Subject: Special Event - Christmas Eve 2020 7pm Pacific

               Intelligent Infinity

Special Christmas Eve Conference Call Event

7PM Pacific

You don't have to spend Christmas Eve alone......🎅🎄

Dear Friend

First off, I wish you all a joyous holiday season. For the past few years, I haven't been sending many emails out to my entire list. Since the time Terry was in the hospital, I went on somewhat of a withdrawl. I kept up all of our weekly conference calls with a small group that kept showing up. I also have been on a huge learning curve as to understanding the significance of having this ongoing connection with the Elohim Group and the Ra Group.

Initially and for quite a few years, it was about the extraordinary information and wisdom we were accessing in the channelings. But as the connection matured over many years, there was an even more compelling aspect which I was becoming more familiar with;

It was their ability they demonstated to project loving energy into this realm and, specifically, directly to the people who were participating in a conference call or a oublic lecture in a very personal way. I was getting multiple emails from people who were having this experience. I couldn't dismiss that is was just suggestion or that people were imagining it. This is a spectacularly amazing phenomena. It means you can participate in a conference and at some point your chakras can open up, your depressions goes away and you feel expanded. It may not happen the first time but most of the people who attend a few times are having this experience. Check these comments from people:

Completely changed my life. "Now I understandwhat I'vealways felt and understood but couldn't I understand my purpose here now.Everything finally makes sense.”


"I remained in an altered state of incredible peace and bliss for quite a while afterward. I don'trecall ever feeling that way during this lifetime.”

 Heart Chakra Wide Open–“On myFirst conference call Sun, I felt energy moving and myheart chakra open wide!"

I could feel the energy surge through me. It was almost like when u look at a flame and the heat distorts the air around it. It felt like that looks,but no heat as it radiated through me.

People that kept coming to the conference calls started transforming and a very loving communuty began to evolve spontaneously. They would look forward to the calls every night, The energy would carry into their regular lives and they could stay above the fear levels which are so easy to fall into with the state of the world as it is right now.

We were not only connecting with the energies of the Elohim, but the Christ Consciousness as well. It's a sacred experience and it's well worth checking it out and seeing if it's something that might work for you. Christmas Eve, Thursday night is an excellent time to show up. I expect it to be a particularly powerful call.

Christmas Eve Conference Call 7PM 712-770-4340

Format of the Call:

1. A talk by Wynn on the nature of the Christ Consciousness

2. A replay of an interview by Wynn with Terry Friedmann. Wynn will share how he became convinced Terry was the reincarnation of Jesus' disciple Matthew. Jesus came to him and asked him to write a current version of the book of Matthew without any religiousity. Terry Friedmann had the ability to recall the events that transpired during the life of Jesus when he was accompanying him as Matthew. He was a regular participant on our calls for 5 years until he passed.

3. A live Christmas channeling via Terry from the Elohim and the Ra Group

4. A planetary and personal healing session visualization.     

                                    This is a photo of Terry Friedmann who Wynn

                                    is convinced is the reincarnation of Jesus' disciple

                                    Matthew. You can visit the webpage Wynn put

                                    up to learn more about him,

                                    Of course this is a photo of Wynn and Terry who

                                    were about to do a live workshop where Terry did

                                    an Elohim channeling.

Thank you for considering making a Christmas donation to our work. In addition to hosting 10 conference calls a week and lots of additional time as well, we spend close to 1000 a month out of our pockets paying for our radio hosting on BBS and other internet expenses. We have been supporting ourselves with the sales of our pendants and other product but we missed our Christmas season because a shipment of pendants was delayed in the mail for 2.5 weeks and it was too late to do any offerings. We thank all of you who have been making donations over the past year as well as purchasing our products. Use the orange button below to use Pay Pal or credit card.

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Thank you so much for being interested in our emails. We have some exciting and important things coming up in the near future!

Many Blessings in this holiday season....... Wynn