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Induction and Beyond
Teaching Residents @ Teachers College
February  2019 | New Year Edition Newsletter
Here's to hoping we are all finding new and creative ways to stay warm in the Northeast, this Winter!

Thank you for taking the time to read our February edition, and a very special thanks to Meli for taking The Black Lives Matter week of action to the next level with her amazing "Black Girl Magic"door creation.  Here she is showing off her DEMANDS T-Shirt, next to her fabulous creation. Be sure to read on for more creative ideas on how to celebrate Black History Month in your schools.

Sending warm and happy thoughts!

Yours Truly,
The TR@TC2 Induction Team

Photo Credits: Melida Maldonado-Perez - TR@TC Cohort 4
TR@TC Financial Literacy-  I'm thrilled to be leading our very first Financial Literacy workshop series, beginning February 6th, 2019. This workshop is now closed. You can purchase independent learning kits by clicking this link:  Financial Peace System
Co-Working and Professional Development
Please See below for upcoming co-working and professional development offerings at TR@TC
  • February 5th: Co-Working and Self Care Networking Event Horace Mann 140 - Stop by to meet other members of the TC community, collect BLM Posters, and much more!  - See email with details regarding our aromatherapy, meditation, and movement sessions!
We would love to hear about the types of workshops you'd like us to host in March, April, May!  Click here to share your feedback!
Raising Consciousness
Black Lives Matter Week of Action
February 4th-9th 

There are many ways for YOU to get involved and engage YOUR STUDENTS in this work!

  1. Promote the Cause by getting some BLM@Schools swag
  2. POST Black Lives Matter Principles posters in your classroom (email me at for requests)
  3. Join the SOCIAL MEDIA BLITZ on Monday, 2/4, by inviting your students to post solidarity photos, using the hashtags: #NYCSchoolsDeserve #BlackLivesMatterAtSchools #TheBlackTeacherProject
  4. Host a Sign-Making Party on 2/5 or join an existing one!
  5. Participate in the 2/6 "WALK IN" by encouraging your students to WALK IN their schools, carrying their BLM Posters and Demands
Black Lives Matter at Schools
Please click here to stay informed and stay tuned for updates
The below is a preview of events taking place during BLM @ Schools Action Week – Stay tuned for detailed information
Raising Consciousness Resources
 Thank you for your feedback on our December Issue! Based on, we will continue to share and re-share resources that will help you continue your journey across the socio-cultural consciousness spectrum. See below for this month's highlighted resources. Special thanks to Micia Mosely, Amy Nelson, and Laura Marie Thompson for their contributions.
  • The National Equity Project - "We work to build culture, conditions, and competencies for excellence and equity in districts, schools, classrooms, nonprofits, and communities. We work with partners across the U.S. and are always seeking new partners who are committed to achieving equity in education. We offer deep, authentic, and supportive partnership, meeting our clients where they are through a range of customized coaching and consulting services." Source: www.
  • White Supremacy and MeThe long anticipated workbook from Layla F. Saad’s #meandwhitesupremacy Instagram challenge is here. Part education, part activation, the Me And White Supremacy Workbook is a first-of-its-kind personal anti-racism tool for people holding white privilege to begin to examine and dismantle their complicity in the oppressive system of white supremacy. Get the workbook - It’s free! Source:
  • The Education TrustThe Education Trust–New York is a statewide education policy and advocacy organization focused first and foremost on doing right by New York’s children. Although many organizations speak up for the adults employed by schools and colleges, we advocate for students, especially those whose needs and potential are often overlooked. Source:
  • African American Quilt Circle - Quilting as an Art Form - An art group with over 60 quilters who living Virginia and Philadelphia. Their goal is that of preserving the heritage of quilting in African American communities by outreach and education about about quilting. They also support local and national humanitarian projects through exhibits. Follow them on Facebook or call them at (19) 683-1709 for more information.
  • Certified Welcoming - This organization evaluates and assesses efforts to provide an inclusive place for all. Candidates submit an application , complete a self-assessment, and receive evaluative site visits and a detailed final report that identifies local strengths and provides a roadmap for areas of growth. Source:
  • Surdna Foundation - The Surdna foundation seeks to foster sustainable communities in the US - communities guided by principles of social justice and distinguished by healthy environments, inclusive economies, and thriving cultures. Source:
Upcoming Events:
Free Minds, Free People: July 11-14th, 2019 
Click here for the National Equity Project Calendar

Curriculum Planning Resources
Looking for resources to help take your instruction to the next level? Check these out!

New Visions Collaborative Blog - Please take a look at the variety of strategies for Test Prep, Engagement, and integrating more literacy into the content area. 

New Visions Social Studies Curriculum- Click here for resources, strategies, and tips on making Social Studies content engaging, enlightening, and transformative. 

Laziness Does Not Exist - Click here for a thought provoking article that takes another look at student motivation, procrastination, and mental health. 

Fund For Teachers - While this is not a direct classroom resource, it is a resource that will enhance your teaching. This organization specializes in funding study-abroad programs for teachers. Want to learn more? Click here!

Indy Kids! The mission of IndyKids is to engage young people to become informed world citizens through the production of a current events and social justice news source that is created by kids, for kids. IndyKids was formed in 2005 by a group of independent journalists, students, parents, teachers and activists who saw the need for a progressive, ad-free news media to be presented in a way that would interest and engage young kids. Since publishing its first black and white issue in the fall of 2005, IndyKids has grown into a vital, multi-platform current events and social justice news source that is produced by kids, for kids.. Visit their website for more info.

YC Teen YCteen, founded in 1980 as New Youth Connections, is a magazine written by New York City teens. It is published by Youth Communication, a non-profit corporation that helps marginalized youth reach their full potential through reading and writing. Visit their website for more info.

Teaching For Black Lives - This latest installment, from Rethinking Schools, is one we are very excited about! Read more about this and many other resources by visiting or connect with your Induction Mentor to order a copy with your Stipend. Copies are also available, on loan, from TR@TC. Contact for more info.

Teacher Ed News - Click here to subscribe and stay up to date on the latest curated news about teacher preparation.

Using a resource you'd like to share? Email us at Subject: Resource Share
Sharing Credit:  Rosalina Diaz & Laura Marie Thompson
The New Teacher's Corner
Fall is a very busy season for teachers, especially new ones. This often means new teachers put off leveraging all resources available to them. 
Here are the Top 5 things to do this Fall:
1. Meet with your Chapter Leader and ask about the DOE Portal and Pension Account.
2. Register for a Tenure PD with the DOE
3. Set up your DOE Wageworks account! 
4. Get your UFT ID Card
5. Visit and create your profile, check out employee discounts, and learn about professional development offerings.
Stay Connected to TC and access resources!  
  • TC Gmail for LIFE - Activate your TC Gmail account! Set up your UNI (and password) at Then go to and click on myTC in the top right-hand corner to log in.
  • Network with Alumni -
  • Update your info and share your notes:
  • Connect with Alumni Abroad:
  • TC Career Services (TCCS):
  • Alumni FAQs:
Don't forget to stop by Whittier Campus to get your Alumni ID! It grants you access to the library, partner discounts, and many other areas of the school, following graduation.
Sharing Credit: Tara Laohakul 
Tenure and Beyond
Are you up for Tenure? Professional Certification? Don't Know?
Gaining tenure is an important milestone. Having tenure means you can’t be terminated without due process and you’re entitled to a hearing if the Department of Education takes disciplinary action.
Teachers begin working on probation and are generally eligible for tenure at the end of their fourth year. Tenure isn’t automatically granted at the end of your probationary period. To be granted tenure, you must:
  • Be on track to complete all your state certification and city licensing requirements;
  • file an application and receive professional certification;
  • have a record of acceptable service during your probationary period; and
  • be recommended for tenure by your principal.
Your tenure becomes permanent only after you complete all your certification requirements. Visit and sign up for a Tenure PD. Stay on track!
Considering Pursuing National Board Certification?
After completing your 3rd year of teaching, you may want to apply for this advanced ,and prestigious, certification.  Devon Shaw, a TR@TC Alumnus, will be leading a National Board Certification workshop, in the Spring. Email me at if you'd like to be a part of it!
The Lit Corner: Black History Month Reads
Wake Up Our Souls: A Celebration of African American Artists by Tonya Bolden
Overview:  Published in conjunction with the Smithsonian American Art Museum, an accompaniment to a traveling exhibition highlights influential and important African-American twentieth-century artists, from those of the early part of the century to important participants in the Harlem Renaissance and right up to those involved in the vigorous contemporary art scene.
Source: Wendy Barrales
Assata Shakur: An Autobiography 
Excerpt from Chapter 1: "There were lights and sirens. Zayd was dead. My mind knew that Zayd was dead. The air was like cold glass. Huge bubbles rose and burst. Each one felt like an explosion in my chest. My mouth tasted like blood and dirt. The car spun around me and then something like sleep overtook me. In the background i could hear what sounded like gunfire. But i was fading and dreaming.

Suddenly, the door flew open and i felt myself being dragged out onto the pavement. Pushed and punched, a foot upside my head, a kick in the stomach. Police were everywhere. One had a gun to my head..."
PHENOMENAL Teacher, That's Me!
TEACHERS ROCK! Tenacity is truly your middle name, and we are inspired by your commitment to this noble profession. In every newsletter, we'll be sharing pictures and kudos that speak to the PHENOMENAL work you're doing in your schools - Compliments of your Induction Mentors and Colleagues. Want to give a shout out to your TR@TC colleagues? Click here 
Kudos to...
Sylvia Moon for "[validating] her students’ complete linguistic identities in many ways. Here, she supports students in translanguaging for their academic success.!

Kudos Credit: Gladys Aponte
Self Care and Sustainability
Teacher Sustainability
Teacher burn out is real! As we continue this journey into a more balanced life, consider checking out the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club. Below is a quote from their website:
"We’ve all asked ourselves that at some point, and I bet these statements sound familiar, too: I’m completely overwhelmed. Being a teacher has consumed every spare minute of my life. I work on school stuff constantly and yet I’m never done…and I still feel like I’m not doing enough. When I bring work home, I feel guilty for neglecting my family. I’m tired all the time, my house is a wreck, my errands keep piling up, and I’m not taking good care of myself. I don’t know how much longer I can go on like this. Something has to change. My friend, you’re not alone. Every single day, I hear from teachers all around the country who are drowning in guilt and exhaustion over losing the battle for work/life balance."  Source:
Sharing Credit: Melida Maldonado
Newsletter Feedback
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