infinite Creator. The first awareness and everything in the Universe is a manifestation of that.

So we take this moment right now to experience that – to feel. We start out with the Earth and each of us wherever we are on this planet has the same Earth underneath them and can you feel the Earth moving through your floor, moving through your feet? Put your feet flat on the ground and parallel to the floor and the energies of the Earth moving up through the floor, through your feet. Just imagine for a moment, we have people all over the world listening right at this moment. Imagine that our feet were all connected through the Earth [Laughter], which they probably are and think of all those people who are connected to you, right now through your feet, and the Earth and let’s just send love in that direction.

We move this energy up through our legs, through our calves, through our solar plexus, through our chest, through our neck, and into our head. We feel that total connection with the Earth and the grounded part of each other, right in this moment. We move through our head, just above our head and we just imagine our energy above our head, say about a foot. It’s coming from the center of the Earth, through the floor, through your feet and whoosh right up the top of your head.

And to your ceiling and through the ceiling and into the sky and through the sky, through the clouds, through this veil that’s around the Earth, through the stars and the planets, finally converging, all of our energies converging, touching each other, blending, temporarily, outside of your personality, projected from your body but not in your body. Feel that big swirl of energies up there. All of us swirling, turning, feeling each other and let’s just tell each other we love each other.

We need each other to do this. So we have this swirling light energy that we’re creating way in another dimension. We can’t see it but we can feel it and we can invite those positive Sources in other dimensions to join with us. Notice how the silence feels when we make that connection. If you have trouble finding silence, you’ve tried meditating, try listening to some of our Sunday calls. Some people have discovered that. It’s okay to listen to this call to help tune you in, particularly this part of it.

Now we’re going to take this energy which we have accessed, this blending of energies of ourselves and those beings in other dimensions that want to participate and we’re going to bring it back down through all the realms. Through the sky, through the ceiling, through the top of our heads ... Some of you are feeling that glowing energy around the top of your head. You know you’ve seen pictures of people with auras and light around their head with the chakras being open and all of these colors. You’re feeling right now what those pictures were trying to depict.

Now we’re going to move this energy through your body and all of us have bodies that have blockages in them. Every one of us has places in our bodies where the energy isn’t flowing. Where we’ve had a hurt, where we’ve had an abuse, where we’ve had a trauma, where we feel guilty and in this exercise we want to move this energy coming in from very high places, through the body and clearing those places of blockage, okay?

So we start at the top of our heads and just imagine a plane of light, it’s moving, it’s transparent and that can move through space and is just moving down through your body and everything it touches it’s clearing, it’s releasing, it’s letting go and we’re releasing everything into the higher realms to be dispersed. We go down through our eyes, our ears, our mouth, our neck. We do get people that email me all the time that report some kind of miracle taking place as they do this.

So imagine that can happen for you. Down through the chest, let’s take a deep breath, everybody has a little congestion. I won’t say everybody but most of us have a little congestion in our chest. Why do we have congestion in our chest? It’s because it’s where our heart is located and not just our physical heart, our spiritual heart. Our loving heart, our compassionate heart and it’s the area that we pull things into to block and hold the energy in a fixed rigidity.

How do we pull things in? We judge somebody. We make somebody wrong. We hurt somebody. Somebody betrayed us. Somebody abandoned us. Somebody abused you sexually. Yes, it was horrible. Yes, you felt terrible. Yes, you hated them. The problem is, if you continue to hate them you are taking up space in your heart and as we’ve learned in this lifetime, the heart chakra has to be open at least half, slightly more than half to graduate this realm.

Don’t let that hate for that person take up any percentage points in your heart. Don’t let it happen. Let it go. It doesn’t mean you have to be their friend. It doesn’t mean you have to look at them when they pass you on the street. It just means don’t carry it inside you. Take a deep breath and let it all out, let it go, let it release … the person that stole your money, the husband that betrayed you that went out with other women, the wife that did the same. How many ways does this realm have for people to close their hearts, to be revengeful, to be resentful - to be contemptful? Let it go. You are only hurting yourself. [Deep breath]

We go from our heart into our solar plexus, into our power chakra, into our second chakra, our sexual chakra. This is an area where you can apply Shakespeare, “To thine ownself be true.” Everyone has a different nature. Learn to understand your nature. Learn how to express your nature without hurting anybody or letting yourself be hurt. Learn to be very honest with people.

Go through your legs, your calves; your feet and back to the Earth. So experience right now, how it feels. Your body is in the center of the Universe - your Universe and from the celestial realms down to the Earth. The Universe is a small place. It seems really big when you compare it to your body but it’s not so big when you compare it to your energy field. Your energy field can encompass the Universe. You know, as you start doing these expansions and then you look at yourself and look at your lower self, you can see it from higher places.

And your wisdom comes in, your ability to observe and you also have a reference point for what Carla means by the silence. I don’t have to talk, the space is there. [Silence]

* * * * * * * *

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect everyone on this line; and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies, and into the center of the Earth.

Right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. And we invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

Ra’An/Terry: This is Ra’An and we are here. We take a moment and from this aspect point in doing the work, we greet each and every person on the line, not from New York but individually right where you are in your own particular space.

We take a look at the 3rd density and we see the tremendous need for information, for the work that you are doing to reach many people so that they will have the opportunity to orient themselves to their life where they are; what will happen, where they have been so that they can make more sense and they can plan for their life. Know the importance, each and every one of you, to know the importance of your life and the significance of your life towards your own growth and that it is not just an ending.

It is, in a way, each day a new beginning towards the growth that you are being presented with the opportunity to take, to achieve. We are thankful for each and every volunteer that is working to get this information, these channelings, the information of Carla and Wynn and Daphne out to individuals and make it available to help orient each of you.

That you are not just in an isolated separated state that is not connected with anything else and that it is a very important lifetime towards achieving growth and fulfillment of your own-self; and connecting you up with humanity and the higher realms so that you know you are a treasured part of all. And that there is assistance out there, there is information out there that you can access and will help ground you and put your own center – align you to your center – so that you are able to walk the path and achieve the lessons that you have come to receive. We thank you for this opportunity to serve. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you. Take a moment and we all have our personal requests. We have the people that have put their requests on our healing list. Let us take a couple of moments of silence and bring all of those things that we would like to change in our life and [in] the lives of the people around us, not that you can change it but support their wish for change and for our planet all those things of shift – that we are creators and this is the time to move into your ability to create; to create.

You see how it works? You drop thoughts into this higher space from a pure place, for the highest good of all concerned, honoring free will. You drop your thoughts, your needs, your visions, your hopes, your dreams into that place above this realm and see it precipitating. See it moving through that it comes to pass and that you accept the assistance of all of those positively disposed beings, entities, group souls that are available to help. But you must ask in purity, in service, and service to yourself as well as others.

It’s okay to be abundant. It’s okay to be healthy. It’s okay to ask and it’s okay to do those things. Moving through those areas where you’ve been blocked, where you’ve held yourself. You are the creator, so if something’s happening, it’s your creation. It’s not necessarily your fault because you have been created upon and often times you have been stuck in your ability to create because you have been projecting out a creation that has been projected on to you which has kept you from your ability to create.

Right now, move into your ability to be a creator. To be one with other creators, to be worthy of help and support right now. See it.

We send special Light to Marsha in Panorama City for personal healing. “Emotional, spiritual, financially … asking please for assistance in ways to learn to be open to grow and to heal.”

Some of you have certain lessons to learn before you can master this, before you can become abundant. Ask yourself, what is the lesson? Get it over with, learn it, okay?

We have Pat in Alabama … “keeps keeping her older daughter in the Light and her finances in the Light;”

And for Marsha and her dog;

And for Lys in Rimrock, Arizona … “Please help me with getting my true voice back and voicing it into the world. I need people to actually hear me, not themselves see me, not themselves. I cannot take being the mirror for what appears to be crazy people all the time anymore. Crazy acquaintances, crazy doctors, crazy friends - who put all their garbage onto me, what I say or do, or think. I only want to be myself, speak for myself, FREE of all the other stuff!”

That’s a person that’s asking with passion. Asking with passion helps. I see her getting that.

And then we have Don … “healing, financial and everyone on the call who needs it.” Thank you.

Laurie in Arizona … “We need our health to improve, help David to give up smoking for his health, please help us to pay our bills and save our home…

Laurie, get into the creative side of your-self. You know they say God helps those who help themselves. What do you have to do? Sometimes there are agencies that if you get on the phone, keep calling agencies and agencies are horrible except they’re staffed by humans and some of those humans are very loving. And when they feel compassion for you, they can make things happen. So don’t give up on agencies when things are tough.

Rosalie in Dallas … she puts Penny, Steph, Noah, Steve to be more light. Eddie R., Colter T. and Ray B. to get really good jobs, with nice people, good pay, and keep those jobs as long as they want them. 

What a nice way of holding space for other people, caring about them. When you see somebody doing something you help share their vision if they’ll receive it.

And let’s go again and all of us have things we want to happen and let’s just again place those things in the highest dimension you can reach. Place them like an insert into a matrix. See it filtering down with glowing colors, through the matrix, precipitating and coming out in this realm as a synchronicity.

Let us move into looking at our planet. Planet Earth and we go back to being a team. Those were all those things we were doing individually, for ourselves and people we individually care about. Now let’s be a team. We are a team. All we have to do is intend our energies to connect, just intend it and vroom it’s there and working with those connected energies as a team and asking our Sources to connect with those energies.

We’re a huge team of planetary transformation and that doesn’t mean we don’t need about a million more people on this team because we do. But we’re going to work with who we have today and each of you is holding tremendous power for this transformation. For this holding positive energy for planet Earth and we see our energy surround the Earth. And we surround the Earth in a pink glow and we weave in and out of any of the negative energies around our planet.

We find the spaces where we can flow and move closer and closer to the surface of our planet and this energy is something that we are directing, steering. It follows our will. It’s like we were asking earlier, why is it that somebody asks before our forces can intervene? Because that’s the way it works. So we are here being the askers. And we see this cloud of energy descend upon some of those areas that are controlling our planet and putting out negative control patterns.

We just ask it to surround Washington, D.C. for compassion and empathy. Los Angeles, California for positive media projects; London, Moscow, Paris … we see this energy meeting all those people who identify with being a Lightworker, with being spiritual, with being a transmutation person praying to God. However they see their connection with higher realms, we allow ourselves to meet them, honoring their free will.

Every week we move this energy up the ring of fire which are the land masses surrounding the Pacific Ocean which happens to be the most volatile earthquake area on our planet. We start at the tip of South America and we can imagine this sizzling laser beam of light moving just along the coastline, moving through the land, moving through the ground, underground that area where there is a fault and surrounding that fault and protecting it and asking for any releases to be away from cities or gradual.

We go up the coast of South America and just see it on the map and we go to Central America, we see it on the map and we go up Mexico. We go up southern California, Chula Vista, San Diego, we get to Los Angeles which is one of those hotbeds of earthquake faults and we see all those faults being touched by this energy from Santa Monica, inland many miles. And those areas south, Long Beach and North Malibu and we keep moving up through San Francisco, another place of earthquake fault abundance.

We see this energy touching all those areas San Francisco and the east bay, Berkeley, Oakland, etc. South San Francisco, Daly City. We move up from San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge to Mill Valley, San Luis Obispo, moving up California to Mendocino and through to Oregon and moving along the coastline of Oregon, Washington and Vancouver. Moving up the coastline of Canada, across to Alaska, southern Alaska, across to eastern Russia, we are creating energy by our visualization, by our intention.

We go down the eastern coast of Russia to Japan. We cap Fukushima radiation. We go down from Japan, Indonesia, China, Philippines, and Hong Kong, Singapore. We keep moving down to Australia and New Zealand and we move to the middle of the country and we do the same thing with the New Madrid fault line centered in St. Louis. We go to the east coast and we do the same thing with the Mid-Atlantic fault line and we just take our loving cloud of energy and surround the planet again and reach all those areas where there is earthquake potential.

While we’re surrounding the planet, we ask for rain for those areas where there’s drought.

It is 11:56 a.m. and we’ve reached the end of our time for this call. We hold the space for each of you to hold your space, to hold this energy in your space. To move into this energy every day, take the time to feel this energy. To remind yourself, it takes tremendous discipline to make this part of your life. It takes repetition. It takes intent and you can do it, you’re here now. You feel it.

We’re going to count down so those of you that need to can come back into your bodies. Five, four, three, two, one and we’re going to play a song and BBS can take us off anytime, fade us out. Thank you all, love to all of you who are listening on BBS and thank you for being here and we’re going to play “Change My Heart.”

Vaughn: ‘Wynn Free, Vaughn. [Shouting over music]

Jim in Sedona: Thank you Wynn, thank you Terry. Thank you, Carla.

Everybody: Thank you Wynn, Terry, Carla. I love you. Thank you, Gijs.

Lucie: Thank you everyone.

Everybody: Thank you, love you all.

Michael in Watervliet, New York: I send you love. I send you love. I send you love.

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