Subject: Don’t forget the “Galt’s Gulch Tactic.” Shrug-off the government.

The American dream will always exist. It just might not always exist in America.
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Don’t forget the “Galt’s Gulch Tactic.” Shrug-off the government.
By Joe Jarvis - June 06, 2019

It’s not your duty to prop up a corrupt and immoral system.

In fact, it might be your duty to deny it your support.

That was the main message of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged (although it took her about 23,000 times as many words to say it).

In Atlas Shrugged, the very capable and productive Dagny Taggart couldn’t leave America behind. She slaved away to support the masses and the politicians even as they ridiculed and hated her for it.

Escaping to “Galt’s Gulch” and leaving all the parasites behind should always be an option on the table. In this secret and shielded valley, everyone works for their own benefit and the benefit of those they trade with.

Today, so many people put so much stake in who is President and what the majority of Americans will vote for every two years. They are hopelessly drawn into the gravitational pull of the system. And they don’t consider escape an option.

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