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Sure-Fit Designs™  Survey Request

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Hi Friend,
I need your input please!  In an attempt to make the Sure-Fit Designs monthly newsletters relevant to your sewing and fitting needs, I am asking each and everyone of you to take only a few minutes to respond to this Survey.
Some of the questions are just quick 'choose an answer' type of question.  But there are a couple of questions that ask what the topics are that you'd like to see covered. Then when I do send out information either in the newsletter or in the GetAmazingFit Blog the information will be more relevant to your specific fitting, designing and sewing needs.

Bra Beyond 'E'
Some of you have wondered what to do to create a dart wider than an E-cup.  As many of you know, the Sure-Fit Designs Adjust-A-Bust template gives you dart widths between 'A' to 'E'.  And...some of you have requirements beyond the 'E' cup shape.  If you are one of these people, I'd like you to click on this email link and let me know.  Click Here. You will be added to a special list and when I have the directions completely written (and hopefully a video to accompany), I will send you all a special notice.

Live Webcasts - I'm also beginning to focus on producing live webcasts and the feedback you give me in the Survey will help to focus the content of these webcasts.

So, please click through to this fitting and sewing Survey and know that I will be very appreciative of your responses.


Happy Sewing!


Glenda Sparling
President Ranita Corporation/Sure-Fit Designs™
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