Subject: Gay Guys That Like Guns: Jeff Bloovman Interview on Armed Gays

Why are some gays arming themselves? Do gun owners discriminate against gays? And why are political parties trash? These and other topics in this Jeff Bloovman interview.
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Gay Guys That Like Guns: Jeff Bloovman Interview on Armed Gays
By Joe Jarvis - June 15, 2018

Being gay, he’s never felt a bit of discrimination from the guys at the gun range. But tell a group of gay guys that you like guns… and that’s a different story.

In this interview, I talk to Jeff Bloovman about his work with the Pink Pistols to train gays in responsible self-defense.

We touch on topics about gays, guns, and we even had some time to trash talk political parties. You’ll hear about his experience being featured in a recent Viceland documentary about armed gays. Listen to the end to hear how he “sort of accidentally” came out on national television in 2011 after winning every challenge in the Discovery Channel show One Man Army.

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