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-The Shoppe Newsletter No. 51-
In this issue:
- Last Minute (environmentally friendly) Xmas Gifts from Kitchen & Garden:
Gifts for Dad, Mum, Children, Baby, Grandpa, Grandma, Whole Family,
Overseas Visitor and, of course, the Family Pet

- Uses for Left-over Xmas cake
- Merry Xmas!
Last Minute (environmentally friendly) Xmas Gifts
from Kitchen & Garden

It wasn't too long ago when gifts for Christmas were lovingly hand-made using simple home-based ingredients. Not only did this save money but sensibly used up what was immediately available or in excess. Now days the concept of 'last minute gifts' is shopping amongst the crowd just before the doors close on Christmas eve!
How times have changed.

My suggestion is to skip the shops, stay at home and use ingredients from the home to make environmentally friendly, economical and safe gifts - preferably involving the whole family - dad, mum, children, grandparents and pets!
Gift for Dad.........

Herbal Foot Powder: Mix equal parts rice flour and bicarb soda and dried or fresh herbs (rosemary, sage, thyme - use only one or a combination). Process in a food processor to a fine powder. Pour into a clean jar with metal lid. Attach a lovely decorative label. Pierce holes in lid with a nail and hammer to allow for easy sprinkling.
How to use: Apply to feet at night before going to bed or in mornings after bathing or showering. This powder will deodorise and heal the feet.
More suggestions: e-book download No. 27 - Fantastic Feet.  Click here for information
Gift for Mum......

Naturally Scented Bath Oil: Pour approx 250m base oil (of your choice - olive, safflower, almond, etc.) into a bowl. Add as many fragrant fresh flowers or herbs (your choice of whatever you have in the garden) that can be immersed into the oil. Examples: rose petals, lavender, rose geranium, fruit-tree blossoms, rosemary, mint, thyme, chamomile (or combination) are all very aromatic and well suited to this recipe. Soak for 24 hours. Strain to remove plant material - making sure to squeeze out all the oil. Pour into suitably sized recycled clean bottle ready for use.
NB: Add 2 tablespoons plain shampoo for a frothy bath oil. Add 1 teaspoon lavender oil for added perfume.
How to use: Add 2-3 tablespoons to bathwater for general bathing or for a foot bath.
More suggestions: e-book download No. 37 - Beautiful Baths.  Click here for information
Gift for Children's Bath-time........

Rainbow Bath Salts: Pour your choice of bath salts (i.e. Epsom salts, rock salt or washing soda) into a bowl. . Add 3-4 drops scented oil or essential oil (i.e. eucalyptus or lavender) and 1-2 drops food colouring. Mix well to blend. Repeat the procedure using an alternative scent and colour to make 4 separate bath salt blends. Carefully pour in layers into a clean recycled jar. Label and decorate with fancy ribbon.
How to use: Add to bath for general bathing or use as a foot bath.
More bath ideas in e-Book No. 37 - Beautiful Baths.  Click here for information
Gift for Baby ......

Milk & Chamomile Bath Powder:  Pour 1/2 cup each of powdered milk and corn-flour into a recycled jar (as mentioned earlier). Add 2 teaspoons dried chamomile (or contents of 2 chamomile tea-bags). Blend well. Sprinkle a teaspoon of the mix into baby bath water. It will help calm the baby as well as soften and rejuvenate the skin.
Alternative to Chamomile - use 4 crushed lavender heads (from the garden) and 4 drops lavender essential oil (if you have some) in place of chamomile.
More baby care ideas in e-Book No. 79 - Natural Baby Body Care.  Click here for information
Gift for Grandpa ......

Grandpa's Shoe Polish:  Obtain a suitable small bottle (approx. 100ml). Wash and dry thoroughly. One third fill the bottle with vinegar* and fill the remaining 2/3 with olive oil. Secure the lid and shake the bottle well. Attach an appealing label with instructions on how to use the polish.  Optional: Add 5 drops eucalyptus oil for enhanced odour.
How to Use:  Shake well. Place a little of the mixture on soft cloth. Wipe onto surface of the shoe. Rub well to shine. May also be used for handbags, briefcases, belts, furniture, etc. It will also restore the appearance of faded wood.
* Any type of vinegar will do - but for better quality use cider vinegar
More 'homemade polish' suggestions in e-book No. 5 - Homemade Polishers and Cleaners.  Click here for information
Gift for Grandma........

Scented Wash Bag: Place two tablespoons oatmeal (if unavailable use oat-bran or wheat germ) and 1 teaspoon grated soap into the centre of a handkerchief or square piece of fabric (tip: use some pretty material from discarded clothing). Add 1 teaspoon fresh or dried flowers or herbs and/or a couple of drops essential oil (i.e. lavender). Tie up the ends to form a bag. Use this bag instead of a bar of soap or body wash to cleanse the skin/face.
How to use: Dampen the bag with water and use in place of a bar of soap. The bag will last about 3-4 washes - then replace the contents.
More detail: e-book download No. 58 Old-time Oatmeal. Click here for information
Gift for the Whole Family......

Bottled Treats: Using an attractive large glass jar (recycled, cleaned and dry). Fill with just about anything that looks and tastes good – sweets (homemade are best!), homemade or shop purchased biscuits, mini soaps, nuts, spices, etc. Add a decorative label and decorate the bottles with stickers, ribbon, beads, lace, sequins, and for the top of the jar use  pretty fabric, lace and ribbon. If preferred, wrap the jar in cellophane and tie with ribbon.
More recycled gift ideas in e-book No. 43 - Practical Gifts to Make.  Click here for information
Gift for an Overseas Visitor.....

Australia Bush Pot Pourri:  Mix together 3 cups of dried and crushed gum leaves and a few small gum-nuts, 1 tablespoon orris root powder*, 8-10 drops eucalyptus oil and ½ cup dried wattle blooms (for colour). Leave in a sealed container for 24 hours (or longer if possible) to allow the aroma to permeate. Place in an appealing container or sachet for gift-giving.
*Use bicarb soda as an alternative if orris root powder is not available.
Note: Please treat native local flora with respect. In many cases it is an offense to damage or remove native flora from the bush – please check local regulations regarding protection of the native environment before removing shrubs, trees and/or branches)
More pot pourri recipes in e-book No. 38 - Sweet Scents. Click here for information.
Gift for the family Dog or Cat .......

Dry Pet Shampoo and Coat Conditioner:  Half fill a recycled jar with bicarb soda. Top up the jar with oatmeal (or wheat germ or oat-bran). Add 5 drops eucalyptus oil. Blend all ingredients. Label clearly.
How to use: Rub a tablespoon or two (depending on the size of your pet) of oatmeal through the fur making sure to rub right into the root area. Then brush out thoroughly.
This is a natural, gentle dry pet shampoo that will leave the pet's fur wonderfully soft without the use of chemicals.
More information: e-book download No. 35 Natural Pet Care. Click here for information
Why Make Environmentally-friendly Gifts?
All the gifts listed above are 'environmentally friendly' alternatives to consumer products. What better way to 'give' than to give with a special message of environmental responsibility. Most gifts of today are mass produced in the most cost effective way possible with little consideration given to environmental impact or chemical content. Gifts are no longer lovingly or thoughtfully handmade in the way they were originally intended - they have, instead become, like many other things from the past - a victim of commercialism, time and money.
These recipes are for making gifts with an environmental message. All are safe to use and lovingly handmade. All connect us with the earth by being natural and unprocessed - not mass produced, chemically tainted or environmentally exploitative. Their purpose being both useful and educational about the importance of living as environmentally responsible as possible and respecting and appreciating what the earth provides.
Other Environmentally-friendly Gift Ideas:

e-book No. 67 - Gift-Giving with a Difference: Unique hand-made gifts that relay a special environmental message from the giver to receiver using such sources as: vinegar, rice flour, bicarb soda, soap, etc. Includes: English wash balls, citrus & rose cologne, bath vinegar, rose hand wash, body powder, foot powder, Honey lip balm and much more. 27 pages. $12.00 
For more information:
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e-book No. 43 - Practical Gifts to Make: Simple gift ideas using recycled materials suited to adults as well as children - clothes peg memo holder, rock paper weights, fridge hooks (using can pull rings), book mark using hair clips, kitchen message pad, perfumed beads, sewing kit, bread jewellery, pomanders, Australian Bush Pot Pourri, pot plant from avocado seed and much more. 15 pages $12.00
For more information:  Click here
e-Book Set: Practical Gifts and Crafts
Contains 6 Booklets: No. 43 – Practical Gifts to Make,
No. 39 – Flower Pressing, No. 66 – Back-to-Basics Pottery,
No. 67 – Gift Giving with a Difference,
No. 68 – Ways with Wool, No. 69 – Simple Basketry Price:
Price: $42.00 For more information or to download click here
Uses for Left-over Xmas Cake!
    Left-over Xmas cake is wonderfully flavour-some and makes an interesting addition to desserts. Here's some suggestions:

Individual parfaits: Sprinkle crumbled stale cake into the base of sweets or parfait dishes. Top with chopped fruit of choice or layer of jam. Pour over custard, instant packet custard or whipped cream. Sprinkle with nuts or coconut.
Instant Pudding treat: Make up instant pudding according to packet instructions. Fold in crumbled Xmas cake, nuts and fruit for a quick and easy dessert. Leave to set before serving.
Use crumbled Xmas cake as a pie base for cheesecakes and similar desserts requiring pie base. Add melted butter to the cake and press into base.

(To freshen stale cake (without icing) wrap in foil and heat in a cool oven (100-150ºC) for 15-20 minutes) .
From e-book No. 12 - How to Make Do - Kitchen Improviser: In times past frugality and improvising were an important aspect to having a productive kitchen. This booklet contains some of Grandma's useful 'how to' information: how make custard without custard powder, gravy without gravy powder, homemade salad dressing, egg substitutes, how to make SR flour from plain flour, souring cream, yeast substitutes, mock cream, icing substitutes and much more.
21 pages $12.00   For more information or to download click here
Merry Xmas!
Please enjoy Xmas! - No matter where you are, what you are doing and who you are with (or not with) - Merry Christmas - and the very best wishes for 2014.
Pam - The Self-Sufficiency Shoppe
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