Subject: 10am Pacific - Replay - Elohim - How Prayer Works!

If you missed today's call, which was outstanding, with a great channeling by Terry on this very important topic, you can listen to it at the link below:

How Prayer Works....

I think that never before in history, have humans felt so helpless. 

We see the world crashing around us with terrible fires, riots, and who
knows what the future will bring. 

Those of you who have been attending our conference calls regularly,
have witnessed the power of prayer. Today, we're going to explore this
topic in depth with our Sources and see if we can learn about exactly
why creating a petition to the higher realms can catalyze miraculous
shifts in our realities. 

Not only why prayer works, but how we can do it for the maximum 

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Blessings to all and Happy Sunday........... Wynn and Terry

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