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-The Self-Sufficiency Shoppe Newsletter No. 50-
    In this issue:
- Life is all about Change
-  Acknowledging Earth - 3 Things to Do to Connect with our source:
-  Mother Nature
-  New Testimonials
-  10 Quick & Easy Things to Do with Herbs
 - Non-Toxic Incense
Life is all about Change!
  Believe it or not - but we are ALL heading in the same direction! Through our own 'individuality'- our personal journey - one very crucial fact remains - we are all evolving and changing to be better humans. Everyone, absolutely everyone, in their own unique way aspires to be happier, more content with their life and understand themselves and 'life' better.
   Some people have it 'easy' (or it may seem so) and others not so easy. My belief is that 'powerful souls have powerful lives'. Much is happening on the planet at the present time - great change is taking place - as the planet evolves we too are pulled to move with it. As a consequence many people have endured powerful life lessons drawing them to higher levels of understanding and wisdom. This new found depth of thinking aligns us with our source: the planet which relies upon us to ensure humanity's continuance into the future - to pave new paths and ways of co-existing with each other and the environment.
   My realisation along my own personal path and message to people struggling with the same 'ins and outs of life' in the present time is: Keep persisting, never give up - because your life has great purpose to the planetary plan. People with powerful lives of unpleasantness, emotional turmoil and periods of confusion about who they are, their purpose and role in the plan of things are special souls that are loved, appreciated and understood by the Earth.
   Personal challenges and change are a very important part of connecting with the planet. The peeling away of internal emotional layers to reveal our true selves enables us to connect and 'feel' deeper the purpose of Earth for humanity. In time through our personal learning things will unfold to reveal who you really are and with that a new found satisfaction and contentment never experienced before.
   During this time it is important to connect with Earth - our Earth - because it is the place we have chosen to do our work. Here's a few suggestions for enhancing that connection (if you are not already doing so).

             Acknowledging the Earth
   Our planet is a most beautiful place. Gardens, the countryside, parks - with plants, flowers, trees, birds, insects and animals connect us with that beauty and all-important source of life. As a culture we have disconnected from our core - the planet. We’ve forgotten how to enjoy the pleasures of Mother Earth – trees, shrubs, fruit, vegetables, flowers, herbs for aromatic, aesthetic, healing, beauty, relaxation and productivity (growing our own). It’s an amazing process, a miracle, for which we should be thankful every day.
3 Things to Do to ‘Connect’ with our source: Mother Nature

1. The Sounds of Earth: Sit comfortably in the quietest room in your home. For five minutes listen to the sounds around you. Start with the closest: other people in the home, the fridge, the radio, the computer, clock ticking. Then listen beyond: the neighbours, cars or traffic, people working or walking. THEN listen intently beyond that: trees, birds, wind, rain, the Earth.
SCORE: If you can identify 10 different sounds – average. 15 different sounds – very good. 20 or more different sounds – very connected! (Tip: each distant bird sound, tree movement, sound of the wind, etc. are counted separately)

2. Life Goes On: Hang a bird feeder from a tree (or balcony) and/or install a bird bath and watch the birds feed and play. Fill the feeder on a daily basis at about the same time – so that the birds become familiar with the routine. Sit and watch while enjoying a tea or coffee (all it takes is 5 minutes from your schedule!) – you’ll be amazed at the peace and fulfillment it brings you.

3. Grow something – whether it be in the ground or a pot. One plant or lots. It does not matter. Just the appreciation of planting (touching the earth - our source for survival), nurturing it and watching it grow into maturity is the greatest gift from the Earth.

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About my journey........
   I've put together an e-book about my journey (so far) in the hope it will offer new insight for people on a similar journey - because ultimately we are all on the same path to same source.
Price: $12.00  For more information or to download: click here

New Testimonials

    While in a positive light - I recently added a few new testimonials to my website -  A big thank-you to people for their positive comments. Just one positive word to another comes back ten-fold to enhance your life. So make a point to give to others encouraging and positive comments many times every day!
Hi Pam, I’m 31 years old and new to ideas of self sufficiency and permaculture. I’ve always had a strong anti consumerism stance, but have struggled to make the jump to DIY. Your site has been a great help in this transition and it’s wonderful to learn from someone who knows the tricks of the trade and has all the wisdom on hand! Many thanks for all your help. I’m growing lots of plants, cleaning with all natural products and learning new things everyday. Keep up your great work!  Yours in spirit,   David.

Thank-you Pam for those excellent ideas you have emailed us. I will be making the soap jelly. You have saved me a fortune with your great ideas.   Judy

Hi Pam, What a great newsletter, thank you. Lots of information and things to try and I love the photo of yourself! Keep warm.   Lynette.

With deep gratitude and appreciation for all the work you do, I would love to receive regular newsletters and mentoring to become a presenter and spread this beautiful work. Really enjoyed the recent workshop at Victor Harbor. My children took the products they had made to school the next day to share and show.   Pamela

Hi Pam, I met you at the workshop on Sunday and wanted to say ‘Thank-you’ for the delightful afternoon. You re-ignited a passion for “making” and I’ve been busy ever since! Thanks again. Donna

I just had a chance to browse through your website and I must say I am overwhelmed by all the information. Wow!!! But, I guess you would expect that after 20+ years of research.
There’s just a lot of information - I am not too sure where to start!   Jasmine

I have just had a look at your website and I must say there is a lot to be said for finding alternate uses for everyday household products indeed. I am sure you must be inundated with enquiries generating fromm your site.  Tash
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Uses from Common Herbs
Gardens are in abundance at present with wonderful herbs. It is the best time to get the fullest use from what's growing in the garden. Home-grown plants and herbs are chemical free, cheap and safe to use
10 Quick & Easy Things to Do with Herbs & Flowers from your Garden

1. Infused Vinegar: Place sprigs of your favourite fresh herb or flower into a bottle of vinegar. Leave to infuse one week before using (for culinary, cleaning, skin-care, etc.). More ideas in e-book No. 7 - Making Herbal Vinegars & Oils  Click here

2. Gourmet Oil: Place 2 garlic cloves and few sprigs of herbs (sage, rosemary, thyme) in a bottle of olive oil. Leave to infuse or 2 weeks. Use for cooking or culinary. 
The aroma is amazing!  More ideas in e-book No. 7 - Making Herbal Vinegars & Oils  Click here

3. Rosemary Room Freshener: Half fill a spray bottle with cider vinegar. Top up with rosemary infusion*. Spray as required to alleviate odours.
More ideas: e-book No. 22 - Natural Air-fresheners & Deodorisers.  Click here

4. Cleansing Milk: Place 50mls of milk and four tablespoons of chopped herbs or flower petals of your choice (lavender, rosemary, violet, nasturtiums, chamomile - for example) in a covered saucepan. Gently warm the mixture, but do not boil. Turn off the heat. Strain and leave to cool. Apply to the skin with cotton wool (Milk is very nourishing for the skin and the flowers/herbs perfume, heal and rejuvenate). Store in fridge and use within 5-7 days. 
More information: e-book No. 30 - Natural Skin Care.   Click here for info

5. Refreshing Skin Wash: Use a cool herbal infusion* as a skin astringent to refresh and heal the skin after cleansing. Some suggested plants to use: LAVENDER (normal skin), ROSEMARY (oily, normal, dry skin), CHAMOMILE (sensitive - dry skin), GERANIUM (normal to dry skin).

More information: e-book No. 30 - Natural Skin Care.   Click here for info

6. Rose Body Spray: Place one cup of scented rose petals in a shallow pan and cover with water. Simmer very gently for 30 minutes. Strain the liquid. When cool - pour into spray bottle ready for use. Repeat the process for stronger scent.
More body spray ideas: No. 37 - Beautiful Baths. Click here

7. Floral Air-freshener: A simple bunch of fragrant flowers placed in a room will naturally perfume the immediate environment as an alternative to chemical deodorisers.
More ideas: e-book No. 22 - Natural Air-fresheners & Deodorisers.  Click here

8. Mint Flea Repellent: Place fresh mint in pet's bedding to deter fleas and deodorise.
More pet-care suggestions: No. 35 - Natural Pet Care.  Click here

9. Lavender & Thyme Personal Deodorant: Pour into small spray bottle: 10 mls cider vinegar and 100 ml rosemary and lavender infusion*. Use as underarm spray deodorant twice daily. (Add 5 drops lavender essential oil for stronger aroma).
For more deodorant ideas see: No. 2 - Homemade Deodorants  Click here

10. Sage Mouth-wash: Use a sage infusion* as a refreshing mouth-wash. Sage strengthens and heals both teeth and gums.
For more teeth and mouthwash suggestions: No. 1 - Homemade Toothpastes & Mouthwashes  Click here

*How to Make an Infusion: Place 3 teaspoons fresh herbs or plants in an earthenware cup. Add 250mls boiling water. Leave to steep for about 5 minutes or for a stronger infusion leave longer. Strain and use as required. Store in fridge and use within 5-7 days

'Ways With' e-booklets
    Utilizing what’s in your garden to the absolute fullest! You’ll be surprised at the many hidden uses (culinary, personal, general, etc.) for garden plants, flowers & produce growing right near your back door! (10 e-booklets - approx. 30 pages each):
Ways With MINT
Ways with LAVENDER
Ways with ROSES
Ways With THYME
Ways With SAGE,
Plus Ways With TOMATOES and Ways with ZUCCHINI, :

$12.00 individually or FULL SET (all 10 titles): $96.00
For download information For download information For download information click here

Abundant Zucchinis!
    Zucchinis are easy to grow and in the right conditions grow in abundance.  The problem then arises of what to do with all those excess zucchinis.  Someone once jokingly told me that one year they left their zucchinis on the bushes because they did not know what to do with them - then had to get the tractor out because they we too big to move!  Don't know if I believe that one?  In fact there are a myriad of interesting uses for zucchinis.E-booklet 'Ways With Zucchini' has numerous recipes and suggestions.  Among other things I make pickled zucchinis and zucchini jam (with added orange for extra flavour) - I'm just about to make a batch with my first lot of home-grown zucchinis.  Thought you might appreciate the recipe:

Zucchini & Orange Jam
Ingredients: 500g zucchini, 500g sugar, grated rind & juice of 2 oranges and one lemon.  Method: Peel zucchini and cut into small dices. Cover with the orange juice and sugar in a suitably sized bowl. Leave 12 hours or overnight. Pour into saucepan, add lemon juice, orange and lemon rind.  Bring to the boil – stirring frequently so that it does not burn. Continue simmering until jam is correct consistency*. While still hot pour into sterile jars and seal ready for storage or immediate use.
Keeping time: 3-4 months. NB: 100g chopped crystallised ginger may be added if desired.

From e-book 'Ways with Zucchini'

Ways With: Zucchini - Often in abundance in the right conditions. Many recipes - roasted, grated, baked, stir-fries, soup, grilled, fritters, cakes, bread, rissoles, pasta, salads, jam, stuffed zucchini flowers, pickled. Ideal substitute for cucumber intolerant people. Try the zucchini chocolate cake! Other uses: cosmetic, sun-burn, skin lotion. 24 pages $12.00  Click here for download information
Non-toxic Incense
   Commercial incense contains toxic chemicals include artificial preservatives and synthetic scents. This is particularly important in the case of incense if burnt in an enclosed environment without sufficient ventilation. I use incense often as a mood enhancer and air freshener. I became interested in making my own incense so that I could use my own dried flowers and herbs from the garden to make non-toxic incense - whether it be a simple powder or cones. 
No. 57 - Homemade Incense e-booklet:
   Creating fragrances naturally for perfuming and therapeutic uses. Covers various incense-making techniques - from simple powders, to shaped incense and longer-burning charcoal based incense. No chemicals - all ingredients from natural sources.
17 pages    Price: $8.00   For download information: click here
Many thanks - I hope enjoyed Issue No. 50 of The Shoppe Newsletter - a bit of a milestone! 
Keep smiling ...... until next time!

Pam Marshall -The Self-Sufficiency Shoppe



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