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Sound Water Stewards
Quarterly Beach Log

June 2017

We are trained volunteers working in and around Island County for a healthy, sustainable Puget Sound environment through education, community outreach, stewardship, and citizen science.
Quarterly Board Update!

The SWS Board has been very busy these past few months! We have received 2 New Grants, one from LEP and another from PSE. The Board is also welcoming two new Board Members, Sue Salveson and Rich Yukubousky. Find out more about Board activities.         [ read more ]

New Executive Director Position  

We are happy to announce that the search for an Executive Director (part-time to start) has begun. The Board, with input by the membership, will soon hire the person to lead the organization into our future in collaboration with the Board, staff, and members. Please help identify candidates and watch for the open interview sessions (early June).

See full job description here. [ read more ]
Connie Clark - Volunteer Extraordinaire

Connie has dedicated over 10,000 hours since she joined Beach Watchers/SWS in 2007. She has transformed how we deal with registration for SWU, our website, and a multitude of other things.

Connie grew up in upstate New York near the Hudson River, in a home surrounded by woods... [ read more ]

Cheetahs of the Insect World

You never know what natural wonder you will encounter when you visit Deception Pass State Park. One unexpected discovery I made there during the warmer months was that of tiger beetles. When I began to delve into this family of insects, I found that they are absolutely fascinating. [ read more ]

Meet the Board

We thought we would take the opportunity to learn a bit more about our dedicated SWS Board Members by asking three simple questions. Learn a little bit more about Linda Ade Ridder and Rich Yukubousky. [ read more ]

About this Newsletter

Editors - Kelly Zupich, Suzie Gaffney, Connie Clark

We need your stories and pictures! If you are interested in writing about your project or just have an idea please contact your island coordinator at

If you by chance you come across a typo in this newsletter or any of the following links, please contact us so we can fix it. Thank you in advance.

Recommended Field Trips
Learn about PSE’s commitment to renewable energy by touring our visitor centers at Wild Horse Wind and Solar Facility near Ellensburg, Snoqualmie Falls Hydroelectric Museum, and Baker River Hydroelectric Visitor Center in Concrete.
European Green Crab 2017

It is spring and with it comes another round of monitoring for the European Green crabs by our SWS citizen science volunteers. We are part of a big project covering many sites all over Puget Sound led by Washington Sea Grant (WSG) at the University of Washington and the WADFW... [ read more ]

2017 Bull Kelp “Snapshot” for Island County

This is a great project you can be a part of. You have seen it offshore, waving in the swell and streaming with the current. Sometimes it’s washed up on the beach in a slippery tangle. Bull kelp (Nereocystis leutkeana) is one of the largest algae in the Salish Sea. It can form underwater forests, providing physical habitat for animals and other algae while supporting critical food webs from bacteria through mammals and birds.

[ read more ]

Welcome to the New Volunteer
Class of 2017

The new volunteer class has just finished up their first half of training.  Read about the new Class of 2017 and their EZ ID and Intertidal Monitoring Training.
Volunteer Adventures

Field trips are a great way to have fun, learn new things, and develop friendships. Here are some of the adventures we have been on in the past few months!

  Friday Harbor Laboratories Trip [ read more ]
  North Cascades Environmental Learning Center [ read more ]
Nature Discovery Days on Camano

Nature Discovery Days is a tradition on Camano Island started by the Friends of Camano Island State Park (FOCIP) over 20 years ago. Every spring about 200 second graders, parents and teachers from Stanwood and Camano schools come to Camano Island State Park (CISP) for a day of discovery in the forest, watershed, estuary and beach.
[ read more ]
Clam Digging and HGTV

When Kelly Zupich (Whidbey Volunteer Coordinator) put out an invitation to show a family how to dig for clams, and have the experience filmed by HGTV, I figured, why not?
[ read more ]

Crabs in the Mud

The Sound Water Stewards of Camano once again helped out with Darrington’s 2017 field trip to Iverson Spit Preserve organized by the Stillaguamish Tribes Outreach Program under the guidance of Tamara Neuffer. [ read more ]
Please Remember!

Hi Volunteers - please remember to pick up and drop off MUSSEL DISCS to us. You can bring the discs to the monthly meetings to drop off, or contact your island coordinator to set up a drop. Thank you in advance!
Save the Date - All

4th Wednesdays on Camano
    Come learn about various topics relating to your local environment.
     For more information [ read more ] or check the [ calendar ] for future events!

Digging 4 Dinner on Whidbey

     Learn how to dig for clams and eat them too!

Help with a Beach Cleanup

     Check this quarterly calendar for Island County Beach cleanups

Shellfest at Camano Island State Park
     Saturday June 24th 11:30am-3:30pm
      Beach walks, Children's activities &  exhibits
[ calendar ]

NEW! SWS sponsored Junior Ranger Programs
     At Fort Casey State Park [ calendar ]

Family Outdoor Discovery Day
     Save the Date! Aug 25th, 3-5pm - Fort Casey State Park
      A great afternoon full of family activities. More info to follow

Save the Date - SWS Members

Camano Monthly Meeting

     1st Mondays 9:30am-12pm  [ calendar ]

Whidbey Member  Meeting

     4th Mondays 10am-12pm [ calendar ]

Intertidal Bio-Monitoring on Camano & Whidbey

Check the calendar for current schedule [ calendar ]

Interpretive Education Guided Walks Class - Fort Casey
     June 14th, 10am-2pm Sign up today at [ calendar ]

SWS Annual Summer Picnic

Sunday, Aug 13th - Cama Beach State Park
    Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information
Recommended reading
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