Subject: 5 Controversial Books That Teach You How to Manipulate People

Rulers consider this knowledge dangerous... Because this is how they keep their power.
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5 Controversial Books That Teach You How to Manipulate People
By Joe Jarvis - May 02, 2019

It’s not bad to study how to manipulate people.

We study plenty of things that you shouldn’t do: war, crime, genocide.

Understanding how these things happen is key to avoiding them in the future.

We need to study manipulation to make sure others cannot wield that power over us.

That is why no information should be off limits. Learning how to accomplish evil deeds allows us to prevent ourselves from becoming the victims, or tools, of evildoers.

There’s a reason rulers banned the printing press and burned books. They considered knowledge dangerous… because it is. It is dangerous to those who would keep us ignorant of their tactics to hold power over us.

We can protect ourselves by understanding how to use the enemy’s weapons. We can build ourselves an armor against their attacks by understanding where, when, how, and why they strike.

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