Subject: In the Spirit of Coaching - July 2020

The Heart of Coaching

July 2020

Trusting you are staying safe in these difficult times. As challenging as this is, I just keep reminding myself that, "This too shall pass."

In the spirit of adaptation, I am happy to announce that our successful live workshop based on "The Heart of Coaching" is now available ONLINE as a robust e-learning course. We have streamlined and condensed the full agenda into 8, 90 minute sessions that still offer the deep dive into what it means to BE a Collegial Coach for people you work with.

Here is our robust Collegial Coaching skillset you will learn. HOW TO:

  1. form trusting coaching relationships with colleagues
  2. set explicit performance expectations (vision, strategy, mission, goals, & values)
  3. deliver actionable feedback (timely, specific, and helpful)
  4. ask effective questions that create learning
  5. listen carefully to responses to build trust
  6. share positive accountability for outcomes
  7. collaborate on options to build "buy-in"
  8. make commitments to mutual action
  9. set explicit follow-up expectations
  10. ensure support for success is present

I will be leading Open Enrollment ZOOM Classes on Tuesdays at 10AM PDT/4PM EDT starting August 25, 2020. We are limiting classes to 20 participants, and registration closes August 7, 2020. Incudes Online Forum, Course Workbook, and copies of both of my books. Here is more information and registration.

IF you work for an organization and want to discuss how this course is adapted to your organization for team delivery, please contact me directly.


Our willingness to solicit, clarify, reflect and respond to feedback from others (our coachability) is the determining factor whether, and to what extent, coaching becomes a part of our organizational cultures. Read here how 7 clients are using “The Heart of Coaching” to dramatically impact leadership and team results.

These are extremely stressful times for all of us. We have different stressors but most all of us share higher levels of personal stress. So, even as we are feeling frustration, pain, upset, uncertainty, etc. one thing we can do is to extend a little more patience in listening to others. Whether you experience that interaction as a "coaching" conversation or not, patient listening and heart-felt empathy will go a long way to help all of us get through this time.

Stay safe...

In the Spirit of Coaching

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