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April 2018

New Book and Website

I am excited to announce an all new website that focuses on our specific approach to our work.

Since 1995, I have championed the creation of a true, feedback-rich coaching culture that is fueled by a feedback-based communication process. I documented the process in The Heart of Coaching, published in 1998 and now in its 4th edition.

This month, I released my second title, The Rise of the Coachable Leader, that describes the clearly emerging phenomenon of leaders realizing they need to SHOW UP coachable if they want to enjoy the benefits of a true coaching culture. This is how I define coachability:

The Rise of the Coachable Leader

Successful leaders often think of themselves as role models, but they don’t often become practitioners of a true coaching culture, demonstrating both coaching skills AND coachability. To do both, leaders must view vulnerability not as a source of weakness, but a source of genuine authenticity. Leaders who rein in their egos can defuse the need to defend themselves and release the need to win all the time. This allows them to open up to feedback.

Being open to feedback allows the necessary transparency to work on oneself - which is exactly what high-performing, learning organizations require. It is compelling to see open-hearted coachability emerge.

The Rise of the Coachable Leader also features seven executives and their success stories about transforming themselves and their organizations into this naturally more high-performing state. The stories are real and engaging and show the steps of their journey. Excerpts are on the website. Here is one you will enjoy…

Look forward to weekly blogs and webbies staring in May and monthly newsletters. You can order the new book on:

As always, please let me know what I can do to support you…

In the spirit of coaching...Tom

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