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Induction and Beyond
Teaching Residents @ Teachers College
December 2018 | Fall Edition Newsletter
"Grateful seeing is the ability to look first for what is good and working in our lives without minimizing or denying the hardships or challenges that are also present. Many traditional societies hold the perspective, or world-view, that what has been given to us ultimately ignites growth and strengthens us." ~ Angeles Arrien

This quote truly embodies 2018 within the TR@TC program. 2018 was one of many uncertainties, but we remained steadfast in our efforts to continue building a network of Highly Qualified, Compassionate, Social Justice Educators,who work to disrupt systems of inequity within NYC Public Schools. This is a collective endeavor and we will be eternally grateful for all of the encouragement, feedback, and unwavering support many of you have given the program. 

We are excited to announce that as of this Friday, November 30th, we completed the 2018 TR@TC Admissions Institute and are diligently preparing to launch the next TR@TC Residency program in January of 2019.

Wishing you a victorious end to 2018. The best is yet to come!

Yours Truly,
The TR@TC2 Induction Team
TR@TC is canvasing interestin joining a 9-week financial health workshop, using the Financial Peace System.Interested in "taking control of your money" or becoming a Financial Peace Facilitator? Please email and let us know. 

Co-Working and Professional Development
Fall is a busy time at TR@TC! Please see below and stop by to learn, plan, and collect some goodies for your classroom!
  • Dec. 3rd and 13th: Self Care and Sustainability - The RSVP deadline closed on 11/19, but if you missed it, and REALLY want to attend, please contact me at, to inquire about availability
  • Monday, January 28th: Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures (TBD)
  • Tuesday, February 5th: Co-Working Day (TBD)
**Stay Tuned for Emails with additional details about each Co-Working/PD Day
Raising Consciousness
Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving marks the first exhibition in the United States to present Kahlo's personal objects from the Casa Azul (Blue House), the artist's lifelong home in Mexico City. The exhibition is a rare opportunity to explore Kahlo's creative vision and self-crafted identity through a presentation of her clothing and other personal items, paintings and drawings by the artist, photographs, film, and documentation, as well as related objects from the Museum's collection.
Sharing Credit: Vanessa Paula - Source:

TAINO: Native Heritage and Identity in the Caribbean | Taíno: herencia e identidad indígena en el Caribe
Across the Caribbean, there is growing interest in the historical, cultural, and genetic legacies of Native peoples. In increasing numbers, individuals, families, and organizations are affirming their Native ancestry and identifying themselves as Taíno.
Sharing Credit: Rosalina Diaz  - Source:
Facing Race 2018: A unique collaborative space for racial justice movement making, Facing Race is the largest multiracial, inter-generational gathering for organizers, educators, creatives and other leaders. The conferences is over, but the movement has only just begun! Looking for ways to continue your involvement in social justice practices? Check out the following resources.
  • The Black Teacher Project - "The Black Teacher Project works with university partners to understand the current experiences of Black teachers in New York and the Bay Area. Specifically, we look at the challenges faced by Black inservice and pre-service teachers (e.g. lack of support; financial challenges; assumptions about interests/skills; push to leadership) and develop innovative programming to address those challenges. Our continuous improvement approach also allows us to pilot our strategies, collect data and adapt accordingly." Source:
  • The Management Center - Join a learning community to practice tools and strategies to help you thrive at work while showing up authentically, and prioritizing equity and inclusion. Source:
  • Bibo Love - BIBOLOVE is a philosophy and practice that encourages us to be our whole selves. The practice is based on breath, the source of life. BIBO is a focused breath with sound. Whatever we experience taking a breath makes it easier. We breathe in and breathe out love because love has the power to conjure up our light. Source:
  • Practice Space - A healing salon for black, indigenous, and people of color committed to being free. Source:
  • Feminist Humanist Alliance - Feminist Humanist Alliance strives to shape a better world through compassion, education, and promoting social liberation. Source:
Upcoming Events:
12.18.18 - Advancing Racial Justice in Organizations - Click here to register 
1.22.19 - National Day of Racial Healing - Visit this link for more information

Looking to Support Social Justice Enterprises?
Fresh to Def Collective
"We are a social justice enterprise that empowers women of color to be their bold, powerful, and free selves through wearable political art. We produce fashion accessories, house wares, and organizational swag that inspire community to take a stand for what they believe." Source:
Curriculum Planning Resources
Looking for resources to help take your instruction to the next level? Check these out!

Illustrative Mathematics - Click here for FREE resources from Open Up, a non-profit organization dedicated to making innovative instructional resources to all

Soul Fire Farm in the City- Lawn to Garden Project - "Deciding to grow some of your own nutritious food is a statement to yourself..." Soul Fire Farm volunteers provide a no-cost raised bed and starter plants to qualifying Capital District Households. Please contact Amani ( for more information. 

Teaching For Black Lives - This latest installment, from Rethinking Schools, is one we are very excited about! Read more about this and many other resources by visiting or connect with your Induction Mentor to order a copy with your Stipend. Copies are also available, on loan, from TR@TC. Contact for more info.

Using a resource you'd like to share? Email us at Subject: Resource Share
Sharing Credit: Brian Inzeo, Micia Mosely, and Laura Marie Thompson
The New Teacher's Corner
Fall is a very busy season for teachers, especially new ones. This often means new teachers put off leveraging all resources available to them. 
Here are the Top 5 things to do this Fall:
1. Meet with your Chapter Leader and ask about the DOE Portal and Pension Account.
2. Register for a Tenure PD with the DOE
3. Set up your DOE Wageworks account! 
4. Get your UFT ID Card
5. Visit and create your profile, check out employee discounts, and learn about professional development offerings.
Stay Connected to TC and access resources!  
  • TC Gmail for LIFE - Activate your TC Gmail account! Set up your UNI (and password) at Then go to and click on myTC in the top right-hand corner to log in.
  • Network with Alumni -
  • Update your info and share your notes:
  • Connect with Alumni Abroad:
  • TC Career Services (TCCS):
  • Alumni FAQs:
Don't forget to stop by Whittier Campus to get your Alumni ID! It grants you access to the library, partner discounts, and many other areas of the school, following graduation.
Sharing Credit: Tara Laohakul 
Tenure and Beyond
Are you up for Tenure? Professional Certification? Don't Know?
Gaining tenure is an important milestone. Having tenure means you can’t be terminated without due process and you’re entitled to a hearing if the Department of Education takes disciplinary action.
Teachers begin working on probation and are generally eligible for tenure at the end of their fourth year. Tenure isn’t automatically granted at the end of your probationary period. To be granted tenure, you must:
  • Be on track to complete all your state certification and city licensing requirements;
  • file an application and receive professional certification;
  • have a record of acceptable service during your probationary period; and
  • be recommended for tenure by your principal.
Your tenure becomes permanent only after you complete all your certification requirements. Visit and sign up for a Tenure PD. Stay on track!
The Lit Corner
This section is a nod to the inspiring Noëlle Santos, whose story is one of true perseverance and grassroots community investment. Join her mailing list, read her inspiring poem, The Bronx is Burning with a Desire to Read, and be sure to visit the grand opening of The Lit Bar, an "Indie Book Bar" that takes the coffee, tea, and wine bars sprouting all over NYC, to a more cerebral level. 

Highlighted Read: Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds by adrienne maree brown, shares the lineage, core principles and elements of emergent strategy. It features interviews with activists, and a toolbox of spells, rituals and emergent strategy activities that anyone can use in their creative and organizing work. Source: 
Sharing Credit: Micia Mosely and Vanessa Paula
PHENOMENAL Teacher, That's Me!
TEACHERS ROCK! Tenacity is truly your middle name, and we are inspired by your commitment to this noble profession. In every newsletter, we'll be sharing pictures and kudos that speak to the PHENOMENAL work you're doing in your schools - Compliments of your Induction Mentors and Colleagues. Want to give a shout out to your TR@TC colleagues? Click here 
Kudos to...

Devon Shaw for obtaining his National Board Certification!
National Board Certification (NBC) is a voluntary, advanced teaching credential that goes beyond state licensure. NBC has national standards for what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do. The National Board certifies teachers who successfully complete its rigorous certification process.

Interested in pursuing yours? Let us know by emailing
Kudos Credit: Suzanne Pratt
Self Care and Sustainability
Living in Gratitude by Angeles Arrien
As the year comes to a close, be sure to take some time to share positivity and gratitude with your students. Angeles Arrien, a cultural anthropologist and educator, wrote a book (see image) on gratitude based practices, and also shares many resources on her website. Additional free resources for gratitude and mindfulness practices can also be found by Clicking here .
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