Subject: David Hogg Just Got “SWATTED”. Here’s Why That’s So Messed Up.

Whatever your feelings on David Hogg's politics, it is sickening to see this kind of state violence directed at an innocent person. And far too easy for any random citizen to target their enemies with this tactic.
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David Hogg Just Got “SWATTED”. Here’s Why That’s So Messed Up.
By Joe Jarvis - June 06, 2018

I have avoided writing about David Hogg up to this point because I don’t find him particularly relevant. His stale arguments in favor of gun control are not novel or compelling. He uses bully tactics to force businesses and people to bend to the will of the anti-gun lobby.

But something just happened to David Hogg that is a bigger threat to Americans than mass shootings. He was “Swatted.” Someone called the SWAT team and falsely reported a hostage situation at the house David Hogg lives in with his parents and sister.

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