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We get emails often from people who have had dramatic turnarounds in their lives. Here's one Wynn received today:
Hope that you receive this.  A few days ago I put my fried Nyle on the prayer list.  He has Aids and his last, bet hope has been an experimental drug that he was doing well on.  Then it completely stopped working and his viral load went up to over a million.  He's been very weak and the doctors didn't know what to do anymore.  So I put him on the prayer list and then went out to run some errands.  I saw his room mate and stopped to chat.  He told me, wonderingly, that yesterday was the worst he'd ever seen him but this morning he was doing better than in months.  He said he could hardly believe it.  Then I told him about the prayer list and it brought tears to our eyes.
     And awhile back I put myself on the prayer list because I hadn't been able to find work for several years. Next thing I knew I had four of them!  Downside is one of them is on Sunday so I can't participate in the conference calls, though I do listen in on the archives.  God bless you all and thank you with all my heart, Anna

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