Subject: Update: Police and Surveillance State Rebuked by Courts

Immigration and terrorism are used as an excuse to violate your rights.
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Update: Police and Surveillance State Rebuked by Courts
By The Daily Bell Staff - May 23, 2018

Customs and Border Protection has been slowly ramping up their illegal searches over the past few years.

As we discussed in January, over 30,000 people had their electronic devices searched without probable cause or a warrant by Customs and Border Protection in 2017. This was a 50% increase from 2016...

Last September we talked about a roadside checkpoint in New Hampshire that was meant to catch illegal immigrants–90 miles from the Canadian border. They snagged a few unlucky families from Boston, although the latest reports say that no one was actually charged with illegal immigration. But the local police collaborating with federal officials did arrest a number of people for small amounts of drugs.

The New Hampshire state police and federal agents had drug-sniffing dogs… at the illegal immigration checkpoint.

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