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In the Spirit of Coaching
February 2017

Hello from (still) hot San Diego…

This summer heat will soon abate – at least the whole country hopes so. I am ready to fall into fall. 

The Rise of the Coachable Leader

Our new title from this spring challenges leaders to “show up coachable” IF they truly want to create a high-performing coaching culture. Based on my research and experience, that upward feedback leg of the conversation is the last to develop. If upward feedback does not develop in a culture, it truly holds back the free-flowing dynamics that characterize the best examples of coaching cultures. You can order your copy from my website.

Coachability Skills

In September I will introduce the one-day workshop agenda that develops the awareness and skills for any leader to become more fully coachable. This workshop is a natural building process for organizations who have begun the culture shifting work with any coaching methodology, and it most clearly fits with the Collegial Coaching skills people master in The Heart of Coaching workshops.

Facilitator Certification

We are going to hold our open-enrollment “The Heart of Coaching” Facilitator Certification in San Diego. Most of these occur for clients in their facilities for their internal staff. We are going to conduct this during the full week of October 29th – Monday through Friday – at the Marina Village in San Diego. It’s a beautiful San Diego waterfront location.

The agenda

On Monday and Tuesday, anyone can attend the full 2 day workshop as a participant and learn the complete coaching toolkit we share with leaders and their teams. Then, those staying to become certified work from Wednesday through Friday mid-afternoon and deliver pre-assigned modules to demonstrate both group facilitation skills AND a beginning understanding of the Transformational Coaching methodology as described in “The Heart of Coaching.”

Here is the link to the flyer that outlines logistics and fees.

In the spirit of coaching...Tom

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