Subject: A Miracle Chinese Healer Tonite

Miracle Chinese Healer - Dr. Christopher Ging
6pm Pacific   712 770 5600   pin 172746#
We've now been tracking some of his results with people we know...

For example:
In Jesus' name, l cannot thank Dr. Ging and Reverend William enough; my whole life changed from a mere 1 hour appointment. 

The back pain I have been plagued with for the last 5-years, disappeared by morning. I slept almost 9 hours last night, that's probably more continuous sleep then I've had in a decade!! Needless to say, I awoke feeling completely refreshed and rejuvenated. My body actually feels 10 years younger! I was able to go for
a 30 minute walk, something I could not do yesterday because I was in so much pain.

All of all the pressure behind my eye (a traumatic TBI 7 years ago) is gone. How can I tell? There's more room behind my right eye which is now having to
re-coordinate its movements again with my left eye; in a good way not a bad way. In fact my vision seems improved. I've hardly worn my glasses all day.

And I'm not done with this testimonial!! I've been diagnosed with everything from irritable bowel to Crohn's disease. All I can tell you now is that my stomach
is much flatter and I had a normal movement this morning. It can't get any better than this. I would trade every doctor and every nurse practitioner I've ever
met and solely become their patient forever, but I don't think I'll need too as I feel completely healed!!!

All my Blessings to You,



Terry and I went to a talk by Dr. Ging and were very impressed.

I invited two other people who live in Sedona who listen to our calls and they were impressed. 

Everyone but me had at least one session with him.

Everyone had miraculous results. 

He's very low key. Very humble. And very powerful. He believes God is working through him. He is trained as an acupuncturist but he's developed his own unique protocols.  

He had one patient who lost her finger. After working with Dr. Ging, her FINGER GREW BACK! He's the real deal!

There's a small possibility he won't make it and if he doesn't, we'll get through it.     

                      Love and Blessings........... Wynn

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